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Hot Red Chilli Sauce Recipe


Hot Red Chilli Sauce |Chilli sauce || How to Make Hot Chilli Sauce with step-by-step photos

Hot Red Chilli Sauce is a simple and easy recipe for making Chinese-style homemade hot chilli sauce. this spicy sauce gives a great flavour to your dishes. My homemade hot chilli sauce is made with a few ingredients I am using here red jalapeno chilli that is available at any superstore easily, for making any hot sauce required only peppers, salt, sugar and vinegar

But if you don’t like much spice then you can use here  Kashmiri red chilli too instead of red jalapeno chilli because jalapeno red chilli is a bit hotter than other kinds of red chillies but I want to make my own hot red chilli sauce that is why 


I am using such spicy chilli. Additionally, if jalapeno red chilli is not available surrounding your area you don’t bother at all you can use Kashmiri red chilli that is available easily at any general store/shop in Pakistan, so let's begin 

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red chilli sauce

Firstly soak the red chilli in the hot water, if you are using Kashmiri or any kind of red chilli


Extract all seeds from jalapeno chillies or if you are using any other dry chillies so no need to extract seeds from Kashmiri it has less spicy, cut into pieces

Put all red chillies with little water in the grinding jug, blend it well until a smooth paste

    Take a pan then add chilli paste, let it cook for 2 minutes over low-medium flame until water dries up, then add white vinegar, salt, sugar and oil, mix them well, keep stirring occasionally on low flame and let it cook for 8-10 minutes
    Remove from the heat, it's up to you how much you want to keep the thick or thin the sauce 

      Let it cool down completely 

      Transfer to any glass jar or bottle, hot red chilli sauce is ready to serve with samosa,kabab,pakoda etc

      Bun Kabab Chutney Recipe


      Bun Kabab Chutney | Green Chutney || How to make Bun Kabab Chutney with step-by-step photos

      Bun Kabab Chutney has considered an essential ingredient of any bun kabab without chutney bun kabab is incompleted. the base of bun kabab is chutney. there are several ways to make bun kabab chutneys. mainly this chutney is made with mint, coriander, green chilies, and some basic spices including tamarind pulp 
      This chutney is spicy, tasty, and tangy which brings a delicious taste to bun kabab. the unique aroma of the chutney is absolutely amazing and elevates the taste and flavor of any snack
      You can also add some yogurt to this chutney but just before having to use it in recipes.
      bun kabab chutney

      Bun kababs are also called street food. where it is easily available in almost every street, bazaar, or roadside Patara (restaurant). Everyone loves to eat bun kebabs at lunch or time or as an evening snack. this is called also desi bun kabab. whose recipe I will share after it.

      This is a quick and easy recipe that can be prepared within 30 minutes and used other than bun kabab such as a sandwich, paratha rolls. this chutney also can be used often in Pakistani cuisine as a side with snacks and barbecue. this chutney aids digestion and enhances the taste, aroma, and nutrition of any dish

      This chutney has another name Green chutney, in my earlier posts, I have shared another version of green chutney whose link I will give below the description

      For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips

      Recipe notes:
      1. To make the best bun kabab chutney full of flavors,  make sure you use fresh mint, green chilies, and green tomatoes
      2. I will suggest using garlic in making chutney, this helps to make tasteful chutney but if you don’t like pungent the flavor of raw garlic can skip
      3. I used just mint, green tomatoes, garlic cloves, and green chilies .you can also use fresh coriander half of the mint quantity 
      4. You can add yogurt to this chutney but keep remembering when you have the intention of using it right away otherwise your chutney will no longer stay fresh for a long time
      5. Here I just cooked my chutney to secure for a long time. you can skip this step as desired
      More Chutneys Recipes: 


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      Bun Kabab Chutney

      To begin this recipe soak the tamarind in the warm water for an hour and then extracts all seeds and separate the pulp


      extract the seeds

      Take all veggies and prepare them all 


      In the hand blender or grinding jug combine all ingredients mint, green chilies, garlic cloves, and green tomato slices



      Next, add dry red chilies, tamarind pulp, little water, and salt



      Blend them together in the jar, Add more water if needed. I used a total of 3 tbsp water in blending the chutney



      Blend until smooth



      Check salt and tang add more if needed 


      Heat the little oil in the pot



      And pour the chutney into the pot



      And cook for a while 


      Until the raw smell is disappeared or the water dries up

      Once chutney gets thick, turn off the flame

      And let it cool down completely



      Transfer to the jar/bottle or bowl



      Serve this bun kabab chutney with Pakistani snacks chaatsandwichsamosa as well



      Store it in a  glass bottle and use a week by keeping in the refrigerator 


      Chilli Garlic Chutney Recipe


      Chilli garlic Chutney || Garlic Chilli Chutney || How to make chili garlic sauce with step-by-step photos 

      Chilli garlic chutney is a fiercely hot and tangy sauce, very easy and simple sauce is prepared with garlic, dry whole red chilies along with some basic spices, It has more flavor and effectively enhances the taste of any food alongside this is a side dish of any snack items

      This homemade chili garlic sauce recipe packs all the same fiery flavor as the spicy condiment found at restaurants.
      Making your chili garlic sauce allows you to adjust the flavoring, adding sweetness to offset the heat or additional vinegar to bring out another dimension, this is a very flavourful and aromatic sauce but to make this sauce first has to be acted upon over these safety rules 

      Precaution Tips:
      1. Peppers, even dried ones reconstituted in water, contain oils that can burn sensitive skin. These oils don’t wash off easily, which means once they’re on your hands, it’s only a matter of time before you rub your eye or nose and wind up in tears.
      2. So, wear a pair of powder-free nitrile gloves or, if you don’t have any, slather your hands with butter before you begin working. The butter will act as a barrier between your skin and the peppers’ oils, which will come off your hands when you wash them.

      Protect Your Eyes and Mouth, Too
      Consider eye protection. This isn’t just about the occasional pepper squirting directly at your eye, which is a definite risk when you’re working with a pound of them. It’s also to protect you from the danger of forgetting that you’re working with hot peppers and rubbing your eye — you’ll poke your glasses instead.

      Breathe through your mouth.
      I learned this the hard way: when you’re standing over your food processor whirring a pound of chili peppers, there are going to be fumed. Lots of fumes. Taking a deep breath through your nose at that point might clear your sinuses momentarily, as it did mine.
      Then it will produce an incredible burning pain that will lead to congestion like you’ve never known before. Protect yourself by breathing through your mouth!


      Use Milk to Banish the Burn
      If you’ve ignored all of the tips above and wind up with burning hands, whole milk will ease the pain. MythBusters put a variety of treatments for pepper burns to the test and found that whole milk works best, whether applied to the skin or guzzled down after eating something spicy.
      Hopefully, these tips haven’t scared you off because this recipe is simple to make and incredibly delicious whether you use dried peppers or fresh ones.

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      chili garlic chutney

      To make this recipe firstly we soak the dry whole chilies in warm water for an hour

      Remove the skin of the whole garlic clove

      In a blender jar put peeled garlic with spices and blend them till turn the smooth texture 


      Take one saucepan to add 1 tbsp oil..heat the oil and pour all the garlic mixture into the saucepan

      Saute the mixture on low flame till the rawness disappears

      Take it out in the bowl/bottle
      Now garlic sauce is done to serve
      with kebabcutletpakorasamosa,aloo paratha It's rapidly replacing ketchup


      You could use this chutney for a week under refrigeration.

      Pizza Sauce Recipe

      homemade pizza sauce recipe with step by step photos

      Pizza Sauce| Pizza Tomato Sauce | How to Make Pizza Sauce With step-by-step photos and video with English subtitles. though this is my old post in this post, I am adding a khoya lassi video so that could be clearly understood by visual 

      Pizza Sauce is a tomato-based sauce poured on pizza dough before additional toppings are added, Making pizza sauce at home couldn’t be any easier! It’s even faster than running to the grocery store and much healthier. The taste of the two can’t be compared
      This homemade pizza sauce is very close to the taste of the one that I previously bought from the store. The store-bought sauce has some additive ingredients that made me feel unsettled when serving it to my family. We also tried some natural and organic brands, but they had tomato chunks that my family didn’t like, and it just didn’t get accepted in place of the smooth pizza sauce my family was used to.


      My Latest Video Pizza Sauce:

      One day my friend suggested to me that I can make it. why don’t try  So, I basically combined all the ingredients in this recipe, and then made pizza for friends and family from this homemade pizza sauce. And guess what? They didn’t even notice a difference from store-bought! Just said how tasty the pizza was. So, since then I’ve never bought pizza sauce from the grocery store!

      Today I’d like to share this recipe with you so that you may easily make it at home for yourself. Home-fresh, tasty, and without unwanted additives and chemicals. If you wanted to make the pizza sauce even cleaner and optimally healthier, you may always have it on hand. Making pizza sauce is super easy. I’m so glad to have one less product to reach for on grocery store shelves. Stay tuned for more!
      And let’s begin 


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      how to make pizza sauce

      To prepare this recipe first rinse the tomatoes and make a cross sign on both sides of the tomatoes. Pour ½ liter water into the pot and bring it to boil on medium-high   

      Take all ingredients and prepare them


      Then drop the tomatoes into hot boiled water
      And cook for around 5-7 minutes over medium heat

      Tomatoes are cooked turn off the heat 

      Peel and chop the tomatoes keep aside

      Heat the oil in a medium pot and put chopped garlic cloves fry them for a minute, now add chopped onion and sauté them for 2-3 minutes on medium heat until translucent 

      Add tomato chunks to the pot and stir to mix well on a medium flame for a minute

      Then add spices and Italian herbs to the tomatoes and stir to mix well

      Keep mixing by adding tomato ketchup. Tomato ketchup brings taste and shines in sauce                            


      Let the cook tomato sauce on a medium flame for a while, keep on stirring occasionally


      Remove from the flame and allow to a bit cool down 


      Then blend it with a hand blender or in a blender jug

      Transfer it back to the pot 

      And cook further on medium flame until water dries out and the sauce gets thick, Turn off the flame and let it cool down completely  


      Then transfer to the bottle or jar


      You can store it in the fridge at least for a month