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Arbi Chana Dal Ki Sabzi Recipe


Arbi Chana Dal | Arbi Dal || How to make arbi chana dal recipe with step-by-step photos and video 

This post is old I added my latest YouTube video so that you could clearly understand other countries' cooking

Arbi dal is a delicious, flavored, and healthy veggie and lentil recipe It's my own family recipe you rarely heard about combination of chana dal with arbi is very yummy and always enhances its taste with boiled rice and pickle It can also be had with roti/chapati as well
Arvi is known as taro root in English and Taro root is mainly consumed by athletes for long-lasting energy. This is because it contains a low glycemic index which is good for athletes.                                   


My latest video Arbi dal Sabzi:

Additionally, who is suffering from knee pain due to a decrease in natural fats from the bones and knee?
Consume this vegetable and ladyfinger at least once a week will be more beneficial for their bones and knee 

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Firstly in a pot put soaked chana dal in its water for 1 hour, After an hour transfer the chana to the pot, pour water along with turmeric powder, bring it to a boil, and let it cook until the chickpeas are soft

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Meantime peel taro root (arbi) and cut it into 2-3 long thick slices along with chopped onion


Heat some oil then add arbi and shallow fry it till turns golden brown, keep aside


In the same fry pan add oil heat it, then add onion slices and fry it until golden brown, Drain the onion out from the oil and then put whole spices into the fried onion then blend them with a little water until smooth Keep aside

Take a pan/pot put the remaining oil in which we've fried onion slices, and heat it again
In a small bowl put powder and spices along with some water stir to mix them well, and make a smooth paste
In the hot oil, pour dissolved masala paste and cook it for 3-4 minutes, or until the oil is separated  

Now add fried arbi/taro roots fry them well with masala cover it for 2 minutes add boiled chana dal and ground onion paste, stir to mix well, pour some hot and boiled water, and allow it to cook for 10-15 minutes on medium-low flame, keep stirring occasionally 

After 15 minutes, mix arbi chana dal and remove from the flame

Then place a frying pan on flame and add desi ghee/basmati ghee Heat it, then add dry red chili, cumin seed, and curry leaves. Fry it until the aroma arose. Then put to the arbi dal and cover the lid

Now arbi dal is ready to serve with boiled rice and salad 

Aloo Chana Tarkari Recipe


Aloo chana Tarkari | Potato Chickpea Curry || How to make Aloo Chana Tarkari with step-by-step photos

Aloo Chana Tarkari is a quite classic breakfast recipe, a tasty aromatic flavored veggie dish best served with kachorispurees, or paratha it can also be served as a side dish        
It is known as a street food snack with a tempting look that will not allow you to resist it, It has great nutrition value, prepared with chickpeas, potatoes, and some seasoning, as a snack is a popular recipe all over Pakistan  


I love to have it as a veggie dish with puree and paratha alongside carrot and garlic pickles always been my hot favorite snack, so let's begin 

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Firstly soak all-white chana overnight by putting 1 tsp baking soda


In the morning wash out all chickpeas under the running water then put chickpeas with water in a large-sized pot_Bring it to a boil and remove all scum on top. Cover it and cook till turns soft


On the other hand put potatoes, water along salt in the pot, and bring it to boil_Then cover the lid and cook till turns soft_Drain the potatoes from the water then cool down completely, right after coarsely chop the potatoes with skin


Take a medium-sized pan/pot and heat the oil on a medium flame


Then add cumin seeds and crushed garlic cloves and let them saute for 30 seconds on low flame, add aloo tarkari masala powder along with a splash of some water to prevent burning, and sauté the masala for a minute on low flame
Then add chopped aloo and chana. Mix them well with roasted masala on low-medium flame, pour the remaining chana water, and stir to mix well, bringing it to a boil.


Cover the lid and allow to cook another 20 minutes on low-medium flame_If you don’t have remaining chana water then you can add plain water for use in aloo chana Tarkari.


Meanwhile in the grinder jar add yogurt, garlic, and green chili. cumin seed grinds them together until well blended.  


Transfer to the small bowl then add water and salt, stir to mix well, and keep the thin consistency of the green raita in the fridge.


After 20 minutes remove the lid and mash them slightly with the hand masher add coriander leaves and green chili Simmer it for 3 minutes.

Now re
ady to serve with kachori, pickles, and green raita 

Dhaba Style Aloo Palak Recipe


Dhaba Style Aloo Palak| Palak Aloo || How to make Dhaba style Aloo palak with step-by-step photos and video

Although this is my old post of Dhaba style palak aloo on my blog, as usual, I am adding a video in this post to understand the recipe

Dhaba style Palak aloo is the most popular gravy  green curry, Dhaba style Palak Aloo is spicy spinach potato curry, all over Pakistan/India in the roadside restaurant, especially in Punjab sides areas in Pakistan and north side Indian cities, those roadside restaurants called Dhabas, there usually serve Punjabi foods and  aloo palak curry  also one of them
This curry usually is served with Rotis, and naan as an accomplishment


My Latest Video Dhaba Style Aloo Palak:

The potato and spinach curry is prepared in a very traditional manner. You will find this kind of potato and spinach curry in dhabas which are truck stops located along the highways of the country. All kinds of people traveling would make a pit stop at the Dhaba and enjoy their delicious, wholesome, and hearty food. The dhabas in the northern part of India serve Punjabi food and also palak is one of their specialties.
potatoes, spinach along with soya and fenugreek leaves come together and are always a great hit,

in a Punjabi version of gravy-style aloo palak, there are two versions one is dried aloo palak and another one is curry so today I am sharing the gravy version of aloo palak that I prepared in a clay pot by using a wooden spoon both things bring a unique taste to the curry
 If you don’t have a clay pot don’t worry can be cooked in any kind of pot 

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Vegetables Cooking Tips:
  1. To prepare this Dhaba-style palak aloo use small leaves of spinach they are more tasty than the big one
  2. Try to cook spinach and other vegetables in the clay pot it enhances the taste of veggie dishes as well as a healthy style of cooking too
  3. Avoid adding water to any type of veggies if necessary then add
  4. Always cook veggies over medium-low heat
  5. When preparing vegetables, masala can add a small amount of water is enough to cook veggies
  6. Veggies have almost 45% water, especially spinach and ridge gourd
  7. Adding water to vegetables can be tasteless to the dish
  8. Spinach is full of minerals and vitamins so 
  9. Must take care of adding  salt at the time of cooking
  10. More salt can make a bitter taste in the dish
  11. In veggies should use the oil in a great quantity 

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To prepare the palak aloo recipe, take all the ingredients and prepare them all


Heat the oil and put the onion and garlic cloves together, Saute them for 5 minutes on medium-high flame


Add cumin seeds and crackle them with the onion and garlic for a minute, put tomatoes and cook with the onion over a medium-low flame 


Put green chilies and crushed chili, combine all spices powder, and stir to mix well


Pour hot water into the masala, then add kauri methi and stir to combine till turns into the well-roasted masala 


Put chopped spinach with soya methi and aloo into the cooked masala, stir to mix well, and then cover the lid


Allow to cook it for around 10-15 minutes on low-medium heat, remove the lid stir again, and simmer it for another 10 minutes over very low heat


Dhaba-style palak aloo gravy curry is ready to serve


Serve the Dhaba style palak aloo with the rotischapatis, and naan as well as can be served with zeera rice with tomato chutney