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Katakat Recipe


Katakat Recipe | Taka Tak Recipe || How to Make Katakat with step-by-step photos

Taka tak or Katakat is a delicious, spiced, and relish offal dish, Katakat or taka tak is a special meat dish popular throughout Pakistan. It is a dish originating from Karachi, Pakistan_ This is also called street food

kata-kat is a traditional dish made with a combination of different meat parts, typically offal, such as kidneys, brain, testicles, hearts, liver, and lungs. The meat is combined with various spices such as coriander, ginger, chilis, and garam masala, along with tomatoes, and onions_ It is then cooked on a griddle and served with paratha or roti bread on the side.

The dish's name is an onomatopoeia from the sound of the two sharp blades that hit the griddle as they cut up the meat. It is still an open question whether the correct name is kata-kat or taka-tak_Kata Kat uses a flatter version of Karahi as a griddle and two flat short-handled Karahi spatulas or implements resembling Putty knives as cutting and stir-frying devices

But here I brought some changes in cooking kata kat, I used a simple pan along with 2 wooden flat spoons, that helped to chop organs into tiny-sized, not use any griddle, nor any specific pan or pot, to tell this dish could be prepared in a regular pot or pan

But if you want to have some fun or desire you can use an ample griddle with a sharp blade cutter which will help in chopping. By the way, you can also check out my other offal recipes on the blog gurda masala,kaleji bunmutton magaz masala,bhuni kaleji masala,bhuni kaleji mixed

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Rinse and chop the organ


Take all the ingredients and prepare them all


Heat up the water by adding ginger and garlic paste_Then put the brains into the water and cook them for 5-7 minutes

Drain the brains onto a colander

Whisk the yogurt


Prepare ginger garlic water, which is very easy to make in 2-3 glasses of water 2 tbsp  ginger garlic paste and mix up well set aside 


Take a pot/pan and transfer hearts and kidneys to the pot then pour as much ginger and garlic water as they are sinking in the water


Bring it to boil first then reduce the heat to medium and cover the lid, Cook organs until water has evaporated 

Once the water dries out add chopped onion and tomatoes to the pan_ mix up well and then add the remaining ginger-garlic water 

Bring it to a boil then again cover the lid and let it cook with tomato and onion 


Until the water dries out 

Now add powdered spices to the  mixture


Stir to mix up the spices on low flame_Then start crushing with the help of a flattened spoon

Once they are crushed enough


Then pour beaten yogurt into the kata kat along with green chilies, Mix them together_Constantly keep crushing until everything is well combined


Now add ghee or butter to the mixture_stir to mix well_Then put the boiled brain into the pan 

Once again start crushing the brain with other crushed ingredients, Keep the flame low-medium_Add chopped and grated ginger and coriander leaves at the end sprinkle some garam masala_Again mix up them

Katakat is ready


Transfer to the serving plate or bowl


Serve hot with lemon onion with roti or naan


Authentic Beef Rosh Recipe

authentic beef rosh recipe with step by step photos and video

Authentic Beef Rosh Recipe || Afghani Beef Rosh || How to Make Beef Rosh with step by step photos and Video

Rosh or Namkeen gosht is a traditional nonveg recipe that's one of the Peshawar and Balochistan cuisines and traditionally this recipe is prepared with lamb, salt fat, and potato in a clay pot on slow flame but here I made this Rosh with a beef bong,nali (marrow) bone a little ghee (add desi ghee if possible) whole gram masala, onion, lemon juice ginger garlic water, potato, and green chilies method of this recipe is to cook on slow flame until it is tender.  

Personally, I am the biggest fan of Peshawari cooking I have also shared recipes on my blog such as PESHAWARI CHAPLI KABAB, NAMKEEN GOSHTKABULI PULAO     


beef rosh recipe

My Latest Beef Rosh Video:

Recipe Notes:

Beef: traditionally Rosh is prepared with lamb but can be used mutton and beef as a choice except for chicken and fish

Bones: I used big-size nali (marrow) bones, bones always make juicy and tasteful to any non-veg dishes. don’t skip using bones if you want to eat the flavored dish

Ginger Garlic Water: usually, ginger garlic isn’t added in this recipe but here I used some ginger garlic water to remove the unpleasant odor of meat. if you are okay with this then can be skipped ginger garlic water

Green Chili: I added some bullet green chilies to bring some flavor; here you can skip this if you are just crazy about authentic taste

Whole Spices: I added some whole spices to add some aroma. originally whole spices aren’t added in authentic Rosh recipes its up to you that use them in the recipe or skip  

Onion: I added ½ pcs of medium-sized onion so that some remained thickness in the gravy of Rosh otherwise its gravy consistency will remain thin

Potato: the potato is the main ingredient of the Rosh recipe, here I used red potato which is the best for the recipe.don’t use seasonal potato (naya aloo) as it is soft and quickly cooks it causing a spoiled Rosh taste after being mixed with the meat 

Salt: salt is the only main ingredient added to Rosh in the original recipe here I used Lahori salt. I would also recommend using pink salt or Lahori salt except for refined or sumandari namak (sea salt) which is sharp in taste 


peshawari namkeen gosht

Lemon Juice: lemon juice is also the main ingredient of this recipe. this juice is added to Rosh to taste and for digestion. since lemon has an acidic property. that helps to quickly digest food without making gas in the belly and prevents indigestion

Ghee/Fat: An authentic Rosh recipe is used fat from lamb, mutton, or beef but here I add desi ghee instead of adding fat as we aren’t used to eating fat in our food even then you want an authentic taste that can use fat in the recipe. Additionally, I would recommend using desi ghee (pure ghee) 

Clay Pot: Originally Rosh isn’t cooked in a clay pot rather it is cooked in a heavy bottom base Patella on slow heat for a long time. but I personally like cooking in clay pots to bring earthly taste to recipes. I didn’t cook in my recipe since I haven’t enough large-size clay pots so I decided to cook in a pressure cooker you choose a pot of your choice but one thing keeps in mind the base should be heavy with Patella.

afghani beef rosh

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how to make beef rosh

How to make Beef Rosh:

wash all the meat under the water, peel and cut the potatoes into big cube size


authentic beef rosh

in a pressure cooker add ghee and heat it add meat and start roasting it with ghee until its dry own water from this method meat odor gets went away 


rosh recipe

Keep stirring by adding cinnamon, black cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, green cardamoms, onion, and salt 


peshawari beef rosh

Continuously keep stirring by adding lemon juice, and ginger garlic water. stir a little then add hot water along with the bones. 

afghani rosh

Bring it to a boil and add green chilies and potato chunks. let it cook on a slow flame for 2 hours.

how to make beef rosh

Once cooked take the potatoes out on another plate     
authentic beef rosh

nd stir a little at this stage can adjust the salt and check the gravy consistency if seems very thin turn the flame high for a while. occasionally keep checking in between so that gravy couldn’t dry. 

beef rosh recipe

Place the potatoes back into the pan now no need to simmer  

beef rosh recipe

Transfer into the serving bowl 


how to make beef rosh



authentic beef rosh recipe


Maghaz Masala Recipe


Maghaz  Masala Fry || Brain Masala || How to make a Bheja Fry with step-by-step photos and video... 

Maghaz Masala of the mutton brain, curry is the perfect, flavored, and delicious dish to prepare and relish during the rainy paired with naan or chapati

Brain Masala is a Pakistani dish made from the fried brain of a goat with spicy Masala to give it a perfect traditional taste. Brain Masala is also known as “Maghaz Masala” or “Bheja Fry” in Urdu. This recipe can be made with beef or lamb’s brain following the same recipe. Ingredients used to make Brain Masala onion (brown and paste), ginger/ garlic paste, tomato, red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, coriander, and oil. 

My Latest Video Maghaz Masala Recipe:

This amazing Magaz Masala recipe is an excellent and healthy dish, as well as a popular dish which actually is used brain of goat, lamb, or cow, another well-known name, is Bheja Fry which is quite a common name in Pakistani hotels, and restaurants and roadsides restaurant or dhaba hotel
Brain Masala recipe can be served with Roti or Chapatti. This delightful Brain Masala recipe can be ready in minutes and is good to serve your family or guests. 
This an easy and simple recipe with the most fabulous taste you have ever tried to make at home from my recipe so let's begin
brain masala

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To prepare maghaz masala first we will boil the maghaz in the turmeric water


Take a medium pot pour water with turmeric powder, bring it to a boil then put brains in the water, boil it on high flame for around 5 minutes, drain them out in the colander, and remove the veins instantly, coarsely cut the brain keep aside


Take all the ingredients and prepare them 


Heat the oil and saute the onion for 5 minutes add cumin seeds and mix them well 


    Now add ginger garlic paste and fry it with onion for a minute then add chopped tomatoes, and cook the tomatoes with onion on medium flame until turns soft


    Add all dry powder spices 


    Keep mixing by adding salt to the masala


    Now add grated ginger and chopped green chilies to the masala, stir to mix well, and splash some water to prevent stick masala from base 


    Cook masala until oil comes on top 


    Add chopped maghaz to the cooked masala, stir to mix well maghaz with masala then add garam masala


    Now add green chilies, and coriander leaves along with lemon juice then mix well with a light hand, simmer the maghaz masala for 2 minutes on a very low flame


    Transfer to the serving dish/plate and serve hot with chapatiroti, and naan...