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Chicken Jalfrezi With Chili Fried Rice Recipe

chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice with step by step photos and video

Learn how to make Chicken Jalfrezi with Chili Rice using our easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and accompanying photos and video. This delicious dish features tender chicken cooked in a flavorful sauce and paired with perfectly spiced fried rice.

Chicken Jalfrezi is a tomato-based curry made with boneless chicken pieces, bell peppers, and onion. Unlike most traditional curries, Jalfrezi is often stir-fried instead of stewed or braised. This lends it a thick, semi-dry texture instead of a soupy one like that of Classic Chicken Curry. Here I have also prepared chili garlic rice to serve with chicken jalfrezi. a lip-smacking and flavored chicken jalfrezi with chili garlic fried rice along with chilled soft drinks will make your day. Try this 😊

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Chicken jalfrezi

Check out my latest video featuring Chicken Jalfrezi with Chili Fried Rice:

This is the reason most time my first priority is to make delicious recipes with fun and enjoy with my beloveds. anyway Let's proceed with the recipe

Though I have shared the chicken jalfrezi recipe initially in my blog post and this recipe is 2nd version of jalfrezi with video and chili garlic fried rice

What exactly is Chicken Jalfrezi?

Chicken Jalfrezi is a boneless chicken curry made with traditional onion and tomato masala. It is characterized by the inclusion of large, cubed pieces of capsicum (bell pepper) added in towards the end of the cooking time, so they keep their color and bite. Some versions of Chicken Jalfrezi also add large pieces of onion, but my recipe doesn’t.

What sets a Chicken Jalfrezi apart from other regular curries is the slightly tangy addition of vinegar at the end, which makes it rather reminiscent of more Indo-Chinese style curries such as Chicken Manchurian.


chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice

Some of the Chinese recipes are included in my blog you can find by clicking the link just like CHICKEN MANCHURIANEGG FRIED RICE, SOUPY NOODLES, SPICY NOODLES, FRIED RICE, CHICKEN SHASHLIK

I also made chili garlic fried rice to go with the chicken jalfrezi. This rice is quick and simple to prepare and can be made in just 10 minutes using leftover boiled rice.

This recipe can assist you in creating dishes of restaurant quality, and with the help of my tips, you can even customize it to achieve a restaurant-style dish.


If you are using fresh, homemade tomato puree, consider adding a tablespoon of tomato ketchup or 2 tablespoons of tomato paste to enhance the flavor and impart an umami taste.

For fried rice, it is best to use leftover, cold-boiled rice to achieve an awesome result without any sticky rice grains or breakages. In case you do not have leftover boiled rice, you can boil the rice for 5 hours before cooking and refrigerate it until completely cool before using it in the recipe.

chicken jalfrezi

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chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice

How to prepare Chicken Jalfrezi served with Chili Garlic Rice?

To begin, cut the onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes into square-shaped pieces. Make sure to remove the seeds from the tomatoes.

chicken jalfrezi

First, finely chop the garlic. 


chili fried rice

Then, cut the boneless chicken into bite-sized cubes. 


chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice

Peel and slice the carrots and capsicums into thin, long pieces.


chicken jalfrezi

Lastly, cut the green chilies into thin, long strips.

chili fried rice

In a wok or pan, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Add the onions and capsicums and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Once done, remove from the heat.

chicken jalfrezi

In a wok or pan, add oil and heat it up. Then, add chopped garlic and let it cook for a minute. Next, add chicken cubes and fry them with the garlic until the pink color disappears. 

Once the chicken turns white, add spices such as salt, chili flakes, crushed coriander, turmeric powder, and crushed black pepper. Stir everything together to ensure it is well-mixed.

chicken jalfrezi with chicken fried rice

Next, add a small amount of garam masala mix to the dish. Then, include the tomato puree. If you need the recipe for the TOMATO PUREE, it is available in my previous blog post. Simply click the link to access it.

chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice


To make the chicken tender, add spices and stir on medium-low flame before pouring in water. Once it boils, cover and cook on a medium flame for 15 minutes.


chicken jalfrezi

Remove the lid and add sautéed veggies, mixing well. Finally, add tomato cubes and combine them with the chicken masala and veggies.


chicken jalrezi with chili fried rice

At the end of the cooking process, cover the dish and let it simmer over a low flame for approximately 5 minutes. Be sure to keep the flame very low,

as too much heat can cause the chicken jalfrezi to become dry. After 5 minutes, add julienne ginger and allow it to simmer for an additional 3 minutes.

chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice

To prepare the chili fried rice, heat some oil in a separate pan or wok. Sesame oil works best for cooking fried rice, but you can use olive oil if you prefer. Add chopped garlic and fry for a minute. 


chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice

Then add thin slices of carrot and sauté with garlic for another minute. 

chili fried rice

Next, add long thin capsicum and sauté it for another minute. Once cooked, set the vegetables aside. 
chicken jalfrezi


Crack an egg in the pan next to the sautéed veggies then add, sprinkle some salt and white pepper over the egg. Then, use a spatula to crumble the egg before adding long, thin green chilies. 


chili fried rice

Mix everything together before adding boiled cold rice and mixing it with the masala. 


chicken jalfrezi

Finally, add boiled rice, oyster sauce, and salt, and keep mixing everything over a medium-high flame.

chili fried rice

Before serving, taste the rice and adjust the level of spices as necessary. Continue to stir-fry the rice over high heat for another 2-3 minutes. Once done, your chili fried rice is ready.


chili fried rice

Transfer your chicken jalfrezi and fried rice onto a serving bowl and plate 


chicken jalfrezi

Serve hot immediately with this delicious chicken jalfrezi with fried rice.

chicken jalfrezi with chili fried rice

Sweet and Sour Chicken Chili Recipe

sweet and sour chicken chilli recipe with step by step photos

Sweet and Sour Chicken Chili || Chili Chicken || How to Make Sweet and Sour Chicken with step-by-step photos... 

Chicken Chili is the most popular sweet and sour dish consists of shallow fried chicken in bite-sized, usually a more customized version of sweet and sour sauce made of sugar, ketchup, white vinegar, and soy sauce along with some additional ingredients including, capsicum, onions, carrots, cabbage and mushrooms, 

Sweet and sour is a generic term that encompasses many styles of sauce, cuisine and cooking methods. It is commonly used in China as well as has been used in Europe and America
sweet and sour chicken

Here I prepared sweet and sour chicken chilli in my own version in which I added additional ingredients green chillies and red chilli sauce instead of ketchup because I kept the name of this dish sweet and sour chicken chilli, a bit different than typically prepared sweet and sour chicken 

My version is a bit hot and a quite an amazing taste due to adding additional ingredients hot red chilli sauce and green chillies, if you don’t like the spicy version you can skip both ingredients from the recipe, The kitchen is my lab where I put my experiments on a daily bases to bring some uniqueness in my recipes, Usually, sweet and sour chicken is served with any type of fried riceso lets the go-ahead to know how to make this recipe in my style…..
How to make sweet and sour chicken

To prepare this recipe firstly we rinse and cut the chicken breast into small cubes, then add spices ginger-garlic paste, salt, red chilli powder, black peppercorn 


Along with seasoning add cornstarch to coat the chicken very well and set aside until required


Put bones with 1-litre water in the pot then add ginger garlic paste, chicken powder, salt and crushed black peppercorn, stir to mix well then bring it to a boil, allow to cook it around 40 minutes over medium flame, strain the stock for another pot/bowl and discard all bones

Remove the skin of the onion and cut it into thin slices, peel the carrot and cut it into thin long slices, finely chop the green pepper into long thin slices, and grate the cabbage
Remove the stalks of green chillies and cut them into long thin slices


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sweet and sour chicken chilli

Shift the chicken stock to another deep pot then start to add spice and chopped vegetables


Stir well then add the remaining spices


Keep stirring on medium flame, until brought to boil


Allow cooking vegetables in chicken stock for about 10-12 minutes on medium-low flame


Meantime heat the oil in a frypan and shallow fry marinated chicken on medium flame from all sides


Put the fried chicken into the sauce


Keep mixing on a medium flame


On the other hand dissolve the cornstarch with a little water, constantly stirring by pouring cornstarch into the sauce 


Then add hot red chilli sauce to the sweet and sour sauce and keep mixing to prevent making lumps, stir to combine well for 5 minutes on low-medium heat


Sweet and sour is done, turn off the flame and remove from the stove


Transfer to the serving dish and serve hot with fried rice


Beef Chilli Dry With Macaroni Recipe


Beef Chilli Dry with Macaronis | Beef Chilli Dry || How to Make beef chili dry with step-by-step photos  

Beef Chilli dry is a wonderful, delicious, and spicy non-veg beef chili dry macaroni recipe made up of beef, veggies, sauces, and spices_orgin This recipe comes from Chinese cuisine_an easy and simple recipe is prepared within 30 minutes and is a scrumptious bowl dish from the Chinese cuisine which is spicy yet mouth-watering that no one can resist. Beef chili dry is a combination of marinated beef stir-fried with minimal yet spicy gravy

Are you a beef enthusiast who is sick of all the chicken and looking for something meaty or just somebody willing to gain muscle and find a good source of protein? If the above questions sound familiar then you need to try the delectable beef chili dry recipe tonight! 

This tasty beef recipe is delectable beyond your imagination and is a great source of zinc, and protein, which makes it great for skinny young people who are willing to gain weight and put on muscle. Also known as dry beef with chilies, beef chili dry is one of the most beloved continental dishes eaten all over Pakistan.

This scrumptious dish is prepared by frying marinated beef strips, in a cooking pan on a light flame_an easy and simple dish, it doesn’t take more to be prepared if you have already chopped veggies in your fridge

This is also the best for a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner- you can use mutton/lamb meat strips instead of beef as well and this is best served with egg fried ricechicken fried rice, and garlic fried riceUsually, people love to have beef chili dry with various types of fried rice but here I cooked beef chili dry with macaronis_you can have it by your choice

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  1. Meat: The best part of beef is the tenderloin cut This is more tender and juicy meat for use in steak, beef chili dry, or any other stir-fried foods, which take a maximum of 10-15 minutes to prepare so I prefer to use it in such recipes also will suggest all of you for the best result of the recipe 
  2. Chilies: These are the main ingredients of this recipe so choose a bit thick green chilies that are called bullet green chilies, Never use small chilies they will make your dish fiercely hot
  3. Veggies: This recipe doesn’t need to use more veggies, so buy fresh veggies when you make a plan to cook beef chili for your lunch or dinner as stale veggies can’t enhance the taste of any dish
  4. Sauces: The key to this recipe is to make saucy flavor in the dish
  5. in which include dark soya sauce, white vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, and hot chili sauce in case you haven’t available any of them. then can be used as barbecue sauce
  6. Macaronis: This is totally up to you Use rice or macaroni with beef chili dry but don’t overcook macaroni/pasta/spaghettis as I have been coming to mention in my post_overcooked rice and pasta/macaroni turns to mushy after being cooled


To make this recipe firstly rinse the beef and cut this boneless into equal strips

Mix beef strips with ginger garlic paste and salt_Mix them up very well_Keep mixing by adding white vinegar and oyster sauce

Add dark soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and hot chili sauce

Keep in the refrigerator for an hour 


Boil the water in a pot with the oil and salt_Add macaroni and cook them for around 7-8 minutes on high flame

Once macaroni is cooked

Strain them out onto the colander

Drizzle some oil over the macaroni to prevent sticking to each other Set aside

Take all veggies and prepare them all


Heat the oil in the pan and sauté the chopped garlic_Put marinated beef in the oil_Cook beef strips over medium heat for 5 minutes

Lower the flame and remove the lid. Add hot chili sauce slightly stir and again cover the lid until meat is done 90% Then Put onion slices, spring white onion, and half green chilies

Stir to mix them together very well 


Add red chili flakes, mix up well then add capsicum sliced Further, cook, by covering the lid until the water is reduced to a quarter 


Towards the end add spring green onion, and green chilies sliced to the beef_Mix them slightly and further cover the lid, Simmer beef chili for 5 minutes over low heat, Turn off the flame sprinkle some crushed black pepper, and stir to mix up. Beef chili dry is ready to serve, keep it aside

Firstly simply place some macaroni on the plate as needed then place some beef chili on top of the macaroni

And in a second way take a large-capacity wok/pan combine all cooked beef chilies with boiled macaroni, and add some green spring onion and butter_Stir to mix them very well on medium-low heat

Beef chilies dry macaroni is ready

Transfer to the serving plate

Immediately serve hot with tea