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Peshawari Chapli Kabab Recipe


Peshawari Chapli Kabab || Chapel Kabab || How to make chapli kabab with step-by-step photos

Chapli Kabab is a minced kebab, usually made from ground beef or mutton with various spices in the shape of a patty. The chapli kebab is best served aromatic, moist, and spicy It is considered a specialty of Pashtun cuisine and is often served to guests. The kebab is commonly consumed in meals with bread such as naan, rice dishes such as Kabuli pulao, or wrapped in fast food in winter, green tea such as kehwa may traditionally be served alongside it, while cold drinks are preferred in the summers.

Peshawari Chapli Kebab is prepared with
Raw marinated mince or ground meat can be either beef/lamb or mutton
Originated Chapli Kabab Prepared has to be?
Lamb fat, is added to the mince that giving it to unique and yummy taste besides the softness of kebab
Here I was using mutton mince that’s why I used a small amount of mutton fat that was necessary but fried in olive oil
The main ingredients are?
 It included corn flour, mince, different herbs and spices, and eggs as well as seasoning of dried pomegranate seeds
How to fry it?
The kebabs can be fried shallow or deep in vegetable cooking oil over medium heat. Some chefs fry the kebabs in lamb fat over wood-fired stoves to lend an organic flavor. This approach is avoided by other gastronomists, citing health-conscious reasons
How can be served it?
Once cooked chapli kabab can be served and garnished with parsley, onion, and tomatoes along with various chutney sauce salad and yogurt
It can be served and eaten hot with naan bread, rice, or in buns and sandwiches such as a bun kebab, bread, and burgers
I have given the chapli kabab powder recipe in my previous post, I am giving the link below
So let's begin.....

Firstly beat the eggs to add a pinch of food color and salt, Heat the oil in a frying pan, and pour egg mixtures into it. Let it cook for a minute. Then stir it well over low-medium heat until the mixture turns into crumble form, remove from the heat take it out on the plate, and Set it aside


Peel and chop the onions
Peel and chop the tomatoes
Note: frozen tomatoes can be peeled off easily but if you have fresh tomatoes then just boil the water turn off the flame and then put the tomato into the hot water
Leave it in the water for 10 minutes then discard the water, and peel the tomatoes. Rinse and chop mint, coriander, and green chilies, and set aside

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    In the mincer machine put both meat and fat
    Mince them together, if you haven't mincer at home you can make mince from the butcher shop, but the fat must be added with the mince


    Add ginger-garlic paste and chapli kabab masala powder to the mince 


    Put all scrambled eggs and chopped tomatoes, Then add all chopped vegetables along with maize flour


    Mix them together very well with the help of your fingers, Knead them well into a soft dough for 10-15 minutes


    Cover it and keep it in the refrigerator for marination for about 30 minutes


    Make an equal portion of mince dough_Give it to a ball shape, flatten a ball between both palms like a disc, and place all chapli kababs on the tray or plate


    Heat the 1 tbsp oil in the frying pan.
    Note: don't need to fry the kabab in more oil
    Place a kebab on the frying pan Maximum of 3-4 kebabs fry in one batch, and cook both sides for 3-5 minutes over a medium-low flame  


    Flip the kabab carefully with a spatula until golden brown color on both sides   

    Now Chapli kabab is done to serve 

    For Serving: You can serve it with a burger bunslices of naan, and chapati with sauce...


    Gola Kabab Recipe

    gola kabab recipe with step by step photos

    Gola Kabab| Kabab Recipe || How to make Gold kabab with step-by-step photos.....

    Gola Kabab is basically a Middle Eastern dish that consists of pieces of meat that can be marinated on choice and then grilled, skewed, or baked over a heat source. The cooking utensil that is used for the grilling or skewing process is made out of iron or such metal called angeethi.        
    gola kabab

    I love to have a barbecue as I have shared with all in my previous post Due to less space at my home could not plan a barbecue more than twice or thrice times hardly, the other hand I take out the solution to this for giving smoky flavor to the kebab or any type of barbecue meal using burning charcoal smoke over them, 

    Or if you have a grill like a stove grill this is also one of the best things you can barbecue any type of kebab, fish, and tikka as you can cook as well but I wouldn’t prefer to cook in the oven because oven absorbs all meat juices
    kabab recipe

    Try out this astonishing recipe for Gola Kabab. It is one of the premium side dishes to present to your extraordinary guests. It is an overwhelming dish and does not call for any superfluous effort to make.
    Quick & Easy to Cook Gola Kabab Recipe and make your favorite recipe at home, so let's come to know how to make delicious and mouthwatering Gola kabab with step-by-step photos
    1. To prepare this kabab firstly make sure that should is no single drop of water in the gola kabab ingredients like mince, ginger paste, papaya paste
    2. Gola kabab paste should be tight and firm otherwise during the barbecue, grilling, or cook they may shred
    3. Adding butter gives it to moist and juicy taste 
    4. Shouldn't be fat in mince (rokha keema) while you are buying from a butcher give him strict instructions not to add fat in mince at all 
    5. Make gola kabab is the best meat mutton and beef
    6. If you haven't papaya paste can be used as meat tenderizer powder (kachri)
    gola kabab recipe

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    To prepare this recipe first we prepare masala for Gola kabab, put all whole spices in the pan, and dry roast together for 2 minutes over low-medium flame, Put them in the grinder jar, and grind them till turn to fine powder Keep aside

    Cut and rinse onion into thin slices and fry them till nice golden brown in color


    Slightly dry roast the gram flour on low-medium flame

    Put the mince in the food processor along with all the spices  

    Choperize them together until you get a smooth and fine paste, and at this stage adjust the salt and spices in the ground meat paste


    Now put butter and mix them with the help of a finger for 10 minutes then place aluminum foil pepper in the center of the ground meat, place coal in the aluminum bowl drop some ghee over it, and then cover it properly for 10 minutes until smoke is finished, Keep in the fridge for at least one hour for marinating 

    Now take any type of iron skewer or wooden, wet your hand with water, and take one portion as desirable thickness_Give it to gola kabab shapes with the help of fingers long, depending on your choice

    I prepared a bit long and thin kebab as a choice, Place all kebab on the tray, or if you have the plan to barbecue then keep all skewers to prepare
    Note, that ghee will be applied to the kabab during the barbecue
    If both above options are not available then you just simply grease the frying pan or any flat pan with ghee

    Heat the pan then place 3-4 kebabs in one batch

    Cook each side for 2-3 minutes on medium flame_When you see brown color appearing on top flip them carefully with a spatula

    Once they are well cooked from both sides_Shift to the pepper kitchen towel to remove excess oil

    Serve hot the gola kabab with green chutneytamarind chutney with paratha puri, and onion 

    gola kabab recipe

    Lebanese Kebab Recipe


    Lebanese Kababs || Kababs Recipe || How to make Lebanese kabab with step-by-step photos

    Lebanese Kababs are one of the tastiest kababs A mouth-watering Lebanese kebab, with a mixture of beef, veggies, and basic spices_coated with breadcrumbs and then deep-fried
    These Lebanese kabab’s outer is crisped and the inside is softened_ Everyone would love this crispy and delicious kebab
    Never beat the taste of Lebanese kababs
    These Lebanese kababs go well with bread, buns, and dripping with mayo sauce
    Lebanese kababs are the best for an evening snack, breakfast kids, Tiffin boxes, and even for lunch or dinner

    I have shared many other kebab recipes on my blog, some of them given below

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    Recipe notes:
    1. Meat, calf, or beef neck meat is the best for use in making kabab
    2. Veggies, don’t overcook the potato and peas as overcooked veggies may shred the kababs while frying and shape out as well
    3. Breadcrumbs are the agent of making the kabab crisp, so you can try using my easy homemade breadcrumbs
    4. Make sure first all those ingredients which are going used in kababs shouldn’t be moist at all since wet ingredients will turn your kabab soggy and won’t make crisp  


    To make this recipe firstly rinse and cut the beef meat into large-sized since we will have to need a large-size reshape

    Then meat pieces put in the pot with 2-3 glasses of water

    Next, add salt, ginger garlic paste,zeera powder, coriander powder                


    Red chili powder,garam masala, and papaya cube/paste in the pot

    Stir to mix well and bring it to a boil, cook the meat until meat is tender

    In the meantime, medium-boil the potato and grate them

    Boil the peas and then slightly mash them with the help of a masher

    Once the meat gets dry 

    Shred them and set aside

    Take 2 tbsp mayonnaise into a small bowl and combine hot chili sauce, ketchup, and garlic powder

    Stir to combine well 

    The sauce is ready to serve with kebabs

    Combine black pepper, mustard powder, salt, white pepper, and soaked bread slices to the potato, Stir to mix very well 

    Combine shredded meat and mashed peas into the potato mixture

    Mix the potato with meat and peas till everything is incorporated, At this point, you can adjust the salt and spices

    Divide the kabab mixture into equal portions

    Shape the kabab into an oval

    Prepare all kababs and place them on the tray/plate

    Coat each kabab with breadcrumbs 

    And place on the plate/tray_At this stage, you can freeze the kababs for a week

    Heat the oil in the wok on a medium flame

    Put 3-4 kababs in one batch_Deep fry the kababs evenly on medium flame from both sides till turn into a nice golden brown color

    Drain out the kebab onto the kitchen paper towel to remove the excess oil

    Transfer the kebab onto the serving tray

    Lebanese kababs are ready to serve hot with sauce and bread loaf