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Chicken Spring Roll Recipe


Spring roll | Chicken roll || How to make chicken spring roll with step-by-step photos 

Spring Roll is a fried dish usually available  They typically contain minced beef/mutton, and vegetables, the colorful tempting roll is prepared by using chicken, carrot, cabbage, capsicum, and other seasonings and sauces

You can also add vegetables of your choice to enhance its flavor and serve it hot with ketchup, A Crispy, flaky, and tasty spring roll is known as one of the hot favorite snacks, It's not hard to make it just have to prepare to fill it with spring roll and roll sheets are available at any grocery store or sweet shop.

Chop all vegetables and stir fry them with 1 tbsp oil on high flame for 2 minutes, in the end, add 1 tsp sugar mix well vegetables, and remove from the flame your veggies are ready to use in many recipes such as noodles, spaghetti, samosa, and roll, spring rolls are served with ketchup and sauces, so let's begin 

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    In a pot/saucepan put chicken boneless and spices with 100 ml water, b
    ring to a boil then cover the lid, and cook it for 15-20 minutes on medium flame or until water dries up Take it out from the pan and shred the chicken keep aside 


    On the other hand, prepare flour batter for binding, take a small bowl to add 2 tbsp plain flour add water to mix it until gets a smooth paste

    Grate all vegetables and peel and chop the boiled eggs

    Take a frying pan to add 2 tbsp oil heat it then add vegetables just sauté it for 2 minutes then add shredded chicken and chopped eggs and mix them together, Keep the heat on very low flame during the process. Now add spices to the mixture stir to mix all the ingredients well, turn the flame on high, and stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes

    Remove from the flame and let it cool down completely


    Roll Sheets or strips you can get easily from any Asian grocery store.

    Take out one roll sheet and place the roll sheet/wrapper like a diamond. Place 1 tbsp filling near the corner no more than that, less filling the better. overstuffed spring rolls break apart in the oil 1 tablespoon is all you need, fold over the corner roll right, and apply flour batter over the sheet edges with the brush/spoon. Fold over the left side. Fold over the other side no air pocket

    Now it will look like an envelope besides applying flour batter over it, fold the roll sheet to make roll shapes, close it up, and see how nice and neat the egg roll has wrapped No holes, no air pockets.

    Keep them all covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying out. They dry out easily_You can store them in the freezer when you want to have them you take them out 5 minutes before frying

    Carefully slide the spring rolls in. Inspect each spring roll for corners that have popped open. Fix with more cornstarch slurry if needed. Fry a few at a time turning to brown evenly once they are golden brown, they are done

    Place them on a kitchen towel to absorb excess oil, Now transfer them to the serving tray

    Hot served with ketchup, and green sauceI hope you may enjoy our Chinese Spring roll recipe


    Smoky Qeema Samosa Recipe With Folding Techniques

    Qeema Samosa Recipe With Folding Techniques with step by step photos and video

    Smoky Keema Samosa Recipe || Samosa Recipe || How to Make Qeema Samosa with step-by-step photos and video

    Smoky Qeema Samosa is a delicious smoky BBQ flavor deep-fried snack that is prepared with maida dough wrapper and smoky spiced mince and then fried. personally, I am a huge fan of Qeema samosa though I have earlier posted the KEEMA SAMOSA recipe on my blog. now I made another version of Keema Samosa

    Here I’ll even tell 5 folding techniques of samosa. which will make you so special before your family and friends due to your expertise in cooking.

    Across the world where are living Muslims for them a great recipe for keema samosa for their iftar and iftar parties. this smoky qeema samosa are extremely mouthwatering samosa recipe that you would not control your hand to eat again and again  


    samosa recipe

    My Latest Video Qeema Samosa Recipe:

    Here I made Keema samosa with beef mince, which can be prepared with mutton, lamb, or chicken. The uses for this recipe are not limited to samosas and spring rolls – use them as a filling for parathas, and sandwiches, use them in pasta and salads – the list is never-ending! Use this recipe as a template and add whatever else you like – sweetcorn, peas, potatoes, beans, spinach – see what I mean? The list really is never-ending!

    Recipe Notes:

    Samosa Sheet: to make a samosa first need to samosa sheet. which is available in stores easily OR make a homemade SAMOSA SHEET also on my blog. but here I prepared samosa with an all-purpose dough sheet. either you can make a samosa sheet (manda sheet) or a dough sheet 

    Kneading Dough: kneading samosa dough is tricky neither too soft nor too hard. The dough should be firm and elastic

    Mince filling: I prepared mince filling with beef ground meat you can use as per your preference. but I would recommend not skipping charcoal smoke from this recipe   

    Folding techniques: here I use 5 folding techniques for samosa you don't have to follow my all folding methods whatever you like you can pick it up


    how to make qeema samosa

    Frying Samosa: to fry, samosa must maintain the heat flame to make it crispy and nicely golden brown. if you keep the flame to low samosa will soggy and if you flame it high then the samosa gets burnt from the outer crust.            


    Yes, prepared raw samosa can be stored by keeping it in an air-tight container for a maximum of 15 days, taking out frozen samosa just before frying, and not leaving it outside before the time otherwise it can tear after being soft    

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    Qeema Samosa

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    samosa recipe






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    For detailed recipes step by step watch my video!

    smoky qeema samosa

    How to Make Smoky Qeema Samosa? 

    Cut and chop the onion, green chilies, mint, and coriander leaves.

    smoky qeema samosa recipe

    In a pan add water along with minced meat to the pan, and combine with water


    how to make qeema samosa

    Next, add ginger garlic paste, and homemade chapli kabab masala and then stir to mix well. add more salt if required stir well and cook

    Note: The chapli kabab masala link is available in the ingredient list  

    qeema samosa

    Once the water is evaporated add chopped onion, green chilies mint coriander leaves, and 1 tbsp chapli kabab masala then stir to mix well 


    samosa recipe

    Add lemon juice and keep stirring until all moisturizer gets dried. next, give it to coal smoke  in keema to bring BBQ flavor

    This keema filling can be used in many recipes like sandwiches, spaghetti, stuffed bun, and much more.  


    how to make qeema samosa

    Take a bowl and combine all-purpose flour, ghee, ajwain, and salt.mix well flour until it gets gathered form, start kneading the dough by adding water little by little.


    samosa recipe

    Samosa dough should be tight and smooth. Once the dough is formed transfer it onto the slab and knead it with the palm to bring the dough smooth and elastic.don’t use water at all. once the dough is kneaded rest it for around 15 minutes.


    smoky qeema samosa

    (In a video, you can better understand the recipe so must  watch and follow step by step)

    Meanwhile, prepare the flour paste for binding the samosa.


    samosa recipe

    Work with one flattened ball at a time. Roll into 8 to 9 inches diameter circle the thickness of it should be medium not too thin not too thick. Use a large size cookie cutter or any sharp round lid to cut the wrappers   

    samosa recipe

    Potli samosa: Take a wrapper place 1.5 tbsp filling in the center and apply some flour paste edges of the wrapper gather the edges from all sides and tie firmly from the top


    Wonton shape samosa: Scoop about 1 tsp chicken mixture and place close to the corner of the wonton wrapper, Startup folding and pinch the edges of the wonton wrapper. Connect the two lower points of the wrapper and moisten to seal and make a hat shape.

    smoky qeema samosa

    Triangle shape samosa: Take one portion at a time and give it to ball shape. Press it then roll it about 2-3 inches in a round shape. Cut into half Now work with a half circle at a time apply the flour batter around the edges using a brush or fingertips_Now fold it into half as shown, and make the cone shape by folding the reminding half overlapping slightly pressing it, nd seal that part properly


    smoky qeema samosa

    You can see the cone shape is ready with e two or three spoonfuls of stuffing in it don’t overstuff, Apply the water to the inside edges of the cone and press it to seal it properly  

    qeema samosa

    Strips triangle samosa: Take one portion at a time and give it to ball shape. Press it then roll it about 2-3 inches in around shape. make slits towards the edges then overlap the slit sides with another side. place filling in the center and apply some flour paste around the wrapper then fold from both sides and seal properly    


    how to make qeema samosa

    Ring Samosa: Take one ball and roll with the rolling pin into a medium-thickness square of around 6 inches_Place the filling close to the edges of the rolled roti. Might take two tablespoons or a little less

    Start rolling it tightly up to half, Use a knife and make cuts all over. Roll it and join the ends_Apply some flour batter at both edges of the ring_And seal it with the help of a strip


    how to make qeema samosa

    Half moon shape samosa: take one ball and roll it around 5 inches thick and 3-4 inches in round shape. place some filling in the center cover the filling with another side press it slightly and seal the edges with a fork


    smoky qeema samosa

    Frozen samosa for use laterat this stage you can preserve the prepared raw samosa in an air-tight container for a week.


    samosa recipe

    Heat the medium hot oil in the wok on medium flame_Check the oil temperature by putting the tiny dough ball if it comes up quickly on top your oil is too hot and samosas are required just medium hot oil while frying_Lower the flame and wait to be medium hot oil

    keema samosa

    Slide the 2-3 samosas in one batch don’t overcrowd the pan, and fry them on medium heat Until the samosa is evenly golden brown. Drain the samosa onto the kitchen paper to remove excess oil

    qeema samosa`

    Serve hot samosa with tamarind chutney and mint chutney with a hot cup of tea


    how to make qeema samosa

    Dal Kachori Recipe

    dal kachori recipe with step by step photos

    Dal kachori || Stuffed Kachori  || How to make dal kachori with step-by-step photos and video...

    Personally, I find that dal kachori with aloo tarkari is a more flavorful and delicious fried snack than samosas or pakoras. I love pairing dal kachori with aloo chana tarkari as it is a common and tasty snack. This highly sought-after snack can be easily prepared at home using readily available ingredients. Despite its seemingly complex appearance, it is actually a simple dish to make, making it a great option for unexpected guests or when you don't feel like cooking something extravagant.

    how to make dal kachori

    My Latest Video Dal Kachori:


    It is served with Aloo chana tarkari, achar, and raita, My All-time favorite food of most people is dal kachori can be made with chana dal or moong dal I make it with chana dal I have already given aloo chana tarkari masala and tarkari recipes in my previous post. you can click the given below links too. here I will tell step-by-step kachori process so let's begin     

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    dal kachori recipe

    In a pan/pot add lentils along with spices bring them to a boil and cover them until they are soft
    Note: There should be no remaining water in the dal if you see water remaining in it then dry it on high flame first. now let it cool down


    Grind them in a chopper machine till turn to the fine dal mixture


    Shift the ground dal to the bowl and keep it aside.    


    Take a large size bowl to add all-purpose flour with spices and mix them well together until the crumbles texture, start kneading the dough by adding water little by little

    Knead to the smooth and super soft dough for around 10-15 minutes, you can see the softness of the dough in the below photo


    Cover it with cling wrap, and set aside for resting for around 15 minutes

    Take the dough out punch it again for 5 minutes, and apply oil all over the kachori dough


    Cut the dough into halves


    Divide the dough into equal portions, make smooth balls, and flatten them between your palms.       


    Cover the dough portions with a kitchen towel to prevent dryness 


    Before you start filling place the wok with oil on the stove over a low-medium flame

    Take one flattened ball at a time then roll it 1.5 inches in the round shape. Place 1 portion of dal stuffing in the center


    Gather the edges and pinch them into the center seal them tightly and flatten them by pressing very gently. Press the kachori gently with an oily hand

    Note, don't use flour at the time of stuffing or pressing kachoris because they become hard and won't puffy   


    Repeat the same process with other dough balls


    In the hot oil put kachori turn the flame down to low-medium -medium and press it with a scoop.


    Fry each side till turns to a nice golden brown color from both sides, now drain them out from the oil.  

    Place all kachoris on the kitchen towel to remove excess oil. 

    dal kachori

    Your crispy kachori now is ready to serve with raitaachar, and aloo chana tarkari                                

    dal kachori recipe