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Palak Paratha Recipe


Palak Paratha || Spinach paratha || How to make spinach paratha with step-by-step photos and video

Palak Paratha is a delicious and healthy flatbread made from mildly spiced whole wheat flour combined with spinach. Paratha or stuffed bread is a very common part of Pakistani/Indian cuisine. Palak Paratha is a very popular variant that is often cooked for breakfast.
It is a quick and easy dish to prepare and uses simple ingredients which are easily available throughout the world all around the year
Spinach paratha is generally served with cold refreshing raita and also goes well with pickles and hot tea

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Spinach is well known for its nutritional qualities and is rich in iron content, it is also an excellent source of Vitamins K, A
Manganese and many other minerals 
Spinach is a very tasteful veggie and when we stuff/fill in the paratha, pakora, and any type of meat their taste becomes so enhanced to include this veggie, also can be cooked and served at sehri time  with lassi, a very healthy meal especially when is cooked with olive oil and red wheat flour instead of maida or ghee/butter, quick and easy recipe let's begin

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Take a large bowl to sift the flour then put all ingredients mixed together. Now start kneading the soft dough by adding water little by little then add 2 tbsp oil and knead again
Knead to the smooth dough wrap it with cling wrap and leave it for resting around 15 minutes

Divide the dough into equal portions, make smooth balls and flatten them between your palms, before you start the rolling, Heat the Tawa on medium flame
Take one flattened ball at a time, dust it into dry flour start rolling, Roll into 4 diameters, and keep the edges thinner than a center

Now Apply oil/ghee over spinach paratha   
sprinkle some flour dust over it fold making a semicircle  
Apply oil/ghee and flour, and fold to another step making a strip. Apply ghee/oil and flour and then roll from one point to another. Prepare all spinach paratha balls (paira) similarly.


Roll out all parathas. place paratha into hot pan/Tawa without adding ghee, turn side after 2 seconds.
Dab a little amount of ghee/oil and press with a spatula and revert after 2 seconds. Dab ghee again, press and cook. Keep reverting until cooked

Palak Paratha is ready to serve hot with raita and sauce


Mooli Paratha Recipe


Mooli Paratha|Radish Paratha || How to make mooli paratha with step-by-step photos and video

Mooli Paratha is a traditional recipe that basically comes from the Punjab side of Pakistan, a very tasty and healthy recipe is a whole wheat flatbread stuffed with grated mooli white radish. It's lightly seasoned with spices and makes a wholesome breakfast or lunch
Today’s paratha is made with mooli or white radish. Mooli paratha is not always everyone’s favorite and that’s because radish has a strong smell/taste I have noticed that not everyone enjoys it but personally I love it.

Mooli paratha has always been one of my favorite parathas so I now make it often. If you get into the technicalities of making parathas, they are all made in a similar way, But the mooli paratha is one of the most challenging ones to make!

My Latest Video Stuffed Mooli Paratha

Because radish has a high water content so when you try to roll it inside a dough, it just releases moisture making it very difficult to roll. this is the reason it is always squeezed well as possible before stuffing it inside the dough, Mainly is served with raita, and garlic chutney.


Prepare this recipe first peel and grate the mooli then put grated mooli in the bowl, sprinkle some salt keep aside


Meanwhile in a bowl put both flour wheat and maida to mix, then add salt and 1 tsp oil. Start kneading the dough by adding some water
Knead to the smooth dough cover it with plastic cling wrap set aside for resting for around 15 minutes


After 15 minutes squeeze out all the excess water from the grated mooli, transfer to another bowl, add all spices mix them together very well  


Divide the dough into equal portions, make smooth balls, and flatten them between your palm
Before you start the rolling, Heat the Tawa on medium flame


Take one flattened ball at a time, dust it into dry flour start rolling, roll into 4 diameters, keep the edges thinner than the center even you can spread with the help of fingers

Place 1 portion of Mooli stuffing in the center, gather the edges and pinch it into the center
Seal it tightly and flatten by pressing very gently, again dust into dry flour rolls it very carefully about 6-inch diameter circle. Keep in mind that rolling stuffed paratha to perfection via practice

Now Place it onto hot Tawa and Cook_After a few seconds you may notice a few bubbles come on top, now time to flip it should have a few brown spots on it cook on another side as well

Apply some butter then flip it, and f
ry another side the same way by pressing the spatula

Once cooked from  both sides transfer to the serving plate, and Serve hot with green chutney and raita  

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Lachha Paratha Recipe


Lachha paratha | layered paratha || How to make layered paratha with step-by-step photos

Lachha Paratha is a unique paratha that can be made of both wheat flour and all-purpose flour. It is a layered flatbread that is crispy and flaky. The layers are visible from the outside. Lachha Paratha looks more like a ‘pinwheel cookie’. Once you start eating this paratha it will melt in your mouth and you will feel that the layers are coming off one by another.

Most importantly traditionally it is fried only with ghee. But these days any kind of cooking oil is used. Sometimes oil is mixed with a little amount of ghee.it's very tasty besides being crispy. paratha generally is prepared from wheat and all-purpose flour to mix together

Only can be made paratha from maida(all-purpose flour)main ingredients are added sugar, salt egg, butter, and milk powder.it is served as breakfast and as well as can be given to the kids' lunch boxes   
Here is the recipe for Lachha Paratha or Crispy Flaky Layered Pakistani Flatbread. so let the go-ahead know how to make this layered paratha...

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Take a big bowl sieve the flour together, mix them, and make a small pit in the center of the flour. Now add salt sugar egg-milk powder 


Mix them well until turn to crumble texture
Add water gradually and start kneading a soft dough, the dough seems to be sticky knead it with some ghee/butter and make a ball and put it back into a bowl.


Keep aside for resting about 15 minutes


Take the dough out from the bowl and knead the dough again with an oily hand for a minute


Take some extra flour on the plate for dusting
and roughly divided the dough into equal parts(ball size depends on how thick you want to make the Rotis


Take one ball of dough and roll out with the help of a rolling pin approx 5 to 6 inches in a round shape, apply butter/ghee over the roti with the brush, and sprinkle some flour dust


Here starts the tricky part, fold the roti like a fan till you reach the end, now hold from the two opposite ends, and tap the dough on the counter to stretch the roti.
Further In Order to understand follow the figure below


Gently start rolling the roti like a snail, press the end gently in the middle, cover and keep in the fridge for 20 minutes.  


Preheat the Tava for 10 minutes


Warm the pan on medium flame add 1 tbsp ghee and place the paratha cook for 1-2 minutes and flip.


Add another 1 tbsp ghee/butter and cook till golden brown (use additional ghee/butter if required) cook for further 2-3 minutes.


Repeat the same process with all remaining dough balls


Lachha paratha is ready to serve with kebab, omelet


Tawa Naan Recipe


Tawa Naan | Plain Naan || How to Make Tawa Naan with step by step photos.... 

Tawa Naan is the most popular bread in Pakistan, Traditionally naan is cooked in a tandoor (hot clay oven) But I find at home tawa naan is much easier to make, Tawa naan turns out soft it tastes great hassle-free no tandoor or no oven needed.

Tawa naan is quite easy and simple, just like chapati but a little tricky part will be applied to make this naan, we are not cooking naan in the oven nor using any yeast in it 


Naan goes well with cholenihari, payehaleem, or any gravy-based dish so let's begin 



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In a bowl add flour, baking soda, sugar, yogurt, and salt mix them well then add oil, further mix to combine
Start kneading the dough by adding little by little water
Note: the dough should be for naan soft but not sticking to your fingers
Note: Naan comes out better if the dough is kneaded well


Keep kneading the dough for about 15 minutes till gets the soft dough


It's looking soft and smooth, now transfer to another bowl, apply some oil all over the dough, wrap the dough with cling and keep in the warm place, let it rest for 3-4 hours 


After 4 hours knead a little bit more for 2 minutes, divide the equal balls of the dough, apply some oil to the fingers, and make the smooth balls each


Now heat the tawa on medium flame
Note: don’t use the nonstick skillet(Tawa) iron skillet works best, sprinkle some water on a medium-hot skillet 


Flatten a ball between your palm, coat the ball with flour dust, sprinkle some flour over the surface/rolling board and Start rolling the naan about a 7-inch diameter
Note, you can roll around or make it in an oval shape, naan shouldn’t be very thin, use some simple water over the naan with your fingers 


Now put naan on Tawa, and make sure the wet part goes in the bottom, let it cook for a minute over medium heat, naan should be dry from the surface before the turn


As you see flour is getting dry now here it comes, flips the Tawa and just goes around for 1 minute, should be not very high heat
Otherwise, it will cook very fast and may burn, so just keep tweaking, Naan is getting done almost


Naan color is looking really good, Naan is ready, Now take it out, Transfer it to the plate 


Naan is done, garnish with butter mixture


Serve hot with currykebabnihari,paye, and haleem