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Anda Ghotala Recipe

anda ghota recipe with step by step photos and video

Anda Ghotala| Scrambled Egg Recipe | How to Make  Scrambled with step-by-step photos and video.

Scrambled is a spicy, flavorful, and mashed recipe, a wholesome street-style item with boiled or half-fried egg, scrambled, and sunny-side-up eggs served with bread or pav alongside paratha for mopping it up. It is a staple favorite breakfast, an easy and quick recipe, Main ingredients are eggs, tomato, onion
But you can variation it such as  boiled eggs with paneer by cutting it into small cubes to make the dish more filling
anda ghotala recipe

My Latest Video Anda Ghotala:

An additional can be added peas, carrot, capsicum, and other similar vegetables to the dish, improving the dish's taste and its nutritional value, but here I didn’t add any additional ingredients in this recipe but you can by choice

I make it more often for dinner because I love to have it at my dinner rather than breakfast, no time limitation in making this quick recipe whenever you want. It can be prepared even for the best kids' tiffin boxes is healthy and delicious, and this recipe can be ready within 15 minutes if you have already boiled eggs in your fridge otherwise 10 minutes more increase in preparation time
inshallah my next post will be even for kids, stay tuned     
So let's begin 
  1. If you prefer to use boiled eggs in ghotala, always boil the eggs by putting salt in the water over high heat. This will prevent the eggs from cracking.
  2. If you are using half-cooked eggs in ghotala, make sure to cook them with just 1 tablespoon of oil over low flame. Otherwise, your egg ghotala will become dark and tasteless.
  3. Here's a suggestion to try using half-cooked eggs in ghotala for a taste similar to brain masala.
  4. To prepare this healthy scrambled can be made with additional vegetables like peas, potatoes, capsicum, paneer, and spring onions
  5. This meal can be served as a lunch or dinner time other than breakfast as well
anda ghotala

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anda ghotala

    Firstly, gather all the vegetables. Then, proceed to peel and chop them properly.

    anda ghotala recipe

    Heat the oil in the pot/pan and put onions saute them for 2-3 minutes over medium heat, next add chopped tomatoes and cook with tomatoes over medium-low flame. After 2 minutes add salt to taste and stir well 
    anda ghotala

    To enhance the flavor of your dish, you can try adding red chili powder, cumin powder, and black pepper to the onion masala. Make sure to stir everything well and add some water to prevent burning.

    Additionally, you can add Kashmiri red chili powder and Chinese salt, although they are optional and can be skipped if you prefer. Using these spices can help make your dish brighter and more flavorful.
    anda ghotala

    After the oil separates from the masala then add chopped coriander and green chilies, and you can add chopped mint leaves (optional)

    anda ghotala

    First, take a pan and heat the oil on it. Crack all the eggs together and cook them on low flame for 2-3 minutes. In the meantime, sprinkle some coriander leaves, salt, and pepper over the egg 

    anda ghotala

    Once the eggs are cooked, get the pan off the stove and put them into the cooked masala.

    anda ghotala

    Begin by mixing the eggs and masala thoroughly until they are well scrambled.
    anda ghotala

    Quick and easy scrambled egg is done

    scrambled egg

    Transfer this delicious egg ghotala onto a serving plate. It goes well with naan and paratha.
    scrambled egg

    Enjoy and Share!

    anda ghotala

    Dhaba Style Egg Curry Recipe

    egg curry recipe with step by step photos and video

    Dhaba Style Egg Curry Recipe || Anda Gravy Recipe || How to Make Anda Curry With Step-by-Step Photos and Video….

    Anda Gravy is super delicious flavorsome and simple to make. this egg curry has all those tasty and rustic flavors of the Dhaba. you will experience a burst of those amazing flavors. Egg Curry is basically made with hard-boiled eggs by adding to the spicy onion masala. but here 

    I changed the recipe by making omelet form instead of boiling the eggs. you can say it's my own version you would not get this recipe around you. so juicy, spicy, and tasty egg curry which can be cooked within 30 minutes.

    For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo, video, and  instructions tips and video below  

    anda gravy recipe

    My Latest Video Egg Curry Recipe:

    Even if your unexpected guest suddenly comes to your home and you don't have any prepared meal in your fridge then this recipe can be served with roti salad and raita and your guest would love it, This is so a simple and easy recipe

    You don’t understand that I have been praising my recipe for a long time, not at all friends I am telling just the taste of egg curry what I experienced while I ate it in my dinner  

    how to make anda curry recipe

    This egg curry goes well with Naan, Tandoori Roti, Steamed Rice, and Chapatis

    You can make egg curry in countless ways and I have shared egg curry even before. but this dhaba-style egg curry in my style is very unique and tasty. my family and friends requested me again and again to make this

    Recipe Note:

    1. Onion and yogurt form the base of this dish. I avoid using tomato in this recipe just because yogurt also is a great substitute for tomato.
    2. The flavor and texture of the egg curry depend on how you add ingredients to this recipe. and if you love adding tomatoes then can skip yogurt and add tomato puree and onion paste
    3. If you prefer using hard-boiled eggs instead of omelet form then you can skip and add boiled eggs and the rest of the recipe will remain the same 

    Here I would like to make one suggestion to all though it's not related to this recipe even then during writing the blog came into my mind to share these useful tips for daily routine cooking. this quite saves time tip hopefully you all like this

    For your ease, you can make onion and tomato paste by boiling them together and store it for use later in different gravy-based recipes

    The ratio of tomato onion paste:

    500g, onion

    250g, tomato                 


    dhaba style egg curry

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    how to make egg curry

    How to Make Egg Curry:

    Peel and cut the onion and garlic then grind them together into a smooth paste
    how to make egg curry

    Finely chop the ginger, tomato, coriander, and green chilies


    anda gravy

    Heat the oil and add onion garlic paste to the oil and cook till the raw smell of onion goes away

    dhaba style egg curry

    Crack the eggs into a bowl and add chili flakes, black pepper, and salt beat them well and set aside
    egg curry recipe

    Once the onion masala is cooked begin adding spices. like Kashmiri red chili, chili flakes, turmeric powder, salt, and yogurt, roast onion garlic paste with masala till oil is separated
    anda gravy

    Next, then pour water into the masala. bring it to a boil and let it cook on medium flame.
    how to make egg gravy
    how to make egg gravy

    Heat the oil/ghee on the pan/griddle then spread the egg mixture over the pan and let it cook a few seconds on medium flame next sprinkle chopped chili, tomato, ginger, and coriander


    anda gravy

    Now carefully fold the egg from both sides like square paratha and then flip them allow to fry more for around a minute now cut into equal pieces of omelet                                 
    how to make egg curry

    Put omelet pieces one by one into the prepared gravy then sprinkle some chopped coriander and green chili. Let it simmer for around 2-3 minutes on a very low flame. now ready to serve/eat 
    dhaba style egg curry

    Transfer onto the serving plate 

    egg gravy recipe

    Serve with naanparatha, or roti

    anda gravy

    Lachha Paratha Recipe

    layered paratha recipe with step by step photos and video

    Lachha paratha | layered paratha || How to make layered paratha with step-by-step photos and Video

    Lachha Paratha is a unique paratha that can be made of both wheat flour and all-purpose flour. It is a layered flatbread that is crispy and flaky. The layers are visible from the outside. Lachha Paratha looks more like a ‘pinwheel cookie’. Once you start eating this paratha it will melt in your mouth and you will feel that the layers are coming off one by another.

    Most importantly traditionally it is fried only with ghee. But these days any kind of cooking oil is used. Sometimes oil is mixed with a small amount of ghee.it's very tasty besides being crispy. paratha generally is prepared from wheat and all-purpose flour mixed together
    lachha paratha recipe

    My Latest Lachha Paratha Video Recipe:


    Only can be made paratha from maida(all-purpose flour)main ingredients are added sugar, salt egg, butter, and milk powder. it is served as breakfast and as well as can be given to the kids' lunch boxes   
    Here is the recipe for Lachha Paratha or Crispy Flaky Layered Pakistani Flatbread. let the go-ahead know how to make this layered paratha...

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    Take a big bowl sieve the flour together, mix them, and make a small pit in the center of the flour. Now add salt sugar egg milk powder 


    Mix them well until turn to a crumbled texture
    Add water gradually and start kneading a soft dough, the dough seems to be sticky knead it with some ghee/butter make a ball, and put it back into a bowl.


    Keep aside for about 15 minutes


    Take the dough out from the bowl and knead the dough again with an oily hand for a minute


    Take some extra flour on the plate for dusting
    and roughly divided the dough into equal parts(ball size depends on how thick you want to make the Rotis


    Take one ball of dough and roll it out with the help of a rolling pin approx 5 to 6 inches in a round shape, apply butter/ghee over the roti with the brush, and sprinkle some flour dust


    Here starts the tricky part, fold the roti like a fan till you reach the end, hold it from the two opposite ends, and tap the dough on the counter to stretch the roti.
    Further To understand follow the figure below


    Gently start rolling the roti like a snail, press the end gently in the middle, cover and keep in the fridge for 20 minutes.  


    Preheat the Tava for 10 minutes


    Warm the pan on medium flame add 1 tbsp ghee and place the paratha cook for 1-2 minutes and flip.


    Add another 1 tbsp ghee/butter and cook till golden brown (use additional ghee/butter if required) cook for a further 2-3 minutes.


    Repeat the same process with all remaining dough balls


    Lachha paratha is ready to serve with kebab, omelet

    how to make lachha paratha

    Club Sandwich Recipe

    club sandwich recipe with step by step photos and video

    Club Sandwich Recipe || Veg Club Sandwich Recipe || How to Make Vegetarians Club Sandwich With Step-by-Step Photos and Video…

    Club Sandwich is a healthy, easy, quick delicious vegetarian club sandwich for brunch, snack, or breakfast. there are so many kinds of club sandwiches served across the globe which are commonly the meat version. like chicken, beef, or pork.

    I have also shared CHICKEN CLUB SANDWICH in my earlier post on the blog. This veg club sandwich has 3 layers of fresh, delicious fillings and can be made in just about 45 minutes. Serve this tasty veg club sandwich as a snack with TOMATO KETCHUP or CHEESE SAUCE.

    This club sandwich is completely vegetarian including the mayo that has been used. if you do not have eggless mayo you can use cream cheese or any cheese spread. 


    vegetable club sandwich

    My Latest Video Club Sandwich Recipe:

    Since my childhood, I have been a big fan of a club sandwich which was usually prepared with egg and some salad veggies including butter. As we grew up gradually a large number of club sandwich varieties became available. Here I made a plan to make a different sandwich. So I just use some vegetables, sauces, and mayonnaise. it was quite tasty and with a unique taste.

    KASHMIRI RED SAUCE and GREEN SAUCE are also included in this recipe of which posts are available on my blog 

    These veg club sandwiches are such a filling and mouth-watering snack option. You can make them for kids, as an evening snack, or for small parties. It’s best to serve them immediately.

    Can Be Club Sandwich Store For Ahead Time?

    No, This club sandwich can be stored for a maximum of 2 days by keeping it in a ziplock bag to avoid eating a stale sandwich to prevent an upset stomach.

    veg club sandwich

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    Stuffed mince burger

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    For detailed recipes step by step watch my video!


    vegeterian club sandwich

    How to Make Veg Club Sandwich?

    To make a sandwich first, boil the potatoes and make onion, and tomato rings. cut the cucumber slices.


    how to make vegeteriab sandwich recipe

    Take the baking tray with butter paper and arrange the tomato and potato slices over the tray. place some cheddar cheese over the slices and sprinkle some fajita seasoning on top of the cheese. bake the slices in a preheated oven at 200 c for 10 minutes.


    club sandwich

    Take a mixing bowl and combine cornflour and all-purpose flour. stir to mix well. next add chili flakes, salt, and black pepper to the flour and then stir to combine well, pour some water into the flour, and prepare a thick pouring batter.


    veg club sandwich

    Dip each onion ring into the batter and fry them on a medium flame until golden brown color.

    club sandwich

    Take 4 bread slices to make one sandwich. remove the edges of the bread slice.


    veg sandwich

    Place 4 pieces of bread on the working board and spread butter 
    on all four bread slices.

    vegeterian club sandwich

    Take a slice and spread some red sauce on a slice.

    veg sandwich recipe

    Then take a second slice and spread some green chutney over
    vegeterian club sandwich

    Take 3rd slice and spread mayonnaise on it.


    club sandwich

    Next, place some baked potatoes on the first layer and cover them with another slice

    Note: bread slices and filling can be arranged according to your preference 

    club sandwich

    Now place some of the onion rings and baked tomato slices
    and cover the second layer with another slice 

    vegeterian club sandwich

    Place some lettuce and cucumber slices over the bread
    and cover with another slice

    veg club sandwich

    And slightly press them and  skewers to keep them firm

    club sandwich

    Toward the end of the recipe cut the sandwich into halves. now, the veg club sandwich is ready to serve

    how to make vegeterian club sandwich

    Serve club sandwich with french fries and ketchup also can be given in a tiffin box to the kids


    how to make vegeterian club sandwich