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Dal Kachori Recipe

dal kachori recipe with step by step photos

Dal kachori || Stuffed Kachori  || How to make dal kachori with step-by-step photos and video...

Personally, I find that dal kachori with aloo tarkari is a more flavorful and delicious fried snack than samosas or pakoras. I love pairing dal kachori with aloo chana tarkari as it is a common and tasty snack. This highly sought-after snack can be easily prepared at home using readily available ingredients. Despite its seemingly complex appearance, it is actually a simple dish to make, making it a great option for unexpected guests or when you don't feel like cooking something extravagant.

how to make dal kachori

My Latest Video Dal Kachori:


It is served with Aloo chana tarkari, achar, and raita, My All-time favorite food of most people is dal kachori can be made with chana dal or moong dal I make it with chana dal I have already given aloo chana tarkari masala and tarkari recipes in my previous post. you can click the given below links too. here I will tell step-by-step kachori process so let's begin     

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dal kachori recipe

In a pan/pot add lentils along with spices bring them to a boil and cover them until they are soft
Note: There should be no remaining water in the dal if you see water remaining in it then dry it on high flame first. now let it cool down


Grind them in a chopper machine till turn to the fine dal mixture


Shift the ground dal to the bowl and keep it aside.    


Take a large size bowl to add all-purpose flour with spices and mix them well together until the crumbles texture, start kneading the dough by adding water little by little

Knead to the smooth and super soft dough for around 10-15 minutes, you can see the softness of the dough in the below photo


Cover it with cling wrap, and set aside for resting for around 15 minutes

Take the dough out punch it again for 5 minutes, and apply oil all over the kachori dough


Cut the dough into halves


Divide the dough into equal portions, make smooth balls, and flatten them between your palms.       


Cover the dough portions with a kitchen towel to prevent dryness 


Before you start filling place the wok with oil on the stove over a low-medium flame

Take one flattened ball at a time then roll it 1.5 inches in the round shape. Place 1 portion of dal stuffing in the center


Gather the edges and pinch them into the center seal them tightly and flatten them by pressing very gently. Press the kachori gently with an oily hand

Note, don't use flour at the time of stuffing or pressing kachoris because they become hard and won't puffy   


Repeat the same process with other dough balls


In the hot oil put kachori turn the flame down to low-medium -medium and press it with a scoop.


Fry each side till turns to a nice golden brown color from both sides, now drain them out from the oil.  

Place all kachoris on the kitchen towel to remove excess oil. 

dal kachori

Your crispy kachori now is ready to serve with raitaachar, and aloo chana tarkari                                

dal kachori recipe


Mince Sandwich Recipe

mince sandwich recipe with step by step photos

Mince Sandwich || Ground Beef Grill  Sandwich || How to Make a Mince Sandwich with step-by-step photos

Mince Sandwich is a bread snack that is filled with mince, eggs, cheese, and chicken along with some sauces served with ketchup and french fries. It is a very delicious, savory, and popular snack for all age group people, the best evening snack for family and friends, many kinds of sandwiches have been introduced yet, and is prepared with different ingredients and styles, additionally, this healthy and mouthwatering sandwich is the best for kids tiffin boxes as well

Here I made minced sandwiches which I prepared with

leftover mince, that had been preserved after making stuffed potato

The cutlet recipe has already been shared in my previous post,

you will get the link below in which you get more preparation
howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww make minced meat sandwich

The Same recipe I used in making sandwiches if you have already prepared mince and garlic mayo sauce you can make it within 15 minutes also can be added cheese as desired add

To prepare a sandwich use a grill pan or sandwich maker I used both but you can use any of whatever is available at home, the main ingredients are bread sandwich slices, mince, and mayo sauce, The Mayo sauce recipe can be by clicking the link below 

Recipe tips:
  1. To prepare a minced sandwich you can use any type of dry leftover keema 
  2. Instead of using garlic mayo sauce can be used simple mayonnaise by mixing red chili sauce                      
minced sandwich recipe

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Firstly cut all four edges of the slices keep them aside, and prepare homemade garlic sauce according to the given recipe in my food blog


Add a little ghee in a pan and heat it well then put 1 egg along with 2 pinches of black pepper and salt to taste cook it until scrumble texture, now add leftover keema to the pan and mix to well combined
Note, if you are making fresh mince then no need to mix scrambled egg but you can if needed or as desired


Melt the ghee at room temperature or in the microwave/stove for applying a sandwich maker or grill pan.


    Spread butter on all bread slices, then spread the second layer of mayo garlic


    Preheat the sandwich maker first after turning off the light button then grease it with the brush, grease them from both sides of the sandwich maker


    Place sandwich slices on a preheated and greased sandwich maker, and spread more garlic sauce on sandwich slices as needed


    Put 1 tbsp keema in the center of bread slices and cover it with another slice, turn on the sandwich maker and close the lid of the maker


    Let them cook until automatically turn off the light


    Turn off the sandwich maker now you can see how beautifully the golden brown color has come on sandwiches, transfer to the serving plate/tray


    Heat the grill pan very well apply some ghee over it and place the sandwich carefully on the grilled pan, toast the sandwich from both sides on low flame cut it into half transfer it to the serving tray/plate


    Now crispy and yummy sandwiches are ready to serve and eat...


    Minced sandwiches can be served with french fries along with mayo sauce and tomato ketchup with coffee and tea 


    Aloo Paratha Recipe

    aloo paratha recipe with step by step photos

    Aloo paratha | Stuffed Paratha || How to Make Aloo Paratha Recipe with step-by-step photos 

    Aloo Paratha consists of unleavened dough stuffed with a mixture of spicy mashed potato, which is rolled out and cooked on a hot Tawa with butter or ghee. Aloo paratha is usually served with butter, chutney, and yogurt. My aloo paratha is nothing fancy, it’s a basic simple recipe that is made in every household in Pakistan. Just some boiled mashed potatoes, mixed with spices and then stuffed in the dough, which is then rolled and pan-fried.

    A kind of stuffed flatbread literally delicious and yummy breakfast served with hot coffee/tea additionally is the best menu for the sehri time, even can be served on iftar with raita and chutney, as well as to how much you want to keep spicy paratha this is up to you, salt and red chili powder can less or more according to taste

    aloo paratha

    Also, you can cook the potatoes with some oil and temper them with cumin before adding all the spices. It just varies from person to person. I straightaway added all the crackle spices, roasted spices, powder spices, and green spices to the grated potatoes. There’s no right or wrong way here to make aloo paratha, it always tastes good no matter how you make it. so let the go-ahead 

    Tips to make a good Aloo Paratha:
    1. The key to making a good paratha always lies in kneading a soft dough and then rolling the paratha evenly. Once you get that done, stuff it with your favorite ingredients (spiced potato in this case) and then fry it on medium-high heat.
    2. Always make sure that your Tawa/skillet on which you will be making the aloo paratha is hot before you put the paratha on it. If it’s just medium hot, the paratha will take time to cook and that will result in a “not so soft” paratha.
    3. This also paratha is vegan. A lot of people love their parathas with ghee so you may use that in place of oil to fry the parathas. I love ghee but when it comes to my paratha, I prefer them with oil and keep them vegan               

    aloo paratha recipe

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    how tto make aloo paratha

    First, take all ingredients and prepare all veggies like potato, ginger, coriander leaves, green chili


    Dry roast all whole spices, coriander and cumin seeds, pomegranate seeds, whole red chili, and black peppercorn on low flame for 2 minutes 

    Grind roasted spices coarsely and set aside


    Take 2 cups of the flour along with salt in the bowl/tray


    Start kneading the dough till the dough is formed

    Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and rest it for 15 minutes set aside...


    Heat the oil in the frying pan add mustard seeds let them crackle for 10 seconds then add chopped green chilies, and grated ginger with curry leaves, and fry them with oil for 1-2 minutes


    Add spices to the mashed potato, mix them well, transfer tempering ingredients along with roasted spices to the potato mixture, and mix them together very well

    Keep mixing by adding further remaining ingredients 


    Leave it to 10 minutes rest to cover the lid 


    Then make an equal-sized ball of potato dough


    Divide the equal portions of the dough 


    Give them all into ball shapes and flatten them between the palms

    Take one dough ball at a time, spread it with the help of a finger, and apply a little oil/ghee_Roll the dough like a thick rope and fold it like a snail shape

    Repeat the same process with all remaining dough balls          

    Now take one paratha ball at a time and roll it about 2-3 inches in a round shape, place one potato ball in the center of the rolled ball, Bring all the edges together, and pinch to seal the edges.                        

    Repeat the same process with all remaining stuffed balls


    Flatten the stuffed ball using your hands using your rolling pin, and roll the dough to a circle of 7-8 inches in diameter. The trick here is to apply equal pressure while rolling. If you do that, your paratha will turn around automatically.


    Transfer the rolled paratha onto the hot Tawa.


    Cook the side for a minute or two and then flip over, apply oil [around 1/4 teaspoon] on the half-cooked side, and flip again.


    Now apply oil on the other side as well. press with a spatula and cook the paratha till both sides have golden brown spots on them.

    Repeat the same process with the remaining stuffed balls

    Aloo paratha is ready to serve with raitachutney, and pickle   
    how to make aloo paratha