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Meethi Tikya Recipe/Sweet Tikki

meethi tikyan recipe with step by step photos and ideo

Meethi Tikiya|| Methi Tikki || How to Make Methi Tikiya with step-by-step photos

Meethi Tikkis are crispy, tasty fried golden brown disc_that give you an addictive yummy and remind you of some old good days meethi tikiya are made with plain flour-semolina, sugar, and ghee along with some other basic ingredients_Very easy to make, this tikiya can be stored in an air-tight jar for up to a month_these are also eaten in the evening snack with tea

By the way, Traditionally this methi tikiya is prepared at Kondon in the Islamic month of Rajab, in which people invite others to have some foods which are fulfilled as a Minnat every 22 to 27th Rajab as per their creed_ my grandmother and aunty used to perform this regularly

My Latest Video Meethi Tikya: 

However, at home, I didn’t see my mother doing this people do this, which is the reason I added this recipe to my blog, believe me, I made it for the first time in my entire life but that made it too crispy and tasteful

Here my idea worked very well, By the way, you can also find my traditional recipe crispy khajoor on my blog these are even can be served as a snack and stored for a month So let’s begin

meethi tikya recipe


Tips for Perfect Crispy Tikya:
  1. The ratio of the flour, semolina, and ghee should be on accurate measurement
  2. Kneading tikiya dough should be hard and tight
  3. Otherwise, tikiya turns soggy and soft
  4. After frying tikiya will look so soft they take a few minutes to turn in a crispy texture
  5. This is the reason why keep them on a paper towel immediately after frying and then leave them in an airy place by covering a kitchen napkin
  6. Don’t be hasty to store them until they get completely cooled down

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meethi tikya

In a medium-sized bowl combine all-purpose flour, semolina, baking powder, salt, powdered sugar, coconut powder, and desi ghee stir to mix them together

meethi tikya recipe

Keep mixing flour until it turns to a crumbled texture 

meethi tikya recipe

Start kneading flour with a little milk to a hard dough_The sign of hard dough is when you finger press it down it will never bounce bake
meethi tikya recipe

Put the dough in the bowl and let it rest for around an hour

meethi tikya recipe

Divide the dough into half, Take one dough ball and give it into a dough ball shape Press, and spread it out to an ½ inch thick in a round shape 

Either sprinkle some sesame seeds over the rolled dough ball and press them with fingers and a rolling pin Or spread out the sesame over the mat/rolling board and place the dough ball over it then roll
meethi tikya recipe

Cut the disc with the help of a medium cookie cutter or any round lid

meethi tikya

Place all prepared tikya on the plate/tray
meethi tikya

Heat the oil around 130-140 C it comes in the medium range of heat, then drop the discs one by one Fry them on medium flame Each batch should contain 4-5 discs 

Don't crowd otherwise tikya may shred. Don’t disturb the tikya after putting in oil for around 2 minutes

meethi tikya recipe

Then flip the sides and keep on stirring around the wok until you get an evenly golden color
meethi tikya

Once fried transfer to the kitchen paper To remove the excess oil

meethi tikya

Transfer to the serving plate or tray

meethi tikya recipe

Meethi tikya are ready to serve as a snack, This meethi tikya can be stored in an airtight jar for up to a month  
meethi tikya recipe

Kaleji Bun Kabab Recipe

kaleji bun kabab with step by step photos and video


Kaleji Bun Kabab | Kaleji Burger Recipe | How to Make Kaleji Bun Kabab with step-by-step photos  

Kaleji Bun Kabab, also known as Kaleji wala burger, is a popular street food dish. I prepared it using my tawa kaleji. This delicious, spicy, and wholesome snack can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is a well-known street food in Karachi that can be easily found at vendors or carts. This snack is not only popular but also healthy and nutritious, as it is loaded with minerals and iron.

One kaleji bun burger is sufficient as it is quite filling. The liver contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, and iron, which is why it feels heavy after eating. I am preparing the kaleji bun using beef, but you can use mutton, chicken, lamb, or any meat of your choice. Additionally, I will share with you how to make the bun chutney (burger sauce). I have already shared the recipe for chicken kaleji masala.
kaleji bun kabab

My Latest Video Kaleji Bun Kabab:

In my previous post, I shared the recipe for a homemade bun burger. Today, I am alone and have to manage everything from cooking to taking pictures, so there might be some fluctuations. However, 

I will do my best to share the recipes with you so that you can understand them better. Making a kaleji bun burger is not a hard and fast rule and it's easy, especially when you have already prepared kaleji. It can be prepared within 10 minutes and is perfect for evening snacks. Let's get started!

kaleji bun kabab

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For detailed recipes step by step watch my video

kaleji burger

How to Make Kaleji Bun Kabab?
Chop the onion, cabbage, lettuce, mint, and green chilies

kaleji burger

Combine yogurt, green chilies, cumin seeds, garlic, salt, mint, dry red chilies, and Chinese salt in a blender and blend them well without adding water. Once the mixture is well blended, transfer it to a bowl. Your dahi chutney for kaleji bun kabab is now ready to use in burger
kaleji bun kabab

In a medium-sized bowl, mix onion slices, grated cabbage, lemon juice, chopped lettuce, and coriander. This salad is perfect for burgers.
kaleji bun kabab

Spread butter on the tawa and toast the bun slices on both sides over low flame.

Place the bun slices on a tray and spread dahi chutney. Add onion salad, dahi chutney, and chaat masala, then cover with another bun slice.
kaleji bun kabab

Drizzle some oil over the pan toast them from both sides and
place onto the serving tray.
kaleji burger

Kaleji burger is ready
kaleji burger

Serve hot kaleji burger with chutney and ketchup

kaleji bun kabab

Potato Chops Recipe


Potato Chops| Aloo Chops | How to Make Mutton Chops with step-by-step photos

Aloo Chops are one of the super delicious, mildly spiced, and a bit tangy in taste which is even accomplished your lunch/dinner requirement and even perfect for a snack
Usually, people add mince is aloo (potato) to make chops but here added shredded mutton, chopped coriander, and green chilies along with lemon juice and red chili flakes Which brings a unique taste to potato chops no bread crumbs and eggs are required at the time of frying here I will also some tips to make perfect potato chops

This delicious mutton potato Chops (Alu Chop) is in your diary so You can make it fresh and serve it hot to your guests. as well as I used mutton meat you can use chicken, beef, or lamb as desired so let's begin with step by step photos...

To make Perfect Mutton Chops Tips:
  1. Don’t overcook the potato around 15-20 minutes is enough to perfect boiled boiled potato gets mushy 
  2. Cook the potato on a high-medium flame
  3. Use shredded meat instead of mince
  4. Use a breadcrumb inside to make your chops firm
  5. Don’t keep chops in the refrigerator they become shredded while are frying
  6. Use a skillet or nonstick pan for frying
  7. Fry 3-4 chops in one batch
  8. At the time of frying keep the flame medium    
  9. Mutton or beef meat should be dry any single drop of moisture can soggy chops
  10. For bring more crispiness you can use breadcrumbs and eggs to coat on chops but I didn’t do this  

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muttpn chops recipe

To prepare this recipe we will take a pan pour 200 ml water add potatoes bring it to a boil on high flame then cover it for 15-20 minutes on medium heat

Coarsely ground green chilies, ginger, and garlic together to add meat

On the other hand, take another saucepan and put mutton meat add 150 ml water along with all spices   

Stir to mix well and bring it to a boil then cover the lid, and let it cook meat until water dries up along with tenderized meat          


Meanwhile, chop the coriander leaves and green chilies

Once the water has evaporated let it cool down for a while then shred the meat  


Remove the pan from the flame drain all the potatoes from the water let them cool down completely then peel them and grate them, you can mash the potatoes as well

Potatoes are grated 


Take another mixing bowl to add mashed/grated potatoes, shredded meat coriander leaves, green chilies, red chili flakes, salt, bread crumbs, and lemon juice

Mix them well with the help of a hand and knead them as a dough keep aside

Divide the potato dough into equal portions 

Now give it to chop shapes round flattened or oval as desired

Repeat the same process with all remaining potato balls and place them on the tray

Heat the ghee/oil on the skillet or frying pan on medium heat then place chops on the skillet/frying pan_Fry 3-4 chops in one batch in a medium heated oil/ghee 

Shallow each side and fry for 2-3 minutes on medium flame flip them with the spatula and fry another side till it turns to light golden color

Once chops are fried properly from both sides transfer to the pepper kitchen towel to remove excess oil

Now ready to hot serve with paratha sauceketchup chicken pulao,matar pulao, and raita
spread and joy!