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Garam Masala Powder Recipe


Garam Masala Powder || Zafrani Garam Masala || How to make garam masala powder with step-by-step photos and video

Garam masala is a very specific traditional spice blend which, although you will find different versions, should taste nothing like a curry. This is because the spice flavors in garam masala complement Pakistani recipes. make the best homemade garam masala you've ever tasted, in just a few minutes. Elevate your Pakistani cooking to a whole new level.


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Since I came to the blog, I have used homemade garam masala I used to buy garam masala from the market, a year ago once I had almost finished garam masala at home, I was short of time I could not go outside to purchase masala, so I decided I should make at home because I came newly towards blog field and I had zero experience regarding handle everything very well even then tried to make at home
I remembered very well I prepared aloo gosht

That was amazing in taste I had been thinking for a couple of days what the reason this superb tasted more than my last aloo gosht curry, then suddenly I realized just homemade garam masala was added in the recipe the rest of our same spices
Since that day I started preparing homemade spices, which are much better than store-bought, you try once at home you will feel the difference so let's begin 

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garam masala

Bash the nutmeg in a plastic bag with a rolling pin to break it into several smaller pieces 


Remove the seeds from the Cardamom pods - again, a gentle bash with a rolling pin will suffice, or use a pestle and mortar.it is optional if needed, But I prefer not to need to remove the pods' skin 


Place all the spices in a dry frying pan or skillet and heat over very low heat, stirring constantly.


As soon as the aroma from the spices is released, remove the pan from the heat. (This step is essential to release the aromatic oils from the spices)


Working with only a small quantity at a time, but the spices in an electric blender or grinder   


And grind them to a fine powder.


Take it out from the grinder jar and transfer it to the bowl/plate, Garam masala is ready to use in the recipe 


It can be stored in a bottle and paste the label with the spice name       

Pakora Mix Powder Recipe


Instant Pakora Mix  Powder | Homemade Pakora 

powder || How to Make Pakora Powder with step-by-step photos and video

Pakora Mix Powder can make your life easy, during Ramadan have to do a lot of work besides the preparation of iftar and you can't manage in your limited time close to iftar time almost every household prefers to make pakora at the iftar table so if you keep it half done will be easy for you                      


My Latest Video Pakora Mix Powder:

You can store pakora mix in a container or Ziploc bag when you need just take it out and add any veggies, chicken, or boiled egg mix water and then fry it very quickly and easily to save time. you store it in a container or Ziploc bag for more than months or even a year. doesn't keep it outside otherwise can be bugs in the pakora mix masala so let's begin 


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    Firstly in a large bowl mix, all flour with spices


    Mix them together, now instant pakora mix is ready 

      You can store it in any container or Ziploc bag to keep in the refrigerator for up to 1 month_Just take it out and add veggies or anything that you want then fry, Note if you want to make it more, double your quantity each

      Murgh Cholay Masala Powder Recipe


      Murgh Cholay Masala Powder | Homemade Seasoning Blend | How to Make Cholay Masala with step-by-step photos 

      Murgh Cholay Masala is an aromatic and flavoured  blend of different spices that helps to enhance the taste of murgh cholay, I did try a lot to make the perfect spice of this recipe, but unfortunately, every time I had to  face an unsuccessful attempt, couldn't bring its actual flavour and taste

      Then one day I thought why do I not add black salt instead of salt, so I acted upon my thinking and then again tried to trust myself which I had not been getting for a long time despite trying a lot, this time I achieved easily just due to skipping the regular salt from this recipe, 

      hen I realized not achieving actual flavour was due to the sharpness of the salt, one more experience I got is that should not use regular salt in chana whether are making from chana, remember always perfection comes from practice and experience, you can't get experience without experiments

      Additionally, this spice can be used in many recipes which are related to cholay (chickpeas)such as cholay ande chikar cholay,cholay aloo etc, I am preparing murgh chole masala powder for 2-3 kg chicken and chickpeas you can use as needed or to taste, this is my own version rarely you could found in the market, I cooked cholay from this spice amazing taste and flavour that's why now I am sharing with all :) 
      So let's begin 


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        Firstly put all whole dry ingredients into the pan, dry roast them for a minute


        Put all roasted spices in the grinding jar and grind them well for 3-4 minutes


          Transfer to the bowl, combine all powder spices with the roasted spices powder, and further mix them well


            Now murgh chole spice powder is ready to use in the recipes and can be stored in an airtight jar or bottle


              Biryani Masala Recipe

              homemade biryani masala powder with step by step photos and video

              Biryani Masala Recipe || Homemade Biryani Masala | How to Make Biryani Masala Recipe with step-by-step photos 

              Biryani Masala Powder  This is one of the basic recipes for Homemade Biryani Masala Powder | Biryani Masala Powder is an aromatic blend of spices it’s very flavorful and can be used for any kind of biryani
              Today’s markets are flooded with ready-made powder and masalas that many buy instead of preparing at home
              But making Biryani Masala Powder at home is very easy
              The aroma of fresh homemade spice powder is always superior to the store-bought ones
              biryani masala recipe

              My New Video Biryani Masala Recipe:

              It is a unique spices blend powder used for making perfect biryani, this can be used in making any kind of masala rice too, it makes the best tasting biryani and your kitchen will have its beautiful aroma as biryani is cooking

              To retain its flavor and aroma, one needs to store it in an airtight container you can keep in the refrigerator or in the kitchen cabinet if the weather is not humid Take the required amount  with clean moisture free spoon and immediately close the container and put it back in the fridge
              Although you can buy this masala from stores, the homemade biryani masala or any other masala  is always the best and fresh
              homemade biryani masala

              Making this biryani masala at home is very easy, just gather the spices clean and check if any bad ones and worms in them then simply dry roast  for a couple of minutes and grind into powder the method cannot be simpler than this   
              So let’s begin with step-by-step photos
              biryani masala recipe

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              Garam masala powder                            

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              Heat the pan, put coriander seeds, cloves, black peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, dry ginger, nutmeg, mace, green cardamom, star anise, and bay leaves. dry roast them all together for a minute over the low-medium flame, transfer them to the plate, and let them a bit cool down

                biryani masala powder recipe

                Put all roasted ingredients in the grinding jar,Grind them well till turn into a fine powder
                homemade biryani masala powder

                Take it out in the bowl or plate
                biryani masala powder

                Now add Kashmiri red chili powder, red chili powder, salt, cumin powder, turmeric powder, citric acid, and food color to the grounded spice Stir to mix them well
                homemade biryani masala powder                               
                  Then add cumin seeds, bay leaves, green cardamoms, cloves, and dry plums stir to mix with powdered spices, and stir to further mix them 
                  biryani masala powder recipe

                  Now Homemade Biryani Masala is ready to use in any kind of biryani
                  biryani masala powder

                  Store it in an airtight jar or any Ziploc bag  for up to 3-4 weeks in a cool and dry place

                    biryani masala powder

                    Chapli Kabab Masala Powder Recipe


                    Chapli kabab masala powder | Homemade Spice || How to Make Chapli Kabab Masala with step-by-step photos

                    Chapli Kabab Masala Powder blends flavoured spices and is easy to make the most important thing is that it works in many dishes Especially when you are going to prepare mince paratha, mince samosa baked mince potato cutlets or any related recipes. I will share those recipes soon in which is added chapli kabab masala powder.

                    So that you can better understand any particular spice doesn’t work only in 1 recipe rather it can also help to enhance the taste of other cooking So if you add a small amount of spice in your other cooking is called in simple language “Cooking Tips          


                    That makes you perfect in cooking and perfection only comes from experiments. and experiment teaches you about your imperfections. This homemade spice is better than store-bought I always prefer using and making homemade spices whether you are preparing any type of meal. 

                    The main ingredients in this recipe are dry roasted coriander, cumin, pomegranate seeds and fennel so let’s come to know how to make homemade Chapli kabab Masala Powder at Home

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                        Preheat the pan on medium flame then put all whole spices, and dry roast them together for 2 minutes on low-medium flame, remove from the flame and place on the plate 

                        Take a grinding jar then put roasted spices, grind them coarsely for a minute, and transfer to the medium mixing bowl

                          Now add powdered spices, mix them well and fill in a jar to preserve for a month

                          Place chapli kabab masala in a cold place_The prepared chapli kabab masala is enough for 2kg chapli kabab