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Bhuni Kaleji Masala Recipe


Bhuni Kaleji Masala| Roasted Liver Masala || How to make kaleji with step-by-step photos...

Bhumi Kaleji is a very delicious, wholesome, and spiced nonvegetarian meal. it is also called a Bhuni Kaleji in Urdu, Kaleji might have several names – Liver (in English) or Yakrit (in Hindi) but when it comes to taste, it’s terrific. It’s one of my favorites in non-vegetarian too.
I made this beef Kaleji masala with my mother’s recipe recently, and it turned out to be fantastic! I along with my family loved it made my heart groove!! kaleji is quite a spiced and tasty meal curry that produces blood in the human body it is loaded with iron and minerals


This Kaleji recipe or bhuni kaleji masala is very easy. Anyone who has just started to cook can make it. Just keep in mind, that the kaleji or beef liver doesn’t take much time when you are cooking it in the pressure cooker; two to three whistles are the maximum. My advice would be, whenever you make it in a pressure cooker, allow only 1 whistle on a high flame, and then cook for around 6-7 minutes on a low flame.

I have used yogurt instead of tomatoes You can skip yogurt completely, There is no need to put much water too, a small cup will be okay as Kaleji itself leaves water while being cooked.
Trust me it is made so delicious and spicy so soft and easy to cook if you acutely follow me step by step and follow my instruction too you can get the same result of liver masala
The main ingredients are liver, yogurt, and ginger garlic paste, It is prepared with a very small amount of spices I cook it with beef you can make it with mutton lamb, or chicken
  1. To prepare kaleji the membrane of the liver's surface
  2. Always cook on high-medium heat
  3. Don’t completely cover the liver during cooking
  4. Don’t add salt during cooking
  5. Don’t add water 
  6. It will cook with yogurt and its own water
  7. Kaleji takes hardly 10-15 minutes to cook
  8. Don't overcook the kaleji it becomes hard and rubber 
  9. If you are using chicken kaleji don’t add papaya paste
  10. It may shred during cooking time

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    Clean and wash the beef liver under running water, then remove all membranes of the liver and cut it into small pieces set aside, take all ingredients, and prepare them for making curry


      Take a mixing bowl and add all spices to the liver except salt, stir to mix well, keep mixing by adding half the quantity of yogurt, cover the bowl, and keep in the refrigerator 


      Pour and heat the oil in the wok/pan well, and put marinated beef kaleji in the medium-hot oil


      Stir well on high-medium flame till water dries up, add remaining yogurt along with kasuri methi, and stir to combine well


      Towards the end of cooking add crushed black peppercorn and salt and stir to mix well, let it cook another 5 minutes on medium-high flame till oil is separated 


      Simmer bhuni kaleji masala for around 2 minutes on a very low flame,bhuni beef kaleji is ready to serve


      Now transfer to the serving dish 


      Hot served with naan,rotis, and chapatis with lemon onion slices as well as zeera or bagara rice


      Bhuni Kaleji Masala is a very delicious, wholesome, and spiced nonvegetarian meal, It is also called a Bhuni Kaleji in Urdu

      1. ½ kg, liver beef/lamb/mutton
      2. 150g, homemade yogurt
      3. Salt to taste
      4. 1 tbsp, crushed red chilies
      5. 2 cubes or 1 ½ tbsp, papaya paste
      6. 1 ½ tbsp, ginger garlic paste
      7. I cup, canola/olive oil
      8. 1 tsp, Kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves
      9. 2 tbsp, lemon juice
      10. ¼ tsp, turmeric powder
      11. 1 tbsp, coriander seeds
      12. 1 tsp, crushed cumin seeds
      13. ½ tbsp, crushed black peppercorn
      How to make Bhuni Kaleji?
      1. Take a mixing bowl and put kaleji in it then start adding ginger garlic paste, papaya paste, roasted and crushed cumin and coriander seeds, turmeric powder, lemon juice, and half crushed black peppercorn half reserved for use later
      2. Then add half the yogurt half reserve for use later
      3. Stir to mix well and keep in the refrigerator for 2 hours
      4. Note, that lemon juice and ginger-garlic paste will help to reduce its smell
      5. Note: Don’t add salt in the marination process, it won’t tender by adding salt  
      6. In the pan/wok add oil heat it and put all marinated kaleji into the wok/pan
      7. Note, don’t add water to kaleji, kaleji always is cooked on high-medium heat
      8. Let it cook for around 10 minutes as well as keep on stirring on high-medium heat until the water starts drying or the kaleji is tender
      9. Noteavoid overcooking kaleji it will become hard
      10. Reduce the heat to low and add the remaining yogurt, and dried fenugreek leaves stir to mix well
      11. Towards the end of cooking add salt and remaining crushed black peppercorn powder
      12. Turn the flame to high-medium and allow it to cook it another 5 minutes
      13. Then reduce the heat to low and simmer it for 2 minutes
      14. Now bhuni kaleji masala is ready to serve
      15. Transfer to the serving dish/plate 
      16. Hot served with naan,rotis, and chapatis with lemon onion slices as well as zeera or bagara rice
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