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Mutton fry Masala Recipe

mutton fry masala with step by step photos and video

Mutton Fry Masala || Mutton Fry Recipe || How to make  mutton fry masala with step-by-step photos and video

Mutton fry masala is quite a simple and flavourful recipe. craving for a quick and easy mutton recipe this recipe is perfect to enhance your taste buds.a perfect treat for your taste buds. stir-fried for perfection. easy to prepare.

Mutton fry masala is an authentic Pakistani recipe that tastes has mildly spiced and succulent meat that melts in your mouth

In this recipe, basic masala is used. this isn’t too spicy nor hot and is just made with very little ghee (clarified butter) which brings out the flavors of spice powders and mutton

Check the recipe detail in the video 


My latest video mutton fry masala:


However, if you are not going to serve it right  away, then it is good to make it with any cooking oil

This mutton fry can be served as an appetizer or as a side with rice, chapati, and paratha. I have made it into a dry dish. if you like to have a bit more gravy, just take it off the pan a bit early without evaporating the gravy completely

So just let's try this recipe 


how to make mutton fry masala

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mutton fry

Combine all ingredients mutton, tomato, ginger garlic paste, yogurt, salt, red chill powder, roasted cumin powder, crushed coriander powder, and salt into the pressure cooker or pot

how to make muton masala

Stir to mix very well until everything is incorporated


mutton fry masala

And pour water Bring it to boil 

mutton fry

And cook until the meat gets tender

how to make mutton fry

Keep on stirring by adding the remaining ingredients black pepper,garam masala, ghee, and fresh lemon juice to the cooked meat

fry mutton

Roast them together until oil is separated and water dries out, Or if you want more gravy in it turn off the flame before dry up

mutton masala

Mutton fry masala is ready, Transfer into the serving bowl    


mutton fry recipe

Garnish with coriander and green chilies


mutton fry

Mutton fry masala can be served with chapati,rumali rotitandoori naan, and steamed rice


mutton fry masala


Harissa Recipe


Harissa | Beef Harissa || How to make Harissa with step-by-step photos and video

Harissa is a traditional and delicious wholesome complete meal, originating from Kashmir it is a winter delight a perfect combination of meat and some lentils

It is a delicious combination of meat, rice, green lentil, and wheat. Harissa is very similar to haleem, but it has its own distinct taste that is different from haleem. Tempering with desi ghee and the addition of lemon juice makes it even more scrumptious. In some areas of our country people eat it with a spoon and in some places this is eaten along with hot naan, harissa can be served as a snack to the guest or in a dinner or lunch as well 
how-to-make harissa

My latest video Beef Harissa:


I used mutton meat instead of chicken for making korma and for making kabab used beef mince, you can also use beef and chicken I mixed beef kebabs with harissa it can be topped with fried kababs, brown onions, and coriander leaves 

  Recipe tips:
  1. To prepare this recipe use desi ghee if possible because desi ghee can enhance the taste of harissa
  2. Cook harissa in a nonstick pot to prevent burning from base
  3. Usually, mash dal isn’t added I added it because of bringing thickness in harissa like haleem                         

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beef harissa`

To prepare this recipe first thoroughly rinse and soak the lentils with rice in hot water for at least 3 hours keep aside
Gather all ingredients and prepare them to set aside, dry roast cumin and coriander seeds for 2 minutes on low flame


Coarsely crush them in a grinding jar or mortar


Rinse the meat under the running water set aside


Take a muslin cloth piece and place all whole spices in the center of the muslin piece then give it to a pot shape and tie it firmly with thread or muslin strip keep aside 


    Boil the lentils with 1-liter water in a medium pot put all soaked and drained lentils with rice, along with the prepared whole spiced bag and ½ tsp turmeric powder stir to mix with a wooden spoon


    Bring it to boil and cover the lid then let it cook on medium heat, keep stirring occasionally till turns to soft 


    Meanwhile, take a medium separate mixing bowl to prepare kebabs, Put the beef mince in a bowl then now to start adding spices with lemon juice 


    Add garam masala, butter, and chopped coriander leaves along with green chilies mix well until everything is incorporated and turns to dough form cover with plastic cling and keep in the fridge for marination for about 20 minutes


    First grease the hand with a drop of oil and then divide the equal portions out of mince dough, take 1 portion and roll it on the working board with help of an oiled hand


    Shape the mince into narrow inch-long kebabs, and repeat the same process with the remaining mince portions,15-17 kababs can be prepared with this much quantity of mince dough, set aside


    Heat the ghee in a large pot or pan put onions slices and fry them until golden brown, reduce the heat drain out half the brown onion for garnishing spread it on the plate_Add ginger-garlic paste to the remaining fried onion stir well until aroma arises


    Then put washed meat and fry them with onion till changes color, then add spices


    Keep stirring by adding other spices 


    Stir to mix well on medium flame till roasted well, then pour hot and boiled water 


    Bring it to boil and cover the lid, cook it until the meat is tender 


    Right after taking out all the cooked meat from gravy along with green chilies then separate the meat from bones, discard all bones, and reserve gravy for making harissa


    You can see lentils are well cooked, take out a whole spiced bag from lentils and squeeze well_and then discard


    Shift the boiled lentils to another large bowl 


    Blend them with the help of a hand blender/masher or in a grinder jug. Here we will divide lentil paste into two portions. With the one portion of lentil blend, it with a hand masher and other one portion will coarsely blend it with meat keep aside


    Put both blended dal together in the gravy and stir to combine well at this stage adjust the salt, pour 1 cup of hot and boiled water then stir to mix well bring it to boil 


    Allow simmering gently for another 30 minutes on medium-low flame. Keep stirring occasionally to prevent the burn from the base


    While the harness is cooking meanwhile fry the kababs, heat the ghee, and shallow fry kebabs on medium flame 


    Fry from both sides evenly until a rich brown color, kebabs are fried it is looking juicy and super soft kebabs 


    Drop the kebabs with their ghee to the cooked harissa and mix well, turn off the heat, harissa is ready to serve transfer to the serving plate/bowl or dish


    Garnish with lemon slices, fresh coriander, ginger, and chat masala as well as kebabs
    harissa recipe

    Though harissa itself is a complete meal even then can be served with bread loaf and naan