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Chicken Yakhni Soup Recipe


Chicken Yakhni || Yakhni Soup || Chicken Yakhni Soup with step by step Photos and Videos  

Chicken Yakhni soup is a highly popular street-style soup that is often served with boiled eggs during the winter months. However, while this soup may be delicious, it is not always the healthiest or most hygienic option. As an example, I have personally witnessed a street vendor making more than 60-70 small bowls of soup using only 500g of chicken. This raises concerns about the purity and healthiness of the soup being served.

I have adapted a method for making street-style chicken yakhni soup while ensuring cleanliness and complete nutrition. Chicken yakhni is the perfect soup to soothe anyone with a cough or cold, and this beginner's recipe will give you all the warmth you need to fight off the cold weather. With just a handful of ingredients, this chicken yakhni recipe is easy to make. It's ideal for preparing for the winter months ahead.

chicken yakhni

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Here are the ingredients typically used in

chicken yakhni soup:

Country chicken: Usually, street food vendors use farm chicken to make yakhni soup. However, if you're looking for a unique and healthy taste in your yakhni, you should try my recipe that uses country chicken. Country chicken is the best option for yakhni soup as it keeps you warm and helps to boost your immunity levels during winter, especially for elderly people.

Butter: For those with health issues, butter can be replaced with olive oil in this recipe.

Turmeric Powder: Using turmeric powder in yakhni brightens and detoxifies the body due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that relieve bone pain.

Salt: Based on personal experience, I suggest using plain rock salt or sea salt instead of refined salt as it can harm both mental and physical health.

White pepper: White pepper powder has a milder taste compared to black pepper, but can still enhance flavor in recipes.

Spiced Infusion: I prepared the spiced infusion with cloves, fennel, green cardamom, onion, coriander, cinnamon stick, black peppercorns, bay leaf, and ginger piece to flavor the chicken yakhni.

Ginger garlic paste: Using fresh ginger garlic paste in yakhni enhances the taste.

Crushed black pepper: If you want to enjoy a delicious and aromatic chicken yakhni soup, it is important to use freshly crushed black pepper instead of stale powder.

Boiled eggs: One of the best dishes to have during cold weather is yakhni soup. Adding eggs to it can further enhance its warming effect on your body.

chicken yakhni

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chicken yakhni

How to make chicken Yakhni soup?

To prepare a spice infusion for chicken, take a large piece of muslin cloth and add whole spices such as coriander seeds, black peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, cloves, green cardamom, fennel seeds, and a piece of ginger. 


yakhn soup

Tie the cloth tightly to prevent the spices from escaping while the chicken is cooking. Alternatively, you can use a seasoning infuser ball. Set the spice infusion aside until ready to use.
yakhni soup

To boil eggs easily, take a saucepan and fill it with water. Add one teaspoon of salt to the water. Put the eggs in the pan and place it on high-medium flame. Boil the eggs for 10-15 minutes. Once boiled, turn off the flame and transfer the eggs to a bowl of cold water. 

Crack the shells of the boiled eggs from outside and put them back into the cold water. This method makes it easier to peel off the eggshells without damaging the egg.

yakhni soup

To prepare the country chicken broth, take a medium-sized pot and add a little butter or oil of your preference to it. Heat the pot and add the washed country chicken to it. Roast the chicken with butter for a minute. 

yakhni soup

Next, add 1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste and keep roasting until it changes color. Once done, pour 1.5 liters of water into the pot and stir well
chicken yakhni soup

Add spices such as salt, white pepper powder, and turmeric powder. Stir well to combine and bring it to a boil. Then, put the spice infusion into the pot. Keep the flame at medium-low and cover the pot. Cook for around 1-2 hours.


yakhni soup

You will notice that the water gets reduced to half and the aroma also rises. Now, take the spice infusion out of the yakhni by squeezing it well and then discard it. At this stage, you can adjust the salt if needed.


chicken yakhni soup

Fill a bowl of chicken yakhni soup with boiled eggs. 

chicken yakhni

Sprinkle crushed black peppercorns and serve hot.

Vegetable Soup Recipe


Vegetable Soup || Vegetable Soup Recipe || How to make vegetable Soup With step-by-step photos 

Vegetable soup is one of the most wholesome, simple, and flavorful versions of the soup. it is customizable to bring in your favorite taste with selected veggies

It’s comforting and 1,000 times better than what you’ll get in a can! Full of flavor and so easy to make you can’t go wrong with a big warm bowl of vegetable soup.



This vegetable soup is made from a variety of veggies. typically carrots, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, and beans I also added broccoli and green chilies for spiciness in the soup. while you can add veggies of your choice. 

Mainly vegetable stock is used in the vegetable soup but I added chicken stock to make it more healthy and tasty. However, if you are vegetarian then can skip chicken stock

This recipe you’ll want to add to your dinner or lunch yields a pot full and makes great leftovers. This soup works also for diet purposes.

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips below the recipe card



Can I freeze Vegetable Soup?

Yes, this vegetable soup freezes really and reheats well

Adding extra flavor, herbs, and spices  to add

This soup has a mild seasoning blend to it which I prefer (because it lets the flavor of the vegetable shine) but you can definitely add more herb flavor or spices to taste.

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In the pot pour the water and combine chicken pieces, chopped ginger garlic, chopped onion



Add coriander seeds, black peppercorns, chopped tomato, and salt.



Stir to mix well and bring it to a boil on the high-flame 



Cover with the lid and allow to cook for around an hour

Meanwhile, prepare all veggies



Steam them together in the steamer for 30 minutes. Steam will help to make soft veggies



Once the stock is done strain it 



Boil the stock again very well and add steamed vegetables into the pot


Next, add black pepper, white pepper, chopped green chilies, and fresh lemon juice to the stock



Give them a good stir



Now add soya sauce, sugar, and hot chili sauce to the soup



Further, stir to combine well



Cover it and let it cook for about 15 minutes on low-medium flame



Remove the lid and add dissolved cornstarch to the soup to give it a bit of thickness 



In the end, put chopped green spring onion into the soup and mix up



Vegetable soup is ready to serve



Serve hot and enjoy!



Chicken Corn Soup Recipe


Chicken Corn Soup || Chicken soup || How to make chicken corn soup with step-by-step photos

Chicken Corns soup is a simple yet nutritious soup recipe that requires boneless chicken and shredded corn kernels. This is easy to follow a budget-friendly recipe that you will surely love. I like this soup because the main ingredients are readily available anywhere — no matter which part of the world you are in. Aside from that, I think that the flavour and consistency of this soup are fantastic.

As for the corn, I used fresh baby corn. I needed the help of a food processor to shred the corn until it reached the state that I wanted. You do not have to do this if you want the easier way. Canned shredded corn kernels are sold in supermarkets. You may opt to use them instead.


Chicken soup is basically from Chinese cuisine. but in most countries, people are fond of having corn soup. it's a very light and digestive food, people have it for diet purposes with salad. normally is taken in the winter season


You should consider this recipe if you love soup, nutrition, and saving money.
if you are living in the part of those places of the world where winter starts in May, this is the best meal
Try this Chicken and Corn Soup recipe and let me know what you think.

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chicken corn soup

Take 3 small bowls, pour some vinegar then add green chillies and salt mix them well and set aside

In a second bowl pour soya sauce and set aside

In a third bowl pour some hot red chilli sauce and keep aside

Peel boiled eggs and cut them into 4 pieces    


These things will be used at serving time with soup.

In a pot/saucepan add 1 jug of water approx 300 ml of water.put chicken with ginger garlic and salt, and bring to it boil on high flame. Reduce the heat to medium after boiling cover the lid and let it cook for around 15 minutes.


Strain the stock and separate the chicken meat from the bones

Then shred the chicken meat


In a small bowl add cornflour with some water and make a smooth paste 

Place the stock pan on the stove on low flame. now add salt and Chinese salt and stir to mix well allow to further cook for 2 minutes on medium-low flame


Keep stirring by adding cornflour paste little by little


Add baby corn or sweet corn to the stock          


Pour slowly beaten white part of the egg and stir slightly for 5 minutes on medium-low flame                


Now at this stage can be added shredded chicken or you can serve it with the soup as desired                                       


Now Ready to serve with soya sauce, hot chilli sauce, boiled eggs and white vinegar with chillies