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Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe


Homemade Chicken Soup | Chicken Broth | How to Make Chicken Soup with step-by-step photos.. 

Chicken Soup is a wholesome and delicious soup, Winter is in full swing, and odds are, you're craving one thing and one thing only: chicken soup. Well, luckily for you, you've come to the right place! Simple, savory, and oh-so-delicious, easy chicken soup recipes and slow cooker chicken soup recipes will hit the spot and leave you just a little bit warmer and more satisfied than you were before you whipped them up. 

Whether you need something the whole family can enjoy, a quick fix for a sore throat, something you can pull off in your Instant Pot, or a simple winter dinner staple to make, memorize, and keep in your back pocket, you're bound to find something that fits the bill on our list. Any soup made with either piece of chicken or bones as its main ingredient is often thought to cure everyday illnesses such as the common cold, flu


Chicken soup is a cold remedy everywhere, but this is the best chicken soup recipe ever. The soup is flavorful, loaded with tender chicken and stock, this is an easy and quick chicken soup recipe that is prepared with a few spices, so let's begin with step-by-step photos. 
  1. To prepare this recipe can be used mutton and beef bones
  2. For enhancing taste can be put tomatoes, spinach, and carrots 


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Firstly rinse the chicken bones under running water


And collect all ingredients and prepare them

In a pot/pan pour water and bring to a boil then add chicken along with ginger-garlic and onion, put all spices to the chicken then stir well


Bring it to a boil, now let it cook for 30-40 minutes until the chicken releases its natural oil 


Drain out all chicken pieces from the stock


Shred the chicken for use in soup


Strain out the stock


Put the shredded chicken into the stock and mix well


Tasty chicken soup is ready


Serve hot

Chicken soup can be served with garlic bread, gingerbread, or burger bun and salad and boiled eggs      

Chicken Soup is a wholesome and delicious soup, Winter is in full swing, and odds are, you're craving one thing and one thing only: chicken soup...

  1. 300g, chicken bones with meat
  2. 1 tbsp, chopped ginger
  3. 1 tbsp, chopped garlic
  4. 1 tsp, black peppercorn
  5. 1 tbsp, coriander seeds
  6. ½ tsp, chicken powder
  7. ½ tsp, white peppercorn
  8. ½ tsp salt or to taste
  9. 1 medium, onion
  10. 1 liter, of water, or 1 jug
How to make Chicken Broth?
  1. Take a medium pan/pot pour 1 jug of water bring it to a boil on a high flame
  2. Reduce the heat to low then put the chicken bones
  3. Note can be used the chicken neck and its claws as well
  4. Put chopped ginger and garlic, coriander seeds, black peppercorn, salt, chicken powder, white pepper
  5. Stir to mix well then bring to a boil on high heat
  6. Turn the flame to low-medium and cover the lid
  7. Let it cook for around 30-40 minutes until the chicken releases its natural oil
  8. Keep stirring occasionally
  9. Once it cooked well remove it from the flame
  10. Drain chicken pieces out from stock and shred them set aside
  11. Strain out chicken stock through a strainer
  12. Transfer to the serving bowl and put the shredded chicken in the soup
  13. It’s optional you can skip it as well
  14. Chicken soup is ready to serve 
  15. Chicken soup can be served with garlic bread, gingerbread, or burger bun and salad and boiled eggs                                     
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