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Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe


Choco banana smoothie| Chocolate banana Smoothie
How to make a chocolate banana smoothie with step-by-step photos

Choco Banan smoothie is a delicious and healthy drink power Powercharge your day with this Chocolate Banana Smoothie made with velvety milk blended with a banana! For additional creaminess and fun, top with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles.

Especially for your growing kids, you should make a habit to your child that they avoid having soft fizzy drinks which are unhealthy and harmful to their health 

Lately, I’ve been on a smoothie craze, whenever I finish working out, I love making and enjoying my favorite smoothies. I’ve previously shared recipes for pineapple orange banana smoothiespeach mango smoothiesstrawberry banana smoothies, and how to make healthy smoothies on Just One Cookbook.

Adding vanilla ice cream makes the taste super delicious and creamy, but you can simple chocolate banana smoothie without ice cream this is optional

How to make this Smoothie?
This a very easy and quick recipe you just need a few ingredients to make this yummy smoothie banana, crushed chocolate powder cocoa powder, milk, ice cream, yogurt, and crushed ice

How much time to make this Drink?
It will hardly take 10-12 minutes to make this healthy smoothie
Firstly cut the bananas into slices, Grate the chocolate to make powder.
Note: you can use any kind of chocolate
Crushed ice cubes. Pour the homemade chocolate syrup into another bowl

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Add the crushed ice to the mixing jug, then put the banana slices

Add yogurt

Then add crushed chocolate powder

Now add cocoa powder

Put vanilla ice cream

Just adding other flavors will change the real taste of the smoothie

Right after pouring milk into the jug

Blend them together

Blend well till turns to a smooth texture_Smoothie is done

Now take a glass and garnish it with chocolate syrup it is optional

    Pour the prepared smoothie into the glass

    You can even serve smoothies just sprinkle some chocolate on top

    Pineapple Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe

    Pineapple Orange banana smoothie || Pineapple Orange Smoothie || How to Make Pineapple Orange Smoothie with step-by-step photos and Video

    Pineapple Orange Banana Smoothie, start your day with this delicious Pineapple Banana Orange Smoothie. It's a glass of tropical sunshine with a slight and refreshing, tanginess. Combine pineapplebanana, and orange juice in a blender. and get an energetic drink

    Pineapple Orange Banana was my favorite flavor of juice when I was a kid, but these days we’re more nutrition savvy, and juice is no longer the breakfast staple it once was. Enter the smoothie, complete with all the fiber, and packed with vitamins and minerals

    My Latest Video Pineapple Orange Banana Smoothie:

    Regular store-bought juice is essentially liquid fruit sugar, and because it’s been pasteurized, you’re missing a lot of the live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. The great thing about smoothies is they’re so much easier to make than making your own juice first thing in the morning. We try to make a couple of green juices at home every week, but I always rely on smoothies to get plenty of produce from day to day.

    I am using canned pineapple slices you can use fresh or frozen as well as orange juice that is available at any superstore you can buy any brand so let’s go ahead, and come to know how to make


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    In a blender, jug put crushed ice

    Then add Pineapple chunks 

    Put banana slices

    Add homemade yogurt

    Pour 1/2 cup orange juice into the blender jug

    Blend them together very well until well combined

    Pour into the glass

    Now garnish it with a pineapple slice (optional)

    The pineapple banana orange smoothie is ready to serve chilled 

    Java Plum Drink Recipe


    Java Plums Drink || Jamun Juice || How to make Jamun drink With step-by-step photos and video with English subtitles

    Jamun is a summer seasonal fruit it is one of my favorites. that is widely available to us. It has many health benefits and helps to overcome stomach pain. It cures many infections in our body and helps maintain our body. A must-try drink. It tastes perfect and does magic to your body.

    Honestly speaking, I prepared a Jamun drink for the first time otherwise I used to eat it by sprinkling masala over it that I used to bring from the Jamun vendor. but I wanted to do some experiments, leading me to make this delightful, easy beverage. I made this drink from just a few ingredients to make this refreshing drink such as ice, black salt, chaat masala, chilled water, and sugar syrup 


    A quick and easy drink that will boost your energy. And keep you refreshed all day. this drink can be used for breakfast or evening

    A Few Lines About Jamun And Its Benefits:

    1. Jamun fruit is also called black plum/java plum or Indian blackberry
    2. Mainly Jamun is produced in Indian subcontinental and adjoining regions. it has spread to other countries through Indian immigrants
    3. It is in season during summer and has numerous health benefits. It has a slightly sweet taste with sour and astringent undertones
    4. Due to its astringent property, it keeps the skin clear and free from acne
    5. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties. also good for diabetic patients. it is loaded with potassium and rich in vitamins A and C.

    6. It is also a good source of antioxidants and flavonoids


    My Latest Video Jamun Drink:



    You can use sugar/honey or any sweetener of your choice

    The juice must still taste a bit sour/astringent to use them judiciously

    You might like this:

    Mango squash

    Chia seeds drink

    Tamarind plum drink

    Peach soda drink

    Pistachio milk drink

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    To make this beverage firstly extract the seeds from the black plum and cut them into halves


    Combine all Java plums



    Add sugar syrup 



    Then  black salt, and chaat masala  


    add-black salt-and-chaat-masala-into-the-jug

    Ice into a blender jug


    Blend them together into a fine puree


    Strain the Puree in a strainer  


    Pour chilled water into a strained puree, You  can keep the desired consistency of the drink


    At this stage adjust the black salt and sugar if needed


    Pour into the glass


    And serve chilled

    Mango Pound Cake Recipe


    Mango Pound  Cake | Mango Cake || How to Make Mango Cake with step-by-step photos

    Mango Cake is a quite delicious, moist, and flavorful tea This moist, mango-pound cake needs nothing more than a glazing of confectioner's sugar to set off along with a sprinkle over some dry fruit powder. With a rich tropical mango taste, this easy cake is an excellent dessert to keep in mind when you have a houseful of guests

    Such cakes can be served for an informal dessert course and are even great for tea-time snacking or a family brunch.
    I especially love the fact that I can simply wrap the leftovers in plastic wrap and savor a slice with tea the next day. Trust me, contrary to box-mix, or artificially flavored cakes....... fresh fruit-based cakes taste even better the next day. Pound cakes are mostly served dusted with powdered sugar or mixed dry fruit powder One reason because these cakes are so rich and moist, that icing or frosting is not required

    I have used a little amount of dairy milk to make mango puree instead of water and milk brings a rich and moist texture to the cake by adding fresh fruit puree _This mango cake is made up of all-purpose flour, eggs, oil, mango puree, sugar, and baking powder
    Additionally, I whisked egg white separately as mostly fresh fruit pulp or juices may cause the cake to during baking, and the stiff peak of the egg white prevents the cake from falling from the center
    I didn’t use any additional ingredients which usually, aren't added in making the cake, like coconut milk, coconut oil, etc. I just used regular and simple ingredients and the outcome has been superb as I wanted
    Super moist and super soft golden brown cake with ripe mango flavor as you can check out my other seasonal orange chiffon cake on my blog

    Recipe tips:
    1. Flour, In my opinion, all-purpose flour is the best for making the cake as I have never experienced making a cake with cake flour, so I won’t suggest it but if you have it available then it can be used without any hesitating
    2. People complain their cake becomes dense and results in worse when they make a cake with all-purpose flour Here I will just say they made a mistake in measuring of cake ingredients-I have also mentioned several times good baking depends on acute measuring, and I will strictly recommend using a kitchen scale instead of cups as long as I have been using cups my baking result has never been good_so if you are fond of baking first buy a good brand kitchen scale for your keen  
    3. You will see in the below picture of my cake the mixture is so light and fluffy this is the reason my cake result was awesome
    4. Eggs, Eggs have an important role in making a cake which makes your cake soft and light, so here I used 3 large-size eggs in 150g flour that is good enough for 150g flour_in case you are vegetarian and don’t use eggs so you can use greek yogurt or condensed milk as a substitute for eggs
    5. Oil, Cooking oil is used in most fresh fruit cakes instead of butter which helps the cake stay moist and soft for a long time
    6. Using vegetable oil, such as canola oil for baking can help prevent a dry cake and you will find it as an ingredient in many recipes, as well as a staple for boxed cake mixes.
    7. Best Oil for Baking:
    8. Canola oil has very little flavor, particularly when used in baked goods. It is considered a neutral-tasting oil and will allow the flavor of your cake to shine through. Any flavor of cake, from chocolate and vanilla to fresh fruit and spice works well with canola oil.
    9. Mango, Make sure first use good ripe and sweet mangos, don’t use green  and low sweet mangoes, those won’t make a good cake
    10. Pulp quantity, fresh fruit pulp quantity whether you are using whatever fruit pulp should be 1/3 than flour quantity, more pulp may cake turn soggy rather than moistPuree should be smooth like a pancake the batter, not runny or too thick
    11. Milk, I used full-fat cream dairy milk in making a cake but as a substitute can use evaporated milk or dry milk powder. To replace 1 cup of regular milk, use 1/2 cup evaporated milk mixed with 1/2 cup water, or make the equivalent of 1 cup of milk using the dried milk powderas well as you can also use coconut milk rather than dairy milk if you prefer to eat vegan foods

    1. Baking powder and baking powder, Both baking powder and baking soda are chemical leavening agents that cause batters to rise when baked. The leavened enlarges the bubbles that are already present in the batter produced through the creaming of ingredients. When a recipe contains baking powder and baking soda, baking powder does most of the leavening.
    2. Too much baking powder can cause the batter to be bitter-tasting. It can also cause the batter to rise rapidly and then collapse. (i.e. The air bubbles in the batter grow too large and break causing the batter to fall.)  Cakes will have a coarse, fragile crumb with a fallen center. Too little baking powder results in a tough cake that has poor volume and a compact crumb.
    3. Essence and food color, Mango essence is an agent of removing the egg smell from the mixture, but if you haven’t then can be used vanilla essence instead it
    4. Yellow food color brings yellowish color as per recipe requirement depending on how much you want to keep the color
    5. Cake batter, The batter should be like pouring consistency but not too runny like condensed milk or pancake batter                               


    Recipe note:
    All using ingredients making the cake should be at room temperature
    Tips for beating egg whites:
    1. Make sure your beaters and mixing bowl are clean and dry. A speck of oil or dirt on either one can minimize the volume of the beaten egg whites.
    2. Avoid metal bowls -- even clean ones may hold oily residue that can affect the beating quality of the egg whites.
    3. Use a bowl that's wide enough to keep the beaters from being buried in the egg whites.
    4. Do not overbeat or underbeat egg whites -- your cake may fall. Egg whites should be stiff but not dry
    For more similar recipes:
    Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream
    Fruit cake
    Vanilla tea cake
    Cake Rusk
    Fudgy brownie

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    To make this recipe first peel then dice the mango_Put the mango dice with 2 tbsp milk in the blending jug

    Blend the mango to a smooth puree and set aside

    Do separate the egg white and yolk into two separate bowls


    Grease and line the paper in an 8-in x 4-in loaf pan, Preheat the oven to 350˚F (180°C).

    Take a mixing bowl. Combine egg yolk with oil and sugar in the bowl_Whisk them together for 2-3 minutes with the help of a hand whisker until sugar is dissolved. Next, add mango puree

    Constantly keep whisking by pouring remaining milk_Once everything is mixed well add mango essence and yellow food color to the mixture

    Further, stir to combine well

    Next, sift the flour directly into the egg mixture little by little keep whisking with the help of a hand whisker, You can use an electric beater as well_Adding a Pile of flour together leading to the lumpy texture

    At the end sift the baking powder, baking soda, and salt into the bowl. Along with the remaining flour. Constantly mixing up the flour batter_Make sure everything is incorporated and there are no lumps


    Flour batter is ready to set aside


    Take a deep large-sized bowl to add egg whites and caster sugar together, Start beating the egg whites with an electric beater at medium speed

    Keep beating the egg whites till turn to the stiff peaks_It will take 3-4 minutes hardly

    The stiff egg-white peak is ready to set aside

    Add the egg white to the flour mixture gradually

    Besides, keep mixing with the help of a spatula or hand whisker

    Now cake batter is ready to bake

    Pour the cake batter into the pound cake tin_Tap it down once or twice times


    Put the cake tin in the oven, And bake it at 180 C for 65-70 minutes or until the cake is golden brown and the toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean

    Leave the cake on the kitchen counter for 5 minutes

    Then loosen the edges with a knife and flip the cake on a cooling rack or plate_Cool the cake completely before glazing or sprinkling 

    In a small bowl add 3 tbsp icing sugar along with 3 tbsp water. Stir to mix well together Then add mango essence along with yellow food color


    Stir to combine well and set aside

    Pour the glaze over the entire cake 

    Spread evenly with the help of a spoon or palette knife

    Sprinkle some crushed dry fruit powder or confectioner sugar

    Leave the cake for a while cake will set on its own

    Once the cake is cool and set

    Cut the cake into slices

    You can see in the picture how much the cake is looking moist

    And super soft

    Transfer to the serving plate

    And serve with a hot cup of tea