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Mutton Pulao Recipe

mutton pulao recipe with step by step photos and video

Mutton Pulao Recipe || Pulao Recipe || How to Make Mutton Pulao with step-by-step photos and video

Mutton Pulao is one of the most popular and relishes rice Recipes, usually, Pulao can be made with chicken, mutton, lamb, or beef I used mutton in this recipe, any type of meat your preference as per your choice,  Mutton pulao has various styles to cook which people prepared as per their taste and tradition  

I didn’t make stock of mutton nor cook with onion masala. this is my different version of pulao than can be said a bit copy of roadside restaurant pulao but never know how to they cook. I just use my cooking experience to find out the authentic taste of pulao like them. you must try it you will love it

mutton pulao recipe

Here is my newest recipe for Mutton Pulao:

Mutton pulao is a great combination of rice, meat, spices, and herbs. This is over a few years ago back once I have eaten this pulao at a roadside restaurant that was sold only this and a massive crowd used to come to eat at lunchtime due to its unique taste and aroma. 

I was eager to discover this recipe but you know it's not easy to find out so I have been trying a lot to make this, a lot of times I got failed to get an authentic taste ultimately one day I got success after a very long time of struggling. And able to upload my mutton pulao video on youtube.

Al though On my blog, I have shared my many biryani and pulao recipes which CHICKEN BIRYANI, MUGHLAI MUTTON PULAO, KEEMA MASOOR BIRYANI, MUTTON ZAFRANI BIRYANI, VEGETABLE PULAO                               

pulao recipe`

After a long time, I begin to make posts for my blog as I was busy with an urgent piece of work. so now hopefully you also like this new pulao recipe post


When anybody plans to cook pulao first of all they prepare stock (yakhni) by adding some basic masala and then cooking.

While I marinated mutton meat with specific spices first and then cook with water. and then prepare rice

You can watch my recipe by watching a video


mutton pulao recipe


Rice: choose aged premium  quality  rice as it cooks up to fluffy long grains, Soaking the rice and cooking  in surplus water and get rid of starch and keep the grains non-sticky


Marination: long time marination makes the meat soft, tender, and juicy. also, the meat absorbs the flavor just 2 hours of marination is sufficient no need of adding papaya to the meat just giving it to proper marination time is good enough for making tender meat

Mace and nutmeg powder: I will recommend using it on top of rice at the time of dum rice, a little pinch of sprinkling powder brings aromatic flavor and taste to pulao, never skip this secret spice of pulao.

Desi Ghee: Traditionally, all desi Pakistani food are made with ghee or desi ghee, I will recommend using ghee while in traditional cooking, but if you have health issue then feel free to avoid using ghee, don’t think the author said using ghee in traditional cooking. your health is first for us  

Serving Ideas: This mutton pulao is an ideal lunch and dinner and along enough to it at most you can serve VEG RAITA along with this pulao


how to make mutton pulao

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mutton pulao

Wash mutton under the running water and put it in the mixing bowl 


mutton pulao

Combine all spices with the meat like ginger garlic paste, salt, red chili flakes, yogurt, ground black powder, and white pepper, stir to mix well, and leave it to rest for 30  minutes. and then boil them in 500 ml of water

how to make mutton pulao

Take another bowl rinse and soak the rice for 30 minutes

mutton pulao recipe

Take another broad pan to cook rice, add ghee, and heat up next add all the whole spices black peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cumin, bay leaves, green cardamoms, black cumin, and star anise. saute them for a minute and put brown onions fry them together for a minute


mutton pulao

Next, pour water into the pot along with salt and vinegar.


mutton pulao

It boils and adds soaked and drained rice into the boiling water. stir to mix well (At this stage should be must check the salt in the rice. otherwise your rice will make it tasteless.)


Mutton pulao

And cook for 2 minutes on a high flame. once the rice gets half done then turn down the flame and add cooked meat, lemon slices, green chilies, and mint leaves..


mutton pulao

Stir to combine well and give it another 3 minutes to cook on medium flame


mutton pulao

Remove the lid and sprinkle the remaining ingredients fried onion and mace nutmeg powder on top of the rice, Finally, cover with a lid and simmer for 5 minutes on a very low flame

mutton pulao

Once the rice is completely done remove the lid and carefully fluff the rice up and let it leave for 10 minutes. (If you will take out rice immediately may they are broken or mushy due to being too heated                  


mutton pulao

Transfer onto the serving bowl 

pulao recipe

And serve with Salad, Kabab, and Raita

mutton pulao

Korma Masala Powder Recipe

Korma masala powder | Homemade Seasoning Blends | How to Make Korma Masala Powder with step-by-step photos

Korma Masala Powder is a blend of aromatic spices that gives a delicious aroma and taste to the dish, This spice powder can be used for vegetable kurma, egg korma or chicken and mutton korma curry recipes. Very flavorful and different from other regular powder spices and garam masala powder

Korma recipes use yoghurt or coconut to make a spicy gravy that is also used in other types of curry like vegetables, meat and egg in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the spices used are almost the same with little variations or addition 

Certainly prepared spices make your time save along with giving aromatic and flavoured to your recipes, homemade spices are better than store-bought, so here I share all homemade korma spices that can be prepared within 20 minutes. this powdered spice can be prepared in bulk or stored for a couple of months in the refrigerator

It is very flavourful and fills the home with an aroma of spices when you cook, all types of Indian/Pakistani dishes taste depend on spices and measurements that can make your dish delicious or tasteless so let’s come to know how to make homemade Seasoning Blend 

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Heat the pan, put all whole spices in it, dry roast them all together for just a minute over low heat, remove from the heat and transfer to the grinding jar


Grind them till turns fine powder, Now take them out into a bowl


    Now add all powdered spices and remaining whole spices, and mix them very well


    Korma masala powder is ready to use in a recipe         


    You can store it in an airtight jar/container for up to 3-4 weeks


    Labe Shireen Recipe

    Labe Shireen || Labe Shireen Recipe || How to Make Labe Shireen with step-by-step photos  

    Lab-e-Shireen is a rich Pakistani 'custard and fruit' based on a dessert that is both highly refreshing and incredibly delicious. This dessert has it all. It's a smooth, milky, fruity, nutty, and tarty delicious dessert. Plus it cooks quickly.
    It is most enjoyable because it is served mostly on any special occasion, such eid. etc, This is Prepared from milk, custard, vermicelli, dry fruits, cocktail fruits jelly

    This is my hot favorite dessert, I must prepare it for any special occasion, so let me the go-ahead to know how to make this yummy dessert 

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    First, take a saucepan place it on the stove add 1 cup water bring to a boil, remove from flame, and add jelly powder mix well and pour into an ice cube tray/bowl, set aside for 1/2 hour

    Repeat the same procedure for  making 2nd jelly

    In a big pan/pot add milk and bring it to boil, add sugar and stir it for 2 minutes until sugar is dissolved


    Meanwhile, take a bowl pour some warm milk and custard/cornflour mix it until well combined keep aside


    Add vermicelli to the milk pan and let it cook until gets softens 

    Now add custard mixture and keep stirring on low flame, allow to cook another 1 minute, add 3 drops kewra essence and  food color and mix them

    Once the custard is thickened, remove it from the flame, transfer it to the serving bowl

    Now add all ingredients, stir to mix them then, add the remaining ingredients, and mix them together 


    Now garnish with some jelly, dry fruits, and chocolate chips, and keep in the refrigerator for 2 hours, now ready to serve 

    Shami Kabab Recipe


    Shami kebab || Shami Kabab Recipe || How to Make Shami Kabab Recipe with step-by-step photos...  

    Shami  kabab is a very traditional and popular Pakistani recipe, typically every household in Pakistan prepared shami kebab, it can be cooked with mutton, beef, lamb, and chicken
    But I won't prefer to make Shami kabab with chicken, the real taste of shami kebab only comes with mutton and beef
    In most houses, shami kebab is made with mince, but I did use beef boti(meat) if you want reshadar kebab so you will have to make it with small pieces of meat

    A perfect for party dinner or any special occasion, this recipe is a combination of lentils, meat, and some whole spices, is cooked all together in water, and then blend well right after giving it to kebab shape, dip it in egg batter then fry. egg dipping is an optional choice for you..

    I never do it, just simply fry it on the pan and then serve,shami kebab goes well with paratha, naan, pulao, and biryani
    Secondly, People mostly complain that their kebabs break while frying …so the trick for frying perfect kebabs is to let them cook completely from 1 side first without touching them then flip them…and they will not break.

    You can do one more variation and trick with shami kebab to bring smoky flavor to kebab, after blending the kebab meat, burn the charcoal, place one foil or steel small bowl in the center of the ground meat then put coal in it and drizzle some ghee over charcoal and cover the lid properly leave it for 10 minutes so that properly smokes could be absorbs 

    Unfortunately, I couldn't do this just because coal isn't available at home, but if you have you must do it so lets the go-ahead to know how to make tasty Shami kababs

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    In a pot put beef meat pieces with spices_Stir, them well and bring to a boil then cover the lid and let it cook for about 1/2 hour

    Remove the lid then add soaked dal chana in it allow cooking for another 30 minutes

    Keep stirring occasionally till meat and dal are tenders before the water dries up_Remove from the flame and let it cool down

    In a food processor add fresh green spices chopped once for 50 seconds then put cooked meat to discard all whole spices except a few spices

    Blend them till turn to a fine paste, Repeat the same process with the all remaining kebab meat, and take it out in a large bowl/plate 

    If seemed a bit dry you can add 1 or 2 eggs and chopped onion in it then mix them all together

    Divide equal portions of the meat dough_Take one ball and flatten it between your palms and  place it on the tray one by one           


    Now place tawa/frying pan on the stove add oil/ghee heat it, and slide shami kebabs in the oil/ghee, shallow fry each side for around 3 to 4 minutes, flip the kebabs, and allow to fry another side 3 to 4 minutes or until nicely golden brown color from both sides

    Place all kebabs on a kitchen paper towel


    Now transfer to the serving plate or tray Serve hot with ketchup and sauce