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Cumin Raita Recipe


Cumin Raita | Zeera Raita || How to Make Cumin Raita with step-by-step photos 

Cumin Raita is simple at its best made with a few minimal ingredients very simple and healthy recipe in which you can add cucumber, onions, fresh coriander leaves, and green chilies as well as can be kept plain raita as desired
Additionally, cumin has many health benefits, it is good for digestion boosts immunity, and is also good for the skin, you can serve it as a dip with snacks even served with any pulao or biryani you can also have raita along with some dalroti or sabzi

used homemade yogurt which recipe you will get in my previous posts so let's begin 

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    Take a medium-sized mixing bowl and put yogurt


    Now add salt and garlic powder


    Whisk it again Keep aside

    On the other hand, dry roast cumin and black pepper in the pan and grind them together until a fine powder

    dry-roast-cumin-and- black pepper-for-raita

    Then add to the raita  bowl


    Stir to well combined, you can add a bit amount of water as desired but I don’t prefer to add water to the raita


    Now transfer to the serving bowl, cumin raita is done to serve with biryanitahari, or any type of rice


    This zeera raita recipe is simplicity at its best made with a few minimal ingredients very simple and healthy recipe 

    1. 1 cup, of yogurt
    2. 1 tsp, cumin roasted
    3. 1/2 tsp, black peppercorn
    4. 1/3 tsp, garlic powder
    5. salt to taste
    How to make Cumin Raita?
    1. Take a medium mixing wide bowl put homemade yogurt and whisk it well till turns into a creamy texture
    2. Now add salt, garlic powder, roasted and crushed cumin seeds, and black peppercorn
    3. Mix to well combined 
    4. At this stage, you can adjust salt and add water as desired or if needed
    5. Cumin Raita is ready to serve with biryanitahari, or any type of rice
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