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Shami Bun Kabab Recipe

shami bun kabab recipe with step by step photos and video

Shami Bun Kabab | Bun Kabab Recipe | How to Make Shami Bun Kabab with step-by-step photos and video

Shami Bun Kabab contains a spicy patty, which is shallowly fried and is added chutney or raita in the bun along with onion, cucumber slices, and cabbage, additionally bun kabab also can be served with a fried egg or omelet known as anda Shami

Here I am making bun kabab with Shami kabab you can make it with a chana aloo dal patty if you are vegetarian or as a choice you can find out my chana dal aloo patty in my previous post
Further variation can be included tomato ketchup and mayonnaise or mayo garlic sauce for enhancing the taste of the bun

I have already shared the ingredients for Shami bun kabab such as tomato ketchup, mayo garlic sauce, simple bun burger, and Shami kabab recipe whose I have given the link above as well as you can use store-bought bun burger, ketchup,Kashmiri sauce, and mayo sauce it depends on your choice.
how to make shami bun kabab

My Latest Video Shami Kabab Bun:

Shami bun kabab is one of the popular snacks also known as street food which is easily accessed by every common man, it has cheap cost than another type of fast food burgers, easily available at vendors and roadside restaurant_This is my all-time hot favorite snack sometimes I skipped my lunch and have it with hot tea however I am sharing this delicious and easy recipe with my dearest reader so let's begins

shami bun kabab

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To prepare this recipe first shallow fry Shami kababs, Heat the ghee in a frying pan and place Shami kababs, fry them from both sides until nicely golden brown in color.


Beat the egg in a medium bowl and add salt along with black pepper powder, whisk well then heat the ghee in the same pan, pour the egg mixture into the medium hot ghee and cook from both sides till turns to nice golden brown color


Shift to the plate, and now repeat the same process with the remaining egg mixture...


Take out Kashmiri sauce into a small bowl then whisk the yogurt very well then stir to mix well with Kashmiri red sauce


Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Cut the bun burgers into half and then heat the tawa/skillet or flat pan, pour 1 tbsp ghee and spread it on the entire surface, heat them for 2 minutes then reduce the heat to very low, and place the bun slices on tawa/pan and toast it for 1-2 minutes from both sides, transfer to any tray or plate..


    Spread red chutney on bun slices and place the kabab on top then mash the kababs slightly with a spoon and place the omelet piece on top of the kabab


    Start to now adding sauces, put onions and cucumber slices along with grated cabbage


    Press all bun stuff slightly, further can be drizzled sauces over stuff, cover the shami bun kabab with another bun slice


    Now further, press the Shami bun kabab with a hand 


    Transfer to the hot tawa and toast them from both sides over low heat to prevent burning 


    Shift to any tray and cut into half  and then shift to the serving plate


    Shami bun kabab is ready to serve hot with tea
    how to make shami burger

    Shami bun kabab can be served with ketchup and sauce, additionally, you can serve bun kababs with french fries
    shami bun kabab


    Spicy Chicken Broast Recipe

    spicy chickenbroast recipe with step by step photos

    Spicy Chicken Broast |Fried Chicken || How to Make Broasted Chicken Recipe with step-by-step photos...

    Broasted Chicken is a spicy, delicious appetizer and juicy deep-fried chicken recipe, which is marinaded with spiced buttermilk and then coated with eggs mixture along with broast masala powder then is deep-fried by seeing a crispy golden-brown crust of chicken making you crave to eat this yummiest fried chicken, This is known as a Fast food

    You can also find out breast masala powder recipe on my blog
    Here broasted chicken gets a spicy twist, infusing it with
    marinated in a spicy buttermilk mixture, dredged in seasoned flour with a kick, and then fried in a skillet until crisp and golden brown on the outside, and juicy on the inside.
    Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods, hands down. I grew up mostly eating quick, skillet-fried chicken, but we would always have a bottle of hot sauce on the table to turn up the flavor instead of ketchup
    spicy chicken broast

    You can also check out another version of spicy fried chicken on my blog, Though this is a bit long process to make this fried chicken ease can be stored chicken pieces in the fridge after marinating and coating, before the time of serving deep fry chicken pieces then serve hot,

    This fried chicken is served with burger buns along with french fries and ketchupThis one is finger-licking good! It's a keeper and a must-try! So let’s begin 

    1. Use broiler chicken than the layer chicken, because broiler chicken is softer than layer
    2. Marinade chicken pieces for at least 8 hours for more tender and juicy
    3. The double coating makes chicken pieces crispy and crunchy
    4. Keep covering the wok while frying chicken pieces  
    5. Using largely sized utensils in frying so that could get enough space for floating in oil of chicken pieces
    6. Don’t fry chicken when you are in a hurry because the frying method is a little slower than another frying item
    7. The frying time of each piece of chicken takes 13-15 minutes
    8. As well as depends on the chicken meat quality       

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    chicken broast recipe

    To prepare this recipe first we have to marinate chicken pieces for at least 6-8 hours or for better results leave them for overnight marination, For this first wash the chicken pieces under the running water

    Then pierce the chicken with a sharp knife, this process will make your chicken absorbs spices 

    Pierce all chicken pieces


    Shift all chicken pieces to the large the sized bowl then add ginger garlic paste, vinegar, soya sauce, and salt


    Then add red chili powder, salt, lemon juice, and buttermilk along with water
    add spices to the chicken

    Leave it to marinate for at least 6-8 hours or best result leave them overnight 


    Put the all-purpose flour, rice flour, and cornflour in the medium-sized bowl, and stir to mix well, Mixed flour powder is ready to set aside until required        

    Remove all chicken pieces from the spiced buttermilk mixture and shake off excess, Discard the remaining buttermilk mixture, Then each piece coat with mixed flour powder


    Place all coated chicken on a tray


    Crack the eggs in a bowl, pour milk along with salt and black pepper, and Whisk them together very well 


    The egg mixture is ready to set aside


    Crush the cornflakes in a fist

    Mix crushed cornflakes with seasoned flour along with oregano

    Now mix them together very well and set aside


    Take another large-sized bowl with a lid or ziplock bag set aside until required, Take one coated chicken and dip it into the egg mixture very well

    Then put in the bowl or bag and add enough quantity broast powder spices on the chicken, Close the lid and shake well to combine, Place 1-2 chicken pieces at a time into a plastic bag or bowl, And shake well  to coat the chicken pieces with seasoned flour

    Here we will coat the chicken piece again to make the crispy crust on top, Repeat the same process with 2nd coating dip into egg then coat it with powdered spice

    The chicken piece has been well coated, as you can see in the below picture

    Prepare all chicken pieces in before manner

    And place all prepared chicken on a plate or tray, At this stage, you can store prepared chicken by keeping it in the food container 


    Heat the oil in the large-sized wok, Oil should be not too hot nor too cold Because too hot oil will make brown quickly and remain uncooked from inside

    Gently place chicken pieces into the medium hot oil, And fry chicken pieces in medium hot oil, Put 1-2 chicken pieces in one batch. Cover the lid and let them fry until the chicken is cooked through and golden brown

    Remove the lid and flip the chicken pieces and allow to cook another side, Keep frying evenly until you get nice golden brown color

    Drain the fried chicken on the paper towel

    Fry all remaining chicken pieces as before    


    Broasted Chicken is ready, transfer to the serving dish

    how to make chicken broast

    Serve it with burger bunsfrench fries, and ketchup