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Club Sandwich Recipe

club sandwich recipe with step by step photos and video

Club Sandwich Recipe || Veg Club Sandwich Recipe || How to Make Vegetarians Club Sandwich With Step-by-Step Photos and Video…

Club Sandwich is a healthy, easy, quick delicious vegetarian club sandwich for brunch, snack, or breakfast. there are so many kinds of club sandwiches served across the globe which are commonly the meat version. like chicken, beef, or pork.

I have also shared CHICKEN CLUB SANDWICH in my earlier post on the blog. This veg club sandwich has 3 layers of fresh, delicious fillings and can be made in just about 45 minutes. Serve this tasty veg club sandwich as a snack with TOMATO KETCHUP or CHEESE SAUCE.

This club sandwich is completely vegetarian including the mayo that has been used. if you do not have eggless mayo you can use cream cheese or any cheese spread. 


vegetable club sandwich

My Latest Video Club Sandwich Recipe:

Since my childhood, I have been a big fan of a club sandwich which was usually prepared with egg and some salad veggies including butter. As we grew up gradually a large number of club sandwich varieties became available. Here I made a plan to make a different sandwich. So I just use some vegetables, sauces, and mayonnaise. it was quite tasty and with a unique taste.

KASHMIRI RED SAUCE and GREEN SAUCE are also included in this recipe of which posts are available on my blog 

These veg club sandwiches are such a filling and mouth-watering snack option. You can make them for kids, as an evening snack, or for small parties. It’s best to serve them immediately.

Can Be Club Sandwich Store For Ahead Time?

No, This club sandwich can be stored for a maximum of 2 days by keeping it in a ziplock bag to avoid eating a stale sandwich to prevent an upset stomach.

veg club sandwich

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For detailed recipes step by step watch my video!


vegeterian club sandwich

How to Make Veg Club Sandwich?

To make a sandwich first, boil the potatoes and make onion, and tomato rings. cut the cucumber slices.


how to make vegeteriab sandwich recipe

Take the baking tray with butter paper and arrange the tomato and potato slices over the tray. place some cheddar cheese over the slices and sprinkle some fajita seasoning on top of the cheese. bake the slices in a preheated oven at 200 c for 10 minutes.


club sandwich

Take a mixing bowl and combine cornflour and all-purpose flour. stir to mix well. next add chili flakes, salt, and black pepper to the flour and then stir to combine well, pour some water into the flour, and prepare a thick pouring batter.


veg club sandwich

Dip each onion ring into the batter and fry them on a medium flame until golden brown color.

club sandwich

Take 4 bread slices to make one sandwich. remove the edges of the bread slice.


veg sandwich

Place 4 pieces of bread on the working board and spread butter 
on all four bread slices.

vegeterian club sandwich

Take a slice and spread some red sauce on a slice.

veg sandwich recipe

Then take a second slice and spread some green chutney over
vegeterian club sandwich

Take 3rd slice and spread mayonnaise on it.


club sandwich

Next, place some baked potatoes on the first layer and cover them with another slice

Note: bread slices and filling can be arranged according to your preference 

club sandwich

Now place some of the onion rings and baked tomato slices
and cover the second layer with another slice 

vegeterian club sandwich

Place some lettuce and cucumber slices over the bread
and cover with another slice

veg club sandwich

And slightly press them and  skewers to keep them firm

club sandwich

Toward the end of the recipe cut the sandwich into halves. now, the veg club sandwich is ready to serve

how to make vegeterian club sandwich

Serve club sandwich with french fries and ketchup also can be given in a tiffin box to the kids


how to make vegeterian club sandwich

Mini Veggie Pizza Recipe

mini veg pizza recipe with step by step photos and video

Mini Veggie Pizza || Vegetarian Pizza || How to Make Veggie Pizza Topping with step-by-step photos and video   

Vegetarian Mini pizza making is so easy and quick, especially while is being prepared pizza by using bun slices or bread slices

Here I also used bun slices to make quick veg pizza. because I didn't feel like doing work hard so I decided to make pizza with bun slices. this wasn’t a bad idea for me .it made perfectly yummy, a little crisp, and delicious. I used grated cheese and cheese slices both  

Super easy and delicious mini versions of pizzas topped with your favorite vegetable toppings and homemade pizza sauce. These mini veg pizzas are so addictive and kid-friendly that your kids would definitely love enjoying them.

vegeterian pizza

My Latest Video Mini Veggie Pizza

My mini pizzas are fantastic for those who struggle to get their kids to eat their veggies – though you can toppings with chicken mince along with veggies as well.

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo, video, and  instructions tips and video below 

Recipe Notes:

Bun Slices: I used bun slices to make a recipe but you can use pizza dough and even can be used bread slices. if you are not in the mood for a long work in a kitchen and want some cheesy savory so best idea is to use a bun or bread to make pizza

how to make veggie pizzza

Topping: pizza topping depends on your choice of veg or nonveg. Here I used capsicum, onion, tomato, mushrooms, black olives, and jalapenos along with ketchup and cheese slices. While you can add veg of your choice like spinach, peas, corn, or red and yellow peppers

Cheese: I used two types of cheese chattered slices or some grated mozzarella cheese. you can use any type of cheese that you like most

Pizza Sauce: usually, pizza sauce is considered the base of the pizza. but here I prepared the instant pizza sauce that I have shown in the video you can also use it otherwise go to my recipe page for pizza sauce or buy store-bought pizza sauce whatever convenient for you  

Pizza Seasoning: Mainly people use oregano lastly in topping and finish preparation with it but here I used my homemade pizza seasoning to enhance the aroma and taste of my beg pizza. You can use store-bought or for recipes go to my page and pick it up there, But if you don’t like simply can sprinkle oregano over the pizza   

vegeterian pizza

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mini veggie pizza

Firstly combine the tomato ketchup, chili flakes, basil, and oregano leaves in the bowl and stir to mix well. Instant pizza sauce is done


how to make mini veg pizza

Cut the buns into half and spread some pizza sauce on each slice 

veg bread pizza

Next place veggies capsicums, tomato, onion, and mushroom slices


veg pizza

Sprinkle some garlic powder and pizza seasoning over the veggies 


mini veggie pizza

Lastly, Place a cheese slice on the topping and place black olives, And finish by sprinkling chili flakes on top of each pizza slice

bread mini pizza

I Prepared some pizza slices by adding some grated cheese

veggie pizza

Bake the pizza slices in a preheated oven at 200C for 10 to 20 minutes or till golden crust 

veggie pizza

Quick mini veg pizza is done and served hot with a cup of tea

how to make veggie pizza

Bakery Style Fruit Buns Recipe

Bakery style Fruit Bun recipe with step by step photos and video

Fruit Bun Burgers || Sweet Buns || How to Make Fruit Buns with Step-by-step Photos and Videos

Fruit Buns are sweet, spongy, super soft, and fragrant, filled with dried fruits, these sticky-topped tasty buns are delicious as a snack or for breakfast as a treat. They are wonderful when served warm or toasted with butter, cream cheese frosting, and jam You could try them with any type of cheese

This recipe is perfect for making even a fruit bread loaf. alongside you can add chocolate chips to the dough, or break up chocolate Easter eggs onto sliced hot buns for an even sweeter treat that kids love.
how to make fruits bun recipe

My Latest Video Fruit Bun Recipe:

Here I baked a simple basic fruit bun by stuffing raisins and tutty fruity, easy to make but you can variations in making buns as desired I always have the sweet fruit bun with hot Shireen tea, you can find this recipe on my blog so let’s begin

To make Perfect Buns:
  1. To prepare this recipe first rule we are to apply is to Take all out ingredients that are going to be used in making buns
  2. Let them leave at room temperature such as butter, milk powder, all-purpose flour, yeast  
  3. To make a spongy and soft bun add milk powder and an egg
  4. Yeast and baking powder combination makes light loaf/buns
  5. I used olive oil but you can use butter to make more delicious buns

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In the lukewarm water add sugar and yeast and dissolve them very well keep aside

Lined the butter paper on the baking tray


In a small bowl put egg yolks with milk and whisk them well 


Now take a large-sized mixing bowl and sift the flour along with baking powder, salt, and food color


Stir to mix them, and keep aside until required

In the flour, bowl add milk powder and egg, Mix them together very well with the help of a spatula. Now pour dissolved water into the flour


Start kneading to a soft dough for approx 5-8 minutes then meanwhile pour oil. Keep kneading till dough is formed


Apply the oil all over the dough and transfer to another bowl cover the dough with a plastic cling or kitchen towel and leave it to rise for around 2-3 hours in a warm place
This dough will look sticky but don’t worry it will be set after proofing 

After 2-3 hours take out the dough bowl and transfer it to the working place. Knead it again with some flour if it is still looking sticky otherwise just punch it down for around 2-3 minutes


Now cut the dough in half


Divide the dough into equal portions and give it to the ball shapes

Take one ball at a time and flatten it between your palms. Place some raisins and tutti frutti in the center of the flattened dough ball. Seal the edges from all four sides like stuffed paratha balls


And give it to round bun shapes

In the second method, you can place dry fruits and tutti frutti in the center of the flattened balls. Roll it and give it to bun shape. Now it depends on your choice which method you do or is easy for you


Repeat the same process with all remaining dough balls and place them on a baking tray Cover them with a kitchen towel and leave it to further rise for 15 minutes


Meantime switch on the oven and preheat it to 250 C for 30 minutes, The buns have risen 


Apply egg wash on buns 

Put in the preheated oven at 200C for 20-25 minutes


Once buns become nicely golden brown in color take them out from the oven. Apply some melted butter on baked buns


Transfer to the wire rack then cover them with the kitchen towel, This thing makes your bun super soft and tasteful


Now spongy and super soft delicious fruit buns are ready 

how to make bakery style buns

To serve with tea or even with butter and jam                      
sweet fruit buns