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Mince Sandwich Recipe

mince sandwich recipe with step by step photos

Mince Sandwich || Ground Beef Grill  Sandwich || How to Make a Mince Sandwich with step-by-step photos

Mince Sandwich is a bread snack that is filled with mince, eggs, cheese, and chicken along with some sauces served with ketchup and french fries. It is a very delicious, savory, and popular snack for all age group people, the best evening snack for family and friends, many kinds of sandwiches have been introduced yet, and is prepared with different ingredients and styles, additionally, this healthy and mouthwatering sandwich is the best for kids tiffin boxes as well

Here I made minced sandwiches which I prepared with

leftover mince, that had been preserved after making stuffed potato

The cutlet recipe has already been shared in my previous post,

you will get the link below in which you get more preparation
howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww make minced meat sandwich

The Same recipe I used in making sandwiches if you have already prepared mince and garlic mayo sauce you can make it within 15 minutes also can be added cheese as desired add

To prepare a sandwich use a grill pan or sandwich maker I used both but you can use any of whatever is available at home, the main ingredients are bread sandwich slices, mince, and mayo sauce, The Mayo sauce recipe can be by clicking the link below 

Recipe tips:
  1. To prepare a minced sandwich you can use any type of dry leftover keema 
  2. Instead of using garlic mayo sauce can be used simple mayonnaise by mixing red chili sauce                      
minced sandwich recipe

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Firstly cut all four edges of the slices keep them aside, and prepare homemade garlic sauce according to the given recipe in my food blog


Add a little ghee in a pan and heat it well then put 1 egg along with 2 pinches of black pepper and salt to taste cook it until scrumble texture, now add leftover keema to the pan and mix to well combined
Note, if you are making fresh mince then no need to mix scrambled egg but you can if needed or as desired


Melt the ghee at room temperature or in the microwave/stove for applying a sandwich maker or grill pan.


    Spread butter on all bread slices, then spread the second layer of mayo garlic


    Preheat the sandwich maker first after turning off the light button then grease it with the brush, grease them from both sides of the sandwich maker


    Place sandwich slices on a preheated and greased sandwich maker, and spread more garlic sauce on sandwich slices as needed


    Put 1 tbsp keema in the center of bread slices and cover it with another slice, turn on the sandwich maker and close the lid of the maker


    Let them cook until automatically turn off the light


    Turn off the sandwich maker now you can see how beautifully the golden brown color has come on sandwiches, transfer to the serving plate/tray


    Heat the grill pan very well apply some ghee over it and place the sandwich carefully on the grilled pan, toast the sandwich from both sides on low flame cut it into half transfer it to the serving tray/plate


    Now crispy and yummy sandwiches are ready to serve and eat...


    Minced sandwiches can be served with french fries along with mayo sauce and tomato ketchup with coffee and tea 


    Homemade French Fries Recipe


    French Fries | Homemade French Fries || How to make french fries with step-by-step photos

    French fries are one of the most popular and hot favorite deep-fried snacks in all age groups people, throughout the year is being sold in streets, restaurants, and shops, French fries, or simply fries or chips, are pieces of potato that have deep-fried. These are deep-fried, very thin, salted slices of potato that are usually served at room temperature. French fries have numerous variants, from thick-cut to shoestring, crinkle, curly, and many other names

    First, the peeled and lengthwise crisscross-cut potatoes are rinsed, blanched, pat dried then pre-fried lastly frozen. At the time of serving is re-fried Potato itself most popular veggie all over the world in Pakistan people even cook it with meat, mince, and other veggies

    I also like to eat but am not as crazy about potatoes as my brother ๐Ÿ˜‰ so I decided to make crispy and flavored French fries in McDonald's style. They may not be the same as MacDonald's taste but I tried them myself

    This recipe was prepared with a bit long process but in my, In a future post, I will share the easy method style of French fries, so let's begin…..You can also check my other version of crispy french fries on my blog

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    french fries

    To prepare this recipe firstly take large-sized potatoes then peel and rinse the potatoes


    First, cut into vertically broad pieces                 

    Then cut them into thick strips shapes, put all strips into water 

    And rinse them properly, until all starches are removed and the water is cleaned up

    Boil the water in a pot or pan by adding salt and white vinegar


    Then put all the potato strips into the pot and then blanch them hardly 2 minutes on high heat

    Take one strip and insert a toothpick in it it will insert hardly then turn off the flame


    Drain them out into the colander, and let them cool down for a while


    Spread a kitchen towel on the slab and place each potato strip far away from the other, so that they can dry properly, place on the plate 


    Medium heat the oil in the wok and then put the pat dry potatoes in oil, Fry potatoes in batches, avoid frying in-crowd, They may be broken or mushy, And fry them till 1.5 minutes by fixing time, Transfer to the tissue paper to remove the excess oil

    Now put them into the food container 

    Now keep in the freezer for at least 8-10 hours 


    Meanwhile, we prepare masala for French fries to it take one small bowl and add powdered spices


    Stir to mix well and set aside


    Now these potatoes are ready to fry


    Heat the oil in the wok


    And fry in batches 


    Fry for 8-10 minutes on medium-high heat

    Once the fries turn brown drain them out from the oil               

    Transfer to the plate, and sprinkle masala over the fries


    Then transfer to the serving bowl/plate 


    Now French fries are ready to serve with ketchup and tea