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Green Chutney Recipe


Green Chutney | Green Sauce || How to Make Green Chutney Recipe with step by step photos...

Green Chutney is known as a Pav bread kebab sauce that is served with pav bread kebab, those who are familiar from Karachi they might be heard and even had it this popular snack is easily available in Aram bagh and Bandar road very tasty and yummy and the most special thing in this snack its sauce that actually works to enhance the taste of pav bread kabab tangy and spicy in taste

Today I am sharing Pav Bread Kebab Sauce that can be used in many recipes as well such as chana chaatroll parathasamosapakora, and spring rolls, etc
First of all, I prepared this tangy and spicy chutney for pav bread kabab that I will share the complete recipe after this post
The main ingredients are coriander, mint leaves. green chilies. garlic and whole dried mango easy and quick sauce so let's begin 

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Firstly in the small pot pour ½ cup water and put dried mango (amchur). Bring to boil and cook it for 10-15 minutes over low-medium flame until soft. Meanwhile, soak the tamarind in the hot water set aside


Take all ingredients and prepare them all


After 30 minutes extract all seeds from the tamarind 


In the grinding jug put cooked dry mango pieces along with tamarind pulp with water, blend them well till turn to a smooth paste


Now add coriander, mint, garlic cloves, and green chilies along with cumin seeds and salt, Blend them further till turn to smooth paste


Then add crushed red chili to the blended sauce, mix it well and adjust the salt at this stage


Now Pav bread kebab sauce is ready to use in recipes 

This green chutney is known as a Pav bread kebab sauce that is served with pav bread kebab, tangy and spicy in taste

  1. 1 cup, coriander leaves
  2. 1 cup, mint leaves
  3. 1 tsp, cumin seeds
  4. Salt to taste
  5. 1 tsp, crushed red chili
  6. 6-7, whole dried mango (amchur) 
  7. 5-7, small green chilies
  8. 3-4, garlic cloves
How to make the chutney?
  1. In the grinding jar put cooked whole dried mango pieces and tamarind water with pulp
  2. Blend them well
  3. Once they blend well now add coriander and mint leaves, green chilies, salt, garlic, and cumin seeds
  4. Blend them again very well until you get a smooth paste
  5. Take it out into the bowl
  6. Add crushed red chilies
  7. Mix them well
  8. Now the sauce is ready to use in recipes
  9. This sauce can be stored for more than one month in the fridge...
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