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Bread Pakora Recipe

bread pakora recipe with step by step photos and video

Bread Fritters || Bread Pakora || How to Make Bread Pakora with step by step photos and Video

Bread fritters are delicious, savory Pakistani tea time snacks and breakfast. these most popular and deep-fried bread pakora is quite easy to make. you can either make it without any fillings with just bread and the batter or fill it with spicy mashed potato.

I made it just by dipping into the batter and then frying and serve as an evening snack

Mainly Bread pakora is the much-loved snack of deep-fried and savory bread fritters. these bread fritters are made with gram flour batter by mixing basic spices and herbs. these pakoras can be prepared by choice. like you can stuff cheese potatoes, spicy potatoes, or another veg filling like peas, potato, carrot, bell pepper, and spring onion. a lot of variations can be done with bread it's up to you

bread fritters recipe

My Latest Video Bread Pakora Recipe:

What is Bread Fritters?

Bread fritters are not a common thing in Pakistani homes but are quite popular on the street of Pakistan, they are also served cafes, tiffin services, stall roadside restaurants across Pakistan 

There are two types of Bread Pakoras:

The first is stuffed bread pakoras that I have mentioned above. usually, it has spiced potato stuffing dipped in gram flour batter and fried. Second is an easy recipe of a simple batter coated bread that is deep-fried

For the best result follow my detailed step by step photo, video and  instructions tips and video below 

bread pakora

About Recipe:

My super simple and easy bread pakora recipe will help you make street-style crispbread pakoras at home, though I didn’t stuff anything in bread pakora. the taste of bread pakora are super delicious when you will try this bread pakora you could realize how is it tasty

Deep frying bread pakoras is faster than the other methods as they do take time. so deep fry them if you are making a lot.

You can easily adapt this recipe to make the stuffed bread pakoras too. simply prepare spiced mashed aloo or cheese potato and spiced mashed veggies filling and spread the filling over bread and cover with another slice and then cut into halves then dip into gram flour batter and fry

The consistency of the gram flour batter is very important.it has to be neither too thick nor runny. with runny batter, bread pakoras will absorb a lot of oil. the batter has to be in between too thick and too thin

Fry bread pakodas on the high flame will brown then quickly from outside without cooking the batter well. so the flame has to be medium. if you fry them on low heat. they will soak up excess oil 

You need to be gentle while dipping the bread in batter and even while sliding them into the oil bread pakoras have to  fry on medium heat until crisp and golden

bread pakora recipe

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bread fritters

Take a bowl and combine gram flour, baking soda, and salt, stir to mix well 


how to make bread pakora

Next gradually start adding water into the gram flour to a smooth, light, and thick pouring batter. Note: the batter should be light and fluffy


bread fritters

Next, add crushed red chili powder, roasted and crushed cumin-coriander powder, and then mix well

bread pakora

Add chopped green red chilies and coriander, mix well. The batter is ready to use

bread pakora recipe

Check if the oil is hot first, to check to drop a small portion of the batter in the oil.it has to rise slowly without browning a lot. this is the right temperature when the oil is almost keeping it to medium flame

bread fritters recipe

Cut the bread slices into four pieces 

how to make bread fritters

Dip each piece of bread into the prepared batter. make sure it is coated on the  sides as well gently swipe the excess batter

bread pakora

Drop in the hot oil.do not disturb for a few minutes, if you have a large  pan then can fry  5 to 7  in one batch

bread pakora

On a medium-high flame fry until one side turns golden. then turn it to the other side  fry until both  the sides turn crisp and golden 

bread pakora recipe

Drain them out of the oil 

how to make bread fritters

And place them on a kitchen napkin to remove excess oil

bread pakora

Serve hot with tea or coffee

bread pakora

Falooda Sev Recipe


Homemade Falooda Sev | Falooda Sev || How to Make Falooda Sev with step by step photos

Falooda Sev is a  perfect recipe to try homemade cornstarch noodles popularly known as Falooda noodles/sev is a must-try recipe in the hot summer days to make Kulfi Falooda, ice-cream falooda. Kulfi Falooda is my favorite frozen dessert, I tried to look for the Falooda noodles here in many stores but could not find any,

So, at last, I searched Google to find the recipe for How to Make Falooda Noodles at Home, and I found this easy recipe and immediately tried it. Frankly, it just takes a few minutes to make the Falooda Sev or noodles at home and I was wondering why I haven’t tried them before.          

Now, whenever we crave Kulfi Falooda or ice cream Falooda, I just keep all the ingredients ready a day before and make Falooda noodles on the day of serving, and we are all set to enjoy.
Don’t just go for my words, try it yourself, and then you will never buy these noodles from the store ever again. My next recipe more likely is kulfi falooda so stay tuned....:) 

So let the go-ahead to know how to make this easiest recipe at home

  1. You have to stir the mixture quickly without any single second break to avoid sticking on the pan or making lumps
  2. Make noodles/sev while the dough is still hot.
  3. Make sure the water is ice cold when dropping noodles in it.
  4. The noodles can stay fresh for two days in the refrigerator.
  5. I used sev maker it is consists of thin holes, if you don’t have you can use any ketchup plastic bottle or pasta maker

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To prepare this recipe first take a large mixing bowl to add water and ice blocks and keep it ready aside                                    


Grease the pasta/sev maker with the brush set aside


In a non-stick pan add corn flour along with water 


Keep mixing until everything is incorporated 


Place on stove and constantly keep on stirring on the low-medium flame to prevent making lumps


Now you see corn flour is getting thicken


Keep on stirring till turns to translucent


Once you see a thick transparent mass remove it from heat and transfer it into the sev or pasta maker with the smallest hole.


Make out noodles into the chilled water bowl in batches.


Keep the noodles/sev in the ice-cold water in the refrigerator and drain just before using in any recipe.


Falooda noodles/sev is ready to use in recipes


Stuffed Mince Burger Recipe


Stuffed Mince Burgers || Stuffed Mince Bun || How to Make stuffed Mince Burger with Step by Step photos 

Stuffed Mince Burgers make a wonderful snack, goes well with a cup of coffee/tea try them you would love it, Mince stuffed bun is also the most popular snack/breakfast all over the world, homemade mince stuffed buns are very soft and tasty, can be given kids tiffin boxes, healthy and delicious lunch for kids 

I am using in this bun beef keema/mince you can use lamb, chicken, or mutton mince as desired, The filling of the bun is quite similar to samosa stuffing but in this post, I will tell you again the recipe of filling because I brought some changes in the bun filling by using another seasoning so let’s begin 

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Firstly In a large bowl sieve the maida/plain flour
Make 2 wells in the center of flour then add all ingredients
Mix and rub them with your both palms till turns to crumble
Start kneading the soft dough by adding lukewarm water little by little till the dough is formed

Now add oil/butter and keep kneading for 5-10 minutes
The dough should be soft and smooth. Cover it with the cling wrap keep it in a warm place and let it proofing double in size, It may take around 2-3 hours maximum. Meanwhile, you prepare mince filling for stuffing


In a frying pan add cumin seeds dry roast them slightly on low flame then add pomegranate seeds dry roast both of them together for 10 seconds. Then add coriander seeds and fennel
Now dry roast them all together for about 2 minutes on low flame

Turn off the flame take them out into the plate, Grind all dry roasted whole spices coarsely. Then add powder spices
Grind them once again for a minute, don’t need to grind them too much, mix them together and keep them aside

On the other hand, take a separate pan pour oil to heat it
Then add chopped onion fry them for 2 minutes then add the mince, Stir to mix them, and keep on stirring until keema water dries out. Now add ground spices and yogurt in it stir to combine well on low flame until water dries out, meanwhile heat the charcoal in the high flame. then add coriander, mint, green chilies, and grated ginger mix it well

Place the small steel/aluminum bowl in the middle of the keema mixture then drop some ghee/butter over charcoal and cover it for a while, charcoal smoke gives it the smoky flavor


Take them out into a bowl, let them cool down completely, set them aside..


After 2-3 hours once the dough has risen well punch down the air and knead for 2-3 min, divide into equal balls


Flatten each ball on your palm and place the mince stuffing, cover to form a ball, and pinch the seam side down


Cover with the damp cloth and let it rise for 30 minutes or till it's doubled in volume. Meanwhile, turn on the oven and preheat it at 230 C for 30 minutes


Brush the top with egg and milk wash and sprinkle sesame seeds.


Grease the baking tray or line butter paper transfer all buns to the baking tray_Bake buns in the preheated oven at 200 C for 20-25 minutes or until nicely golden brown color


Right after taking out of the oven apply butter well on whole buns and let it rest covered with a cloth for 2-3 min to soften the buns completely.


Serve hot with coffee/tea


Green Chutney Recipe


Green Chutney | Green Sauce || How to Make Green Chutney Recipe with step by step photos...

Green Chutney is known as a Pav bread kebab sauce that is served with pav bread kebab, those who are familiar from Karachi they might be heard and even had it this popular snack is easily available in Aram bagh and Bandar road very tasty and yummy and the most special thing in this snack its sauce that actually works to enhance the taste of pav bread kabab tangy and spicy in taste

Today I am sharing Pav Bread Kebab Sauce that can be used in many recipes as well such as chana chaatroll parathasamosapakora, and spring rolls, etc
First of all, I prepared this tangy and spicy chutney for pav bread kabab that I will share the complete recipe after this post
The main ingredients are coriander, mint leaves. green chilies. garlic and whole dried mango easy and quick sauce so let's begin 

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Firstly in the small pot pour ½ cup water and put dried mango (amchur). Bring to boil and cook it for 10-15 minutes over low-medium flame until soft. Meanwhile, soak the tamarind in the hot water set aside


Take all ingredients and prepare them all


After 30 minutes extract all seeds from the tamarind 


In the grinding jug put cooked dry mango pieces along with tamarind pulp with water, blend them well till turn to a smooth paste


Now add coriander, mint, garlic cloves, and green chilies along with cumin seeds and salt, Blend them further till turn to smooth paste


Then add crushed red chili to the blended sauce, mix it well and adjust the salt at this stage


Now Pav bread kebab sauce is ready to use in recipes