Simple Arbi Fry Recipe

simple arbi fry recipe with step by step photos

Simple Arbi Fry || Taro Root Fry || How to Make Arbi Fry with step by step photos and video

Arbi Fry (taro roots) is a simple, easy, and delicious vegetarian dish that can be prepared within 20 minutes.

Arbi for those who don’t know is the Urdu name for taro has a subtly sweet taste and is often used in savory recipes in Pakistan

Mainly I learned this recipe from my mother who used to make it with very simple methods and the taste used to be very good. an interesting fact about me is that I hadn’t eaten ladyfingers or taro root in my childhood whenever my mother used to cook I didn’t eat at all. but the time I heard about both vegetables they are so beneficial for bones. since then I started including these veggies in our menu. and Alhamdulilah now I m extremely fond of eating bhindi (lady-fingers) and arbi (taro root). specially fry arbi or bhindi. I have also FRIED BHINDI recipe put on my blog    

fried arbi

My Latest Video Simple Arbi Fry:

This arbi fry is simpler with just a few ingredients while for the masala are added onion paste and more spices

Today I am sharing one of my favorite ways to cook arbi. this simple arbi fry-it is a super simple recipe where is arbi fried with spices in more quantity of oil. and isn’t used water at all

The ingredients are pretty simple, I don’t add any onion, garlic, or tomato to this arbi fry. It is just the spices tossed with lemon juice and then finished green chilies with cilantro

For the best result follow my detailed step by step photo, video and instructions tips and video below 


dry arbi recipe

Taro Roots Health Benefits:

Taro root is a vegetable used in a variety of cuisines around the world. It has a mild, nutty taste, starchy texture, and nutrition benefits that make it a healthier alternative to other root vegetables like potatoes. Taro root is commonly added to savory dishes or fried as a snack, but it can also add a creaminess and purple color to sweet recipes.

Taro is rich in nutrients that can provide important health benefits. A one-cup serving has a third of your daily recommended intake of manganese, which contributes to a good metabolism, bone health, and blood clotting.

Its high levels of vitamins can also promote healthy vision, skin, circulation, and immune system function. 

simple arbi recipe

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fried arbi

To prepare this recipe firstly, wash and then peel off the arbi and cut into ¼ inch thick in round shape   


arbi recipe

Heat up the oil into the wok and put all peeled taro roots and fry on medium flame


simple arbi fry

Meantime add salt, red chili flakes, and turmeric powder


fried arbi

Keep stirring on medium-low flame until stickiness is removed,Cover and cook on low flame for around 5-8 minutes


arbi ki sabzi

Once arbi gets soft add chopped green chilies and coriander leaves, Stir to mix well 


arbi fry

Towards the end squeeze fresh lemon juice and mix again                               

arbi sabzi

Simmer the arbi fry on low flame for around 5 minutes 


fried arbi

Arbi fry is ready then Transfer to the serving bowl                                               
simple arbi fry

Serve delicious arbi fry with tandoori roti or zeera rice

arbi recipe

Plain Yellow Rice Recipe


Yellow Rice |Plain Rice || How to Make Yellow Rice with step by step photos and video

I added a new version of the yellow rice video in which I included chicken hopefully my all beloved readers enjoy as well the way you like this one yellow rice. and also I prepared this rice version in a cooker that would be more convenient for every busy woman 

Yellow rice is a super easy and simple mildly spiced yellow rice recipe, this is quite aromatic and flavored rice, for enhancing the taste of rice can be added chicken cubes if you don't have prepared stock in your fridge, quick and easy recipe best for lunch or dinner, This rice is usually served with meat and veggie curries raitasaladThis flavorful and generously spiced Dominican-style yellow rice recipe
I cooked yellow rice with ponia rice by adding homemade chicken stock you can prepare with long grain basmati rice as well

My Latest Video Chicken Yellow Rice:

In this recipe, you can even variations by adding peas, beans, carrot, or if you are non-vegetarian then can be added boiled egg or boiled chicken meat, very tasty and simple rice that can be prepared within 30 minutes
rice, tomato, seasonings are the main ingredients in this recipe so let's begin

  1. To prepare this yellow rice can be added vegetables, chicken, and eggs for enhancing the taste
  2. Slightly fry or blanch veggies before adding to the rice
  3. Basmati rice is ideal for making this recipe
  4. Always use a large capacity pot for cooking rice
  5. Adding white vinegar during cooking rice is the best tip to prevent stick or broken rice to each other


Firstly thoroughly rinse the rice under the running water then soak in the water for at least 2 hours set aside_Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Pour oil in the large-sized pot and heat it then put onion slices, saute the onion slices for 4-5 minutes on medium flame


Put tomatoes and garam masala to the fried onions, cook the masala for 5 minutes on medium heat till turns to soft


Reduce the heat to low then start adding spices to the fried onion, splash some water to the masala keep on stirring by adding masala on low heat 


Add food color then roast masala by splashing water on low-medium heat, at this stage you can add vegetables, boiled chicken as desired, now pour half stock (yakhni)half reserve for later


Then put green chilies along with coriander leaves to the onion masala, bring it to boil, Turning flame to low and add soaked and drained rice to the masala, and stir to combine well for 2-3 minutes 


Now add the remaining chicken stock to the rice and bring it to boil and then cover the lid


Cook the rice around 4-5 minutes on the high-medium flame until water is evaporated, reduce the heat to low, and allow to simmer it further 5 minutes on very low heat


Transfer to the serving plate/dish now simple yellow rice is ready to serve... 


Yellow rice is served with kabobveggie raitaand other gravy based meat curry

Pista Kulfi Recipe


Pista Kulfi | Pistachio Kulfi || How to make Pistachio Kulfi with step by step photos

Pista Kulfi is the sweetest, delicious and lip-smacking frozen dessert made with milk, sugar, pistachio, khoya and cardamom powder

Basically, kulfi’s are traditional Pakistani dessert. this is very popular in neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh too. Moreover, kulfi’s have a very similar texture and appearance to normal ice cream. However, these are richer and creamier. also, there are several variants to kulfis, though I didn’t share more kulfi recipes except for a few_today I would be sharing the Pista kulfi recipe.

If we go with the history of kulfi then come to know that mainly kulfi is a Persian word and the origin of this recipe go back to the Mughal dynasty even before the conception of the Mughal dynasty, sweet thick evaporated milk was famous with the Hindu community. the Mughal community, topped the same mixture with pistachios, saffron. and gave a shape of a cone to the deep freeze in slurry ice.

To make kulfi khoya is the main ingredient the rest of the method is the almost same to make all type of flavored kulfi, towards the end can be added any desirable flavor in it 


Recipe notes:

  1. Firstly, use full cream milk for the best results.
  2. furthermore, you can replace sugar with condensed milk. this helps to give nice flavor and thickness.
  3. Additionally, to prepare badam kulfi, add chopped badam pieces. or you can also add badam powder.
  4. most noteworthy, use a thick bottomed pan and keep stirring in between. else there are chances for milk to burn.
  5. finally, you can also use ice cream popsicles or kulfi molds to prepare perfect kulfis as served in restaurants.
  6. I added a few drops of color since I heard artificial food color isn’t good for health this is the reason my pista kulfi isn’t looking green 
  7. I always avoid adding more colors in the meal if my mango ice-cream recipe has passed by your sight you would have seen my ice-cream isn’t looking yellow as compared to other mango ice-cream recipes likewise, my kulfi isn’t looking green
  8. But you can add more color if you want to give it to green color
  9. The rest of the taste of kulfi is quite the same as the market kulfi Alhamdulilah

For the best result follow my detailed step by step photo instructions and tips

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To make this pista kulfi firstly chop the pistachio

Then in a thick bottomed pan or non-stick pan pour the milk and bring to a boil on the medium flame. Once the milk comes to a boil add green cardamom powder

Give a good stir the milk by adding sugar until sugar is dissolved,Next, add khoya to the milk and give a good stir_Furthermore, simmer the milk for 30 minutes and keep on stirring in between

Additionally, add chopped pistachio in the milk_Stir to combine well, Simmer for 5-10 minutes or till the milk thickens completely

Towards the end drizzle some green color in the mixture

Mix it up_And allow the thickened milk to cool completely, this may take at least an hour_After the milk mixture is cooled completely, Keep in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours

Take out the milk mixture  from the fridge_Whisk the milk with the help of a whisker for 2-3 minutes

Now take a mold or plastic glass and fill it with the mixture_Fill each mold with the mixture and sprinkle some additional pistachio if you want

Cover the mixture with the lid, And keep in the deep freezer for at least 8-10 hours minimum_For a better result leave it for 12 hours

Once the kulfi is set completely, Take them out of the fridge_Then slowly warm up by rubbing in between your hands. you can also dip in warm water_Gently remove the kulfi from the mold/glass

At the time of serving can garnish the kulfi with a few chopped pistachio                     


Finally, serve immediately kulfi