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Fried Bhindi Bhujia Recipe


Fried Bhindi Bhujia | Masala Bhindi || How to Make Fried Bhindi with step-by-step photos and video

I added a video of another fried bhindi version in this post  hopefully you all enjoy watching my other effort 

Fried Bhindi  is fried spicy fried bhindi bhujia, and it is one of the best side dishes, it is also the easiest and most tasty recipe that is my own family’s version, my mother used to cook it with dal rice, and is great as a side dish with the combination of dal roti and khichdi 

I just learned this amazing tasty fried bhindi bhujia from her, one thing is more I would like to share with all that when I was little, first of all, I would like to share it I was a non-vegetarian person

I never liked to eat ladyfingers or any other type of veggie, whether it was made in any form, but my mother used to force me to have this but I always clearly refused her, then my mother became so tired and left to say you should include veggies also in your diet,
One day she cooked fried bhujia and went to offer to pray, then I went off into the kitchen and just picked one slice of this then remained surprised after having one piece of this delicious bhujia, so yummy and mouthwatering :) since then I started eating veggies :)   


Bhindi can be made in many ways it can just be fried in several ways and also into curries in several different ways and it is mostly used to make different kinds of fried varieties or curry varieties. It is never used in combination with other vegetables and it is only combined with potatoes rarely

This yummy fried bhujia is prepared with some basic seasoning and tomato, a quick and easy side dish
Note: this ladyfingers bhujia is cooked only with extra oil,
Water won't be added to this recipe

Hardly takes 15 minutes to the quick recipe as another vegetable

My Latest Video Bhindi Fry Masala Recipe :

Important points to remember while making bhindi:
  1. Bhindi is a very sticky vegetable and it often gets sticky while cutting or chopping.
  2. One should always wash bhindi first, then wipe it with a cloth until it gets dry and free from any moisture. This is an important step to make bhindi. The next step is to chop off its head and tail. Then chop it into pieces.
  3. If you cut bhindi or a lady's finger directly after washing and without wiping it dry, the whole curry or sabzi turns sticky.
  4. Please take care of these tips while making any form of Bhindi                      


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Take all the ingredients and prepare them all


In a pot pour oil and heat it


Then put chopped bhindi, onion, and green chilies in the pot


Now add powdered spices


    Stir to mix them well and then add tomato
    Mix it further and cover it, let it cook over the low-medium flame for 15-20 minutes, and keep stirring occasionally


    Now bhindi bhujia is ready to serve with dal chawal (rice)bagara rice and chapati


    Fried Bhindi Bhujia is fried, spicy bhindi bhujia, it is one of the best side dishes, and it is also the easiest and most tasty recipe that is my own family’s version.....

    1. 300g, ladyfingers/bhindi
    2. 1 medium, onion sliced
    3. 3-4, green chilies
    4. Salt to taste
    5. 1 tsp, crushed red chili
    6. ½ tsp, cumin seeds
    7. 1 medium, tomato sliced
    8. 1/3 tsp, turmeric powder
    9. ½ cup, of oil
    How to make Fried Bhindi?
    1. Take a medium pot
    2. Pour oil and heat it
    3. Now add bhindi, onion, and green chilies together to the pot
    4. Stir to mix well
    5. Then add crushed red chili, turmeric powder, salt, cumin seeds
    6. Further, stir to mix well
    7. Now add tomato
    8. Stir to combine well and cover the lid
    9. Let it cook over the low-medium flame for 15-20 minutes
    10. Keep stirring occasionally
    11. Now bhindi bhujia is ready to serve with dal chawal (rice)bagara rice and chapati
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