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Chana Pulao Recipe


Chana pulao | Kabuli Pulao || How to make Chana
Rice with step by step photos 

Chana Pulao is one of the most popular dishes in Pakistani and Indian cuisine, a tasty and very simple dish, As chana (chickpeas)is rich in protein and fiber, this pulao is very healthy, it also makes a perfect lunch box recipe 
The Kabuli Chana Pulao can be served

Kabuli chana pulao is served with mixed vegetable 
raitasalad, and kabab or any type of pickles_Kabuli chana pulao has to be prepared with

Basmati rice and ghee, I have mentioned in my previous post all  traditional dishes are prepared with ghee it helps enhance the real taste of the following dishes, For the rest, if you have any health issues you can skip ghee from your recipes

Chana pulao is wholesome and full of rustic flavor. more often I have been cooking chana pulao at home, you must try once from my recipe I hope you will love it,
Note: Firstly will be cooked chana (chickpeas) but if you have leftover chana or frozen can be added you can use canned chickpeas too       

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Rinse and soak the chana in enough water by adding 1 tsp baking soda for overnight_Drain them well and rinse under the running water, put the chana (chickpeas) in the pressure cooker
Add 2 cups water and 4-5 pinch soda and salt
Bring it to a boil then close the lid of the pressure cooker, let it cook for about 20 minutes after begins whistling  


Meantime rinse the rice very well in water till the water runs clear of starch_Soak the rice in enough water for 2 hours


In the hot pan put caraway seeds, star anise, and cinnamon dry roast them slightly_Grind them coarsely keep aside


Slice the onions and boil 3 cups of water in a separate saucepan for cooking rice


In a pot heat ghee or oil, then add onion slices saute it for 2-3 minutes over medium flame_Then add whole spices, Saute the whole spices with onion till turns to a golden brown, then add ginger garlic paste and splash some water, keep stirring until aroma arose 

    Now add boiled chickpeas, fry them with onion for a minute on medium flame

    Add green chilies and salt, stir to mix well

      Now put soaked and drained rice into the chana

        Keep stirring for 2 minutes

        Now pour hot and boiled 3 cups water for 2.5 cups rice, now you can adjust salt at this stage_Bring to boil then, cover the lid for 2-3 minutes

        After 2-3 minutes add special chana masala 

          Stir to mix with rice carefully and simmer it for 10 minutes

          Now chana pulao is done

          Chana pulao is done, transfer to the serving plate

          Serve hot with raitapickles, and salad 

          Sindhi Beef Biryani Recipe

          sindhi biryani recipe with step by step photos

          Sindhi Beef Biryani || Beef Biryani || How to Make Sindhi Biryani with step by step photos

          Sindhi Biryani is a special meat and rice biryani dish originating from the Sindh province of Pakistan. Owing to its popularity, it forms one of the most consumed dishes of Pakistani cuisine and Sindhi cuisine.it is served in all Pakistani flights to the passengers
          Biryani has a total of 130 types, People cook it in their own style and according to taste. Sindhi biryani is one of them initially this recipe had been cooking in a simple way by adding few spices. when it spread across Pakistan then gradually people started to bring some variation in the recipe. now it is similar to all other types of biryani with a bit of difference
          sindhi beef biryani recipe

          In my previous post, I have given the Sindhi biryani masala powder recipe. today I’m sharing the Sindhi beef biryani recipe using homemade Sindhi biryani masala powder you can make with chicken, mutton, or lamb. it's up to you. what you want to use you can as desired it has a lengthy preparation, but the work is definitely worth it.
          Sindhi beef biryani is a very tasty and spicy recipe. main ingredients are beef, rice, and masala powder. Basically, Sindhi biryani is a combination of a few vegetables, spicy meat, and long grain rice in which the layers are applied to each other.                                   
          how to make sindhi biryani

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          sindhi biryani recipe

          Take a pan to add ghee heat it well, fry onions in hot oil/ghee until lightly golden.

          Add meat and garlic paste. Stir fry for 4-5 minutes on high heat. after 4-5 minutes add homemade Sindhi biryani masala powder, homemade yogurt, grated ginger, some tomato slices, green chilies, and stir fry for 5 minutes


          Meanwhile, in a separate bowl add potatoes then sprinkle some food color mix it keep aside


          Add water (beef/lamb/mutton 4 cups, chicken 2 cups


          Bring it to a boil then cover and cook on low heat until meat is tender. When cooked there should be about two cups of gravy left (If less add water if more increase heat

          Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a big saucepan. Add cumin seeds and all whole garam masala listed above “For Rice”, and add salt to taste. 

          Cook the rice till ¾ done (Note: it takes 5-8 mins approx. depending upon the rice variety you’re using, so cook accordingly.) and then remove and drain thoroughly
          For the best result rice was cooked 2 hours before layering.

            Place remaining sliced tomatoes and green chilies, fresh coriander and mint leaves, lemon slices over the meat.
            Do not mix meat and green masala. Cover and cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Do not stir. Spread half-cooked rice evenly over meat. Repeat the same process of #1 

            Spread remaining half-cooked rice on top of the first layer 
            Then sprinkle some brown onion, food color and saffron thread, biryani essence, mint coriander, green chili on top of the rice, Do not mix rice and meat. Cover and let it simmer on low heat until rice is tender (5-10 minutes


            Mix before serving


            Now Sindhi biryani is ready to serve with mixed vegetable raitaplain raita, and salad.
            Note: I always prefer using ghee with traditional dishes ghee makes tasty and aromatic if you have health issues then you can skip and use oil    

            sindhi beef biryani recipe

            Bombay Biryani Recipe


            Bombay Biryani |  Mutton Biryani | How to Make Bombay Biryani Recipe with step by step photos

            Bombay Biryani A world-renowned Indian dish,” Bombay Biryani” Spicy, hot and flavorsome rice layered with lamb or chicken with potatoes. Bombay Biryani is a classic Southeast Asian meat and condiment pulao (rice) dish
            Biryani Takes time and practice to make but is worth every bit
            of the effort, Long grained rice like basmati flavored with exotic spices such as  saffron is layered with lamb, chicken, fish, beef, and mutton cooked in a thick gravy is layered with some garnishing and  covered the lid to cook more on simmering over low heat

            The taste is a little mild as compared to other types of biryani like Sindhi biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, or chicken biryani, Traditionally cooked in layers of basmati rice and marinated chicken along with potatoes in classic biryani spices   

            But here I did variation and cook in my own style with the mutton meat instead of chicken neither add potatoes in this recipe because the potato isn’t coming good in taste nowadays so I have to skip but if you want to add you can, This Tasty and simple Biryani usually is served with mixed vegetable raitaonion salad along with the green sauce
            So let the go-ahead to know How to make the Bombay biryani Recipe

            Recipe tips:
            1. To prepare this recipe you cook first rice about 2-3 hours before layering the biryani
            2. If you do not make sure that you can handle basmati rice then can be used seela basmati rice instead of long-grain basmati
            3. If you are using chicken meat don’t add water to cook korma chicken meat is so fragile easily can shred after being mixed with rice
            4. Always use a large capacity pot for cooking biryani your rice grain won’t break
            5. At the time of boiling rice add 1 tsp white vinegar they won’t stick to each other        

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              Firstly rinse the rice and soak in the warm water for at least 2 hours, rinse the mutton under the running water, Take all ingredients and prepare them


              Dissolve food color and saffron in the little warm milk set aside


              Whisk the yogurt and add biryani masala powder then mix well keep aside_Fry the onions for garnishing


              Firstly in the pot add all whole spices and salt bring it to boil then add drained and soaked rice, Cook the rice about 75% done then drain them out through colander and pass through the cold water


              Leave the rice under the running fan for 2 hours


              Meantime heat the ghee in the cooker then fry onions slices, fry the onions till turns to the brown then put mutton pieces


              Fry the mutton till changes it's color then add ginger garlic paste along with spiced yogurt stir to combine well


              Now add tomato slices, roast the mutton pieces with the spices till oil is separated 


              Pour hot and boiled water into the mutton korma, bring it to boil then close the pressure cooker lid and allow to cook it till meat is tender, it will take around 20 minutes maximum 


              In the large-capacity heavy bottom pot place the first layer of meat than rice on top of korma, lay the layer of tomato slices and lemon slices, sprinkle some fried onions on top of rice then again spread mutton korma over rice for the second layer


              Spread the second layer of rice on top of mutton korma then sprinkle remaining garnish along with drizzle some food color and biryani essence, cover the lid and make the steam on high heat then reduce the heat to low and simmer it around 10-12 minutes, Remove from the heat and leave it for 15 minutes for cooling down 


              Transfer to the serving dish/plate and serve hot with raita


              Bombay biryani can be served with vegetable raita and salad along with the green sauce