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Bagara Rice Recipe


Bagara Rice | Flavoured Rice || How to Make Bagara Rice with step-by-step photos 

Bagara Rice is a flavorful version of rice made with Basmati rice and fried onion. This recipe is from the popular Hyderabadi Cuisine from India. Which is known for its unique rich flavored vegetarian dishes? This cuisine has been influenced by Arab, Mughal, and Indian cuisine.

The Bagara rice recipe is simple and easy to make and still tastes like a professional chef's. This is not much popular in regular Pakistani restaurants  You don’t need to search for Pakistani restaurants to eat this food as you can make it by yourself in your kitchen. In comfort adjust the flavors to your preferences. Bagara rice with sprinkled fried onions on the top…yummm..without any further thinking, I can surrender myself.


I bet you this rice could be a better dish for a weeknight dinner. The perfect Bagara rice combination curry would be Bagara Baingan or this Instant pot potato curry. Bagara Khana would be awesome to eat with chicken curry or mutton curry. Other side dishes for this simple bagara rice are bagara baingan Mirchi ka salan and tomato chutney

What is Bagara Rice?

The Bagara Rice recipe is a less spicy version of Biryani without vegetables, meat, or masalas. Which is also called bagara khana or bagara chawal in Pakistan known for its Mughal cuisine. If you are running out of time or wish to make simpler everyday food, then this recipe might be your best choice.

Though it is simpler to make, it is equally as good as Biryani. A spicier accompanied side dish elevates the flavor of this Bagara Rice. It gives the full satisfying feeling of having special biryani still made in a vegan way.

  1. To make the perfect recipe  soak the rice at least for 2 hours
  2. Pour water equal to the rice quantity 
  3. Long-grain rice is the best for using bagara rice 
  4. For enhancing an aromatic taste can be cooked rice in pure ghee/vanaspati ghee 
  5. To give a nice brownish color to rice fry the onion until turns to a golden brown color

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Firstly wash the rice thoroughly under running water, soak it for 2 hours keep it aside

Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Boil 2.5 cups of water in a saucepan for 2 ½ cups of rice
Note: if your rice isn’t enough soaked then you use 1.5 cups of water for 1 cup of rice


      Add ghee and heat it, now add onion slices and fry it until light golden brown  

      Then add ginger garlic paste sauté it for a minute then add 2 tbsp water, Stir it now add black peppercorn, cumin seeds, cinnamon, bay leaf, green cardamom, and salt

      Stir it for a minute then add the drained rice and stir it well until the aroma arose. 
      Then add coriander leaves and green chili and mix them slightly, now add hot and boiled water, stir to mix well, and cover the lid

      Let it cook until pits/holes start appearing on top of the rice, now reduce the flame to low and sprinkle fried brown onion on top of the rice          

      Simmer the rice over a very low flame for 10 minutes. then turn off the flame

      Now Bagara Rice is ready. transfer to the serving dish 

      Bagara rice can be served with saladcurry dal, and raita


      Aloo Matar Tahari Recipe


      Aloo Matar Tahari | Aloo Matar Pulao | How to Make Aloo Ki Tahari Recipe with step by step photos

      Aloo Matar Tahari is a simple vegetarian one-pot dish made Right now, I just want to share this delicious tahari recipe with you, it is a basic combination of  rice, and potato with peas that can be added to vegetables by your choice even be added chicken, beef, or mutton for enhancing the taste additionally can be added stock as well

      It’s simple and delicious rice that normally is served with raita and salad or kabab etc it is one of my favorite meals that I like to have with raita and chutney. Tahari is prepared from Basmati rice or Ponia rice,ponia rice is a kind of basmati that is a bit broken up by a grain of rice. so here I am using ponia rice for making tahari. I am not using any stock or meat in it but you can as desired, So let's begin 

      Quantity of Water in Rice:
      For soaked rice 1 cup of water for 1 cup of rice
      For Unsoaked rice 1.5 cups of water for 1 cup of rice

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      Firstly soak the rice in warm water for 2 hours, take all ingredients, and prepare them all 


      Boil 6 cups of water for add the rice



        In the pot heat the oil, add onion slices, and saute for 2-3 minutes, then add whole spices, Fry with onion for a minute, then add tomatoes, mix them with onions and whole spices, and allow to cook for 2 minutes until tomatoes are soft


          Start to add spices and stir to mix well, splash some water if spices are sticking to the base of the pot, then add citric acid, green chilies, and curry leaves, stir them well


          Now add beaten yogurt, and stir to mix them until aroma arises, put peas and potatoes, and mix them well for a minute



          Now add water, bring to a boil, cover the lid, and let them cook till vegetables are soft


            Add soaked and drained rice, stir them well over low-medium heat, then pour hot and boiled water

              Bring to a boil and cover the lid, allow to cook them around 5 minutes over medium-high heat till the water has evaporated 


              Once the water has evaporated, reduce the heat and sprinkle coriander leaves, simmer it for another 5 minutes over very low heat


              Remove from the heat, and rest it for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes transfer to the serving dish, aloo matar Tahari is ready to serve with raita and saladchutney 

                Chana Dal Khichdi Recipe

                Chana dal khichdi
                 || Khichdi Recipe || How to make Khichdi with step-by-step photos

                Khichdi is a combination of rice and lentils along with some basic spices an easy, simple, and tasty recipe to make during hot weather the taste of this khichdi is very light and flavourful. 

                I have often made this rice with dal when I don't feel like having oily and spicy food or want to quick and easy recipe I used chana dal to make this recipe you can use moong, or Malka masoor instead of chana dal by choice it makes a great lunch for you and your kids this taste is so yummy can be served with mixed vegetable raita, or any curries. pickles, and salad

                Even if anyone is not well at your home you can give them soft and light food with light flavor is the best diet for unwell people, I used Ponia basmati rice for khichdi but you can use any good quality basmati rice, however, the taste of any Rice dish depends on rice quality. so let's begin 


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                  Firstly soak rice and lentils in warm water for 1 hour


                  Put the soaked lentil in the saucepan pour water and ¼ tsp turmeric powder, Let it cook over medium flame till the lentil (dal) is cooked keep aside, Chop the onion and tomatoes set aside


                    Heat ghee in the pot

                      Add onion slices and fry them till turn pink color, Then add ginger garlic paste and sauté it for a minute, add whole spices and mix them slightly

                        Now add boiled chana dal, tomato, green chilies salt, and turmeric powder_Stir to mix well

                          Then add soaked rice, stir to combine well pour 4 cups hot and boiled water in it, stir slightly

                            Bring it to a boil, at this time you can adjust the salt to taste, cover the lid, and let it cook for around 5-6 minutes when small pits on top of the rice reduce the flame to low

                            Cover the lid again and allow to simmer for around 5 minutes on a very low flame

                            Dal chana rice khichdi is served with raitapickle, or salad