Chicken Pulao Recipe - Yummy Traditional

Chicken Pulao Recipe

chicken pulao recipe with step by step photos

Chicken Pulao || Pulao Recipe || How to Make Pulao Rice with step-by-step photos.... 

Chicken Pulao is one pot flavored chicken cooked with some essential spices, pulao is a delicious dish made of basmati rice, which is mildly spiced and it's not heavy like chicken is best served with mix vegetable raita and salad

This chicken pulao is super easy to make for lunch or dinner even for unexpected guests, this recipe is also so tasteful and delicious as well as aromatic_Chicken Paulo is a traditional Pakistani recipe,.There are so many varieties of chicken pulao recipes here I am going to make it my own style and Hope you people would like to make it at home too 

pulao rice

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chicken pulao recipe

To prepare this recipe first rinse the chicken pieces under the running water and set them aside    

Soak the basmati rice (long grain) in the water for at least an hour


Grind black peppercorn and  black cardamom in a grinding jar till turns into a fine powder

Now in a large mixing bowl put washed chicken along with ginger garlic paste, yogurt, salt, red chili powder, ground powder, and lemon juice mix them well_Keep in the refrigerator for marination for about 30 minutes


After a while chicken is transferred to the pan add 100 ml water and let it cook for 20-30 minutes
Note, If water remains in the chicken take it out into the mug or small bowl for use as a stock, and set it aside     

Take a saucepan to add 4 cups of water for 4 cups of soaked rice then bring it to a boil, stay on the flame 


Heat the ghee in the large-sized pot now add onion slices and fry it until crispy nice golden brown color 


Take out half the brown onions and spread them on a kitchen towel                 


Now in the remaining onions add whole spices and then add soaked rice and salt_Stir to mix well until aroma arose,        
Now pour boiled and hot water and adjusts the salt at this stage ( be careful adding salt because the chicken has been added salt already.

After a few minutes remove the lid and when it is half done at this time add boiled chicken, mint, and green chili and stir slightly. And sprinkle food color, and biryani essence over rice, simmer it for 15 minutes on low flame remove the lid 


Transfer to the serving dish and sprinkle some brown onion on top of Chicken Pulao_Now ready to serve with mixed veggie raita                     

how to make chicken pulao

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