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Mixed Veggie Raita Recipe


Mixed Veggies Raita | Veggie Raita is the simplest veggies raita recipe that requires just a few ingredients and some chopped veggies. It can lift your meal to several notches. I serve veggie raita with parathas, pulao chicken biryanikhichdi,tehari and just about everything.

It makes for a wholesome and delicious side dish and can be rustled in a jiffy, mix Veggie raita is very delicious and healthy Recipe as well, it is a healthy meal, full of nutrients and energetic side dish so let's begin with step by step photos...
Recipe tips:
  1. You can add any vegetable or herb that you like. Just make sure they are finely chopped or grated. Grated carrot is good. So is finely chopped capsicum and cucumber. Potato if used must be boiled.
  2. Use either green chilly or red chili powder. If you don't want any heat in your dish, just skip both.
  3. Black salt really adds to the flavor so try to add it. If for some reason, you don't like it, you can just substitute with common salt.
  4. This will stay in the fridge till evening. Best to serve and consume it fresh.
    Preparation of making mixed veggies raita:


    Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies

    In a bowl whisk the yogurt very well till turns to smooth texture.... 

    Keep whisking by adding all spices and milk 


    Now Mix all chopped veggies with yogurt, adjust salt and pepper, you can do less or more according to the taste


    Now ready to serve with biryanipulaotahariand khichdi  


      How to make the recipe?

      This is the simplest veggie raita recipe that requires just a few ingredients and some chopped veggies. 

      1. 250g, homemade yogurt   
      2. 1 tsp, black Peppercorn freshly crushed or ground)
      3. Salt to taste              
      4. 2 tbsp, Milk                                       
      5. 1/3 cup, cucumber chopped
      6. ¼ cup, carrot chopped
      7. 3, green chilies finely chopped
      8. 1 tbsp, reddish chopped
      9. 1 tbsp, coriander leaves                 
      10. 1/3 cup, onions chopped
      11. ½ tbsp.,lettuce  chopped
      12. 1/3 cup, cabbage grated
      13. 1/3 cup, tomatoes  chopped
      14. I tsp, garlic powder 
      15. 1 tsp, homemade chaat masala                  
      1. Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies 
      2. Chop and grate all vegetables 
      3. In a Bowl add yogurt whisk it very well till turns to smooth texture 
      4. Add garlic powder, black pepper, salt, chaat masala, milk beat again
      5. Stir to mix well
      6. Then add all chopped veggies cucumber, carrots, chilies, onion, reddish, coriander leaves, tomatoes and lettuce in spiced yogurt and stir to combine well
      7. Transfer to a serving bowl
      8. Check salt and pepper You can do less or more according to the taste
      9. Now Ready to serve with biryaniPulaotahariand khichdi 
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