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Cumin Raita Recipe


Cumin Raita | Zeera Raita || How to Make Cumin Raita with step-by-step photos 

Cumin Raita is simple at its best made with a few minimal ingredients very simple and healthy recipe in which you can add cucumber, onions, fresh coriander leaves, and green chilies as well as can be kept plain raita as desired
Additionally, cumin has many health benefits, it is good for digestion boosts immunity, and is also good for the skin, you can serve it as a dip with snacks even served with any pulao or biryani you can also have raita along with some dalroti or sabzi

used homemade yogurt which recipe you will get in my previous posts so let's begin 

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    Take a medium-sized mixing bowl and put yogurt


    Now add salt and garlic powder


    Whisk it again Keep aside

    On the other hand, dry roast cumin and black pepper in the pan and grind them together until a fine powder

    dry-roast-cumin-and- black pepper-for-raita

    Then add to the raita  bowl


    Stir to well combined, you can add a bit amount of water as desired but I don’t prefer to add water to the raita


    Now transfer to the serving bowl, cumin raita is done to serve with biryanitahari, or any type of rice

    Hara Lehsun Chutney Recipe


    Hara Lehsun Chutney | Spring Garlic Chutney || How to make hara lehsun chutney with step-by-step photos

    Hara lehsun chutney is a bit spicy aromatic and delicious recipe if you like the garlic taste then you should try this one green lehsun chutney

    The best thing about spring garlic is that it is not strong and pungent like mature garlic. Spring garlic has this mellow quality about it that is not overpowering; the flavors are subtle yet distinctively garlicky.

    Chopped hara lehsun chutney is prepared with just 4 ingredients ingredients are spring garlic, green chili, mustard oil, and salt quick and easy recipe that can enhance the taste of your meal, as well as  relish the flavor of its leaves


    Hara lehsun comes in the winter season not available throughout the year like mature garlic, though mature garlic before grown up is a form of spring garlic, it is mainly can be called baby garlic, I didn’t grind it like chutney I just chop and prepare it with mustard oil 


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    Finely Chop the spring garlic and green chilies, and wash them in a colander


    Put into bottle or jar


    Add salt to the garlic


    Pour mustard oil into the garlic


    Mix well until everything is incorporated


    Spring garlic chutney is done


    Close the lid of the bottle, and spring garlic is ready to serve


    Spring onion chutney is served
    with dal chawalroti, and dal gosht or any flavored rice


    Dahi Chutney Recipe


    Dahi chutney | Dahi ki chutney | Spiced Yogurt dip With step-by-step photos 


    Dahi chutney is a spiced and flavored yogurt sauce made with a few basic spices and herbs. it is popular as a side dish with biryani and pulao or as a dip with fried fish and fried chicken.


    This chutney resembles green raita chutney.it is an excellent condiment or a dip for most Pakistani snacks or deep-fried fritters. the taste of this chutney is a combination of mild and spice taste with a mint flavor




    Additionally, I have already shared green raita chutneyquick spicy raita, and cumin raita on my blog. This is another easy and simple version of Dahi chutney, this yogurt chutney can work with boondi, Dahi bhale, chana chat


    For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo

    instructions and tips above the recipe card


    Recipe notes:

    1. I used homemade yogurt for this recipe and I would like to strongly recommend the same for this recipe
    2. Having said that, if you are running short of time then you can use store-bought yogurt
    3. For additional ingredients, I used milk instead of water. milk maintains the yogurt taste whereas water has thin consistency and lowers the taste of yogurt
    4. I have just used a few leaves of mint to bring the mint flavors into the chutney.don’t use coriander or a large amount of mint as Dahi the chutney will become like a green raita chutney


    For more similar recipes:

    Bun kabab chutney

    Pav kabab chutney

    Hot red chili sauce

    Chilli garlic sauce

    Aloo chutney


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    Combine green chilies, mint leaves, and milk in the grinding jug.



    Blend them together very well 



    Next, take a mixing bowl to add yogurt



    Whisk it for 2-3 minutes with the help of a hand whisker



    Add cornflour to the beaten yogurt and mix until getting the smooth texture of the yogurt. 



    Cornflour brings smoothness to yogurt



    Next, add garlic powder. cumin powder, black pepper powder, and salt



    Whisk smooth making sure the yogurt blends well with spices.



    Lastly, pour the milk mixture with spiced yogurt



    Stir to combine them together



    Dahi chutney is ready



    Finally, serve Dahi chutney with different meals and cutlets


    Green Raita Chutney Recipe

    Green raita chutney recipe with step by step photos

    Green Raita|Green Raita Chutney || How to make cumin raita with step-by-step photos...

    Cumin raita is a yogurt-based condiment that can help douse the fire if a dish is just a little too hot and spicy.
    This raita is made of yogurt with some veggies like coriander leaves, mint, green chilies, and garlic, it can be used as a sauce or a dip, this raita is made with coriander and mint leaves along with green chilies and garlic the main ingredient of this chutney is yogurt

    A thick and creamy texture mainly comes from yogurt which is mixed with green chutney and can be used with many more snacks like cholay chaatsamosa chaatladdu path

    Green raita

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    green raita chutney

    Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies

    Put all ingredients in the blender jug, and blend it well until  smooth texture, once green spices are well ground then add yogurt and blend it further till turns to a smooth texture  

    Pour it out into the bowl, at this stage, you can adjust the salt


    Now ready to use in recipes or can be served with samosachaat, and pagoda
    how to make grren raita

    Garlic Chilli Chutney Recipe


    Garlic Chilli Chutney ||Chilli Garlic Chutney || How to Make Garlic Chilli Chutney with step-by-step photos and Video...

    Garlic Chilli Chutney is a fiercely hot and tangy sauce, very easy and simple sauce is prepared with garlic, dry whole red chilies along some basic spices, It has more flavor and effectively enhances the taste of any food alongside this is a side dish of any snack items

    This homemade chili garlic sauce recipe packs all the same fiery flavor as the spicy condiment found at restaurants.
    Making your chili garlic sauce allows you to adjust the flavoring, adding sweetness to offset the heat or additional vinegar to bring out another dimension, this is a very flavourful and aromatic sauce but to make this sauce first has to be acted upon over these safety rules 

    My Latest Garlic Chili Chutney:

    Precaution Tips:
    1. Peppers, even dried ones reconstituted in water, contain oils that can burn sensitive skin. These oils don’t wash off easily, which means once they’re on your hands, it’s only a matter of time before you rub your eye or nose and wind up in tears.
    2. So, wear a pair of powder-free nitrile gloves or, if you don’t have any, slather your hands with butter before you begin working. The butter will act as a barrier between your skin and the peppers’ oils, which will come off your hands when you wash them.

    Protect Your Eyes and Mouth, Too
    Consider eye protection. This isn’t just about the occasional pepper squirting directly at your eye, which is a definite risk when you’re working with a pound of them. It’s also to protect you from the danger of forgetting that you’re working with hot peppers and rubbing your eye — you’ll poke your glasses instead.

    Breathe through your mouth.
    I learned this the hard way: when you’re standing over your food processor whirring a pound of chili peppers, they are going to be fumed. Lots of fumes. Taking a deep breath through your nose at that point might clear your sinuses momentarily, as it did mine.
    Then it will produce an incredible burning pain that will lead to congestion like you’ve never known before. Protect yourself by breathing through your mouth!


    Use Milk to Banish the Burn
    If you’ve ignored all of the tips above and wind up with burning hands, whole milk will ease the pain. MythBusters put a variety of treatments for pepper burns to the test and found that whole milk works best, whether applied to the skin or guzzled down after eating something spicy.
    Hopefully, these tips haven’t scared you off because this recipe is simple to make and incredibly delicious whether you use dried peppers or fresh ones.

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    chili garlic chutney

    To make this recipe firstly we soak the dry whole chilies in warm water for an hour

    Remove the skin of the whole garlic clove

    In a blender jar put peeled garlic with spices and blend them till turn the smooth texture 


    Take one saucepan to add 1 tbsp oil..heat the oil and pour all the garlic mixture into the saucepan

    Saute the mixture on low flame till the rawness disappears

    Take it out in the bowl/bottle
    Now garlic sauce is done to serve
    with kebabcutletpakorasamosaaloo paratha It's rapidly replacing ketchup


    You could use this chutney for a week under refrigeration.