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Tomato Puree Recipe


Tomato purée | Tomato paste || How to Make Tomato Puree with step by step photos and video....

Tomato Puree is a cooking essential you might be missing. Simpler and a bit thicker than its flavorful cousin, tomato sauce, tomato purée is a fast way to quickly prepare and freeze a bushel of fresh tomatoes for future cooking. Tomato purée can be turned into tomato sauce or tomato soup. It can be used to cook different meals, all you need is a knife, a blender, and a little bit of time to stock your freezer with tomato purée to use year-round. 
It is quick and an easy to make at home, it can make easier your life and save your time too, Tomato puree is one of the most important ingredients our in everyday cookingIt is one of the very basic cooking ingredientss and making it at home from farm fresh tomatoes 

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It is as easy as counting 1,2,3… Don’t believe us? keep reading…In essence, it’s just a 3 step process – Blanch, Peel, and Crush. Blanching is a process to first partially cook vegetables like tomato, onion, spinach, flower, etc. in hot boiling water for a few minutes and then immediately transferring them to cold water. 

This hot to cold water transfer process makes skin peeling easier and it preserves the color, taste, and nutrition of vegetables. This homemade tomato puree recipe also has step by step photos to make tomato blanching process easy to understand and follow.


You can use fresh tomato purée right away, or you can freeze it for long-term storage. Feel free to use your favorite freezer-friendly storage method, but I prefer zip-top freezer bags, as they freeze flat (taking up less space) and thaw quickly. Freeze the purée in eight- or 15-ounce increments — that’s the amount required for most recipes. Label the bags and store them in the freezer for up to six months.

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We Need:


Wash tomatoes and rinse off dirt if any, pour water in the saucepan


Bring water to boil then put tomatoes, let them boil approx 10-12 minutes, Once the tomato skins are split then your tomatoes are done, remove from the flame


    Put into the cold water


      Now just remove the skin


      Then cut the boiled tomatoes into the small pieces


      Puree them in a mixer or with a hand blender to a smooth paste, don’t add water

      Pass them through the strainer and transfer this puree again to the pan


        Add sugar and salt mix them well, then add vinegar, allow it to boil until a thick consistency is reached, towards the end add red food color to bring bright red color, it is optional 


          Let it completely cool down

          Then store it in the airtight container or ziplock bag


            Tomato purée is a cooking essential you might be missing. Simpler and a bit thicker than its flavorful cousin tomato sauce...

            1. 1 kg, tomatoes
            2. ½ cup, white vinegar
            3. 1 tsp, salt
            4. 1 tbsp, sugar 
            5. 3-4 drops, red food color optional
            How to make the tomato puree?
            1. Pour the water into the saucepan
            2. Bring it to boil then add tomatoes
            3. Let them boil approx 5-7 minutes
            4. Once the tomato skins are split then
            5. Your tomatoes are done
            6. Remove from the flame
            7. Now just remove the skin
            8. Then cut the boiled tomatoes into the small pieces
            9. Puree them in a mixer or with a hand blender to a smooth paste
            10. Don’t add water
            11. Pass them through a strainer
            12. Transfer this puree again to the pan 
            13. Add sugar and salt stir to mix them well
            14.  Then add vinegar
            15. Allow it to boil until a thick consistency is reached
            16. Though boiling after the puree is made is optional it helps in the shelf life of tomato puree
            17. Let it completely cool down
            18. Then store it in an airtight container or ziplock bag 
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