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Pav Bhaji Masala Powder Recipe


Pav Bhaji Masala Powder || Bhaji Masala Powder || How to make pav bhaji masala powder with step-by-step photos

Pav Bhaji Masala Powder is one of the most popular street veggie snacks, that is prepared with specific masala powder like red chilies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, bay leaf fennel seeds, and many other spices, this blend of spices is mixed together with mashed vegetables which gives it a mouth-watering aroma and fabulous taste

Pav bhaji is a fast food dish that has gone on to gain fame in the
world over, pav means Bread and Bhaji Refers to a curried

vegetable dish, a serving of pav bhaji consisting of pav and bhaji 
garnished with coriander leaves and butter along with onion sliced with lemon wedges

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Put all whole spices into the pan


Dry Roast them together until well-toasted


Transfer to the grinding jar


Grind all whole spices together for 2 minutes


Then mix powder spices with roasted grinding spices


Grind them once again until mix well


Pav bhaji masala powder is ready to use in recipes


Further, stir to mix well until everything is incorporated, you can store it in the jar or airtight container for 1-2 weeks 


Matar Paratha Recipe

matar paratha recipe with step by step photos and video

Matar Paratha Recipe || Green Peas Paratha || How to Make Matar Paratha with step-by-step photos and video

Matar Paratha or Green Peas Paratha is a crispy, delicious stuffed with spiced mashed flatbread, this matar paratha can be the best choice for breakfast and lunch. but should be avoided during dinner to prevent gas trouble.

Green Peas paratha mainly belongs to Indian cuisine while in Pakistan haven’t seen this stuffed paratha at home. however, a variety of foods are adopted from neighborhood countries especially china, India than other countries in Asia 

green peas paratha

My Latest Matar Paratha Video:

I am also a big fan of Indian snacks and meals.like PAV BHAJI,VADA PAV,BAIGAN BHARTA,MATAR MASALA

GOBI VADA PAV KEEMA whatever names above are mentioned have been posted on my blog already whereas some remain to cook like dosa masala, idli Etc   

For now, I preparing posts on green pea paratha. there are many variations of making matar paratha. here I am sharing a simple and family recipe. this is the simplest version of matar ka paratha made with a few basic spices, pile of spices can’t give you the surety of making delicious food while simple and fewer ingredients make your food delicious and light. more spices, oil, and ghee mean acidity, gastric problems, and heaviness.

how to make matar paratha

Recipe Notes:

Using fresh peas in a green peas paratha will bring taste and flavor to your recipe more than frozen peas.

Here you would be thinking why am I using frozen while giving advice on fresh peas? I tell you the actual thing is that these peas that I used in the recipe were bought two days before as I went off the market so I bought and then peeled them. so you can say it is fresh enough 😊 and if you haven’t any option then make it with frozen peas. this stuffed paratha tastes very good and am making sure everyone loves it 

I used fine flour in a matar paratha to make it more crispy and delicious but you can skip fine flour and use wheat flour if you like and you have a digestion issue

I would recommend using ghee in matar paratha which will make too delicious paratha but here I used oil because am on a diet so avoid ghee and use olive oil. if you don’t have health issues use ghee in making matar ka paratha 


green peas paratha

To Make Puffy green peas paratha, knead the dough medium soft and firm. if you knead the dough too soft matar paratha will tear and matar stuffing come out. and if you knead the dough too hard it will be hard to roll out and will make hard paratha  

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green peas paratha

How to make Matar Paratha?

Peel the green peas chopped green chilies and ginger


preparation for matar paratha

Combine the flour, oil, and salt mix and start kneading the dough by adding water little by little to a medium-soft dough. 


green peas paratha

Cover and keep aside


how to make matar paratha

Take a pan add 1 tbsp olive oil and heat it.put cumin seeds and let them crackle for a minute then add chopped ginger and green chilies. saute it for a minute. 
matar paratha recipe

Once the aroma arises add onion and sauté them with spices for 2 minutes or until the onion gets soft 
green peas paratha recipe

Add frozen/fresh green peas and keep stirring on low-medium flame.
how to make matar paratha

Then add salt, and red chili powder then mix them well. cover it and allow to cook in steam (don’t add water)

Remove the cover and add lemon juice then mix well and cover it give it another 2-3 minutes more now stuffing is ready. leave it aside for a bit to cool down


matar paratha recipe

Grind the pea masala to a fine paste because coarsely ground peas may tear the paratha while rolling                                          

green peas paratha

Knead the dough again for a minute and divide the dough portion into equal sizes. flatten each portion between the palm and shape it into a bowl, then place 1-2 tbsp stuffing in it. 
matar ka paratha

Gather it for all sides and seal it firmly in the center. Gently press the stuffed dough ball and keep it aside. work on all dough portions as before 

peas paratha

Dust over the rolling board or working surface then carefully begin to roll around 5-6 inches in round shape, rolled paratha should be ½ inch thick, don’t roll thin otherwise, it becomes hard and won’t be puffy 


matar paratha recipe

Preheat the tawa/griddle on high flame then put the rolled paratha on it. cook the paratha on medium-high flame once bubbles on the roti flip it and drizzle the oil/ghee over the paratha (butter also can be used)


green peas paratha

Spread the oil with the help of a spatula and keep rotating and flipping the paratha over the tawa to cook evenly until nicely golden brown color and puffy 


green peas paratha
how to make matar paratha

Once golden take it off the tawa and transfer it onto the serving plate


green peas paratha

Serve hot matar paratha with MASALA CHAI or DOODH PATTI      


Gobi Paratha Recipe

Gobi Paratha recipe with step by step photos

Gobi Paratha | Stuffed Flatbread || How to make Gobi Paratha with step-by-step photos and video

Gobi Paratha is a type of paratha or parantha (flatbread), originating from the Indian subcontinent, that is stuffed with flavored cauliflower and vegetables.it is popular paratha along with mooli paratha and dal paratha

Gobi paratha is often made for breakfast in Punjabi homes, but I made it for dinner, I first learned how to make gobi paratha from my friend, I know how to make aloo paratha but not gobi paratha

I always thought making gobi paratha is difficult and honestly never ever tried to make it, Hopefully, you would like my this effort kindly give me feedback must, unfortunately, 
I didn’t get any signal feedback yet from all my readers even then I didn’t leave my efforts regarding sharing cooking recipes,

My Latest Video Gobi Paratha:


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To prepare this recipe first we will prepare dough for parathas take a large size bowl put fine atta along with salt as required mix well, add water as required, knead the fine flour with water as a smooth dough, cover, and keep aside for 20-30 minutes


Cut and rinse the cauliflower, and then grate the gobi pieces using a fine hand grater, keep the grated cauliflower in a bowl/plate


Rinse and chop fresh green and red chilies, rinse and chop ginger, freshly squeezed lemon juice


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Pour oil and heat it then add cumin seeds, let it crackle for a few seconds then add ginger and green chilies to the pan


Saute them for 2 minutes on medium flame, then add grated gobi and mix well


Start to now add dried spices powder, stir to mix well on medium-low heat


Keep stirring for 5 minutes, cover the lid then cook gobi on low-medium heat


Remove the lid and add lemon juice and coriander leaves, mix well further then let it cool down completely


Divide equal balls of the dough, take 2 balls, and flatten them between your palm


Roll the 2 dough balls in equal size, and apply ghee over one of the rolled discs 


Sprinkle some flour dust then spread gobi mixture, cover with other rolled disc


Slightly press and seal edges very well


Heat the Tawa/skillet or flat pan and put gobi paratha on hot Tawa, cook the paratha about 1/4, when the bottom side is cooked flip the gobi paratha and apply ghee on the cooked side


Flip the side and apply ghee and further cook until golden brownish color appear over the gobi paratha, make sure the gobi paratha is cooked evenly and well golden browned, and repeat the same process with all remaining parathas


Gobi Paratha is ready to hot serve 

Serve gobi paratha hot with pickles or raitagarlic chutney