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Veggie Omelette Recipe


Veggie Omelette | Vegetable Omelette | How to Make Veggie Omelette Recipe with step-by-step photos

Veggie Omelette is one of the delicious and yummy recipes,
A delicious and healthy Veggie Omelet is a perfect and complete meal for your whole day, nothing needs to eat for rest of the day after having this tasty and wholesome breakfast with brown or white bread even with paratha, I prepared this omelet with chopped tomatoes, chili, onion, spring onion, capsicum, and peas 

It can be used as a place for a curry at lunch or dinner, very quick and easy recipe additionally can be added mint leaves, coriander leaves/and parsley for enhanced taste...We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?! It is essential to start your day off right with protein and nutrient-dense vegetables 

My Latest video veggie omelet Recipe:

A really easy and tasty meal packed with bright colorful veggies, so lets the go-ahead to know how to make a veggie omelet 
Tips to Make the Perfect Omelet:
  1. This recipe is for a basic 4-egg omelet. If you want a more-egg omelet, be sure to use a 10-inch pan rather than the 8-inch pan specified in the recipe. 
  2. If you have a non-stick pan, use it. It is the best thing to make omelets in. I have one non-stick pan and I only use it for omelets. 
  3. If you don’t have a non-stick pan, that’s ok, just make sure you take the oiling-the-pan step very seriously.
  4. Another great tool to have is a heat-resistant rubber spatula. It will help you flip like a pro
  5. The trick to these omelets is to cook them over medium-low heat. You don’t want to overcook the eggs at all. You want to make a nice, fluffy egg                                             

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Prepare all veggies onion, green chilies, capsicum, mint, coriander leaves, tomatoes, and spring onion, then shift to the medium-sized bowl 


Crack the eggs in a bowl and beat till everything is incorporated, now combine all spices in the egg mixture


Now mix well and keep aside

    Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium flame, Pour eggs into the pan and cook until the edges are brown approximately 2-3 minutes


    Flip the omelet over and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes. sprinkle parsley/coriander, salt, and pepper over top, divide into 2 servings, and garnish with sliced onions.


    Now ready to hot serve with parathasliceburger bun 


    Tandoori Chai Recipe

    tandoori chai recipe with step by step photos and video

    Tandoori Chai || Smoky Flavoured Tea|| How to Make Tandoori Chai Recipe With Step-by-Step Photos and Videos

    Chai lovers here's something for you! If you are someone who has a special liking for chai and can have it in almost any form, then tandoori chai is here to please your taste buds. Get over the regular tandoori paneer, tandoori roti, and tandoori kebabs, as tandoori chai has made its way to the foodie sphere.

    If you love chai more than anything else, chances are, that you’ll always be excited by the different varieties of tea. While some enjoy a simple black tea and some prefer green tea, others just love the aroma of the one brimming with different spices and milk. 

    If you are one of those who love to take a chuski of masala chai every now and then, we are pretty sure you would drool over Tandoori chai as well. And there can’t be a better time than the monsoon season to give it a try (if you haven’t already). As the pitter-patter of raindrops knocks at your window, brew a cup of tandoori chai, pair it with piping hot pakodas, and enjoy the season as long as it lasts. Sounds like a plan? Here’s how you can make it at home, without a tandoor.

    smoky flavoured tea

    My Latest Video Tandoori Chai:

    The word ‘Tandoori’ refers to the process of cooking anything in a tandoor - a cylindrical clay or metal oven that is dug up deep in the land. Traditionally, meat chunks or vegetables are cooked over skewers with coal in them. The idea behind tandoori chai is quite the same but if this makes you think that it requires a huge tandoor - wait till we tell you the recipe.

    Tandoori chai has made its way to food enthusiasts, especially tea lovers, quite quickly after it got the buzz from a tea shop based in Pune, called 'Chai La,' serving this unique concoction. Its quirky preparation style made it an instant trend, wherein an empty kulhad or clay pot is pre-heated in tandoor and then half-cooked tea is poured into it. It eventually gets fully brewed. 

    How To Make Tandoori Chai At Home?

    The process of making tandoori chai at home is quite simple. You would need a kulhad/earthen pot to make it at home. Make sure you make tea a little extra from the amount you need as the process will spill a little. The preparation lends a very unique, earthy flavor to tea, along with a smoky taste that will surely refresh you after a tiring day.


    how to make tandoor chai

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    tandoori chai

    How to Make Tandoori Chai?

    Put the cinnamon stick, green cardamoms, cloves, and sugar in the mortar/grind and crush them to a fine powder

    how to make tandoori chai

    Take a saucepan and pour 2 cups water and add prepared chai masala. and bring it to a boil next, add black tea leaves to the boiling water then pour milk into the tea’s brew


    smoky flavoured tea

    Stir to mix well and keep stirring until boiling on a medium flame. next, add sugar to taste.


    how to make tandoori chai

    Heat the clay mugs on direct heat from all four sides. clay mugs should enough heated
    tandoori chai recipe

    pour tea into the heated clay mugs carefully. you will see a lot of beautiful bubbles over the mug.
    smoky flavoured chai

    Tandoori chai is ready to serve


    how to make tandoori chai

    Immediately serve hot tea with Naan Khatai and Zeera Biscuits


    tandoori chai

    Masala Rice Recipe

    masala pulao recipe with step by step photos and video

    Masala Rice | Rice Seasoning | How to Make Masala Rice with step-by-step photos and Video...

    Masala Rice is a tasty and mildly spiced rice, cooking rice with leftover curry or pays gives an aromatic and delicious flavor to the rice as well is a very easy and simple recipe that can be prepared within 30 minutes, 

    This recipe is my own version, which I prepared from leftover meat curry when you don’t feel like cooking anything or are feeling tired  by time this easy and quick recipe can resolve your problem within 20 minutes just required any kind of leftover meat curry/keema in your fridge  
    masala pulao recipe

    My latest Video Masala Pulao:

    Masala Rice is a combination of rice and leftover curry along with a few whole spices, fried onions, green chili, and tomato are added, it is the best meal for lunch or dinner
    This rice is served with raitasalad, and kebabs but no need for any curry, so lets the go-ahead know how to cook masala rice 
    1. If your rice isn’t enough soaked then you use 1.5 cups of water for 1 cup of rice
    2. The water ratio depends on the rice quality
    3. 1 cup water for 1 cup soaked rice
    4. 1.5 cup water for 1 cup of unsoaked rice
    5. But can be increased/decreased ratio of water according to the rice quality
    6. Rice always is cooked on high heat for 3-4 minutes
    7. If your rice is getting wet/sticky then cover the dry kitchen towel over the pot and simmer for 10 minutes
    8. And if rice remains uncooked don't make the mistake of adding water otherwise your rice will be sticky and mushy 
    9. Just cover the wet kitchen towel over the pot then place a lid over a kitchen towel and let it simmer for 10 minutes
    10. Your rice will be set
    11. If you are using chicken stock instead of water even then the same ratio will be used in stock
    12. Like 1 cup of stock for 1 cup of rice 
    13. put 1/2 tsp white vinegar during cooking rice it won't stick to each other ever...
    how to make masala rice

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    pulao rice

      Firstly put the rice into a fine-mesh strainer and rinse under running water until the water runs clear.


      Take all ingredients and prepare them


      Heat the ghee and fry the onions for 3 minutes until turn to light golden brown color, then put all whole spices along with leftover curry 


      Then Splash some water over the masala and stir to mix well, then add tomatoes, put green chilies, mint, and coriander leaves and stir them together

      put-green-chillies-and-stir well-together

      Add salt to the masala and put soaked and drained rice, stir to well combined


      Then add curry leaves and stir them together until the aroma arose, now add hot and boiled water to the rice 


      Bring the rice to a boil then cover the lid and cook it for around 4-5 minutes over a high flame

      bring-the-rice-to-boil-and cook-it-for-a-while

      You can see small pits are appearing over the rice 
      surface now reduce the heat to low cover the lid again and allow to simmer it for around 5 minutes over low heat

      pits-are-appearing-over-rice-surface-then allow-to-simmer-it-for-5-minutes

      Now Masala rice is ready to serve, Masala rice is served hot with raitasaladand kebab 
      masala rice recipe

      Ojri Recipe (tripe)

      ojri recipe with step by step photos and video

      Ojri Recipe ||  Tripe Recipe || How to Make Butt Recipe With Step by Step With Photo and Video

      Orji Recipe is quite a delicious, spicy, and mouthwatering non-veg recipe made with beef or mutton belly by cleaning from inside and outside. a large number of people don’t like to eat but rather feel disgusted. whereas if you cook the ojri also called butt by cleaning and well roasting with masala it becomes so tasty and goes well with BOILED RICE, ZEERA RICE, and NAAN

      I grew up eating this delicious beef butt (ojri) curry with rice. Personally, I love to eat. I never eat mutton ojri nor wanna eating just because they are too thin and have weird skin that makes me feel a nauseous feeling.

      First time I am sharing this ojri (butt) recipe. hopefully whoever likes to eat butt (ojri) would like my recipe because I made it in a very short way and easy to make. though this video that I am sharing is short soon will share a long video in which I prepared butt curry.

      how to make tripe recipe

      My Latest Video Ojri Recipe:

      Some Tips For Ojri:

      Buying Ojri: I have bought already neat and clean ojri from the butcher's shop I just wash them (ojri) with warm water but if you don’t get clean butt (ojri) from your area or butcher shop then don’t need to panic here I will tell of method cleaning ojri  

      Beef Ojri: always try to buy the thick ojri rather than the thin. It tastes great and makes it tender and juicy. while thin ojri doesn't give the perfect result and taste

      Warm the water and apply some wheat flour over the ojri and let them remain for 10 minutes. wash them very well by using warm water and clean all fat from the butt (ojri) ojri is ready to cook

      Mutton Ojri: though I never cooked mutton ojri I won’t say you even don’t buy or cook it by choice of you so here I can tell you how to clean mutton ojri.

      Heat the water with a little salt in a Broad Pan/Wok: first, cut out a big piece of mutton ojri and put the pieces one by one in the hot water. (keep remembering the stove flame is turned off when you are putting butt pieces in water)

      Take out the ojri piece and clean the skin with a sharp knife it would clean immediately but mind it the water should be hot enough

      Use Fresh Ojri: try to buy fresh ojri and avoid buying stale as ojri got easily rotten and get stinky that never goes away even you cooked

      Tips for Cooking Ojri: roasting ojri with masala for 10-15 minutes. a key of aromatic and flavored ojri curry as the unpleasant odor of ojri goes away with well-roasted techniques. I have shown in my video when oil comes up and ojri turns beautifully roasted by look then I pour water. you are to follow my tips to make delicious curry.

      Yogurt and Ginger Garlic Paste: use unsweetened yogurt and fresh ground ginger garlic paste. they are all agents of getting rid of the smell and bringing taste to the meal

      Cooking tip: cook ojri in a heavy bottom pot as ojri takes time to be tender. if you would use a thin bottom pot may your ojri quickly burn after drying water. for best results use a pressure cooker to make tender and juicy curry.in case you don’t have a pressure cooker or you are a bit scared using this then you make ojri in the heavy bottom pot for around 2 hours in medium flame until tender.

      how to make tripe recipe

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      Authentic beef rosh

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      one pot meal

      How to Make Ojri Recipe?

      To make ojri curry first wash the ojri (butt) with wheat flour as I told above in my tips. and cut into medium size chunks.set aside


      ojri recipe

       Take a pressure cooker and combine all ingredients such as oil, chopped onion, washed ojri (butt)ginger garlic paste, salt, Kashmiri red chili powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, black pepper powder, crushed coriander powder, tenderizer powder, and yogurt in a pot


      one pot meal

      Roast the ojri with all masala until oil comes up. Once the oil is separated 

      how to make ojri recipe

      Then pour hot water into the ojri. Bring it to a boil then close the pressure cooker lid. Af the after whistling cook the butt (ojri) for around 30-40 minutes on a medium flame 

      one po meal

      For precaution let the pressure release naturally then remove the lid towards the opposite side of you to escape steam over your face and hand.


      Now begin to stir the ojri masala over a low medium flame by adding green chilies,kasuri methi,garam masala, and chopped coriander leaves.                            

      how to make tripe recipe

      Stir well and 1/2 cup some little water. then bring it to a boil you keep gravy consistency by your choice simmer for another 10 minutes on a very low flame 


      Transfer to the serving dish/bowl or plate


      butt ojri recipe

      Butt (ojri) is ready to serve with Roti,Rice and Naan

      ojri recipe