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Beef Paya Nihari Recipe


Beef Paya Nihari || Nihari Recipe || How to make Beef Paya Nihari with step-by-step photos 

Beef Paya Nihari is a spiced flavored, delicious, and relishes dish, made with a combination of meat and trotters along with some basic spices you can have both taste together a wonderful and wholesome recipe that goes well with roti and naan
Nihari is a very popular and old recipe in Pakistani restaurants and households_nihari is cooked in many variations such as nalli nihari, and magaz nihari, which have been already shared in my earlier post, likewise, Paya curry is also a fully nutritionist tasty meal that is also beneficial for bones or any bacterial infections

Most people in Pakistan used to just eat paya or nihari_Neither is available in restaurants nor cooked at home, but for a few years the tendency has increased to cook together paya and nihari curry, a bit a lengthy process but fabulous taste  
Paya nihari is a kind of broth cooked long over a low flame to attain its full flavors. Added with traditional spices and condiments, its aroma and flavors leave a lingering taste in your mouth for a long time.

Here we have also told you how to cook paya from the basics of cleaning them So that there is no unpleasant odor in your curry.
I used beef Paya along with meat in making curry you can cook with mutton paya the rest of the ingredients will remain the same
Do try this wonderful recipe and you will love to make it again and again
By the way, you can also check out the mutton Siri Paya recipe on my blog
So let’s begin 

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To make this recipe firstly wash the paye with flour_To this rub paye with flour and water


Rinse paye under running water this method paye odor goes away besides removing hairs

Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Take a muslin cloth and place all whole spices in the center of the cloth and tie it with another muslin strip or thread set aside


In a medium bowl combine yogurt along with all powdered spices_stir to mix well set aside

In a pot/pressure cooker pour water along with washed paye, ginger garlic paste, and potli (bag)


Add turmeric powder-stir to mix well and bring it to boil_Now cover the lid and let them cook until well-boiled 


Take another medium-sized pot heat the oil and sauté the onion until translucent_Then put beef pieces


fry them with sauteed onion until changes colour_Now add ginger garlic paste

Keep frying for 1-2 minutes then add spiced yogurt to the meat_Roast the meat with masala until oil comes on top Then pour water

Further, stir to mix_Bring it to a boil and cover the lid_Cook it until the meat is tender

Once paya is boiled, take out the muslin bag by squeezing it and discarding it well as take out all paya from the soup


When the meat is tender take it out from masala_And place it on a plate

Put boiled paya into the masala and roast the paye for 3-4 minutes


Now all masala with paye put into paya soup and cooked beef


Stir to mix well then bring it to boil

Dissolve the cornstarch with a little water


Keep on stirring by pouring dissolved cornstarch into the paya soup_Towards the end sprinkle garam masala and further stir to mix-Allow to simmer over low heat for 10-15 minutes

Turn off the flame and remove it from the stove_Paya nihari is ready 

Transfer to the serving bowl/plate, Garnish with coriander leaves, lemon wedges, and green chilies


Serve hot with naanchapattis, and garnishing ingredients


Meethi Tikya Recipe/Sweet Tikki

meethi tikyan recipe with step by step photos and ideo

Meethi Tikiya|| Methi Tikki || How to Make Methi Tikiya with step-by-step photos

Meethi Tikkis are crispy, tasty fried golden brown disc_that give you an addictive yummy and remind you of some old good days meethi tikiya are made with plain flour-semolina, sugar, and ghee along with some other basic ingredients_Very easy to make, this tikiya can be stored in an air-tight jar for up to a month_these are also eaten in the evening snack with tea

By the way, Traditionally this methi tikiya is prepared at Kondon in the Islamic month of Rajab, in which people invite others to have some foods which are fulfilled as a Minnat every 22 to 27th Rajab as per their creed_ my grandmother and aunty used to perform this regularly

My Latest Video Meethi Tikya: 

However, at home, I didn’t see my mother doing this people do this, which is the reason I added this recipe to my blog, believe me, I made it for the first time in my entire life but that made it too crispy and tasteful

Here my idea worked very well, By the way, you can also find my traditional recipe crispy khajoor on my blog these are even can be served as a snack and stored for a month So let’s begin

meethi tikya recipe


Tips for Perfect Crispy Tikya:
  1. The ratio of the flour, semolina, and ghee should be on accurate measurement
  2. Kneading tikiya dough should be hard and tight
  3. Otherwise, tikiya turns soggy and soft
  4. After frying tikiya will look so soft they take a few minutes to turn in a crispy texture
  5. This is the reason why keep them on a paper towel immediately after frying and then leave them in an airy place by covering a kitchen napkin
  6. Don’t be hasty to store them until they get completely cooled down

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meethi tikya

In a medium-sized bowl combine all-purpose flour, semolina, baking powder, salt, powdered sugar, coconut powder, and desi ghee stir to mix them together

meethi tikya recipe

Keep mixing flour until it turns to a crumbled texture 

meethi tikya recipe

Start kneading flour with a little milk to a hard dough_The sign of hard dough is when you finger press it down it will never bounce bake
meethi tikya recipe

Put the dough in the bowl and let it rest for around an hour

meethi tikya recipe

Divide the dough into half, Take one dough ball and give it into a dough ball shape Press, and spread it out to an ½ inch thick in a round shape 

Either sprinkle some sesame seeds over the rolled dough ball and press them with fingers and a rolling pin Or spread out the sesame over the mat/rolling board and place the dough ball over it then roll
meethi tikya recipe

Cut the disc with the help of a medium cookie cutter or any round lid

meethi tikya

Place all prepared tikya on the plate/tray
meethi tikya

Heat the oil around 130-140 C it comes in the medium range of heat, then drop the discs one by one Fry them on medium flame Each batch should contain 4-5 discs 

Don't crowd otherwise tikya may shred. Don’t disturb the tikya after putting in oil for around 2 minutes

meethi tikya recipe

Then flip the sides and keep on stirring around the wok until you get an evenly golden color
meethi tikya

Once fried transfer to the kitchen paper To remove the excess oil

meethi tikya

Transfer to the serving plate or tray

meethi tikya recipe

Meethi tikya are ready to serve as a snack, This meethi tikya can be stored in an airtight jar for up to a month  
meethi tikya recipe

Fried Fish Recipe


Easy Fried Fish| Pan-Fried Fish || How to make fried fish with step-by-step photos
Easy Fried Fish is an extremely delicious, mouthwatering, and mild spiced recipe, it is known as a traditional Pakistani recipe, which is prepared with 6 ingredients, no batter required nor many spices, quick and easy to make, here I added some rice flour to the best coating on fish but this is optional you can skip it, originally in this recipe don't use any coating agent but 
I did, fried fish refers to any fish or shellfish prepared by frying. Often, the fish is covered with battered egg, breadcrumbs, flour, or herbs and spices before being fried and served, often with a slice of lemon. 
Fish is fried in many parts of the world, and fried fish is an important food in many cuisines because fish contains a low-fat high-quality protein. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals. 
In this recipe, very little oil can be used in shallow frying fish But can be also deep-fried, if you want some more crispy and crunchy crust on top of the fish then you must deep fry, On the other hand, if wanna have a steamed style so you just will be need of 2 tablespoon olive oil in a non-stick pan, and place marinade fish on pan and cook from both sides till both sides are done

Pan-fried fish is one of the easiest fish recipes, I guess.  This recipe for fried fish is one of my favorite fish recipes which is common in almost all restaurants and households. Well-marinated fish is fried in a non-stick pan until both sides are done. This perfect crispy fried fish, when accompanied by steamed rice, will make your lunch meal delectable for sure. You can see a variety of fried fish recipes on my blog. The recipe for this fish fry is quite simple.

Just marinate the fish with a few spices and then shallow /deep fry in a pan over a medium flame until it turns to nice golden brown in color. above I have given options shallow or deep to taste and choose, Here is the recipe telling how to make pan-fried fish with step-by-step photos additionally I will also share with all how to remove the fish smell with step-by-step photos..kindly follow the instructions properly couldn't make difference between fish and other meat, the smell just goes away.....here I used mushka fish, you can use any kind of fish that you like most..:)    


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    easy fried fish

    To prepare this recipe first we will have to thoroughly rinse the fish take one large-sized bowl put fish wheat flour along with water, and rub each piece with flour, this tip will remove the smell

    Then rinse them under the running water 

    Add 1 tbsp turmeric powder to the fish and repeat the same process of rubbing each piece of fish with turmeric powder 

      Rinse the fish pieces under the running water, and now the fish is ready to use in the recipe           

      Put the cumin seeds in the pan dry roast them slightly on low flame and then crush them in the mortar

      In a large-sized mixing bowl put fish, combine all dry spice powder with some water

      I put some rice flour and water as I mentioned in my description you can skip but this flour will make your fish crispy and crunchy 


      Apply the spices with all fish pieces properly and  keep in the refrigerator for marination for about 2 hours

      Place a non-stick pan on flame pour oil and heat it well on medium flame

      Take out marinated fish from the fridge


      Now put fish in the medium hot oil pan and  allow to fry each side for 2 to 4 minutes on medium flame

      Flip and cook another side on medium flame till turns to crispy crust on top_Repeat the same process with all remaining fish

      Now Transfer to the serving plate with onion and lemon wedges

      Now ready to serve with hot sauce rumali roti  and naan