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Egg Pakoda Recipe


Egg Pakoda | Anda pakora are most popular, tasty and traditional street food spiced snack, this recipe is prepared with gram batter and hard-boiled eggs along with some seasoning, you even get easily from any samosa selling vendors, but the problem is what type of are being used oil and ingredients nothing to know regarding it so the best way we fry these type snacks at home which will be even hygienic and more tasteful than the market, due to using quality ingredients which we people usually use at home, various types of pakoras are prepared such as onion pakora, aloo pakora, spinach pakora, green chili pakora, chicken, prawns pakoras.


Now I am giving egg pakoda recipe, to be very frank I would like to tell all fried meals to contain on high calories which are known as unhealthy junk food, we should avoid consuming frequently in our diet, but sometimes having fried food there is no harm Mostly people attract towards the taste of food without knowing are these foods good for health or not? although you will be thinking here I am giving advice but sharing unhealthy food
oh yes your thinking is quite right but I have mentioned above in my description sometimes eating not bad we can just enjoy and change the taste bud for a while but frequently consuming is harmful 
My aim isn't just sharing my recipe and undue praise of it, also spreading awareness besides sharing my recipes with all, so my dear readers for today is enough we back to the recipe, so let's begin with step by step photos....

    Preparation of making egg pakora:
    Heat the oil in the wok over medium flame

    Take a saucepan to add water and salt, then add eggs in it

    Let it boil on high heat for 10-12 minutes

    Making batter:
    Take a bowl to add gram flour, then add all spices in it

    Mix well then add water, whisk it well until gets the smooth and fluffy texture

    The batter should be neither thick nor thin_At this stage you can adjust salt and red chili according to your taste

    Now add green chilies and coriander stir to them

    Peel and cut the eggs into half or as the desired shape

    Frying pakora:
    Take 1 piece of egg coat it with spiced gram flour

    Put 3-4 pakodas in the oil in one batch_Fry them over medium flame, until gets nice golden from both sides

    Transfer to the serving plate, egg pakoda is ready to serve with ketchup and green sauce

    Egg Pakoda are most popular, tasty and traditional street food snack, this recipe is prepared with gram batter and hard-boiled eggs along with some seasoning

    1. 250g, gram flour
    2. 2 tbsp, cornflour
    3. 2 tsp, red chili flakes
    4. 1/2 tsp, turmeric powder
    5. Salt to taste
    6. 1 tsp, whole coriander crushed
    7. 1/2 tsp, ginger garlic paste
    8. 1 tsp, fresh Coriander leaves finely chopped
    9. 3, green chilies finely chopped
    10. 2 pinch, baking soda
    11. 1 tsp, cumin crushed
    12. 6 eggs, hard-boiled  
    13. 3-4 pinches, lemon food color
    14. 300 ml, cooking oil  for frying
    How to make the pakora?
    1. Take a wok or deep frying pan add pour and heat it 
    2.  Put a pan on high flame and add water in it. 
    3.  Bring it to a boil and then put the eggs along with salt
    4.  It won't take more than 15 minutes to be hard-boiled
    5. Remove from the flame and let it cool
    6. Meanwhile, prepare the batter of gram flour.
    7. In a mixing bowl add gram flour 
    8. Then combine all spices red chili powder, turmeric, cumin and  coriander seeds, ginger garlic paste, salt, food color, cornflour, and baking soda
    9. Mix well and pour water gradually stir to combine well
    10. Until becomes fluffy and smooth without any lumps  
    11. Batter neither should be thick or thin otherwise it will not be stick with the egg
    12.  Now put green chilies and coriander mix them well 
    13. Keep aside for 10 minutes
    14. Now take 1 piece of egg and dip with the batter and put into the medium hot oil
    15. Keep flame low-medium otherwise, pakoda will remain uncooked from inside and burn from outside
    16.  Put 3-4 pakoda in the wok in one batch
    17.  Flip it carefully so that it doesn't shatter 
    18.  Fry them until you get nice golden brown color   
    19.  Place the kitchen towel on the plate or tray so that could remove excess oil
    20.  Transfer to the serving plate/tray  
    21.  Now Ready to serve with the green sauce and ketchup
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