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Homemade Unipuff Recipe

homemade unipuff recipe with step by step photos

Homemade Unipuff | Homemade Shortening || How to make homemade unipuff at home with step-by-step photos and video

Homemade Unipuff from which is prepared puff pastry, Puff pastry is a basic ingredient in making many delicious bakery items such as patties,baker Kahani,khary biscuits, cream rolls, and any type of pie, etc unipuff is known as a master puff

What is Unipuff/masterpuff?

And for those who don't know what's master puff/unipuff it's a kind of substitute for butter that is used in the layers while folding and it does not melt, so it makes your job much easier, for the residents of Karachi you'll find this in Empress Market Saddar and for the people who live abroad you can find it by the name of Crisco (all-vegetable shortening).

masterpuff recipe

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In most cities of Pakistan, you won’t get Puff Pastry easily, additionally, neither can be made puff pastry without Unipuff Butter. I am sharing a very easy method of making Unipuff from which can be made Puff pastry and as well as from uni puff butter can be prepared for Frozen parathas, plain cakes, cupcakes, and cookies

To make homemade unipuff you require only 2 ingredients, Banaspati Ghee, and chilled water so let the go-ahead to learn how to make homemade UniPuff at Home 
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    In a wok/pan add ghee and melt it over medium heat, Transfer to another bowl and let it a bit cool down just like a lukewarm 


    In the large bowl pour chilled water and ice cubes together 


      Mix chilled water with your fingers


      Pour ghee into the chilled water


      Stir it with the help of a spatula. Now leave it overnight or at least 6-8 hours, and set aside


      Pick up a small portion of solid ghee


      Squeeze it very well


      Squeeze water properly until a single drop of water does not remain in it


      Unipuff should be accordingly below picture_Then Spread on a plate and press down, shape into medium block shapes_And keep in the refrigerator for 30 minutes


        Take them out from the fridge and wrap them with plastic cling or butter paper 


        Homemade unipuff is ready to use in any type of baking recipe 
        How to make homemade unipuff

        Homemade Unipuff from which is prepared puff pastry, Puff pastry is the basic ingredient of making many delicious bakery items

        1. I kg,banaspati ghee
        2. 1-2 liter, chilled water
        3. 4 trays, ice cubes
        4. Plastic cling, as required
        How to make a Unipuff?
        1. Firstly in a wok/pan add ghee
        2. Let it melt over medium heat
        3. Turn off the flame and let the ghee cool down till comes to a lukewarm temperature
        4. In a large and deep bowl pour chilled water along with ice cubes
        5. Then pour melted and lukewarm ghee into the chilled water
        6. Mix them with a whisk or spatula
        7. Leave it overnight 
        8. In the morning you will see solid ghee floating on the water's surface 
        9. Now put on disposable gloves in your hand and then pick up a small portion of ghee and squeeze properly until a single drop of water does not remain in it
        10. Repeat the same process with all remaining ghee
        11. Note: If the drop of water remains still in the ghee your unipuff  fungus within just a few days 
        12. Spread in a pan and press it down with a hand palm
        13. Then give it a small block shape
        14. Freeze it for ½ hour
        15. Now take them out from the refrigerator and wrap them with plastic cling or butter paper
        16. You can store up to 2-3 months by keeping it in the fridge
        17. Now homemade unipuff is ready to make baking recipes
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