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Mixed Veggie Pickle Recipe


Mixed Veggie Pickle| Pickled Veggies | How to Make Mixed Pickle
with Step-by-step Photos...

A mixed Pickle is a spicy, tasty, and tangy instant veggie pickle prepared with some veggies and essential achar masala, when you hear the name pickle immediately comes to mind a tangy and spicy flavor that can enhance the taste of your meal
Homemade pickle is much better than store-bought but the problem is people don’t have time to make or wait and typically pickle takes time to be prepared around 3-5 days 
under the sunlight, 

But here is made instant veggie pickle, In which not need more days of waiting or take more time to be ready, this is an instant mix veggie pickle that can reach you within 30 minutes on your table, this pickle is cooked on the stove, and is prepared within half an hour, other than you can add desirable veggies such as peas, cauliflower, beans, etc. it is a very easy and quick pickle recipe, it goes well with khichdidal chawal, and Shula

I added lemon, green chilies, garlic, and onion along with carrot and reddish and some seasoning and mustard oil

Note: I always cooked and shared with small amount quantity of recipes because we are only two family members you can increase the quantity and spices as needed
So let the go-ahead know how to make instant veggie pickle Achar instantly
  1. For the best result mixed veggies, pickles can be kept under the sunlight for 2 days
  2. This method will bring the complete flavor to pickle
  3. Any brand of achar masala instead of per given ingredients
  4. Mustard oil brings a real taste of achar so as not to avoid using it in a pickle                  


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Firstly cook the mustard oil very well on high flame then keep it aside, grind achar masala in a grinding jar till turns into fine powder keep aside


Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


In the medium pot/pot pour water and bring it to a boil, then put all mixed veggies in the boiled water


Once it starts boiling then add white vinegar
Now add the achar masala powder and all other dry spices too


Stir to mix well and bring to a boil then cover the lid, and allow to cook on a medium flame for 10-15 minutes till the water has evaporated 


Lastly, pour cooked mustard oil into the mixed veggies, and allow to simmer the veggie pickle for another 10 minutes until the oil is separated...


Transfer to the serving bowl/jar


Instant mix veggies pickles are ready to serve...


Instant mix veggies pickles can be served with parathastuffed parathakhichdiShula chawal, and dal roti


Veggie Samosa Recipe


Veggie Samosa || Crispy Vegetable Samosa || How to Make Vegetable Samosa with step-by-step photos

 Veggie Samosa is a delicious small triangular fried snack, that originally came from India and right after spread out all over the world, Samosas also are the most popular Pakistani appetizer/snack, it has a flaky crust, and are filled with spiced potatoes, peas chicken, mince or eggs.

Wrapped in a thin pastry and fried to perfection served with mint chutney or ketchup. But here I am using dough to make a samosa instead of a samosa sheet (manda Patti), I prefer to make samosa from the dough as it becomes more delicious than samosas Patti


It may take you some time but never compromise with taste
Samosa dough is prepared with all-purpose flour by adding carom seeds, ghee, and salt, using water quantity is just around 50 ml, a bit tight dough neither too hard nor too soft

One thing to keep in mind, samosas, and namakpare don’t require puffy, These snacks are just flaky and crispy crust that actually comes from the dough texture Either you knead soft/dough or keep the quantity of ghee less or more In both cases cant get the desirable result of samosa, So be careful to knead the dough, let’s begin 

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To make a samosa first we take all ingredients 


Prepare all veggies besides boiled vegetables, remove the skin of half potatoes and half of let it be with the skin, then coarsely  chop and set aside until required


Make flour batter (like)for binding even can be used only water but flour batter is the best binding agent


In a bowl add flour along with all ingredients


Mix them together for 5 minutes  till they turn to a crumble texture  

Start kneading the dough by adding just 2-3 tbsp water, gradually add water till the dough is formed and tight

I have explained in the above description how they should be dough for samosa, cover the dough with plastic wrap cling and leave it to rest for around 30 minutes

Heat the oil in a wok add spices, and let it crackle for 30 seconds on medium flame


Then add boiled veggies potatoes and peas_Fry them with oil for 3-4 minutes on medium flame

Add chopped onion to the veggies


Further, stir to mix well for 5 minutes on a medium flame       

Keep stirring by adding all remaining spices, give it to good stir to combine well for 2-3 minutes 


Coarsely mash the veggie mixture with a hand masher                


Now the veggie mixture is ready


Transfer to the plate and keep aside 


Take the dough out from the bowl and punch it for 1-2 minutes, roll the dough on a rolling board/slab like a thick rope 

Divide the dough rope into equal portions around 2 inches wide

Take one portion at a time and give it to ball shape

Press it then roll about 2-3 inches in a round shape           

Cut into half 



You can see the cone shape is ready the two or three spoonfuls of stuffing in it don’t overstuff

Apply the water to the inside edges of the cone and press it to seal it properly   


Repeat the same shaping process for rest. Keep the shaped one covered with a kitchen towel so that they don’t dry out...


Shape 2:
If you are not fully sure that you will be able to make the acute shape of samosa then here I did share 2nd the method for your ease
You can make the samosa to give another shape too like potli samosa, probably heard its name before
Just roll the dough in the same manner and place the stuffing in the center on a rolled ball

Gather all edges from all sides, and give it a little curve in its right direction as shown in the below picture,potli samosa is ready to make        

Once you are almost done shaping heat oil on a medium flame for deep frying samosa, the temperature of the oil should be just hot.
Not as hot as frying pakora oil if the oil is too hot you will not get a flaky crust, Try checking by adding a small dough ball, it should stay in the bottom for a few seconds and then come on top steadily if it comes on top quickly that means oil is too hot

Slide 2 to 3 samosas at a time carefully into the hot oil. now lower the heat and continue frying turning occasionally for an evenly brown


You can see they start to get brown  until evenly nice golden brown color from both sides, drain out samosas from the oil 

Transfer to the kitchen towel to remove excess oil, and repeat the same process with the rest of the samosas 

Veggie samosas are ready to hot serve and served with green chutney and ketchup