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Crispy Khajoor Recipe

Crispy Khajoors | Fried Nemki || How to make khajoor With step by step photos and video with English subtitles

These are quite a flaky, buttery, and mouth-watering snack, today I am gonna share with you all an interesting snack that you never heard of before it. that amazing snack is known as a“Khajoor.

Confuse probably immediately will come in your mind khajoor mean dates, palms whose am calling khajoor, not at all my dear readers its flaky and buttery snack in taste as you take in your mouth it definitely will be melt easily within a few seconds

But to prepare this recipe will have to care for accurate  measurement which will be told you next with step by step photos so that you could clearly get it and could make at home, keep in mind always to introduce as a new experiment have to put some efforts for them, 

Certainly, that may be a bit hard, but gradually you will be able to do something new in your life, doesn't matter they belong to any field of life, however, this will be a new experience for you but assure you that everyone will love to have it with tea coffee


Crispy Khajoor Video Recipe

Khjoor is prepared with all-purpose flour, suji (semolina), sugar, ghee, and salt then keep rubbing on the palm for 10 minutes till turns to crumble texture right after kneading to a hard dough with very little water. because if you will knead soft you will never be able to make crispy khajoor.

It's my family version that used to make my grandmother and mother, not an easy to make it a bit hard but this snack can be kept in an airtight jar or container for a month it's a great snack for a tea as well as it can remove even your interpretive hunger, so let’s begin 

Sift the flour in the bowl


Add semolina, ghee, nigella, and sugar, mix them together very well


Till turns to crumble texture


Start kneading the dough with a little water, keep kneading until the dough is formed 


Transfer to the dough on the working surface, Knead it with the help of your both palms


    Should be a bit hard dough avoid kneading a soft dough 


    Wrap it with the plastic cling, l
    eave it to rest for an hour 


    Divide 3 equal-size portions of the dough


      Roll out the one ball into a 1 cm thick flat disc


      Make equal gashes at the distance of 1/2 inch


      Do separate each strip 


      Line up the strips

      Then set all strips accordingly the picture below


      Now cut into a diamond shape with a sharp knife or pizza cutter


      Place them on the plate/tray


      Heat the oil in the wok


      Put in the oil equal to 1 quarter plate at one time


      Put khajoor in the medium-low heat oil


        Don't stir for a few minutes after adding khajoor to the oil, let it cook over medium flame for 2-3 minutes


          After 2 minutes stir the khajoor around slowly, so that it could evenly cook from all sides


            Now you can see appearing nicely brown color on khajoor crust,
            once it gets golden brown drain them out from the oil.
            Place them on a kitchen paper towel for removing excess oil


            Now transfer them to the serving dish_
            Khajoor Nemki snack is ready to serve with coffee and tea

            Khajoor is a very crispy, flaky, and buttery fried snack, the best for the tea time snack, is made with maida and semolina...
            1. 4 cups, all-purpose flour maida
            2. 2/3 tbsp, ghee melted
            3. ½ cup, semolina suji
            4. 1 tsp, salt you can adjust as your taste
            5. ½ cup, sugar
            6. ½ tsp, nigella Kalonji
            7. ¼ cup, water
            8. oil as required for frying
            How to make the khajoor?
            1. Firstly in a bowl sift the maida
            2. Put sugar, nigella, salt, and ghee
            3. Mix them together with the hand
            4. Till turns to crumble texture
            5. Now start kneading to pour water little by little.
            6. Knead until it becomes gather and dough is formed 
            7. Note Dough should be a bit hard don’t use much water
            8. Transfer the dough to a broad Surface/slab and knead it with the help of your both palms for around 10 minutes
            9. Put it in another bowl wrap it with a plastic set aside for resting an hour
            10. After an hour take out the dough press it nicely
            11. Then make 3 big sized balls of the dough
            12. Take one ball to flatten it between your palms
            13. Start rolling it into a 1 cm thick flat disc each
            14. Make equal cuts at the distance of ½ inch
            15. Now cut them into diamond shapes place them in a plate/tray
            16. Repeat the same process with all dough balls
            17. In a wok pour oil and heat it on medium flame
            18. Oil should be at moderate/medium temperature
            19. Note: Because if the oil is too hot then the outer surface gets brown too soon
            20. Put carefully as many khajoor as you can in the wok at one time
            21. Don’t stir for 2-3 minutes
            22. Let it cook on medium-low flame
            23. After adding all the balls stir the balls around slowly
            24. So that it could evenly cook from all sides
            25. Stir them very carefully Because they may shred in the oil
            26. Fry the khajoor on medium flame until they turn golden brown in color.
            27. Once it gets golden brown drain them out from the oil
            28. Place all khajoor on the strainer/kitchen paper towel for removing excess oil
            29. And fry the rest of them in the same manner.
            30. Then transfer to the serving dish
            31. Khajoor namiki Snack is ready
            32. You can store it in an airtight container
            33. Serve them with tea and coffee
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