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Beef Haleem Recipe

beef haleem recipe with step by step photos

Beef Haleem Recipe || Haleem Recipe || How to Make Beef Haleem Recipe with step-by-step photos

Haleem Daleem is a stew composed of meat, lentil, and pounded wheat made into a thick paste. It originated as an Arabic dish and was introduced to the Hyderabad state (India) by the Arab Diaspora during the Nizam of Hyderabad's rule.
The preparation of haleem has become an art form, though daleem is a traditional dish that is usually cooked and consumed during Islamic months during Muharram ul Haram and Ramadan additionally on other special occasions too
how to make haleem recipe

This dish gives instant energy and is high in calories,daleem is mainly the combination of lentils, barley, wheat, and meat with certain spices that are slow-cooked for 4-5 hours which results in a paste-like consistency blending the flavors of spices, meat, and lentils, barley and wheat. some people a small amount of rice also add in it but I didn’t, Haleem is a sold snack food in bazaars, restaurants, and stalls  throughout the year

I am giving below the list of daleem dal measurements that I have used to make but you can bring readymade mixed daleem daal from any grocery store otherwise you can make it yourself total weight of dal 500 grams which should be a big quantity of barley, wheat, and chickpeas the rest lentils are in half quantities 

Note, in my previous post I have already shared homemade daleem Masala you can get daleem masala link in the following ingredients to list so let's begin with step-by-step photos...
Recipe tips:
  1. Avoid blending dal as a smooth paste otherwise traditional and real taste of daleem will be spoiled
  2. Just blend for 2-3 minutes
  3. As well as don’t blend meat with dal (lentils)
  4. First mash/shred the meat then add  and mix with the hand masher
  5. Don’t fry the onion for preparing korma
  6. We don’t require any thick gravy in this recipe
  7. Just tempering by fried onion at the end as we add in the dal                                
beef haleem recipe

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haleem recipe

First, thoroughly wash and soak the all Daals in the hot water for 4 hours


Peel and cut onions into thin slices along with ground the fresh ginger garlic paste set aside


Boil the water in the saucepan, take all ingredients, and prepare all veggies


Whisk the yogurt and keep it aside


    Take a large capacity pot put all lentils along with cracked wheat and barley with its own water, b
    ring it to a boil and remove all scum on top of the surface, cook it over low-medium heat to cover the lid


    Cook them until the lentils are soft   


    In the pressure cooker heat, the ghee and put beef with bones in the cooker


    Fry them until change color and then add ginger garlic paste, put papaya cubes, and homemade haleem masala to the meat


    Stir to combine well with meat and adjust the spices at this stage to taste, 
    I added more spice powder according to my taste, you can even do it to taste, now add beaten yogurt and mix well


    Keep stirring until the oil is separated then add 100 ml water, bring it to a boil, and cover the lid until the meat is tender


    Daleem korma is ready now separate all meat from gravy and discard all bones then keep aside


    Blend all lentils with the help of a hand blender for 2 minutes, then transfer to the separate pot, now add korma gravy and stir to mix well further cook it for a while over medium heat_keep stirring occasionally to prevent the stick from base 


    Meanwhile, mash the meat with a hand masher then add to the blended dal then stir to combine well, keep mixing by adding mashed meat


    Heat the ghee in the frying pan  then put onion slices, fry the onion till turns golden brown in color


    Put all fried onion with ghee into the daleem, mix them well and cover the lid_Let it simmers for around an hour over low heat keep stirring occasionally  


    Daleem is done, now you can see its consistency in the below picture, now turn off the flame


      Transfer to the serving dish and garnish with coriander leaves, lemon wedges, and grated ginger and serve hot with naan and chapatis

      Serving Tips:
      Serve hot with the Naan, tandoori rotis, and bread slices
      The more  you want to serve at one time that more microwave or heat up, Avoid heating up all daleem together before each serving otherwise it gets dry and tasteless

      how to make haleem recipe

      Calzone Pizza Recipe


      Calzone Pizza || Calzone Recipe || How to Make Calzone Pizza with step-by-step photos

      Calzone is a cheesy, flaky brown crust relish recipe is a turnover of pizza dough stuffed with various fillings and cheese fried or baked originated in Naples this is actually Italian food 

      This recipe is made with ingredients that are like a pizza, but they are not the same it is folded into a crescent shape before it is baked, Honestly speaking I tried this recipe the first time but trust me this first attempt has been successful, here I prepared mince filling with white sauce for stuffing in the calzone

      You can prepare desirable fillings such as vegetables, chicken, or even beef mutton additionally, I used red chili powder to make my calzone spicy, whereas Italian pizza doesn’t require red pepper, they use paprika powder instead of red chili powder but as I mentioned above I wanted spicy calzone so I did you can use to taste 

      I have already shared homemade pizza dough and pizza sauce recipes in my previous post. As well as you can also check out mince stuffed burgerafghani feteer naanchicken bread rollschicken stuffed bread

      Tips for making Perfect Calzones:
      1. The part of this calzone recipe that requires the most skill is making the dough. Our homemade Pizza Dough recipe is our tried and true method and has all the instructions you need to break down making pizza dough at home.
      2. Fully sauté mince before filling. Make sure to sauté your mince before filling the calzone. Sautéing the mince releases most of its liquid, so you won’t wind up with a soggy calzone.
      3. Don’t overstuff it! When filling a calzone pizza, put in less cheese and mince filling than you think you’ll need. An overstuffed calzone will start oozing in the oven and the crust will get soggy. Overfilling it will also make it tougher to crimp the edges of the calzone closed and will make the whole process incredibly messy (it’d still be delicious though!                                

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      To prepare this recipe first knead the pizza dough and let it rises for an hour, follow the best homemade pizza dough 

      Take all ingredients and prepare them all

      Take a saucepan to add butter in it and light heat it on low flame, Once the butter is melted add chopped garlic sauté it on low flame for a minute then pour milk


      Then add cream and cheese                 


      Stir to mix well on low flame until everything is incorporated, Remove from the flame

      White sauce is ready to keep aside


      Take another pan/pot add oil heat it_then add chopped onion sauté them for 3-4 minutes on medium flame until translucent


      Now add mincemeat and fry them with onion until water dries up_Add powder and spices mix well then add herbs

      Keep mixing on low-medium flame by adding mushrooms and white sauce to the mince and stir to combine well

      Allow further cooking on medium flame until oil is separated then add flour to the mince stir to mix well


      Now mince filling is ready to keep aside 


      Punch the dough down to remove excess air_Shift to the working surface and dust the flour_knead the dough again for 2-3 minutes_And divide into equal portions

      Then give it to ball shape_Place one dough ball on a floured surface and gently press the dough ball_Then roll it around 5-6 inches in a round shape


      And pierce with a fork on roti to prevent puffy dough, then apply pizza sauce 

      On one half of each dough, circle apply some pizza sauce then add mince filling mixture, cheese, and black olive along with a pinch of oregano_Making sure to leave ½ inch of space around the edge of the dough


      Fold the other half of the dough over so that the calzone forms a half-moon shape_Crimp the edges together using a fork        


      Use the spatula to transfer the calzone to the baking tray


      Repeat for all 3 calzones as the same before and place on the baking tray_Cover the baking tray and let them rise further for 20 minutes_Meanwhile turn on the oven at 200 C    


      Brush the milk wash on the calzones


      Then slightly make slits with a sharp knife


      Bake the calzones at 200 c until golden brown for about 20-25 minutes


      Take them out from the oven and apply butter on top of the calzones and again cover the kitchen napkin for 5 minutes


      Have a look backside of the calzone

      Allow cooling then cut from the middle


      You will see how is it cheesy and nicely golden brown flaky crust 

      Look inside


      Transfer to the serving plate

      Serve with French fries and ketchup