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Onion Pakora Recipe


Onion Pakoda| Onion Fritters || How to make onion fritters with step-by-step photos 

Onion Pakora is a quite crispy, delicious, and deep-fried snack made with gram flour, salt, spices, and main ingredients like onion or a vegetable. onion pakora is one of the most popular and much-loved snacks, especially during the monsoon and cold winters. These are very commonly prepared in most Pakistani homes for an evening snack and are served with a cup of masala chai or doodh patti chai


Onion pakora is also being sold in street stalls and restaurants, in most places onion pakora is served by sprinkling chaat masala and with green chutney_though I am not crazy about having the onion pakora than aloo pakora 

But sometimes I made onion pakora in the rainy season with roti and chutney or sometimes have it only with a hot cup of tea. A very easy and quickly deep-fried snack which you can serve to your unexpected coming guests :)  


Tips to make the best Onion Pakora:
  1. Gram flour: using good quality gram flour or besan is very important_store bought gram flour goes rancid very quickly and turns bitter within a few months. so always taste test the gram flour before using
  2. Preparing onions: to get evenly fried crisp onion pakora, slice the onions uniformly to thin_some thick or some thin  won’t yield you crispy, the thicker slices don’t fry well leaving the pakora soft, so slice them to moderately thin sizes
  3. Flour: traditionally pakora are made with gram flour, however, additional ingredients like rice flour, semolina, or cornflour is added in the street style and restaurant styles as these ingredients keep the fritters, so do use 1-2 tbsp of this in the recipe
  4. The temperature of oil: the oil has to be moderately hot enough before adding the fritters. if the oil is not hot enough-the pakora will soak up the oil. if the oil is too hot, then onion pakora will brown outside but will not get cooked inside
  5. Frying pakora: pakora has to be fried on a medium-high flame flying them on a low flame will make them hard-frying them on a high flame will burn them from the outside without cooking them inside   

For more deep-fried snacks:

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips

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Firstly cut the onion slices to moderately thin and add them to the mixing bowl keep aside

Dry roast coriander, and cumin seeds for a minute on low flame. crush them in the motor besides adding black peppercorn 

Keep aside


Now start adding spices to the mixing bowl with the onion slices such as salt, roasted ground spices, red chili powder, and red chili flakes


At the end add baking soda along with chopped green chilies and coriander leaves_Stir to mix up very well 

Leave it aside for 10 minutes, this helps to onion to release some moisture

And cover with the plate 


Once the Onion leaves enough moisture


Then add gram flour, cornflour, and more salt if needed
Mix everything well to coat the onions with the flour_And mix the flour to make a moist mass of dough


Heat the oil in the wok or fry pan for  deep frying the pakoda_When the oil is hot enough to regulate the flame to medium-high


Take a small amount of dough and sprinkle it in the oil

Don’t add too many pakoras in the wok they should have some space in the wok to swim around and fry well


While frying stir and if needed flip the onion pakora occasionally for even frying


Fry them till they turn crisp and golden

Then transfer them with a ladle to an absorb tissue placed on a plate or on a colander_Continue to make more onion pakora in batches with the rest of the dough


Transfer the onion pakora to the serving dish


Serve onion pakora hot with a cup of tea or coffee_You can also serve them red or green chutney or sprinkle some chaat masala


Chicken Puff Patties Recipe


Chicken Puff Patties | Puff Patties || How to Make Chicken Puff Patties with step-by-step photos

Chicken Puff Patties is a simple recipe that will take you back to the Desi chicken patties you used to get from the corner bakery. Crisp & flaky puff golden pastry filled with shredded chicken in a creamy white sauce.

Fresh from the bakery oven, these Desi chicken patties were (still are) one of my favorite childhood snacks. Crispy puff pastry that kept on flaking with every bite, the ‘milky’ chicken filling, and the top circle of puff pastry that we would eat plain or dip in tea. The round ones were always stuffed with chicken, and the triangle ones were usually stuffed with potatoes/vegetables.


The trick to making delicious chicken patties are the white sauce – it’s what binds the shredded chicken together and gives it that characteristic bakery flavor that we all love it.

Start with rolling the puff pastry. Make sure you use a proper board or a rolling sheet. Sprinkle lots of flour. Don’t let the puff pastry stick to the board.

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Preheat the oven to 250 c, line the Butter paper over the baking tray


Place pan on flame pour oil and butter heat them well on low-medium, then add ginger garlic paste sauté them for a minute then add chicken mince. stir it well until water dries out from the mince. Now add chopped onions and stir them until well combined on medium flame.

Then add black pepper, salt, and plain flour, and then mix it well until aroma arose. at the end pour milk into the chicken and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes until the liquid dried out 


Remove from the flame and transfer to another medium bowl let it cool down completely..keep aside


Meanwhile, sprinkle flour dust over the slab and roll out puff pastry about 1 inch thick in a rectangular shape..


Take any round cookies cutter/any aluminum cutter whatever you have available easily you can give any as the desired shape of patties. Cut out the pieces for patties. One puff pastry sheet can be made into 4 patties easily.


Now place the chicken mince in the center of 1 piece. wet edges with the egg with the help of the brush, now place another piece on top of the chicken filling.


And seal both edges then press it slightly with another small round cutter or fork 


Then place it on a baking tray and brush it with the egg over the patties. now Bake it at 250 c for 30 minutes or until nice golden color 


Now ready to hot serve with sauceketchup, and tea...


Crispy French Toast Recipe


Crispy French Toast | Egg Toast || How to make Crispy French Toast with step-by-step photos and video 

This post is also modified by adding my youtube video and some additional text and link 

French toast is made by dipping egg and milk and then frying it, I just have one word to describe this french toast: Oh my. And okay, that was two words. But that's how good this French toast is. It causes me to complete track of how many words I’m using. It also causes me to stop what I’m doing and reflect on each and every bite of what I’m eating, which is the crispiest, crunchiest, most delightful French toast known to mankind.

This video is added in this post you  will see a bit of a changed recipe, I made two types of toast for kids additionally I used crumbs and cornflakes for the coating to make crispy and crunchy 


My Latest Video Crispy French Toast:  


It is served as a snack and breakfast. the most popular snack among kids across the world. quick and fast the recipe can be prepared french toast from 2 types of method 
if you won't have some salty in snack or breakfast just add pinches of salt, want to be sweetened then add sugar, here I used salt to make salty french toast, which you can make by your choice and desire  

The main ingredients are eggs, milk, and bread slices, you have got to try this soon, soon, soon! And that means now.
so let's begin 

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In a bowl/plate add beaten egg, milk, and sugar/salt.


Beat together until everything is incorporated 


Cut all four brown edges of the bread slices, then cut them into half


Dip bread slices into the mixture and shallow fry in the medium-hot oil.


Until when the top layer gets nice golden brown.

Transfer the french toasts to the paper towel for removing excess oil 

French toast is ready to hot serve. can be served with ketchup and tea

french toast is ready to serve

Laddu Peethi Recipe


Laddu peethi || Laddu Peethi Recipe || How to Make Laddu Peethi with step-by-step photos

Laddu peethi is a delicious, savory, and mouth-watering evening food street veggie snack, originating from Punjab Pakistan, this spicy and lip-smacking snack is widely available in the city where the vendors would mostly sell it on the carts or would push their 'Rairees' through different streets and allies while calling out 'Ladoo Karara which means the Laddus 

They are selling spicy and tasty in the Punjabi language.
Laddu peethi  is prepared with blended mix lentil and then is deep-fried which is known as a laddu, as well as at the time of assembling are added green chutney, sweet and sour aloo Bukhara chutney, laddu balls, grated mooli, and sliced onion with thick yogurt mixture

Laddu peethi also can be prepared at iftar time as you know all my respectable readers Ramzan is almost upcoming so this is the great menu for the iftar as well as you can make at any events like party, eid or even for the guest for it you keep all chutneys to prepare before serving or even can be prepared dal mixture along with grated onion or reddish when they come just fry and assemble 

Actually, I prepared this recipe in February but due to some engagements I could not upload my recipe right away hence now the summer season has started so it’s hard to find out seasoning reddish
You even skip reddish if it is still getting in your area then must be used so let the go-ahead to know how to make laddu peethi 

Recipe Tips:
  1. To prepare this recipe to soak the lentils at least 2 hours before blending 
  2. Dal mixture consistency should be not rainy otherwise it will be soggy while frying
  3. Laddu can be had alone with tea or coffee after just frying 
  4. Laddu peethi can be stored in an airtight jar for up to 2 weeks by keeping in the freezer                    

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Take all ingredients and soak them in warm water which included tamarind, plumps, and both types of lentils. Soak lentils at least for two hours

Prepare both veggies onion and radish

Beat the yogurt to add cornflour till turns to the creamy texture


Then add chaat masala and salt, stir to combine well transfer to the serving bowl set aside until required 


Extract all seeds from tamarinds and plump


Slightly dry roast cumin seeds

slightly -dry-roast-cumin

Put soaked plums and tamarind pulp with water in a saucepan, and keep stirring well by adding all spices

Constantly stir to mix well on low-medium flame until chutney is thickened 


Transfer to the serving bowl and set aside until required

Note: This chutney can be stored in an airtight container and stays good for up to 2 weeks but keep it refrigerated and use a dry spoon for taking out chutney from the container_Now all three sauces are ready for laddu peethi to use in the recipe keep aside



Grind both lentils in a chopper mixer by adding spices, just splash some water over the dal and then blend till turns to a fine smooth texture


Transfer to the mixing bowl then add baking soda and powder together along with salt


Mix them well until everything is incorporated set aside


Heat the oil in a wok on medium heat, take one portion around tennis sized ball or as the desired size


Put laddu balls in hot-medium oil fry them on high-medium heat, and fry  3-4 laddu balls in one batch              


Fry each side of laddu for about 2-3 minutes till turns to nice golden brown color

Once laddu gets golden brown in the color drain them out from the oil, transfer all laddu on the paper towel to remove excess oil 

Place 2-4 laddus in one time serving or as desired 


Crack them from the center so that all sauces  properly absorb in laddus to make them juicy 


Drizzle all three sauces and add veggies_Keep assembling by adding more sauces over laddu peethi


Laddu is ready to serve, repeat the same process to make another plate of laddu peethi