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Anda Bun Kabab Recipe


Anda Bun Kabab | Dal Anda Bun Kabab || How to make anda bun kabab with step-by-step photos

Anda Bun Kabab is an extremely delicious and popular street snack, It originated in the streets of Karachi as fast food that is cheap and affordable even by a common man where you would find a bun Kabab seller on every other street.

This anda bun kabab is made with dal kabab, bun burger, chutney, egg, and salad, A quite common and relish snack that you would like to eat ever

I made dal kabab in this recipe is made with bangle gram,ginger-garlic, onion, and some other basic whole spices, also use dal kabab with dal chawal or paratha as well as bun kabab chutney recipe 

I have already shared it in my previous recipe. Your Bun burger recipe also you will also be on my blog, you can use store-bought bun burgers as well




This delightful Main Course recipe of dal anda Kay Ban Kabab can be ready in approximately 30 minutes and is good to serve around 2-4 People.

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips

Recipe notes:   

  1. Dal kabab: be careful to cooking the chana dal, don’t add too much water that loses the shape of the kababs and turns soggy
  2. I just poured 1 ½ cup water into the one-and-a-half cup bangle gram
  3. Eggs: beating well eggs is a must in this recipe, I used an electric beater if you can beat the egg with a hand whisker you can use a hand whisker
  4. Bun Burgers: I used fresh store-bought burgers due to less time, either you can follow my bun burger recipe, or can be bought from the store. but use only fresh buns, stale buns can spoil the taste of a bun
  5.  Salad: I added cucumber, cabbage, and onion in a bun kabab, you can add veggies of your choice like lettuce, parsley, tomato sliced, etc
  6. Ketchup: using chili garlic ketchup can enhance the taste of your anda bun, plain tomato ketchup also can be used instead of chili garlic ketchup


  1. Butter: toasting bun slices in a bit amount of butter brings a buttery taste to bun kabab. that feels superb in taste
  2. Mayonnaise: if you prefer mayonnaise used in bun kababs and not even any health issues then can be used, although I skipped this ingredient since I don’t like bun kababs
  3. Bun kabab chutney: I applied chutney directly to the buns without mixing yogurt, whereas you can mix some yogurt with chutney using raita chutney in bun kababs. it will enhance the taste of the bun kabab
  4. Omelet: I fried some of the omelets from leftover beaten eggs, if you have no egg left after frying the kababs, do not worry at all make a regular omelet by using another one 😉

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anda bun kabab

To begin this recipe firstly soak chana dal in warm water for an hour



Take all veggies and prepare them all 


Heat the oil in the pot and sauté the onion for 3-4 minutes on medium flame, Add soaked chana dal into the pot



Fry chana dal with onion for 2 minutes on medium flame

Next, add chopped ginger-garlic, cumin, and coriander seeds



Add black peppercorns, dry red chili, and salt, Stir to mix well, and pour water into the pot


Bring it to a boil and cook until the dal gets soft and the water dries out 


Once the dal gets dry put it into the food processor and grind it all to a fine paste



Take the outground dal into the mixing bowl



Add chopped onion. coriander and green chilies to the ground dal, Mix up well with the help of a hand, At this stage adjust the salt if needed, And make the equal desirable size of kababs          



Prepare all kababs, I made 9 medium-size kababs in 1/12 cup chana dal, You can freeze the kababs for more than two weeks 


Crack the eggs into another bowl. Add black pepper and salt. Beat them with an electric beater until they turn foamy and stiffly beaten, Set aside 


Heat the ghee on the skillet/pan and Dip the kabab in stiffly beaten eggs. Place on the skillet/frying pan



And fry them from both sides until they get nicely golden brown. Fry 3-4 kababs in one batch



But as per my experience, these kababs are well fried when is fried it just one



Fry all kababs as needed 


Heat the ghee in the skillet/pan, And fry the omelet around 2 inches in round


Fry all omelets as needed

Cut buns into half


cut the buns

Toast the bun slices in some of the butter on low heat as the high flame may burn the bun burgers



Place 2 bun slices on the board, Next, spread some green chutney over the bun slices then place fried dal kabab, Add more chutney on the buns as desired



Next, add some onion and cabbage on top of the kababs and sprinkle some chaat masala over the salad then place the omelet



Towards the end drizzle some ketchup and place some cucumber slices along with sprinkling chaat masala further



Top with another half of the bun slice



Toast the bun kabab again on the medium-hot skillet



To the very low flame from both sides



Cut the bun kababs into half


cut the buns

Transfer the anda bun kababs to the serving plate



Anda bun kababs are ready to serve, Served hot with tea chutney, and ketchup



You can see how it looks delicious dal anda bun


Chicken Spring Roll Recipe


Spring roll | Chicken roll || How to make chicken spring roll with step-by-step photos 

Spring Roll is a fried dish usually available  They typically contain minced beef/mutton, and vegetables, the colorful tempting roll is prepared by using chicken, carrot, cabbage, capsicum, and other seasonings and sauces

You can also add vegetables of your choice to enhance its flavor and serve it hot with ketchup, A Crispy, flaky, and tasty spring roll is known as one of the hot favorite snacks, It's not hard to make it just have to prepare to fill it with spring roll and roll sheets are available at any grocery store or sweet shop.

Chop all vegetables and stir fry them with 1 tbsp oil on high flame for 2 minutes, in the end, add 1 tsp sugar mix well vegetables, and remove from the flame your veggies are ready to use in many recipes such as noodles, spaghetti, samosa, and roll, spring rolls are served with ketchup and sauces, so let's begin 

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    In a pot/saucepan put chicken boneless and spices with 100 ml water, b
    ring to a boil then cover the lid, and cook it for 15-20 minutes on medium flame or until water dries up Take it out from the pan and shred the chicken keep aside 


    On the other hand, prepare flour batter for binding, take a small bowl to add 2 tbsp plain flour add water to mix it until gets a smooth paste

    Grate all vegetables and peel and chop the boiled eggs

    Take a frying pan to add 2 tbsp oil heat it then add vegetables just sauté it for 2 minutes then add shredded chicken and chopped eggs and mix them together, Keep the heat on very low flame during the process. Now add spices to the mixture stir to mix all the ingredients well, turn the flame on high, and stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes

    Remove from the flame and let it cool down completely


    Roll Sheets or strips you can get easily from any Asian grocery store.

    Take out one roll sheet and place the roll sheet/wrapper like a diamond. Place 1 tbsp filling near the corner no more than that, less filling the better. overstuffed spring rolls break apart in the oil 1 tablespoon is all you need, fold over the corner roll right, and apply flour batter over the sheet edges with the brush/spoon. Fold over the left side. Fold over the other side no air pocket

    Now it will look like an envelope besides applying flour batter over it, fold the roll sheet to make roll shapes, close it up, and see how nice and neat the egg roll has wrapped No holes, no air pockets.

    Keep them all covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying out. They dry out easily_You can store them in the freezer when you want to have them you take them out 5 minutes before frying

    Carefully slide the spring rolls in. Inspect each spring roll for corners that have popped open. Fix with more cornstarch slurry if needed. Fry a few at a time turning to brown evenly once they are golden brown, they are done

    Place them on a kitchen towel to absorb excess oil, Now transfer them to the serving tray

    Hot served with ketchup, and green sauceI hope you may enjoy our Chinese Spring roll recipe