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Kaleji Bun Kabab Recipe

kaleji bun kabab with step by step photos and video


Kaleji Bun Kabab | Kaleji Burger Recipe | How to Make Kaleji Bun Kabab with step-by-step photos  

Kaleji Bun Kabab, also known as Kaleji wala burger, is a popular street food dish. I prepared it using my tawa kaleji. This delicious, spicy, and wholesome snack can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is a well-known street food in Karachi that can be easily found at vendors or carts. This snack is not only popular but also healthy and nutritious, as it is loaded with minerals and iron.

One kaleji bun burger is sufficient as it is quite filling. The liver contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, and iron, which is why it feels heavy after eating. I am preparing the kaleji bun using beef, but you can use mutton, chicken, lamb, or any meat of your choice. Additionally, I will share with you how to make the bun chutney (burger sauce). I have already shared the recipe for chicken kaleji masala.
kaleji bun kabab

My Latest Video Kaleji Bun Kabab:

In my previous post, I shared the recipe for a homemade bun burger. Today, I am alone and have to manage everything from cooking to taking pictures, so there might be some fluctuations. However, 

I will do my best to share the recipes with you so that you can understand them better. Making a kaleji bun burger is not a hard and fast rule and it's easy, especially when you have already prepared kaleji. It can be prepared within 10 minutes and is perfect for evening snacks. Let's get started!

kaleji bun kabab

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For detailed recipes step by step watch my video

kaleji burger

How to Make Kaleji Bun Kabab?
Chop the onion, cabbage, lettuce, mint, and green chilies

kaleji burger

Combine yogurt, green chilies, cumin seeds, garlic, salt, mint, dry red chilies, and Chinese salt in a blender and blend them well without adding water. Once the mixture is well blended, transfer it to a bowl. Your dahi chutney for kaleji bun kabab is now ready to use in burger
kaleji bun kabab

In a medium-sized bowl, mix onion slices, grated cabbage, lemon juice, chopped lettuce, and coriander. This salad is perfect for burgers.
kaleji bun kabab

Spread butter on the tawa and toast the bun slices on both sides over low flame.

Place the bun slices on a tray and spread dahi chutney. Add onion salad, dahi chutney, and chaat masala, then cover with another bun slice.
kaleji bun kabab

Drizzle some oil over the pan toast them from both sides and
place onto the serving tray.
kaleji burger

Kaleji burger is ready
kaleji burger

Serve hot kaleji burger with chutney and ketchup

kaleji bun kabab

Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe


Chocolate Pound Cake || Chocolate Cake Slice || How to make a chocolate pound cake with step-by-step photos 

Chocolate pound cake is soft, moist, and buttery with a rich chocolate flavor. melt in your mouth and delicious. this is the best homemade recipe for chocolate lovers.

This cake doesn’t need any frosting at all. even then you can do shiny chocolate glaze over the top. but I love to have it plain with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

This is one of my favorite chocolate cake slices.it is made with cocoa powder, dark chocolate, butter, milk, and coffee granules to give it the richest chocolate flavor. every bite is a chocolatey dream come true!


How to Store Homemade Pound Cake?

Store leftover pound cake in an airtight container or resealable bag at room temperature. It will stay fresh for about three days. If you want to store it for longer, transfer it to the fridge after day 3 and enjoy it within a week.

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo

instructions and tips below the recipe card


Tips for the best chocolate pound cake:    

  1. Don’t omit the coffee, it plays an important role in this recipe
  2. Let the chocolate mixture cool down completely first then use. don’t use a warm chocolate mixture it will turn your cake hard
  3. I used dark cooking chocolate in this recipe other than cocoa powder. it will enhance the chocolaty flavor
  4. Using more eggs makes your cake super soft but most people avoid using/having eggs. so you can use condensed milk instead of eggs
  5. I used also dry fruits to make a more delicious cake which added almonds, walnuts, and pistachio. you can skip this as well
  6. Believe it or not, this pound cake tastes even better the day after you make it. Save a few servings and see for yourself!
  7. Make your pound cake even more heavenly by topping it with my Pourable Chocolate Ganache!
  8. Serve your chocolate pound cake with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream for the ultimate summer dessert.


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Vanilla chocolate cake

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Melt the crushed chocolate and butter in the milk on a low-medium flame.



Once the chocolate mixture is done let it cool down completely.set aside



Sift the all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt in the bowl



Stir to combine well


Mix dry flour is ready. Preheat the oven to 180 C or 350 F



Grease the baking pan and line the butter paper



Dissolve the instant coffee with 2 tbsp hot water. when dissolved, stir in the chocolate mixture



In a mixing bowl crack the eggs one by one and whisk for a minute. Next, add sugar and then whisk with the electric mixer on high speed 



Until light and fluffy



Start adding mixed flour little by little and fold. Scraping the sides of the bowl as necessary



After cooling down, the chocolate mixture adds chocolate essence and half-chopped almonds, pistachio, and walnuts. Stir to mix well. Add 4-5 tbsp prepared cake batter with the chocolate mixture



Stir to combine very well. Now add back chocolate mixture back to the remaining cake batter



Give it to good stir 



Pour the cake batter into the prepared cake pan. Sprinkle some crushed dry fruits. Bake for 50-55 minutes or until a  toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean



Chocolate pound cake is baked. Allow the cake to cool in the pan for 10 minutes. Then loosen the cake from the sides of the pan using a butter knife



Invert the cake onto a wire rack or any flat pan to cool it completely



Once cooled, cut into slices



Serve the cake with tea or coffee



Mini Veggie Pizza Recipe

mini veg pizza recipe with step by step photos and video

Mini Veggie Pizza || Vegetarian Pizza || How to Make Veggie Pizza Topping with step-by-step photos and video   

Vegetarian Mini pizza making is so easy and quick, especially while is being prepared pizza by using bun slices or bread slices

Here I also used bun slices to make quick veg pizza. because I didn't feel like doing work hard so I decided to make pizza with bun slices. this wasn’t a bad idea for me .it made perfectly yummy, a little crisp, and delicious. I used grated cheese and cheese slices both  

Super easy and delicious mini versions of pizzas topped with your favorite vegetable toppings and homemade pizza sauce. These mini veg pizzas are so addictive and kid-friendly that your kids would definitely love enjoying them.

vegeterian pizza

My Latest Video Mini Veggie Pizza

My mini pizzas are fantastic for those who struggle to get their kids to eat their veggies – though you can toppings with chicken mince along with veggies as well.

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo, video, and  instructions tips and video below 

Recipe Notes:

Bun Slices: I used bun slices to make a recipe but you can use pizza dough and even can be used bread slices. if you are not in the mood for a long work in a kitchen and want some cheesy savory so best idea is to use a bun or bread to make pizza

how to make veggie pizzza

Topping: pizza topping depends on your choice of veg or nonveg. Here I used capsicum, onion, tomato, mushrooms, black olives, and jalapenos along with ketchup and cheese slices. While you can add veg of your choice like spinach, peas, corn, or red and yellow peppers

Cheese: I used two types of cheese chattered slices or some grated mozzarella cheese. you can use any type of cheese that you like most

Pizza Sauce: usually, pizza sauce is considered the base of the pizza. but here I prepared the instant pizza sauce that I have shown in the video you can also use it otherwise go to my recipe page for pizza sauce or buy store-bought pizza sauce whatever convenient for you  

Pizza Seasoning: Mainly people use oregano lastly in topping and finish preparation with it but here I used my homemade pizza seasoning to enhance the aroma and taste of my beg pizza. You can use store-bought or for recipes go to my page and pick it up there, But if you don’t like simply can sprinkle oregano over the pizza   

vegeterian pizza

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mini veggie pizza

Firstly combine the tomato ketchup, chili flakes, basil, and oregano leaves in the bowl and stir to mix well. Instant pizza sauce is done


how to make mini veg pizza

Cut the buns into half and spread some pizza sauce on each slice 

veg bread pizza

Next place veggies capsicums, tomato, onion, and mushroom slices


veg pizza

Sprinkle some garlic powder and pizza seasoning over the veggies 


mini veggie pizza

Lastly, Place a cheese slice on the topping and place black olives, And finish by sprinkling chili flakes on top of each pizza slice

bread mini pizza

I Prepared some pizza slices by adding some grated cheese

veggie pizza

Bake the pizza slices in a preheated oven at 200C for 10 to 20 minutes or till golden crust 

veggie pizza

Quick mini veg pizza is done and served hot with a cup of tea

how to make veggie pizza