Yakhni Spaghetti Recipe - Yummy Traditional

Yakhni Spaghetti Recipe


Yakhni Spaghetti| Spaghetti is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, that usually prepared with meat and different styles sauces but today I am gonna share my own version that I did prepare with yakhni and chicken tikka chunks, chunks recipe already have shared with all in my previous post, one bowl of yakhni spaghetti is enough for one-time dinner or lunch additionally it's healthy and full of energetic meal
I have shared already veggie stock and non-veggie stock, for now, I had already in my refrigerator that I used to make spaghetti

Which Type of Vegetable can be used
Here I am using spring onion, capsicum and carrot you can use any kind of vegetables like peas, beans, and cabbage, as well as mushrooms and baby corn, also can be added it depends whatever you want to do variation in it
A bit long process that has to be followed step by step so lets the go-ahead know how to make yakhni spaghetti...    

We Need:


      Preparation of yakhni spaghetti:
      Firstly pour water in the pot with 1 tsp salt and 2 tbsp oil
      Bring it to boil then cook spaghetti for 8-10 minutes
      Drain them out from the water
      Pass them with cold water then set aside, rinse and cut the capsicum into thin slices
      Rinse and cut the spring onion into small pieces
      Peel and cut the carrot into thin slices
      In the saucepan add water and salt bring to boil then add eggs
      Cook it for 10 minutes over a high flame
      After 10 minutes transfer the eggs into cold water keep aside


      Ground the white peppercorn until  fine powder.peel and coarsely chop the eggs


      In a pan heat the oil, put all vegetables in the pan, then add crushed black pepper and a bit amount of salt_Saute them together for 3-4 minutes over medium-low heat keep aside, In the same pan shallow fry chicken tikka chunks until golden brown color keeps aside...


      Boil chicken stock:
      Here I am using frozen stock but if you are using fresh stock even then heat up the stock very well, when bringing the stock to boil reduce the heat, add soya sauce and white vinegar to the yakhni


      Make yakhni spaghettis:
      Right after combining all spices to the yakhni, stir the spoon, then put boiled spaghetti and mix them well


      Then add vegetables and mix again, now add fried chicken tikka chunks 


      In spaghettis add boiled eggs along with add butter/margarine, stir slightly till butter dissolved


      Towards the end add red chili sauce, mix them well further.


       Yakhni spaghetti is done


      Now transfer to the serving bowl and serve hot...


      How to make the recipe?

      Spaghetti is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, that usually prepared with meat and different styles sauces....

      1. 200g,spaghettis
      2. ½ cup, capsicum  
      3. 1/3 cup, spring onions
      4. 1/3 cup, carrots
      5. 2 eggs, boiled
      6. 2 tbsp, soya sauce
      7. 2 tbsp, white vinegar
      8. ½ tsp, white peppercorn freshly crushed
      9. 1 tsp, black peppercorn freshly crushed
      10. Salt to taste
      11. 2 tbsp, oil
      12. 2 tbsp,butter/margarine
      13. 3 tbsp, homemade hot red chili sauce
      14. 2 cups, yakhni stock
      15. 2 tsp, homemade chicken tikka spice optional
      16. ½ cup, chicken tikka chunks
      1. In the pan pour, stock bring it to boil well
      2. Reduce the heat
      3. Then add soya sauce, vinegar,1/2 tsp black pepper, white pepper and salt
      4. Note, if you want to add tikka masala can be added by choice at the time of adding sauces so that tikka masala could cook for few minutes
      5. Stir to combine well
      6. Add spaghetti and mix them with yakhni
      7. Keep reduce the heat during this process otherwise, stock (yakhni) gets absorbed with the spaghettis quickly
      8. Now add vegetables stir slightly right after
      9. Add chopped eggs and Chicken tikka chunks
      10. Mix them well together
      11. Add butter/margarine
      12. Keep stirring slowly over low heat until butter dissolved
      13. Then add homemade hot red chili sauce stir well again
      14. Now turn off the flame
      15. Transfer to the serving bowl
      16. Now Delicious and healthy yakhni spaghetti is ready to serve
      17. Note You can use any branded chili sauce additionally here I am not using tikka masala just because I don’t have available right now neither homemade masala because I have to skip this step but if you have you can use this spice gives it to a spicy and fiercely taste 
      *Not be duplicated, rewritten or published without permission- Thank you! 

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