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Shami Bun Kabab Recipe

shami bun kabab recipe with step by step photos and video

Shami Bun Kabab | Bun Kabab Recipe | How to Make Shami Bun Kabab with Step-by-step Photos and Video

Shami Bun Kabab contains a spicy patty, which is shallowly fried, and chutney or raita in the bun along with onion, cucumber slices, and cabbage, additionally, bun kabab also can be served with a fried egg or omelet known as anda Shami

Here I am making bun kabab with Shami kabab you can make it with a chana aloo dal patty if you are vegetarian or as a choice you can find out my chana dal aloo patty in my previous post
Further variation can include tomato ketchup and mayonnaise or mayo garlic sauce for enhancing the taste of the bun

I have already shared the ingredients for the Shami bun kabab such as tomato ketchup, mayo garlic sauce, simple bun burger, and Shami kabab recipe whose I have given the link above as well as you can use store-bought bun burger, ketchup, Kashmiri sauce, and mayo sauce it depends on your choice.
how to make shami bun kabab

My Latest Video Shami Kabab Bun:

Shami bun kabab is one of the popular snacks also known as street food which is easily accessed by every common man, it has cheaper cost than other types of fast food burgers, easily available at vendors and roadside restaurants, This is my all-time hot favorite snack sometimes I skipped my lunch and have it with hot tea however I am sharing this delicious and easy recipe with my dearest reader so let's begins

shami bun kabab

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To prepare this recipe first shallow fry Shami kababs, Heat the ghee in a frying pan and place Shami kababs, fry them from both sides until nicely golden brown in color.


Beat the egg in a medium bowl and add salt along with black pepper powder, whisk well then heat the ghee in the same pan, pour the egg mixture into the medium hot ghee and cook from both sides till turns to nice golden brown color


Shift to the plate, and now repeat the same process with the remaining egg mixture...


Take out Kashmiri sauce into a small bowl whisk the yogurt very well then stir to mix well with Kashmiri red sauce


Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Cut the bun burgers into half and then heat the tawa/skillet or flat pan, pour 1 tbsp ghee and spread it on the entire surface, heat them for 2 minutes then reduce the heat to very low, and place the bun slices on tawa/pan and toast it for 1-2 minutes from both sides, transfer to any tray or plate.


    Spread red chutney on bun slices and place the kabab on top then mash the kababs slightly with a spoon and place the omelet piece on top of the kabab


    Start to add sauces, put onions and cucumber slices along with grated cabbage


    Press all bun stuff slightly, further can be drizzled sauces over stuff, cover the shami bun kabab with another bun slice


    Now further, press the Shami bun kabab with a hand 


    Transfer to the hot tawa and toast them from both sides over low heat to prevent burning 


    Shift to any tray and cut into half  and then shift to the serving plate


    Shami bun kabab is ready to serve hot with tea
    how to make shami burger

    Shami bun kabab can be served with ketchup and sauce, additionally, you can serve bun kababs with french fries
    shami bun kabab


    Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe


    Spicy Fried Chicken ||  Fried Chicken || How to Make Spicy Fried Chicken with step-by-step photos..

    Fried Chicken has various styles to cook, this is juicy and a bit spicy fried chicken which is prepared with some regular spices and two types of flours and is served with yellow pepper sauce, which can enhance your taste buds, additionally, this recipe can be included in your iftar time_Mostly people become so fed up to have pakoras, samosas on daily basis this recipe can bring a bit changing in your iftar so must try it easy and delicious chicken meat 

    There are as many "secret recipes" for fried chicken as cooks are doing the fryingI used some traditional spices over the chicken, which is crispy and juicy with a unique flavor, usually, people use egg for coating but I'm here using some gram and cornflour mixed for coating both are well-coating agents. from the same recipe you can fry fish or mutton chops as well just skip meat tenderizer for fish fry below I am also giving quick sauce recipe with fried chicken so let's begin 

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    Take a large bowl, place chicken pieces in it then add all  ingredients 


    Then mix and apply well all over the chicken pieces, cover them with plastic cling wrap, and keep in the refrigerator for  marination for about 2 hours


    Meanwhile, make the sauce, In a small bowl add mango powder, salt, lemon juice, and yellow pepper mix them together then add a little water 

    Stir to combine well should be thin foam set aside     


    After two hours, heat the oil on a high flame,(if you use less hot oil then the coating will be separate from the chicken piece during frying  


    Slide the chicken pieces into the oil and fry each side for 4 minutes on medium flame_Flip the chicken slowly and allow to cook for another 4 minutes on another side, now again flip the side and fry until crispy nice golden color, Repeat the same process from all chicken pieces

    Place all chicken pieces on paper kitchen towels to remove excess oil.
    fried chicken place on pepper

    Now transfer the chicken pieces to the serving dish with the onion cucumber slices and lettuce               

    Ready to serve with saucechapati naan  
    Spread and Joy!


    Zinger Burger Recipe

    zinger burger recipe with step by step photos

    Zinger Burger | Chicken Burger || How to make zinger burger recipe with step-by-step photos 

    Zinger Burger is a pretty delicious burger with a crunchy and juicy fried chicken patty alongside two types of sauces: mayo sauce and the second one is tartar sauce which enhances the taste of the zinger burger

    KFC’s delicious, spicy-tangy Zinger Burger is a world-famous fast food combination that is easy to create in your home kitchen! The trick to making an authentic, crispy Zinger Burger lies in the spices found in the chicken marinade and the secret sauce. We’ll teach you how to quickly make the perfect crunchy and tender Zinger Burger in just a few easy steps.
    zinger burger

    Making a zinger burger or chicken burger at home is very easy and needs no expertise in cooking, zinger burger is a kind of chicken burger sold by KFC that comes  with extra crunchy chicken pieces made of breast or thigh, Both are my favorite but at this time, I am sharing a zinger burger later will share a chicken burger
    For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips
    zinger burger

    Recipe notes:
    1. The first thing that keeps in mind is that zinger burger or chicken burger or any kind of burger taste depends on patty or chicken pieces or kababs and second their sauces whether we are making eastern or western style burgers and buns but sauces and chutneys are an essential part of the burgers
    2. Either both things can make your burger more delicious or spoil the taste of the burger so be careful  
    3. So consider making a juicy and delicious stuff of burger, the rest of the preparation remains assembling the burger isn’t a big deal
    4. I will strongly recommend using thigh meat in making the patty or fried chicken pieces as they are so tender and juicy part of chicken  just like undercut in beef    
    5. Using fresh buns are more convenient for making zinger burger or chicken burger
    6. To make tartar the sauce you will need cucumber and jalapeno pickles I have shared a homemade jalapeno pickled recipe on my blog or can be used store-bought

    Homemade Mayuninse is my next upcoming recipe 

    For more Similar Recipes:
    zinger burger recipe

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    zinger burger

    To begin this recipe firstly wash the chicken thigh pieces thoroughly if they are very thick then slice them evenly, Add them to the water by putting salt and vinegar, and Rest for around 4 hours, this helps to keep the fried chicken juicy and tender


    Meanwhile, we will prepare the two sauces for use in the burger
    Tartar sauce: First chop the cucumber and jalapeno. Next, combine all the chopped pickles, onion powder, salt, garlic powder, and black pepper into the mayonnaise
    Give it to good stir set aside

    Mix tomato ketchup, hot chili sauce, mustard paste/powder, black pepper powder, and salt into the mayonnaise
    Stir to combine well till everything is incorporated set aside


    Drain the liquid from the chicken completely. Place the chicken pieces in the bowl, Next, add red chili powder, black pepper, ginger garlic powder, salt, and chicken powder, Rub each chicken piece with spices, and Keep in the fridge for 30 minutes

    Take a large deep mixing bowl, add flour with cornflour

    Next, add garlic powder, salt, black pepper powder, and chicken powder, Stir to mix well with a spatula Seasoned flour is ready


    Take one marinated chicken piece and put the chicken in the flour, coat it well on both sides

    Now take one coated chicken piece and dip it into the chilled water, Remove the excess liquid and place it in the flour again, Roll it well with the help of hand-palm very well. Repeat this process with all the remaining chicken. Place it on a plate and set it aside for a while, At this stage, you can store it in the freezer 

    Heat the oil in the wok on a medium-high flame

    When the oil is hot enough, deep fry coated chicken pieces on both sides, Flipping as needed, Don’t fry on a high flame else the patty will turn brown while the meat remains uncooked
    Also frying on a low flame will make them hard and chewy
    I fried 2 in one batch

    Once they get nicely golden brown transfer them to a kitchen tissue or brown paper

    Fry all chicken patties similarly and place them on the tray

    Slice the burger buns, and toast the buns on a griddle with a little butter/margarine. Apply mayo sauce over the bun of slices

    Place the patty, then put tartar sauce over the patty then chopped lettuce and cabbage_Place the other half of the bun
    You can assemble the buns as per your choice

    Prepare all burgers as required
    zinger burger

    Enjoy a zinger burger with mayo cabbage, French fries, and a cup of hot teaServe the zinger burger immediately

    zinger burger

    Hope you will love this zinger burger as much as we do

    zinger burger