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Pound Cake Recipe

Pound Cake Recipe with step by step photos and video

Pound Cake Recipe || Vanilla Cake Recipe || How to make Vanilla Cake with step-by-step photos and Video

Vanilla Pound Cake is the traditional classic, sweet, super soft tea cake recipe, that is made with a few basic ingredients but in taste is so good. Cakes can be intimidating to bake but pound cakes and loaf cakes are much easier and quicker, and this pound cake is a close second favorite to our all-time favorite Chocolate Cake Slices.

I always recommend adding buttermilk to the cake batter because this brings softness and a light rather dense texture. that I don’t like to eat if you don’t prefer using buttermilk in cake batter then can be used at room temperature milk. making a perfect cake depends on accurate measurement. for which you must use a kitchen scale instead of a cups measurement 

Here I wrote by using kitchen scale measurement so I will suggest using it to perfect cake results like my recipe. trust me after following my recipe you won’t want to buy pound cake from the bakery. so soft and sweet cake 

cake recipe

My Latest Recipe Pound Cake Video:  


I am not praising myself but once you will try it out then will get my point. You’ll love making this pound cake recipe on the weekends because it’s great for brunch or to serve with coffee when you’re having friends and family over. You could also make this by replacing the vanilla extract with orange extract and a dusting of powdered sugar and a teaspoon of orange zest on top.

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo, video, and  instructions tips below 

Here I will tell you my experience regarding making a soft cake. that I learned from my mistakes initially

how to make c=ake recipe


  1. To make a soft and perfect cake all ingredients that go in the cake should be at room temperature.
  2. Bring your ingredients to room temperature. When mixing the butter and sugar together, wait until they look light and fluffy, about 3 minutes, to make sure enough air has been incorporated. This is a critical part of this pound cake recipe, so be patient here.
  3. The egg makes the cake soft and spongy so if you are vegetarian or vegan or have an allergy so you can replace it with yogurt but I'll highly recommend using condensed milk instead of yogurt along with using baking powder and 1/4  baking soda 
  4. If you prefer using yogurt then ½ tsp use white vinegar along with baking soda and baking powder. these ingredients help to raise the cake properly and it will remain soft and spongy
  5. Don’t remove the pound cake from the loaf pan immediately. You want to let the cake cool about halfway, at least 10 minutes, before flipping it out of the pan and letting it come to room temperature.
  6. Use butter and flour to grease your pan, not cooking spray, which may prevent the cake from fully rising.
  7. Don’t use an electric beater for mixing dry ingredients with batter since the batter has a lot of air bubbles that help to raise the cake, mixing can remove bubbles and your cake  turn dense and hard
  8. Maintaining accurate oven temperature is the most important key to making soft and light pound cakes. if you'll keep the high temperature to bake the cake turns to burn and remain uncooked from the inside. if you will keep the temperature low to bake the cake it turns soggy and dense. because 180 C is the best temperature to bake the cake


  1. Use a toothpick to check the doneness of your cake. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready. If it starts browning around the edges, it is over-baked and your cake will lose a lot of moistness.
  2. Using much quantity of baking powder will make your cake shred and taste spoiled
  3. I won’t recommend using Pot to bake cake as my result is not as good as should be, but if you are used to baking cake in a pot then keep one thing in mind pot should be a wide and thick base  so that pot could properly be preheated from all sides  

How to Store Vanilla Pound Cake:

Serve: Once cooled, remove the pound cake from the loaf pan, slice, and serve with any of your favorite toppings or ice cream.

Store: Pound cake will keep at room temperature and tightly sealed for 3-4 days. I don’t usually recommend putting the cake in the refrigerator, but pound cake won’t go stale as quickly due to the density of the cake.


how to make cake recipe

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Pound cake recipe

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and grease the pan with butter 8×4 inch loaf pan.


vanilla cake

Sift the flour and add baking powder yellow food color and salt stir to combine well set it aside


how to make vanilla cake recipe

Crack the eggs one by one into the small bowl and then transfer them to the mixing bowl. start beating the egg at low speed for a few seconds then add sugar 
pound cake

Now increase the speed gradually, Beat until the egg mixture turns creamy and fluffy, Once turns to light and fluffy batter  pour milk and oil and then start beating once again on low speed, Next add vanilla essence and mix slowly with a hand beater


vanilla pound cake

Add dry ingredients little by little, and fold the maida slowly hand otherwise batter may go sit. likewise, finish the maida by putting it into the batter, Batter consistency should be thick, and the pouring state

vanilla cake

Transfer the cake batter to the loaf pan and tap it down to remove excess air, Bake the cake in preheated oven at 180 Celsius for 40-45 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean

vanilla cake 
Once now pound cake is baked leave it for 10 minutes next Scrape the edges carefully and take the cake out from the loaf pan and let it cool down completely on a wire rack
vanilla cake recipe

Once cooled cut into slices


pound cake

You can see in the picture and video how makes it fluffy and soft


Serve it with tea and coffee

pound cake

Chicken Chunks Recipe


Homemade Chicken Chunks || Chicken Tikka Chunks How to Make Chicken Chunks with step-by-step photos

Chicken Chunks is the most popular recipe many brands are making with different names. which is so costly everyone can’t afford as well this recipe is also called ready to cook so I thought should make homemade chicken chunks and share with all with pictures I am sharing 2 types of chicken chunks ingredients. The main ingredients are used like chicken boneless, bread slices, egg, and some seasoning required to make it                     

How to Use it?
Chicken tikka chunks can be used  to make pizza, sandwiches, bun burgers, roll paratha, biryani noodles, pasta, and macaroni  even as an evening snack and for the guest too
How to Serve it?
Chicken Tikka Chunks are served with sauce and ketchup
So let's begin.....

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Wash the chicken breast and cut it into small cubes set aside


Ground the garlic and ginger paste in the mortar or grinder jug and set aside


Squeeze the lemon juice in the cup


Remove the stalk of green chilies, Peel, and cut the onion roughly. Make the powder of cinnamon stick. On the plate add some water soak the bread slices and squeeze slices very well set aside                             



Grind the onion and green chilies for a minute, then put the chicken in the food processor. Grind them further


Add ginger-garlic paste and lemon juice to the chicken, grind them further, now add soaked slices in the processor, grind them well with chicken


Add homemade chicken tikka masala, to taste, and mix them again for a minute


Now transfer to the microwave tray, evenly spread the chicken mixture over the baking tray with the help of a spatula


Wrap the chicken mixture with the plastic cling, then lightly press it with the fingers so that spread evenly from all sides


    Put in the microwave for 10-15 minutes tills noticeable golden brown color


    Take it out from the microwave, remove the plastic

    Cut into a small cube shape or as the desired  size


    Now chicken chunks are ready to use in different recipes, transfer all chunks to the Ziploc bag for freezing


    Just 5 minutes before using you take it out from the freezer and then use it as needed

    Note If you don’t want spicy tikka chicken chunks you can add the above ingredients of chicken chunks except chat masala rest of the method and preparation will follow the same...


    Chicken Bread Roll Recipe


    Chicken Bread Rolls | Stuffed Buns| How to Make Breaded Chicken with step-by-step photos....

    Breaded Chicken Recipe is a delicious, easy, and simple stuffed baked bread roll, I simply love the way its looks, braided, and stuffed chicken bread. Even though I have been making the chicken bread roll often, there is always a sense of satisfaction to see the golden brown braided and stuffed chicken bread come out perfectly.

    The Chicken Bread Roll is such an amazing recipe that every time I make it, it never goes wrong. I got this recipe from my friend’s kitchen Ever since I have been following the same with wonderful results. I use this recipe for the bread and use a variety of fillings including chicken, keema, or just plain veggies. Hopefully,

    I’ll share with you all the recipes in the coming future, in sha ALLAH. You can just make this stuffed chicken bread roll from any leftover chicken too, like the tandoori chickenfried chickenchicken malai bothmince mixture, or even tandoori fish recipe.

    This is an amazing way to use up your leftover dishes including any mutton or veggie recipes. Though I am paranoid about making bread in the kitchen, this is one recipe that I love to make again and again without any difficulty. I simply love the sheer ease of it. Nothing like seeing the dough rise and watching it becomes soft, fluffy, and brown. I fondly keep looking through the oven mirror like a small kid every time I bake anything. Baking and getting it right is something that I really cherish and enjoy to the core.

    Additionally, I used the same stuffing which was used in making chicken puff patties, But you can always use the filling your choice for this chicken bread roll. I have shared already pizza dough recipe in my previous post so you can find out on my blog with the help of the given link, or even you can knead the dough by your method

    I truly, hope that you try this chicken bread roll recipe and enjoy it, so let's begin

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    To prepare this recipe first knead the dough, and rise it in a warm place for an hour

    Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing for these bread rolls
    The dough has risen, punch it for a minute then transfer the dough to the working surface, sprinkle the flour dust, and knead the dough again for 2-3 minutes


    Divide the dough into equal portions

    And give them into round shapes_Take one dough ball and roll the dough ball 5-6 inches in the round, Make slits with a sharp knife on one side of the rolled disc, Place 2-3 tbsp chicken mixture on the plain side of the rolled disc

    Start folding from right to left then bends the rolled bread from both sides

    Repeat the same process with all remaining dough balls, Place all bread rolls on the baking tray

    I just made 2 stuffed burgers buns_You can also make burger buns or bread rolls by choice or give any other desirable shapes
    i just-made-stuffed-bread-buns

    Now cover them with a kitchen napkin_Leave them to rest further for around 30 minutes

    Turn on the oven to 200 C for preheating_Prepare egg wash for this crack one egg into small size bowl with milk, and whisk them with a fork

    Brush egg wash on bread rolls and sprinkle some sesame seeds on the bread


    Bread rolls are ready to go into the oven

    Bake them in the preheated oven at 200 C for 20-25 minutes

    Bread rolls are done, you can see a nice golden brown color on the baked bread

    Brush on baked bread rolls with butter or oil 

    And again cover them for 10 minutes, Butter keeps them soft

    Now place all bread rolls on a cool wire rack

    Delicious chicken bread rolls are ready to serve with tea or coffee

    You can see inside the bread how is it fluffy soft and stuffed with chicken