Chicken Egg Club Sandwich Recipe - Yummy Traditional

Chicken Egg Club Sandwich Recipe


Chicken Club Sandwich || Club Sandwich || How to make a chicken club sandwich with step-by-step photos 

club sandwich, also called a clubhouse sandwich, is a sandwich of bread traditionally toasted_A sandwich is a food typically consisting of vegetables, sliced cheese, meat, and chicken Egg club sandwich is known as one of the most popular snacks all over the world, where people do variations according to their choices and taste. 

Additionally the most popular among kids as well a mouthwatering and yummy snack. I added chicken, cheese slices, and eggs to make this yummy sandwich, a quick and easy sandwich can be made for dinner, or as an evening snack too, so lets the go-ahead to learn how to make a chicken egg club sandwich easily

We Need:

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Boil the chicken with ginger-garlic and some salt then shred them

Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies     

Put shredded chicken in a mixing bowl

Now add all ingredients 

At the end add mustard paste

Mix them very well and set aside

In a medium bowl add eggs and milk together

Then add black pepper and salt

Whisk well and set aside 

Pour some oil into a pan or melted butter

Then add marinated boiled chicken to the pan, and stir to combine well

Keep stirring for 2 minutes then remove from the flame

In the same pan pour some oil and heat it

Now spread half the egg mixture on the pan
Let it cook over medium flame until edges are thickened 

    Flip it and cook each side for a few seconds

    Now egg omelet is done

    Transfer to the plate, and repeat the same process with the remaining egg mixture 

    Cut the edges of bread slices from all four sides

      Cut the edges of bread slices from all four sides, like this


      Grease the grill pan with oil 

      Toast the slices from both sides 

      Spread the mayonnaise on each slice

      Put 2 tbsp chicken on a slice

      Now place another slice on top of the chicken, and again spread mayonnaise on other slices then place cucumber slices 

        Add tomato slice, and lettuce and drizzle some ketchup over them, you can skip ketchup it's optional, then place another slice on top of it, slightly press them

        Now place egg and cheese slices_You can layer as you like it won’t change the taste

          Now finely place 4rth slice on top

            Now insert a toothpick to hold the sandwich firmly, it's also optional  

            Cut the sandwich carefully into halves_Now sandwich is ready to serve with ketchup, sauce, and french fries

              club sandwich, also called a clubhouse sandwich, is a sandwich of bread traditionally toasted 

              Ingredients For Chicken:
              1. 400g, chicken boiled and shredded
              2. oil/butter, as required
              3. 1 tsp, black peppercorn freshly ground
              4. ½ tsp, soya sauce
              5. ¼ tsp, white pepper powder
              6. Salt to taste
              7. ½ tsp, white vinegar
              8. ¼ tsp, mustard paste
              For Egg Mixture:
              1. 3, large eggs beaten
              2. 2 tbsp, milk
              3. 2 pinch, of salt
              4. 2 tbsp, oil
              Ingredients for sandwich:
              1. 8, large bread slices
              2. Mayonnaise, as required
              3. 1 cup, cucumber thinly sliced
              4. 1 large, tomato, thinly sliced
              5. A few, lettuce leaves
              6. 6, cheese slices cheddar/Mozzarella 
              7. Ketchup, as required
              8. Toothpicks optional
              How to make a Chicken Club Sandwich? 
              1. In a bowl add boiled and shredded chicken
              2. Now add black pepper, white pepper, white vinegar, mustard paste, and soya sauce
              3. Mix them together very well and set them aside
              4. In a pan add some oil/butter heat it then adds a chicken mixture
              5. Stir to mix well for 2 minutes
              6. Remove from the flame 
              7. Keep aside
              8. In a small bowl add eggs,2 pinch salt, black peppercorn, and milk
              9. Whisk well and keep aside
              10. In a frying pan add little oil
              11. Then pour half a mixture of egg
              12. Cook from both sides
              13. Repeat the same process with the remaining egg as well
              14. Keep aside
              15. Cut the edges of the bread from all four sides
              16. Grease the grill pan with butter and
              17. Then toast bread slices from both
              18. For 1 sandwich arrange 4 slices
              19. Spread mayonnaise on each slice
              20. Put 3 tbsp chicken on slice then place bread slice on top of sandwich stuff
              21. Then spread some mayo and place some slices of cucumber, tomato, and lettuce leaves on top 
              22. Drizzle some tomato ketchup it's optional
              23. Place another piece on top of it 
              24. Place some egg and cheese slices
              25. Finally, place the last bread slice
              26. Press them slightly
              27. Insert a toothpick to hold the sandwich
              28. Carefully cut into halves
              29. Now ready to serve with french fries and homemade ketchup 
              30. Try it once you will make it again and again
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