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Egg Paratha Recipe

egg paratha recipe with step by step photos

Egg ParathaAnda paratha || How to make egg paratha with step-by-step photos and video...

Egg Paratha is a delicious layered flatbread with an omelet layer. It is an easy and healthy Pakistani breakfast that can be made with whole-grain wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour, to make egg paratha, you can use readymade paratha, roti, or frozen paratha as well, 

However, I have included the recipe to make basic paratha as well in this post, Additionally, most people fond of eating usually is cooked at breakfast but can be made at sehri with lassi you will never feel any hunger and thirst during a fast time

anda paratha recipe

My Latest Egg Paratha Video:

Because egg paratha gives you energy and lassi will get you relief from thirst and weakness. I have often made this at home despite knowing it contains high calories but I sometimes left my concern about diet when it comes to mouthwatering taste, if you are even diet conscious person like me even then you leave for a while and try must once and enjoy with your family and friends 
So let the go-ahead know how to make egg paratha 

how to make egg paratha

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egg paratha

In a bowl add flour, salt, and oil mix them well, and start kneading by adding water little by little, prepare a soft dough and cover it with a wet kitchen towel, let it rest for 20 minutes after 15 minutes knead the dough for about 5 minutes more, now it gets extremely soft


Now drizzle some drops of oil over the dough and apply all over the dough, put it back into the bowl and cover it with plastic cling wrap, keep aside for 30 minutes      


    In a mixing bowl add eggs and all chopped veggies, beat the egg with the whisk/fork until well combined, and keep aside

    After 30 minutes take out the dough, Now make roughly equal medium size dough balls, then give them in a round shape


    Flatten it with your fingers and dust some flour on the rolling board

    Start rolling in a round shape with 3-4 diameters first, and apply a little ghee/oil on the rolled-out paratha. Sprinkle some flour over the paratha it will make the paratha flaky 
    Cut into wide strips shape, fold the strip first then place the first folded strip on top of 2nd the strip and start folding together, you repeat the same process until all strips are folded altogether    

    Then press the end gently in the middle and keep it in the fridge to cover it, this thing will help to make layering in the  paratha      


    Preheat the Tawa for 10 minutes, Take one paratha ball and flatten it with your fingers


    Take one ball  and roll it out with the help of a rolling pin approx 4-5 inches in a round shape                            


    Warm the Tawa on medium flame add 1 tbsp ghee and place the paratha to cook for 2 minutes and flip, keep pressing on low flame so that all sides are cooked very well

    Add another 1 tbsp ghee/butter and cook for a further 2 minutes from another side, now take out 1 large spoonful of egg mixture and spread thoroughly over the paratha               


    Note While spreading the egg mixture reduce the flame to low to prevent burning base_carefully turn the side and press it so that the egg sticks to the paratha easily

    Now transfer to the paper kitchen towel to absorb excess ghee/butter


    This yummy paratha also can be given to the kids' tiffin boxes, ready to serve paratha with tea or lassi whatever you want to have with egg paratha you can 

    anda paratha

    Place a paratha on butter pepper and then roll egg paratha with butter pepper and serve with ketchup for your loving kids
    I make sure kids love to have it 

    Egg paratha

    Dal Kachori Recipe

    dal kachori recipe with step by step photos

    Dal kachori || Stuffed Kachori  || How to make dal kachori with step-by-step photos and video...

    Personally, I find that dal kachori with aloo tarkari is a more flavorful and delicious fried snack than samosas or pakoras. I love pairing dal kachori with aloo chana tarkari as it is a common and tasty snack. This highly sought-after snack can be easily prepared at home using readily available ingredients. Despite its seemingly complex appearance, it is actually a simple dish to make, making it a great option for unexpected guests or when you don't feel like cooking something extravagant.

    how to make dal kachori

    My Latest Video Dal Kachori:


    It is served with Aloo chana tarkari, achar, and raita, My All-time favorite food of most people is dal kachori can be made with chana dal or moong dal I make it with chana dal I have already given aloo chana tarkari masala and tarkari recipes in my previous post. you can click the given below links too. here I will tell step-by-step kachori process so let's begin     

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    dal kachori recipe

    In a pan/pot add lentils along with spices bring them to a boil and cover them until they are soft
    Note: There should be no remaining water in the dal if you see water remaining in it then dry it on high flame first. now let it cool down


    Grind them in a chopper machine till turn to the fine dal mixture


    Shift the ground dal to the bowl and keep it aside.    


    Take a large size bowl to add all-purpose flour with spices and mix them well together until the crumbles texture, start kneading the dough by adding water little by little

    Knead to the smooth and super soft dough for around 10-15 minutes, you can see the softness of the dough in the below photo


    Cover it with cling wrap, and set aside for resting for around 15 minutes

    Take the dough out punch it again for 5 minutes, and apply oil all over the kachori dough


    Cut the dough into halves


    Divide the dough into equal portions, make smooth balls, and flatten them between your palms.       


    Cover the dough portions with a kitchen towel to prevent dryness 


    Before you start filling place the wok with oil on the stove over a low-medium flame

    Take one flattened ball at a time then roll it 1.5 inches in the round shape. Place 1 portion of dal stuffing in the center


    Gather the edges and pinch them into the center seal them tightly and flatten them by pressing very gently. Press the kachori gently with an oily hand

    Note, don't use flour at the time of stuffing or pressing kachoris because they become hard and won't puffy   


    Repeat the same process with other dough balls


    In the hot oil put kachori turn the flame down to low-medium -medium and press it with a scoop.


    Fry each side till turns to a nice golden brown color from both sides, now drain them out from the oil.  

    Place all kachoris on the kitchen towel to remove excess oil. 

    dal kachori

    Your crispy kachori now is ready to serve with raitaachar, and aloo chana tarkari                                

    dal kachori recipe


    Veggie Omelette Recipe


    Veggie Omelette | Vegetable Omelette | How to Make Veggie Omelette Recipe with step-by-step photos

    Veggie Omelette is one of the delicious and yummy recipes,
    A delicious and healthy Veggie Omelet is a perfect and complete meal for your whole day, nothing needs to be eaten for the rest of the day after having this tasty and wholesome breakfast with brown or white bread even with paratha, I prepared this omelet with chopped tomatoes, chili, onion, spring onion, capsicum, and peas 

    It can be used as a place for a curry at lunch or dinner, a speedy and easy recipe additionally, mint leaves, coriander leaves/and parsley for enhanced taste...We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?! It is essential to start your day off right with protein and nutrient-dense vegetables 

    My Latest video veggie omelet Recipe:

    A really easy and tasty meal packed with bright colorful veggies, so let the go-ahead to learn how to make a veggie omelet 
    Tips to Make the Perfect Omelet:
    1. This recipe is for a basic 4-egg omelet. If you want a more-egg omelet, be sure to use a 10-inch pan rather than the 8-inch pan specified in the recipe. 
    2. If you have a non-stick pan, use it. It is the best thing to make omelets in. I have one non-stick pan and I only use it for omelets. 
    3. If you don’t have a non-stick pan, that’s ok, just make sure you take the oiling-the-pan step very seriously.
    4. Another great tool to have is a heat-resistant rubber spatula. It will help you flip like a pro
    5. The trick to these omelets is to cook them over medium-low heat. You don’t want to overcook the eggs at all. You want to make a nice, fluffy egg                                             

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    Prepare all veggies onion, green chilies, capsicum, mint, coriander leaves, tomatoes, and spring onion, then shift to the medium-sized bowl 


    Crack the eggs in a bowl and beat till everything is incorporated, now combine all spices in the egg mixture


    Now mix well and keep aside

      Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium flame, Pour eggs into the pan and cook until the edges are brown approximately 2-3 minutes


      Flip the omelet over and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes. sprinkle parsley/coriander, salt, and pepper over top, divide into 2 servings, and garnish with sliced onions.


      Now ready to hot serve with parathasliceburger bun