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Minced Sandwich Recipe


Minced Sandwich | Stuffed Sandwich || How to make a minced sandwich with step by step photos

Minced Sandwich is a bread snack that is filled with mince, eggs, cheese, and chicken along with some sauces is served with ketchup and french fries. It is a very delicious, savory and popular snack in all age group people, the best evening snack for the family and friends, There are many kinds of sandwiches have been introduced yet, and is prepared with different ingredients and styles, additionally, this healthy and mouthwatering sandwich is the best for kids tiffin boxes as well

Here I made minced sandwiches which I prepared with

leftover mince, that had preserved after making stuffed potato

cutlets recipe have already been shared in my previous post,

you will get the link below in which you get mince preparation

The Same recipe I used in making sandwich if you have already prepared mince and garlic mayo sauce you can make it within 15 minutes also can be added cheese as the desired add

To prepare a sandwich is used a grill pan or sandwich maker I used both but you can use any of them whatever is available at home, the main ingredients are bread sandwich slices, mince, and mayo sauce, Mayo sauce recipe can get by clicking the link below 

Recipe tips:
  1. To prepare a minced sandwich you can use any type of dry leftover keema 
  2. Instead of using garlic mayo sauce can be used simple mayonnaise by mixing red chili sauce                      


We need:


Firstly cut all four edges of slices keep aside, prepare homemade garlic sauce according to the given recipe in my food blog


Add a little ghee in a pan and heat it well then put 1 egg along with 2 pinches black pepper and salt to taste cook it until scrumble texture, now add leftover keema to the pan and mix to well combined
Note, if you are making fresh mince then no need to mix scrambled egg but you can if needed or as desired


Melt the ghee at room temperature or in the microwave/stove for applying a sandwich maker or grill pan.


    Spread butter on all bread slices, then spread the second layer of mayo garlic


    Preheat the sandwich maker first after turn off the light button then grease it with the brush, grease them from both sides of the sandwich maker


    Place sandwich slices on preheated and greased sandwich maker, spread more garlic sauce on sandwich slices as needed


    Put 1 tbsp keema in the center of bread slices and cover it with another slice, turn on the sandwich maker and close the lid of the maker


    Let them cook until automatically turn off the light


    Turn off the sandwich maker now you can see how beautifully golden brown color has come on sandwiches, transfer to the serving plate/tray


    Heat the grill pan very well and apply some ghee over it and place the sandwich carefully on the grilled pan, toast the sandwich from both sides on low flame and cut into a half transfer to the serving tray/plate


    Now crispy and yummy sandwiches are ready to serve and eat...


    Minced sandwiches can be served with french fries along with mayo sauce and tomato ketchup with coffee and tea 


    Minced Sandwich is a bread snack which is filled with  mince, eggs, cheese, and chicken along with some sauces...

    1. 8, sandwich bread slices
    2. ½ cup, mayo sauce
    3. 200g, leftover mince
    4. 50g,margarine/butter
    5. 1/3 cup, melted ghee
    6. 2 pinch, crushed black peppercorn
    7. Salt to taste
    8. Sandwich maker
    9. Grill pan
    For serving:
    1. Garlic mayo sauce
    2. Tomato ketchup
    3. French Fries
    How to make a sandwich?
    1. Firstly spread butter/margarine on all bread slices then spread the second layer of  garlic mayo sauce
    2. Meanwhile, preheat the sandwich maker and switch off the button then grease the sandwich maker with ghee from all sides
    3. Now place slices on the sandwich maker and put 1 tbsp mince mixture in center of slices
    4. Place other slices on top of the keema mixture
    5. Now turn on the sandwich maker and close the lid of the sandwich maker
    6. Let them cook until turning off the light of the sandwich maker automatically, this is indication sandwiches are done
    7. Turn off the sandwich maker and transfer the sandwiches to the plate/tray
    8. Repeat the same process with all remaining slices and mince the mixture
    9. The other hand preheats the grill pan then apply some ghee over it with the brush
    10. Place sandwich over grill toast it on low flame otherwise it may burn from base
    11. Toast each side of the sandwich about 2-3 minutes
    12. Flip the sandwich very carefully and toast it from another side
    13. Until golden brown lines have appeared on sandwiches
    14. Shift to the plate and cut into a triangle shape from the center
    15. You will be required a sharp knife for cutting
    16. Transfer to the serving plate/tray to serve
    17. Minced sandwiches can be served with french fries along with mayo sauce and tomato ketchup with coffee and tea
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