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Mooli Paratha Recipe


Mooli Paratha|Radish Paratha || How to make mooli paratha with step-by-step photos and video

Mooli Paratha is a traditional recipe that basically comes from the Punjab side of Pakistan, a very tasty and healthy recipe is a whole wheat flatbread stuffed with grated mooli white radish. It's lightly seasoned with spices and makes a wholesome breakfast or lunch
Today’s paratha is made with mooli or white radish. Mooli paratha is not always everyone’s favorite and that’s because radish has a strong smell/taste I have noticed that not everyone enjoys it but personally I love it.

Mooli paratha has always been one of my favorite parathas so I now make it often. If you get into the technicalities of making parathas, they are all made in a similar way, But the mooli paratha is one of the most challenging ones to make!

My Latest Video Stuffed Mooli Paratha

Because radish has a high water content so when you try to roll it inside a dough, it just releases moisture making it very difficult to roll. this is the reason it is always squeezed well as possible before stuffing it inside the dough, Mainly is served with raita, and garlic chutney.


Prepare this recipe first peel and grate the mooli then put grated mooli in the bowl, sprinkle some salt keep aside


Meanwhile in a bowl put both flour wheat and maida to mix, then add salt and 1 tsp oil. Start kneading the dough by adding some water
Knead to the smooth dough cover it with plastic cling wrap set aside for resting for around 15 minutes


After 15 minutes squeeze out all the excess water from the grated mooli, transfer to another bowl, add all spices mix them together very well  


Divide the dough into equal portions, make smooth balls, and flatten them between your palm
Before you start the rolling, Heat the Tawa on medium flame


Take one flattened ball at a time, dust it into dry flour start rolling, roll into 4 diameters, keep the edges thinner than the center even you can spread with the help of fingers

Place 1 portion of Mooli stuffing in the center, gather the edges and pinch it into the center
Seal it tightly and flatten by pressing very gently, again dust into dry flour rolls it very carefully about 6-inch diameter circle. Keep in mind that rolling stuffed paratha to perfection via practice

Now Place it onto hot Tawa and Cook_After a few seconds you may notice a few bubbles come on top, now time to flip it should have a few brown spots on it cook on another side as well

Apply some butter then flip it, and f
ry another side the same way by pressing the spatula

Once cooked from  both sides transfer to the serving plate, and Serve hot with green chutney and raita  

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Laddu Peethi Recipe


Laddu peethi || Laddu Peethi Recipe || How to Make Laddu Peethi with step-by-step photos

Laddu peethi is a delicious, savory, and mouth-watering evening food street veggie snack, originating from Punjab Pakistan, this spicy and lip-smacking snack is widely available in the city where the vendors would mostly sell it on the carts or would push their 'Rairees' through different streets and allies while calling out 'Ladoo Karara which means the Laddus 

They are selling spicy and tasty in the Punjabi language.
Laddu peethi  is prepared with blended mix lentil and then is deep-fried which is known as a laddu, as well as at the time of assembling are added green chutney, sweet and sour aloo Bukhara chutney, laddu balls, grated mooli, and sliced onion with thick yogurt mixture

Laddu peethi also can be prepared at iftar time as you know all my respectable readers Ramzan is almost upcoming so this is the great menu for the iftar as well as you can make at any events like party, eid or even for the guest for it you keep all chutneys to prepare before serving or even can be prepared dal mixture along with grated onion or reddish when they come just fry and assemble 

Actually, I prepared this recipe in February but due to some engagements I could not upload my recipe right away hence now the summer season has started so it’s hard to find out seasoning reddish
You even skip reddish if it is still getting in your area then must be used so let the go-ahead to know how to make laddu peethi 

Recipe Tips:
  1. To prepare this recipe to soak the lentils at least 2 hours before blending 
  2. Dal mixture consistency should be not rainy otherwise it will be soggy while frying
  3. Laddu can be had alone with tea or coffee after just frying 
  4. Laddu peethi can be stored in an airtight jar for up to 2 weeks by keeping in the freezer                    

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Take all ingredients and soak them in warm water which included tamarind, plumps, and both types of lentils. Soak lentils at least for two hours

Prepare both veggies onion and radish

Beat the yogurt to add cornflour till turns to the creamy texture


Then add chaat masala and salt, stir to combine well transfer to the serving bowl set aside until required 


Extract all seeds from tamarinds and plump


Slightly dry roast cumin seeds

slightly -dry-roast-cumin

Put soaked plums and tamarind pulp with water in a saucepan, and keep stirring well by adding all spices

Constantly stir to mix well on low-medium flame until chutney is thickened 


Transfer to the serving bowl and set aside until required

Note: This chutney can be stored in an airtight container and stays good for up to 2 weeks but keep it refrigerated and use a dry spoon for taking out chutney from the container_Now all three sauces are ready for laddu peethi to use in the recipe keep aside



Grind both lentils in a chopper mixer by adding spices, just splash some water over the dal and then blend till turns to a fine smooth texture


Transfer to the mixing bowl then add baking soda and powder together along with salt


Mix them well until everything is incorporated set aside


Heat the oil in a wok on medium heat, take one portion around tennis sized ball or as the desired size


Put laddu balls in hot-medium oil fry them on high-medium heat, and fry  3-4 laddu balls in one batch              


Fry each side of laddu for about 2-3 minutes till turns to nice golden brown color

Once laddu gets golden brown in the color drain them out from the oil, transfer all laddu on the paper towel to remove excess oil 

Place 2-4 laddus in one time serving or as desired 


Crack them from the center so that all sauces  properly absorb in laddus to make them juicy 


Drizzle all three sauces and add veggies_Keep assembling by adding more sauces over laddu peethi


Laddu is ready to serve, repeat the same process to make another plate of laddu peethi 



Bun Kabab Chutney Recipe


Bun Kabab Chutney | Green Chutney || How to make Bun Kabab Chutney with step-by-step photos

Bun Kabab Chutney has considered an essential ingredient of any bun kabab without chutney bun kabab is incompleted. the base of bun kabab is chutney. there are several ways to make bun kabab chutneys. mainly this chutney is made with mint, coriander, green chilies, and some basic spices including tamarind pulp 
This chutney is spicy, tasty, and tangy which brings a delicious taste to bun kabab. the unique aroma of the chutney is absolutely amazing and elevates the taste and flavor of any snack
You can also add some yogurt to this chutney but just before having to use it in recipes.
bun kabab chutney

Bun kababs are also called street food. where it is easily available in almost every street, bazaar, or roadside Patara (restaurant). Everyone loves to eat bun kebabs at lunch or time or as an evening snack. this is called also desi bun kabab. whose recipe I will share after it.

This is a quick and easy recipe that can be prepared within 30 minutes and used other than bun kabab such as a sandwich, paratha rolls. this chutney also can be used often in Pakistani cuisine as a side with snacks and barbecue. this chutney aids digestion and enhances the taste, aroma, and nutrition of any dish

This chutney has another name Green chutney, in my earlier posts, I have shared another version of green chutney whose link I will give below the description

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips

Recipe notes:
  1. To make the best bun kabab chutney full of flavors,  make sure you use fresh mint, green chilies, and green tomatoes
  2. I will suggest using garlic in making chutney, this helps to make tasteful chutney but if you don’t like pungent the flavor of raw garlic can skip
  3. I used just mint, green tomatoes, garlic cloves, and green chilies .you can also use fresh coriander half of the mint quantity 
  4. You can add yogurt to this chutney but keep remembering when you have the intention of using it right away otherwise your chutney will no longer stay fresh for a long time
  5. Here I just cooked my chutney to secure for a long time. you can skip this step as desired
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Bun Kabab Chutney

To begin this recipe soak the tamarind in the warm water for an hour and then extracts all seeds and separate the pulp


extract the seeds

Take all veggies and prepare them all 


In the hand blender or grinding jug combine all ingredients mint, green chilies, garlic cloves, and green tomato slices



Next, add dry red chilies, tamarind pulp, little water, and salt



Blend them together in the jar, Add more water if needed. I used a total of 3 tbsp water in blending the chutney



Blend until smooth



Check salt and tang add more if needed 


Heat the little oil in the pot



And pour the chutney into the pot



And cook for a while 


Until the raw smell is disappeared or the water dries up

Once chutney gets thick, turn off the flame

And let it cool down completely



Transfer to the jar/bottle or bowl



Serve this bun kabab chutney with Pakistani snacks chaatsandwichsamosa as well



Store it in a  glass bottle and use a week by keeping in the refrigerator