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Beef Puff Patties Recipe


Beef puff Patties | Meat Puff Patties || How to make beef puff patties with step-by-step photos 

Beef Puff Patties are flaky, crispy, and mouth-melting snacks known as beef patties. the external crust of patties is made up of puff pastry dough filled with minced fillings and then baked until golden often referred to as meat patties

These beef patties used to be one of my favorite childhood snacks. Every local Pakistani bakery would have two versions of this snack – the long ones were always stuffed with mince, and the triangle ones were usually stuffed with potatoes/vegetables. My favorite would always be the beef ones. Fresh from the bakery oven with crispy puff pastry that keeps on flaking with every bite and a scrumptious ‘spicy beef filling.

My absolute favorite ones in Karachi were the ones from the Crispo bakery near Clifton Bridge. Crispy & flaky filled to the brim with this spicy mince mixture. Absolutely the best beef patties in town. Plus they do away with the top layer so you are saved from getting all the pastry crumbs on your dress.


The difficulty in finding hygienic beef patties from outside is what prompted me to think about making it at home by making my own twist

The trick to making delicious beef patties is the spicy mince filling – it binds the tasty mince together and gives it that characteristic bakery flavor that we all love.

A trendy and common breakfast snack or evening snack is being sold in bakeries but today I show you how can be made easily these patties at home. The homemade puff pastry dough recipe has been shared a few days back on my blog


Alternatively, Puff pastry can be ready to use at any supermarket or shop. Mostly found in the chillers or frozen section. Of course, you can also make homemade puff pastry dough. If you are interested in learning how to make puff pastry   have shared a detailed recipe with step-by-step photos on my blog


Making perfect puff pastry items is dependable on the pastry dough the more you make the dough by following the instructions the more puff pastry items will make perfect

I prepared beef mince fillings for patties whereas you can make patties filling of your choice as well. To make tasteful mince filling I added dry mint leaves, chopped green chilies, grated ginger, and lemon juice to the mince. while I didn’t add onion you can add veggies of your choice like peas, capsicum, spring onion, etc


Yes, puff patties can be stored in the refrigerator for a month by keeping them in an airtight container. take them out from the refrigerator 30 minutes before baking and then bake till golden brown. Crispy and flaky meat puff patties are ready 

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo, Instructions, and tips above the recipe card



  1. Before making puff patties take out the dough from the refrigerator around an hour before and let it come to room temperature. but if you made puff pastry from butter then let it remain outside for around 30  minutes since buttery puff pastry can’t be handled easily after coming at room temperature
  2. Don’t roll the dough in hasty. First slightly tab the pastry dough using a rolling pin and then roll out the dough around ½ inch thick in a rectangular shape
  3. To make crispy nicely golden brown patties, maintain the oven temperature first 10 minutes at a high temperature and then at 180
  4. Whether you are making non-veggie filling or veggie one thing to keep in mind is filling should be dry, not moist otherwise patties may turn soggy and not crisp    

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beef puff patties

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Rinse the mincemeat thoroughly in the colander and set aside



Heat the oil in the wok



Add ginger and garlic and saute it for a minute on medium flame. Next, put the mince in the oil and fry it on medium flame



Once the water is going to be dry almost



Reduce the heat to low then add powdered spices red chili flakes,garam masala, black pepper powder, and salt



Stir to mix up well



Splash some water over the keema and cover it. Allow to cook the keema on medium-low flame for 2-3 minutes



Then add mint, green chilies, grated ginger, and lemon juice



Give it to good stir



Shift to the plate and let it cool down completely. keep aside

Preheat the oven to 200 C


Dust the working surface with the flour and place the pastry dough



Tab the pastry dough with the help of a rolling pin



Then roll out the dough uniformly about ½ inch thick in a rectangular shape



Cut the puff pastry sheet vertically into 3 equal rectangles. (If it's a larger sheet cut it into equal rectangles accordingly)



Remove the extra edges of the pastry sheet



Cut each rectangle into two halves



Take one small rectangle sheet



Brush the edges with water



Place 1 tbsp of ground beef filling onto the center of the sheet



Fold the pastry over the filling.



Then again fold it once



Place the puff pastry on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper



Prepare all patties this way



Beat the egg in a small bowl and brush the egg wash over the puff patties



Keep them on the middle rack in the oven, bake them first for 10 minutes at 200 C



Then lower the temperature to 180 C, And bake them for 30-35 minutes or till the puff pastry has turned crispy and golden in color.



Remove from the oven, let cool down a bit



Transfer to the serving plate/tray. Beef puff patties are ready to serve 



Serve warm with a hot cup of teaBaked puff patties can be stored in the zip lock bag for 2-3 days, They will remain fresh



Shami Bun Kabab Recipe

shami bun kabab recipe with step by step photos and video

Shami Bun Kabab | Bun Kabab Recipe | How to Make Shami Bun Kabab with Step-by-step Photos and Video

Shami Bun Kabab contains a spicy patty, which is shallowly fried, and chutney or raita in the bun along with onion, cucumber slices, and cabbage, additionally, bun kabab also can be served with a fried egg or omelet known as anda Shami

Here I am making bun kabab with Shami kabab you can make it with a chana aloo dal patty if you are vegetarian or as a choice you can find out my chana dal aloo patty in my previous post
Further variation can include tomato ketchup and mayonnaise or mayo garlic sauce for enhancing the taste of the bun

I have already shared the ingredients for the Shami bun kabab such as tomato ketchup, mayo garlic sauce, simple bun burger, and Shami kabab recipe whose I have given the link above as well as you can use store-bought bun burger, ketchup, Kashmiri sauce, and mayo sauce it depends on your choice.
how to make shami bun kabab

My Latest Video Shami Kabab Bun:

Shami bun kabab is one of the popular snacks also known as street food which is easily accessed by every common man, it has cheaper cost than other types of fast food burgers, easily available at vendors and roadside restaurants, This is my all-time hot favorite snack sometimes I skipped my lunch and have it with hot tea however I am sharing this delicious and easy recipe with my dearest reader so let's begins

shami bun kabab

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To prepare this recipe first shallow fry Shami kababs, Heat the ghee in a frying pan and place Shami kababs, fry them from both sides until nicely golden brown in color.


Beat the egg in a medium bowl and add salt along with black pepper powder, whisk well then heat the ghee in the same pan, pour the egg mixture into the medium hot ghee and cook from both sides till turns to nice golden brown color


Shift to the plate, and now repeat the same process with the remaining egg mixture...


Take out Kashmiri sauce into a small bowl whisk the yogurt very well then stir to mix well with Kashmiri red sauce


Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Cut the bun burgers into half and then heat the tawa/skillet or flat pan, pour 1 tbsp ghee and spread it on the entire surface, heat them for 2 minutes then reduce the heat to very low, and place the bun slices on tawa/pan and toast it for 1-2 minutes from both sides, transfer to any tray or plate.


    Spread red chutney on bun slices and place the kabab on top then mash the kababs slightly with a spoon and place the omelet piece on top of the kabab


    Start to add sauces, put onions and cucumber slices along with grated cabbage


    Press all bun stuff slightly, further can be drizzled sauces over stuff, cover the shami bun kabab with another bun slice


    Now further, press the Shami bun kabab with a hand 


    Transfer to the hot tawa and toast them from both sides over low heat to prevent burning 


    Shift to any tray and cut into half  and then shift to the serving plate


    Shami bun kabab is ready to serve hot with tea
    how to make shami burger

    Shami bun kabab can be served with ketchup and sauce, additionally, you can serve bun kababs with french fries
    shami bun kabab