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Hyderabadi Mirchi Ka Salan Recipe

hyderabadi mirchi ka salan with step by step photos and video

Hyderabadi Mirch Salan | Mirch Ka Salan || How to Make Hari Mirch Ka Salan with step-by-step photos.

Hyderabadi Mirch Salan is the most authentic recipe in Hyderabad made with Mirchi that is green chilli, it goes really well with BiryaniPulao_In Hyderabad is Biryani incomplete without Bagara Baingan and Mirchi ka salan

It is a popular side dish chilli curry made with thick and big green chillies, chillies with some masala paste The special masala that goes into making curry is the paste of roasted coconut powder, poppy seeds, white sesame, coriander and cumin seeds

hyderabadi hari mirch ka salan

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The tangy taste of the dish comes out only by adding tamarind pulp likewise spicy taste that comes out in the dish is only because of the long thick chillies which are fried to the salan (curry)

Mirch ka salan is a traditional part of Hyderabadi Cuisine, that can be eaten with stuffed and plain paratha,zeera rice and even naan and rotis additionally it goes well with Biryanis and Pulao

So lets the go-ahead know how to make Hyderabadi Mirch ka salan


  1. To prepare this dish use a wooden spoon rather than any other metal spoon additionally can use melamine or a wooden spoon to take it out
  2. Keep in the airtight jar
  3. Can be stored for up to 2 weeks   


hari mirch ka salan

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hyderabadi mirch ka salan

    Preparation of Hyderabadi Mirchi ka Salan:
    1. Firstly soak the tamarind pulp in hot water for 1-2 hours
    2. Meanwhile finely ground the ginger garlic paste
    3. Peel and roughly cut the onion
    4. Remove the stalk of green chillies then rinse thoroughly keep aside
    5. Extract all seeds from tamarind and set aside
      how to make mirch ka salan

      In the pan dry roast, all Mirch masala for a minute take them out then in the same pan dry roast the onion for 2-3 minutes

      hari mirchi ka salan

      Blend all the roasted spices along with the onion add a little water and blend them well in the pot 

      hyderabadi mirchi ka salan

      Heat the oil and put bagar spices and allow to crackle them
      add onion masala to the oil and stir well for a few seconds, all spices and ginger garlic paste stir to well combine 

      hari mirchi ka salan

      Now add 1/2 cup water, bring it to boil and allow to cook onion masala for another 5 minutes over medium flame

      how to make hari mirch ka salan

      Meantime heat the oil in the wok and fry green chillies for about 2 minutes, drain them out from the oil and set aside

      hyderabadi mirchi ka salan

      Put fried green chillies to the cooked spices_mix well, lastly add tamarind pulp to the curry, slightly stir them to bring it to a boil then

      hari mirch ka salan

      Allow to simmer it another 10-15 minutes over a low flame
      mirchi ka salan

      Mirchi ka Salan is ready to serve transfer to the serving dish

      hari mirch ka salan

      Mirch ka Salan can be served with PulaoBiryaniParatha,rotis and naan as well as any kind of dal

      how to make mirch ka salan

      Hyderabadi Mirch curry is the most authentic recipe in Hyderabad made with Mirchi which is green chilli, it goes really well with Biryani, Pulao...

      Ingredients For Curry Masala:
      1. 1 tsp, ginger garlic paste
      2. 1/4 cup, tamarind pulp
      3. Salt to taste
      4. ½ tsp, turmeric powder
      5. ¼ tsp, nigella
      6. 1 medium, onion
      7. As required, oil
      For Mirch Masala:
      1. 125g, green thick chilli
      2. ½ tsp, poppy seeds
      3. ½ tsp, coriander seeds
      4. ½ tsp, coconut powder
      5. ½ tsp, sesame seeds
      6. 1/3, cumin seeds
      For Tempering:
      1. 1/3 tsp, cumin seeds
      2. 1/3, dried fenugreek seeds
      3. 4-5, curry leaves
      How to Make Hyderabadi Mirch Salan?
      1. Dry roast the poppy, coriander, sesame, and cumin seeds along with coconut powder over low flame for a minute set aside
      2. In the same pan put the raw onion and roast them for 2-3 minutes over medium-low heat till appearing brown spots on the onion
      3. Put in the grinding jug all roasted whole spices along with onion add little water and blend them till turn into a fine paste
      4. In the pot add oil and heat it then adds cumin, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves crackle them for a minute then add onion paste
      5. Stir well then add ginger garlic paste, salt, nigella, and turmeric powder stir well, and cook them on medium-low flame until oil is separated
      6. Meantime in the wok heat, the oil and lightly fry all green chillies for 2-3 minutes over low-medium heat drain them out from the oil and keep aside
      7. Now put all fried green chillies into the cooked spices and add tamarind pulp
      8. Stir slightly and bring it to a boil then cover the lid and simmer it for 20 minutes over a low flame or until oil comes on top
      9. Transfer to the serving dish now chilli Curry is ready to serve
      10. Mirch ka Salan can be served with PulaoBiryaniParatha,rotis and naan as well as any kind of dal
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