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Eggless Mango Souffle Recipe

eggless mango souffle recipe with step by step photos and video

Mango Souffle Recipe || Eggless Mango Souffle || How to Make Mango Souffle With Step-by-Step Photos and Video…..

Mango Souffle Souffle is a rich creamy and light French Dessert. Which can be made with different flavors that you like most. A smooth and fluffy, mango souffle made with pureed mangoes, gelatine, and rich cream.

Traditionally this dessert is egg-based. While we made it without using eggs. I just a bit of variation by adding gluten in plain cream to just give it an awesome look..gelatine powder helps us in this task. mango souffle combines the divine flavor of mangoes with the ethereal texture of souffle to give your palate a treat that is a par comparison

Make the most of the summer months with a rich and creamy Eggless Mango Soufflé. Super easy to make using readily available ingredients. Try out this no-fuss recipe for an all-time treat.

mango souffle recipe

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No, souffle can not be frozen for use later as souffle have an over-rich creamy texture that may turn into a watery state. You can just refrigerate the souffle for a maximum of 2 to 3 days. 

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how to make mango souffle

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mango souffle

How to Make Eggless Mango Soufflé?

In a saucepan pour 1 cup of water and bring it to a boil next
add 1 packet of jelly powder. Stir to mix well and let it boil the jelly water now pour into a bowl/plate and leave it around 30 minutes to set the jelly.
mango souffle recipe

For better results, you can keep the jelly in the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes to correctly set the jelly. once set cut into cubes. jelly is ready to use. I used strawberry jelly while you can use any kind and color of jelly

how to make mango souffle

To make soufflé first dissolve gelatin in hot water and mix until each particle has dissolved in water.

eggless mango souffle

Peel the sweet ripe mango and cut it into chunks then blend it with the help of a hand blender.

eggless mango souffle

Whip the chilled heavy cream until it turns light and creamy once whipped then take out 50g whipped cream for use later.

mango souffle

Now combine condensed milk, powdered sugar, and mango pulp with the whipped cream then stir to combine very well. next


how to make mango souffle

Next, add yellow food color to make the soufflé brighten and shiny. but it's optional you can skip it, Once everything is mixed well add half the gelatin water then mix again. Half reserved for use later 


mango souffle

Towards the end add jelly cubes then mix well


mango souffle

Transfer the soufflé mixture into the 1/3 serving cup/glass and shake the glass/cup around to spread evenly the mixture in a glass then put some jellies over the soufflé mixture then keep it in the refrigerator for an hour.


mango souffle

Whip the remaining cream for a minute then mix leftover gelatin water with the cream. Don't overbeat the cream otherwise, the cream may curdle 

mango saouffle recipe

In the last add cream on top of the mixture.


how to make mango souffle

Next, place some mango chunks and jelly and keep the soufflé cup/glass in the fridge for an hour to make them properly set..

eggless mango souffle

Eggless Mango is ready to serve,,
eggless mango souffle recipe

Serve the chilled mango soufflé to your loved ones and family or friend..


mango souffle

Matar Paratha Recipe

matar paratha recipe with step by step photos and video

Matar Paratha Recipe || Green Peas Paratha || How to Make Matar Paratha with step-by-step photos and video

Matar Paratha or Green Peas Paratha is a crispy, delicious stuffed with spiced mashed flatbread, this matar paratha can be the best choice for breakfast and lunch. but should be avoided take in dinner to prevent gas trouble.

Green Peas paratha mainly belongs to Indian cuisine while in Pakistan haven’t seen making this stuffed paratha at home. however, a variety of foods are adopted from neighborhood countries especially china, India than other countries in Asia 

green peas paratha

My Latest Matar Paratha Video:

I myself am also a big fan of Indian snacks and meals.like PAV BHAJI,VADA PAV,BAIGAN BHARTA,MATAR MASALA

GOBI VADA PAV KEEMA whatever names above are mentioned have been posted on my blog already whereas some remain to cook like dosa masala, idli Etc   

For now, I preparing posts on green peas paratha. there are many variations of making matar paratha. here I am sharing a simple and family recipe. this is the simplest version of matar ka paratha made with a few basic spices, pile of spices can’t give you the surety of making delicious food while simple and fewer ingredients make your food delicious and light. more spices, oil, and ghee mean acidity, gastric problem, and heaviness.

how to make matar paratha

Recipe Notes:

Using fresh peas in a green peas paratha will bring taste and flavor to your recipe more than frozen peas.

Here you would be thinking why am I using frozen while giving advice on fresh peas? I tell you the actual thing is that these peas that I used in the recipe were bought two days before as I went off the market so I bought and then peel them. so you can say it is fresh enough 😊 and if you haven’t any option then make it with frozen peas. this stuffed paratha tastes very good and am makes sure everyone would love it 

I used fine flour in a matar paratha to make it more crispy and delicious but you can skip fine flour and use wheat flour if you like and you have a digestion issue

I would recommend using ghee in matar paratha which will make too delicious paratha but here I used oil because am on a diet so avoid ghee and use olive oil. if you don’t have health issues use ghee in making matar ka paratha 


green peas paratha

To Make Puffy green peas paratha is to knead the dough medium soft and firm. if you knead the dough too soft matar paratha will tear and matar stuffing come out. and if you knead the dough too hard .it would be hard to roll out and will make hard paratha  

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green peas paratha

How to make Matar Paratha?

Peel the green peas and chopped green chilies and ginger


preparation for matar paratha

Combine the flour, oil, and salt mix and start kneading the dough by adding water little by little to a medium-soft dough. 


green peas paratha

Cover and keep aside


how to make matar paratha

Take a pan add 1 tbsp olive oil and heat it.put cumin seeds and let them crackle for a minute then add chopped ginger and green chilies. saute it for a minute. 
matar paratha recipe

Once the aroma arose add onion and sauté them with spices for 2 minutes or until the onion gets soft 
green peas paratha recipe

Add frozen/fresh green peas and keep stirring on low-medium flame.
how to make matar paratha

Then add salt, and red chili powder then mixes them well. cover it and allow to cook in steam (don’t add water)

Remove the cover and add lemon juice then mix well and cover it give it another 2-3 minutes more now stuffing is ready. leave it aside for a bit cool down


matar paratha recipe

Grind the peas masala to a fine paste because coarsely grind peas may tear the paratha while rolling                                          

green peas paratha

Knead the dough again for a minute and divide the dough portion into equal sizes. flatten each portion between the palm and shape it into a bowl, then place 1-2 tbsp stuffing in it. 
matar ka paratha

Gather it for all sides and seal it firmly in the center. Gently press the stuffed dough ball and keep it aside. work on all dough portions as same before 

peas paratha

Dust over the rolling board or working surface then carefully begin to roll around 5-6 inches in round shape, rolled paratha should be ½ inch thick, don’t roll thin otherwise, it becomes hard and wouldn’t be puffy 


matar paratha recipe

Preheat the tawa/griddle on high flame then put the rolled paratha on it. cook paratha on medium-high flame once starts bubbles on the roti flip it and drizzle the oil/ghee over the paratha (butter also can be used)


green peas paratha

Spread the oil with the help of a spatula and keep rotating and flipping the paratha over the tawa to cook evenly until nicely golden brown color and puffy 


green peas paratha
how to make matar paratha

Once golden take it off the tawa and transfer it onto the serving plate


green peas paratha

Serve hot matar paratha with MASALA CHAI or DOODH PATTI      


Crispy Puri Paratha Recipe


Crispy Puri Paratha | Puri Paratha || How to make Puri Paratha with step-by-step photos

Puri Paratha is a layered, traditional, and crispy deep-fried flatbread, it made with a few ingredients plain flour, ghee, semolina, and salt_this puri paratha is one of the most popular recipes in Pakistan_this puri paratha is easily available in all roadside restaurants and restaurants in Pakistan

This recipe is prepared in two ways, firstly knead the soft dough and rest it for at least 2 hours Then roll it out and apply ghee paste inside the roti and fold it like paratha and then again rest it by applying oil over the dough balls to make them crispy and crunchy

Finally deep fry them like a puri_this recipe is a combination of paratha and puri_this is the reason it is called Puri Paratha

Here I used some semolina to make crunchy paratha_but if you don’t like crispiness in paratha puri you can skip semolina from a recipe. Poori paratha is usually served with Barbecue items_As well this puri paratha goes well with tea or an omelet_personally I love to have it with tea_ This delightful Main Course recipe of Puri Paratha can be ready in approximately 30 minutes and is good to serve around 2-4 People.
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In a large-sized mixing bowl sift the flour then add semolina, ghee, and salt mix them together_Rub the flour with semolina and ghee until it turns to crumble

Now start kneading the dough by adding water little by little to a soft dough


Apply little oil over the dough and leave it to rest for around 2 hours


Cover the dough with plastic cling wrap or a kitchen napkin 

Meanwhile, in a small bowl take plain flour and ghee


Mix them together very well and set them aside

Punch the dough down and apply some oil over the dough_Make 4 equal balls out of the dough


Give it to dough ball shape and place it on a tray/plate


Spread some oil on the working surface_and take a dough ball and roll the thin roti around 10-12 inches in a round shape_Apply prepared ghee paste on it


Roll it like a rope and then again apply the paste over the rope and then fold it like a snail, press the end gently in the middle_Slightly press the paratha ball_And place it on a tray or plate

Repeat all the processes with the remaining dough balls_And prepare all paratha balls and place them on a tray. Again apply some oil over prepared puri balls and give them to rest for around 20 minutes


Take a prepared paratha dough and roll it 6-7 inches in a round shape


Meantime heat the oil or ghee in the wok


Slide a puri paratha in hot oil and fry one side for 2 minutes on medium-high heat_Flip the puri and keep frying until light golden color_Transfer to the brown paper or kitchen paper to remove excess oil

Puri paratha is done_cut in four pieces 


Now transfer to the serving plate


And serve with teakababs, or barbecue items