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Chicken Seekh Kabab Recipe


Chicken Seekh Kababs|| Seekh Kabab Recipe || How to Make Steamed Kababs with step by step photos

Seekh Kababs are a delicious Pakistani appetizer made with ground meat and a handful of spices this seekh kabab is usually served with a side of green chutney Looking for a more delicious appetizer? you must try these steamed chicken roast,Chicken malai boti roll paratha

When we hear about barbecue items then immediately comes into mind those are cooked on charcoal, but we have a lot of options to make barbecue items, specially seekh kabab cooks on charcoal which is not possible for everyone, space issue is the main factor so I decided to make chicken seekh kababs in a steamed style very easy wholesome and low-calorie kebab 

Literally juicy and delicious seekh kababs once you must try them you will forget other seekh kababs, this is my own version which I am sharing with you all….
So let’s begin 

What is chicken seekh kabab?
  1. First thing, what does seekh kabab mean? Well, seekh quite literally means skewers and kabob usually means a meat patty or actually even cubes of grilled meat.
  2. However Pakistani Seekh Kabab is almost always made with minced meat and they get their long shape by being skewered.
  3. In Pakistan you’ll find all types of kabab: beef seekh kabab, mutton seekh kabab, and chicken seekh kabab are the most popular variations of kabab.
  4. While Seekh Kabab is an appetizer that’s delicious dipped in green chutney,it goes very well as a side with mains such as this puri paratha and paratha,here you can also bake in chicken seekh kabab
How do you bake chicken seekh kabab?
  1. It's easy to bake chicken seekh kabab in the oven.
  2. Start by preheating your oven to 200 C and lightly grease a baking tray.
  3. Place the seekh kabab onto the baking tray, and bake for about 10 minutes or so, turning the seekh kabab once so that they evenly cook.
  4. Once the seekh kabab is golden brown and cooked through, remove it from the oven and serve immediately.
  1. I didn’t use any binding agent in kabab as I cared about that not to added any moisturized ingredients until squeezed and dried
  2. Otherwise, kabab will be shredded, and apart from skewers
  3. if the meat mixture is too moist and doesn't stick to the skewer, add a few teaspoons of gram flour (besan). The flour will dry out the moisture. 
  4. I used chicken meat but you can use beef, mutton, or lamb
  5. For it has to increase marination time more than chicken
  6. The rest of the ingredients will remain the same
  7. After steaming you can store kebabs for up to a month  

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Take all ingredients and prepare them all 


Put chopped veggies into a food processor,chopperize them once then add chicken meat and chopperize them again


Then add squeezed onion along with seekh masala powder


Further, chopperize it until you get a fine paste


Transfer to another mixing bowl and knead it as a dough for around 7-8 minutes then add oil and adjust the salt at this stage

Heat the charcoal 

Then give it to smoky flavor for a minute, Towards the end add squeezed papaya paste and further mix them well, keep in the fridge for marination about 3-4 hours


Meanwhile, soak the skewers in water 


First heat up the steamer on high flame


Grease the hand with oil, then scoop out a medium ball of the meat mixture and pierce it through the skewer. Working quickly but gently, spread the meat on the skewer with your hands, press your middle finger in a diagonal angle down the chicken skewer to make the signature grooves on the kebab


Prepare all kebabs and place them on a tray

Place the chicken skewers on the steamer 


And then cover the lid, allow to cook around 10 minutes on high-medium heat

Chicken seekh kababs are done


Transfer to the tray or plate, Now at this stage, you can store it in the food container


Heat the grill pan with little oil


Place 2-3 chicken skewers on the pan and grill them on low-medium heat, grill each side around 1-2 minutes then flip the side of chicken skewers 

And grill them as the same before, keep flipping until you get evenly golden brown color on seekh kababs

Once cooked, side the kebabs onto a plate

Or serve with skewers it's all up to you


Chicken seekh kababs can be served green raita and pita bread.

Chicken Malai Boti Recipe


Chicken Malai Boti | Malai Boti || How to Make Malai Boti Recipe with step by step photos

Malai Boti is a delicious, tender succulent and appetizing chicken boti recipe, Malai' means cream, and 'boti' means a piece of chicken. This dish is known for its creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Make them into paratha rolls or just dip them in chutney

Chicken malai boti adds sensation to your occasion as many are fond of this dish. It is one of the familiar dishes in Pakistani cuisine. The dish can be cooked on the barbecue on a charcoal grill, oven or grill pan_its juicy and taste will truly delight you. Malai boti recipe is made from boneless chicken cubes marinated with ginger garlic paste and other spices_The juicy and creamy malai boti have a strong taste of the ingredients added to make it delicious and lip-smacking dish.

To prepare malai boti recipe_all you need to do is marinate chicken cubes with fresh cream, ground green chilies, ginger garlic paste, and all other spices. Keep it aside for 2 hours_put it on a skewer and BBQ or bake until it is nearly done. Here we have a luscious Malai boti recipe that will give pleasure to your taste buds. You can now prepare this delicious dish with the ingredients in your kitchen very easily.

The total time of cooking is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Apply ghee or oil with the brush before taking it off from the grill that will give it tenderness and moist, so let’s begin with step by step, photos_You can also check out my steamed chicken seekh kabab recipe on my blog

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Rinse and cut the chicken into cubes


Squeeze the yogurt in a muslin cloth or any strainer


Coarsely ground green chili and ginger garlic paste keep aside 


Take a mixing bowl put all chicken cubes into a bowl, then add ingredients to the chicken

Stir to combine well then add cream and squeezed yogurt to the spiced chicken cubes_Further stir to combine well_Now keep in the refrigerator for marination about 2 hours_Preheat the oven at 250 C for 20 minutes


Take out chicken boti bowl from the refrigerator  and add oil mix well again and adjust the spice and salt at this stage_Chicken cubes are ready to place on skewers


Take an iron skewer and place the marinated chicken cubes on skewers_4-5 cubes are enough in one skewer


Place all prepared skewers on the oven grill 

Take 2 wooden skewers together and put the chicken cubes one by one on skewers 4-5 cubes is enough in one skewer


Prepare all skewers as the same before place on the plate  


Place all skewers on the grill rack of the oven and grill them in preheated oven at 230 C for 20-25 minutes


Apply some butter on hot chicken skewers after taking them out of oven, Transfer to the serving dish 


Heat the grill pan by adding 2 tbsp oil 


And place wooden skewers on the grill pan


And cook them on the medium-low flame from each side


Keep turning until you get nice golden brown color on chicken skewers


Transfer to the serving plate or tray_Garnish them with lemon wedges and onion rings


These chicken boti can be served with chutneyparatha or puri paratha 


Gola Kabab Recipe


Gola Kabab| Kabab Recipe || How to make gold kabab with step by step photos.....

Gola Kabab is basically a Middle Eastern dish that consists of pieces of meat that can be marinated on choice and then grilled, skewed, or baked over a heat source. The cooking utensil that is used for the grilling or skewing process is made out of iron or such metal is called angeethi.        

I love to have a barbecue as I have shared with all in my previous post due to less space at my home could not plan a barbecue except more than twice or thrice times hardly, the other hand I take out the solution of this for giving smoky flavor to the kebab or any type of barbecue meal using burning charcoal smoke over them, 

Or if you have a grill like a stove grill this is also one of the best things you can barbecue any type of kebab, fish and tikka as well as you can cook as well but I won’t prefer cook in the oven because oven absorb all meat juices

Try out this astonishing recipe of Gola Kabab. It is one of the premium side dishes to present to your extraordinary guests. It is an overwhelming dish and does not call for any superfluous effort to make.
Quick & Easy to Cook Gola Kabab Recipe and make your favorite recipe at home, so let's come to know how to make delicious and mouthwatering Gola kabab with step by step photos
  1. To prepare this kabab firstly make sure that should be no single drop of water in gola kabab ingredients like mince, ginger paste, papaya paste
  2. Gola kabab paste should be tight and firm otherwise during the barbecue, grill, or cook they may shred
  3. Adding butter gives it to moist and juicy taste 
  4. Shouldn't be fat in mince (rokha keema) while you are buying from butcher give him to strict instructions not to add fat in mince at all 
  5. To make gola kabab is the best meat mutton and beef
  6. If you haven't papaya paste can be used as meat tenderizer powder (kachri)
We need:    

To prepare this recipe first we prepare masala for gola kabab, put all whole spices in the pan, and dry roast together for 2 minutes over the low-medium flame, put them in the grinder jar, and grind them till turn to fine powder keep aside

Cut and rinse onion into thin slices and fry them till nice golden brown in color


Slightly dry roast the gram flour on low-medium flame

Put the mince in the food processor along with all spices  

Choperize them together until you get a smooth and fine paste, and at this stage adjust salt and spices in ground meat paste


Now put butter and mix them with the help of a finger for 10 minutes then place aluminum foil pepper in the center of ground meat, place coal in the aluminum bowl and drop some ghee over it and then cover it properly for 10 minutes until smoke is finished, Keep in the fridge for at least one hour for marinating 

Now take one any type of iron skewer or wooden, wet your hand with water, and take one portion as desirable thickness_Give it to gola kabab shapes with the help of fingers long, round depending on your choice

I prepared a bit long and thin kebab as a choice, place all kebab on the tray or if you have a plan of barbecue then keep all skewers to prepare
Note, ghee will be applied on kabab during barbecue
Both above options are not available then you just simply grease the frying pan or any flat pan with ghee

Heat the pan then place 3-4 kebab in one batch

Cook each side 2-3 minutes on medium flame_When you see brown color is appearing on top flip them carefully with a spatula

Once they are well cooked from both sides_Shift to the pepper kitchen towel for removing excess oil

Serve hot the gola kabab with green chutneytamarind chutney with paratha puri, and onion