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Chicken Bread Roll Recipe


Chicken Bread Rolls | Stuffed Buns| How to Make Breaded Chicken with step-by-step photos....

Breaded Chicken Recipe is the delicious, easy, and simple stuffed baked bread roll, I simply love the way its looks, braided, and stuffed chicken bread. Even though I have been making the chicken bread roll often, but there is always a sense of satisfaction to see the golden brown braided and stuffed chicken bread come out perfectly.

The Chicken Bread Roll is such an amazing recipe that every time I make it, it never goes wrong. I got this recipe from my friend’s kitchen Ever since I have been following the same with wonderful results. I use this recipe for the bread and use a variety of fillings including chicken, keema, or just plain veggies. Hopefully,

I’ll share with you all the recipes in the coming future, in sha ALLAH. You can just make this stuffed chicken bread roll from any leftover chicken too, like the tandoori chickenfried chickenchicken malai bothmince mixture, or even tandoori fish recipe.

This is an amazing way to use up your leftover dishes including any mutton or veggie recipes. Though I am paranoid about making bread in the kitchen, this is one recipe that I love to make again and again without any difficulty. I simply love the sheer ease of it. Nothing like seeing the dough rise and watching it becomes soft, fluffy, and brown. I fondly keep looking through the oven mirror like a small kid every time I bake anything. Baking and getting it right is something that I really cherish and enjoy to the core.

Additionally, I used the same stuffing which was used in making chicken puff patties, But you can always use the filling your choice for this chicken bread roll. I have shared already pizza dough recipe in my previous post so you can find out on my blog with the help of the given link, or even you can knead the dough by your method

I truly, hope that you try this chicken bread roll recipe and enjoy it, so let's begin

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To prepare this recipe first knead the dough, rise it in a warm place for an hour

Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing for these bread rolls
The dough has risen, punch it for a minute then transfer the dough on the working surface, sprinkle the flour dust, and knead the dough again for 2-3 minutes


Divide the dough into equal portions

And give them into round shapes_Take one dough ball and roll the dough ball 5-6 inches in the round, Make slits with a sharp knife on one side of the rolled disc, Place 2-3 tbsp chicken mixture on the plain side of the rolled disc

Start folding from right to left then bends the rolled bread from both sides

Repeat the same process with all remaining dough balls, Place all bread rolls on the baking tray

I just made 2 stuffed burger buns_You can also make burger buns or bread rolls by choice or give any other desirable shapes
i just-made-stuffed-bread-buns

Now cover them with a kitchen napkin_Leave them rest further around 30 minutes

Turn on the oven at 200 C for preheating_Prepare egg wash for this crack one egg into small size bowl with milk, whisk them with a fork

Brush egg wash on bread rolls sprinkle some sesame seeds on the bread


Bread rolls are ready to go into the oven

Bake them in the preheated oven at 200 C for 20-25 minutes

Bread rolls are done, you can see a nice golden brown color on baked bread

Brush on baked bread rolls with butter or oil 

And again cover them for 10 minutes, Butter keeps them soft

Now place all bread rolls on a cool wire rack

Delicious chicken bread rolls are ready to serve with tea or coffee

You can see inside the bread how is it fluffy soft and stuffed with chicken 


Egg Biscuit Recipe

Egg Biscuits with step by step photos

Egg Biscuits Cookie | Biscuits Recipe || How to Make Coin Biscuits with step by step photos 

Egg Biscuits are sweet, light tasty tea-time snack items, chewy biscuits made with egg and maids. and like small kinds of gold coins, these biscuits are available in almost all bakeries in Pakistan, No baking powder or baking soda will be added nor any additional ingredients will go, easy to make at home, prepared with few ingredients and bake around 10-15 minutes hardly

I love to have these with hot tea, these small gold coins have been my hot favorite since my childhood, I remember those days when I used to bring from the nearby bakery by taking some money from my mother ๐Ÿ˜Š
anda biscuits

Let me share one thing with all to be very honest, I wasn’t good at baking but gradually with the time I learned tips and tricks of baking I still may not perfect but  keep trying and experiments a lot to do better in baking, just make this egg biscuit I tried twice then I could able to share here

In short, you may fail in the first attempt to make perfect cooking or baking but never give up nor lose hope always keep trying as perfection only comes by practice

anda biscuits

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                           egg biscuits

I also would like to suggest don’t use measuring cups in baking, buy a kitchen scale this is the best measuring method and will make perfect baking, You can also check out other cookies on my blogs such as  zeera biscuits,nankhatai cookieskulcha cookiesand gram nankhatai cookies
So let’s begin                      

  1. All ingredients which are going to be used in biscuits should be at room temperature
  2. Before filling the cookie batter into the piping bag just check its consistency by putting a drop of cookie batter on a flat surface
  3. If they are spreading on the surface need to add more flour about 2-3 tbsp otherwise they will spread on the tray after putting in the oven
  4. Baking time depends on your oven quality, my cookies were ready around 10-15 minutes 
  5. Egg biscuits haven't fixed size and shape 
  6. Because if they go out of shape not to worry at all
  7. You can make small to medium or even big by choice   
  8. Serve the next day as cookies are not enough crisp till 3-4 hours after taking out of the oven, better serve the next day

egg biscuits

To make this recipe first line the baking tray to it grease the tray with oil and line the butter paper keep aside


Sift the flour and add salt and food color


Stir to combine well keep aside, Turn on the oven at 180 C to preheat 


Take a mixing deep bowl then put eggs to the bowl lightly whisk them first with the help of a whisker then add powder sugar, whisk them together for 3 minutes until well combined


Then add melted butter and lemon essence       

Keep whisking around 5 minutes till everything is incorporated


Now add flour little by little, Keep mixing slowly with the whisker

Now flour batter is ready


Before filling the batter into the piping bag check its consistency

Now transfer all cookie batter into the piping bag

Cut the edge with a scissor

And carefully put the small or medium-size cookie batter on a baking tray by rotating your hand


Keep the distance between placing the cookie batters


Put the baking tray into the oven and bake the cookies at 180 c for 10-15 minutes


Once started aroma coming out and the bottom edges of the cookies are getting brown your cookies are ready

Transfer to the plate, When they are cooled completely keep in the airtight container

coin biscuits

Look at the bottom side of the biscuit


It can be stored for up to 3-4 weeks
how to make anda biscuits

The next day is ready to serve with tea

coin biscuits

Eggless Pav Bread Recipe


Eggless Pav Bread | Ladi Pav | How to Make Homemade Pav at Home with step-by-step photos and video.

Eggless Pav is a simple and common street food bread, soft and puffy bread rolls, It is made with plain flour and dry yeast along with some other basic ingredients when made fresh and serve with bhajivada,Kathiawar cholay, and dal kabab

Basically, the Pakistani version of bread roll is much similar to the dinner roll but softer without crisp texture, I have already shared the pav bread recipe but that wasn’t much well prepared by me because my oven cheated by the time of baking so as per my calculation that wasn’t as good, I have given link above hence there you can check out the recipe

My Latest Video Pav Bread Recipe:

Eggless homemade pav a type of Pakistani bread rolls, they taste best when fresh out of the oven that usually being sold with kabab and choley at the vendor, One is more thing I’d like to tell you all

Those people who are familiar from Karachi, they would have seen in some of the bakeries kadak bread a little hard crust on top and remain soft from inside, in making kadak bread not a hard and fast rule is applied, this bread is similar to pav bread, just the difference between them of hard and soft crust the rest remain soft from inside  

How to make kadak bread?

  1. This kadak bread is baked like a pav bread, then is left outside in a baking dish for at least 5-6 hours or until completely cool
  2. Again is preheated the oven at 50-60 C for 15 minutes and again bread is baked at a minimum temperature of oven for an hour
  3. Kadak bread is ready
  4. Also, they would know well of Aram Bagh, at there for several years is being sold kabab chutney with bread so popular food street, when I was growing up then used to go there with my mother and always used to eat therewith lots amount of tangy green chutneykabab, and pav bread this thing is very memorized in my mind  
  5. Likewise, I am also inspired by another Indian food street this is the reason which I have also shared on my blog in my initial posts and mentioned above as well, Let’s we back to the recipe
  6. Pav is almost like a dinner roll but made with very few simple ingredients, it is actually what a common man in Karachi eats almost every day for breakfast or snack
  7. This bread roll isn’t served with any specific dish, each a person has own preference and choice regarding food however this bread becomes most delicious when it is served with kabab chutney or cholay likewise some of the Indian foods such as pav bhaji or vada pav

Some important tips and suggestions and variations for the soft and spongy eggless pav bread recipe.
  1. Firstly, the key to soft pav is the kneading of plain flour dough after it is mixed with yeast.
  2. Give a proper 10-15 mins of kneading
  3. You can also use the bread or atta maker to knead the dough. Secondly, once the dough is properly kneaded,
  4. Allow it to rest for 60 minutes so that raises and gets the shape.
  5. In addition, once the dough is shaped into balls and transferred to the tray,
  6. it has to be rested again. finally,
  7. Before putting the tray in the baking oven, do not forget to brush the balls with milk, butter, or egg to get a nice color.
  8. Firstly, use good quality yeast to get super soft pav.
  9. also, do not compromise on the kneading part, as the gluten needs to be developed for a feature-like texture.
  10. Additionally, the size of the pav balls will double once rested. so make sure to adjust the size accordingly.
  11.  Pav bread recipe tastes great when prepared with milk and butter

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To prepare this recipe firstly activate the yeast by combining lukewarm water sugar and dry yeast in the mug or directly bowl stir to mix well and cover with any lid then leave it in a warm place for 10 minutes until bubbling and foamy texture appears on top


Then pour 1 tbsp oil and mix well reserve second tbsp oil for using later

Take a large-sized bowl pour the yeast mixture into the bowl, then sift the flour in the same bowl

Add ingredients to the flour, mix them together with a spatula


Keep mixing until the dough is formed, transfer to the working surface and start kneading the dough with the help of the palm around 5 minutes
The dough turns sticky at this stage add lemon essence and remaining oil, Dough will seem oily and stick not to worry    

Keep Continue kneading for another 10 minutes, The dough will absorb all the oil and turn the super soft and elastic dough

Here you can see in the below picture how dough gets the stretchy texture

Tuck the dough and place it in a bowl, cover with cling wrap or cloth And rest for 1-2 hours in a warm place


Allow raising the dough until it doubles in volume

Further, Punch the dough, Transfer to the working surface, and knead it slightly to remove air incorporated  


Cut the dough into equal portions, Roughly cut and divide into 9 equal pieces  


Give it to smooth ball sized shape


Grease the square aluminum tray with butter or line the butter paper


Place the balls into a lined tray, Place them leaving equal space in between, Now cover with kitchen napkin, and allow resting for 30 minutes or until again double in sized


Meanwhile, turn on the oven and preheat at 200 c for 20-25 minutes, Whisk the egg with milk


Pav bread has reached till brim of the baking tin

Apply egg wash over pav bread with the help of muslin cloth without damaging the balls

And bake them at 200 C for 20-25 minutes or until turns to golden brown from top


Once the pav is out of the oven, Rub with butter or oil to get a shiny look      


Also cover gain with a kitchen napkin to get super-soft, leave them for 10 minutes by covering, Then transfer to the cool wire rack and allow to cool completely  


Finally, pav bread is ready to serve


You can see inside the look of bread so spongy and super soft. Pav bread also can be served with butter, jam, or tea