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Kache Keema Kabab Recipe

Kache Keema Kabab | 
Keema Kabab || How to Make Kacha Keema Kabab with step-by-step photos 

Kache Keema Kabab is known as a traditional tasty kabab that originates from Mughal cooking, it tastes a bit spicy and delicious along with so soft and moist kabab. I have learned from my mother that she used to make it at any special event or Eid-ul-Adha as well. but here I did some variations to make each keema kabab has been amazing
My mother used to make it at Eid ul Adha, I learned also from her

This kabab can be prepared with any type of mince, I used beef mince to make it. additionally can be served with paratha, bread slices and even can be given to the kids' tiffin boxes with ketchup healthy and yummy lunch boxes which always your kids love to have it

You can also make a sandwich, roll paratha, and bun burgers from this kebab, main ingredients are minced, roasted chickpeas, onion, and ginger garlic paste, so let the go-ahead to know how to make kache keema kabab.

  1. To prepare kache keema kabab use always fine mince
  2. Beef and lamb mince is  best to make kache keema kabab


    To prepare kache keema kabab wash the keema in a strainer under the running water and set it aside


    Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


    Fry the onion slices and make them crumble set aside

    Make the powder of roasted chickpeas

    Note, if you do not available roasted chickpeas then can use gram flour instead. 
    Heat the pan and slightly roast gram flour on low-medium heat

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    Put washed and squeezed keema into the bowl then add ginger garlic and papaya paste, combine lemon juice and roasted powder 


    Put all dried spices in keema, then add grated and fried onions to the keema


    Add crushed coriander, black peppercorn, and green spices along with basic garam masala 


    Lastly, add butter or margarine, and mix the keema mixture very well


    Start kneading for around 10 minutes as a soft dough cover it with any lid or cling wrap and rest it for about an hour keep in the fridge 


    Divide the equal portions of the keema dough and take one portion and flatten it between palms then shape it into a medium kebab and place it on the tray/plate

    make-small-kebabs-from-mince sough

    Repeat the same process with the remaining Kacha keema kebabs


    Heat the oil/ghee in the Tawa/skillet or pan and fry the kebab, fry each side for 3-4 minutes on medium flame then flip the kababs, fry them from another side till turn brown in color 


    Now transfer to the serving dish and garnish them with tomato and onions_
    Kache keema kebabs are ready to serve


    Kache keema kabab is served with green sauce, and red sauce along with rotisnaan

    Kache keema kabab is known as a traditional tasty kabab that is origin from Mughal cooking, it tastes a bit spicy and delicious along with so soft and moist kabab

    1. 400g, finely minced without fat beef/mutton
    2. 1 large size, onion grated
    3. 1 medium size, onion fried
    4. 1 tbsp, ginger garlic paste
    5. 1 cube or tsp, papaya paste/tenderizer meat
    6. 1 ½ tsp, crushed black peppercorn
    7. 1 tbsp, crushed coriander seeds
    8. ½ cup, fresh coriander leaves
    9. 3-4, green chilies
    10. Salt to taste
    11. 1 tbsp, crushed red chili flakes
    12. 2 medium size, lemon juice
    13. 2 tbsp, toasted chickpeas powder
    14. 50g, margarine/butter
    15. 1 tsp, basic garam masala
    16. 100g, of ghee/oil for frying
    How to make the kache Keema Kabab?
    1. Take a mixing bowl put the mince in the bowl, and then start adding spices
    2. First ginger garlic paste, papaya paste, lemon juice, roasted chickpea powder, crushed red chili, salt, grated and fried onions, crushed coriander seeds, and crushed black pepper along with basic garam masala, coriander leaves, and green chilies
    3. Notemake sure first  shouldn’t remain any single drop of water in the keema
    4. Mix well together by adding margarine or butter
    5. Keep mixing till everything is incorporated
    6. Knead it for around 10 minutes as a soft dough cover the dough and let it rest for an hour 
    7. Keep it in the refrigerator
    8. After an hour take the bowl out and make equal portions of dough
    9. Note,kache keema kabab always is small in size
    10. Take 1 ball then shape it into a ball and flatten it between your palms
    11. Place on a tray, and repeat the same process with all remaining minced dough
    12. Noteat this stage you can freeze them also for a month 
    13. Heat the ghee/oil in the skillet/tawa or frying pan
    14. Shallow fry the kabab
    15. 3-4 kebabs fry in one batch
    16. Fry each side for 2-3 minutes then flip them and fry another side till you get nice golden brown color
    17. Noteyou can also deep fry the kababs
    18. Transfer to the serving plate kabab is ready to serve
    19. Kache keema kabab is served with green sauce, and red sauce along with rotisnaan
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