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Gola Kabab Recipe

gola kabab recipe with step by step photos

Gola Kabab| Kabab Recipe || How to make Gold kabab with step-by-step photos.....

Gola Kabab is basically a Middle Eastern dish that consists of pieces of meat that can be marinated on choice and then grilled, skewed, or baked over a heat source. The cooking utensil that is used for the grilling or skewing process is made out of iron or such metal called angeethi.        
gola kabab

I love to have a barbecue as I have shared with all in my previous post Due to less space at my home could not plan a barbecue more than twice or thrice times hardly, the other hand I take out the solution to this for giving smoky flavor to the kebab or any type of barbecue meal using burning charcoal smoke over them, 

Or if you have a grill like a stove grill this is also one of the best things you can barbecue any type of kebab, fish, and tikka as you can cook as well but I wouldn’t prefer to cook in the oven because oven absorbs all meat juices
kabab recipe

Try out this astonishing recipe for Gola Kabab. It is one of the premium side dishes to present to your extraordinary guests. It is an overwhelming dish and does not call for any superfluous effort to make.
Quick & Easy to Cook Gola Kabab Recipe and make your favorite recipe at home, so let's come to know how to make delicious and mouthwatering Gola kabab with step-by-step photos
  1. To prepare this kabab firstly make sure that should is no single drop of water in the gola kabab ingredients like mince, ginger paste, papaya paste
  2. Gola kabab paste should be tight and firm otherwise during the barbecue, grilling, or cook they may shred
  3. Adding butter gives it to moist and juicy taste 
  4. Shouldn't be fat in mince (rokha keema) while you are buying from a butcher give him strict instructions not to add fat in mince at all 
  5. Make gola kabab is the best meat mutton and beef
  6. If you haven't papaya paste can be used as meat tenderizer powder (kachri)
gola kabab recipe

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To prepare this recipe first we prepare masala for Gola kabab, put all whole spices in the pan, and dry roast together for 2 minutes over low-medium flame, Put them in the grinder jar, and grind them till they turn to fine powder Keep aside

Cut and rinse onion into thin slices and fry them till nice golden brown in color


Slightly dry roast the gram flour on low-medium flame

Put the mince in the food processor along with all the spices  

Choperize them together until you get a smooth and fine paste, and at this stage adjust the salt and spices in the ground meat paste


Now put butter and mix them with the help of a finger for 10 minutes then place aluminum foil pepper in the center of the ground meat, place coal in the aluminum bowl drop some ghee over it, and then cover it properly for 10 minutes until smoke is finished, Keep in the fridge for at least one hour for marinating 

Now take any type of iron skewer or wooden, wet your hand with water, and take one portion as desirable thickness_Give it to gola kabab shapes with the help of fingers long, depending on your choice

I prepared a bit long and thin kebab as a choice, Place all kebab on the tray, or if you have the plan to barbecue then keep all skewers to prepare
Note, that ghee will be applied to the kabab during the barbecue
If both above options are not available then you just simply grease the frying pan or any flat pan with ghee

Heat the pan then place 3-4 kebabs in one batch

Cook each side for 2-3 minutes on medium flame_When you see brown color appearing on top flip them carefully with a spatula

Once they are well cooked from both sides_Shift to the pepper kitchen towel to remove excess oil

Serve hot the gola kabab with green chutneytamarind chutney with paratha puri, and onion 

gola kabab recipe

Resha Kabab Recipe

resha kabab recipe with step by step photos

Beef Resha Kabab | Shami Kababs | How to Make Shami  Kabab Recipe with Step-by-step Photos...

Beef Resha Kababs are an easy, simple, delicious, and crispy snack,resha kabab usually is prepared with meat and spices, this recipe can be made with only meat and some essential seasoning and can be skipped Bengal lentils but lentil is a good binding agent a little amount of chana dal is enough to make binding kebab very well this is the reason I added to make resha kabab, 

This recipe can be served as a snack or at lunch or dinner or can be given to the tiffin boxes of kids
For making resha kebab I used small-sized meat pieces (both), using the meat in making kebab gives it to smooth, delicious taste alongside a fiber texture  

Make them in quantity and freeze them for use later, usually, resha kebab is prepared  with the meat of  beef, but you can make them with lamb, chicken, or mutton meat, Here I am using medium beef pieces with a small quantity of chana dal, and you can use bread slices instead of Bengal lentil for binding
how to make shami kabab

Beef Rehsa Shami kabab is one of the best non-vegetarian snacks to be served, perfect for a dinner party during winter, it can be served with green chutney or tomato ketchup
I used beef meat to make resha kabab you can use chicken, lamb, or mutton, Delicious and tasty fresh kebab that can be used in burger buns, sandwiches as well as with can be served with dal chawal, the kid's lunchboxes, and guest

The main ingredients are beef and chana dal so let the go-ahead know
  1. To prepare this recipe use calf meat and mutton instead of beef    
  2. It will make it super soft and juicy
  3. Don’t add onion first during cooking your kebabs will shred and soggy 
  4. Don’t freeze the kebab by keeping one on top  of the other They will stick to each other it may be broken up easily
  5. Don’t add more water at the time of cooking meat will become thin and won’t be able to make a kebab shape              
shami kabab recipe

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    Firstly rinse and cut into small pieces of beef meat keep aside, take all ingredients, and prepare all veggies


    Put beef pieces and pour 1/2 jug of water in the large-sized pot, turn on the flame, and put whole dry spices along with ginger garlic


    Combine all whole spices along with salt, and keep on stirring well


    Pour a little more water if needed, bring it to a boil cover the lid, and cook until half done


    Add Bengal lentil and stir to mix well allow to cook till water dries up very well_
    Putting chana dal is totally optional you can use any bread slices for binding


    Put First coriander leaves and green chilies chop them slightly and then add cooked kebab meat to the chopper, grind kebab meat coarsely, and pour beaten egg during grinding  
    Now take it out into the mixing bowl and put chopped onions remaining coriander and green chilies stir to mix well together


    Make equal balls of the kabab dough, take one ball flatten the balls between your palms, and shape it into medium-sized kebabs place all kebabs on the tray


    Heat the oil in the pan and fry each side of the kebabs for around 2-3 minutes on medium flame, flip them and fry as before on medium heat


    Once the kabab is well fried, transfer it to the plate or serving dish


    Repeat the same process with all remaining kebabs as needed


    Resha Kabab is ready to serve           


    Resha kabab is a perfect snack and even at lunch or dinner, it also goes well with biryani pulao green sauce and ketchup

    how to make shami kabab

    Kache Keema Kabab Recipe

    Kache Keema Kabab | 
    Keema Kabab || How to Make Kacha Keema Kabab with step-by-step photos 

    Kache Keema Kabab is known as a traditional tasty kabab that originates from Mughal cooking, it tastes a bit spicy and delicious along with so soft and moist kabab. I have learned from my mother that she used to make it at any special event or Eid-ul-Adha as well. but here I did some variations to make each keema kabab has been amazing
    My mother used to make it at Eid ul Adha, I learned also from her

    This kabab can be prepared with any type of mince, I used beef mince to make it. additionally can be served with paratha, bread slices and even can be given to the kids' tiffin boxes with ketchup healthy and yummy lunch boxes which always your kids love to have it

    You can also make a sandwich, roll paratha, and bun burgers from this kebab, main ingredients are minced, roasted chickpeas, onion, and ginger garlic paste, so let the go-ahead to know how to make kache keema kabab.

    1. To prepare kache keema kabab use always fine mince
    2. Beef and lamb mince is  best to make kache keema kabab


      To prepare kache keema kabab wash the keema in a strainer under the running water and set it aside


      Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


      Fry the onion slices and make them crumble set aside

      Make the powder of roasted chickpeas

      Note, if you do not available roasted chickpeas then can use gram flour instead. 
      Heat the pan and slightly roast gram flour on low-medium heat

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      Put washed and squeezed keema into the bowl then add ginger garlic and papaya paste, combine lemon juice and roasted powder 


      Put all dried spices in keema, then add grated and fried onions to the keema


      Add crushed coriander, black peppercorn, and green spices along with basic garam masala 


      Lastly, add butter or margarine, and mix the keema mixture very well


      Start kneading for around 10 minutes as a soft dough cover it with any lid or cling wrap and rest it for about an hour keep in the fridge 


      Divide the equal portions of the keema dough and take one portion and flatten it between palms then shape it into a medium kebab and place it on the tray/plate

      make-small-kebabs-from-mince sough

      Repeat the same process with the remaining Kacha keema kebabs


      Heat the oil/ghee in the Tawa/skillet or pan and fry the kebab, fry each side for 3-4 minutes on medium flame then flip the kababs, fry them from another side till turn brown in color 


      Now transfer to the serving dish and garnish them with tomato and onions_
      Kache keema kebabs are ready to serve


      Kache keema kabab is served with green sauce, and red sauce along with rotisnaan